It’s a power play! I love it!
—  Marisha Ray, giggling maniacally after Vex’ahlia opens the door completely naked to greet Percy

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Consider this: Touka reads Tsukiyamas blog. Posts like "Today me and Kaneki-kun styled our hair" are on his blog.He even publishes a selfie of them with them and the masks. The background music on his blog is "here come the man in white". Touka can't believe that instead of on a mission Tsukiyama just uses this chance to get more "fashion" follower for his blog ;'D!

Shuu has started posting OOTD photos of Kaneki every day to show off his styling prowess and document the makeover. Touka is #notimpressed. Shuu is #notimpressed when Touka gives Kaneki a haircut and does such a bad job that he can’t post any photos for 2 months until it grows out :’D

I don’t see the point of playing Fates if I don’t marry Kaze t b h

Visions and Voices *MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS*

Ok, I’ve seen the episode. Before I tell you anything else, you can all breathe a sigh of relief: Maul lives! 

Sadly, I don’t think he will for much longer and I’ll explain why.

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What do you think sasuke's sexuality is and what he views sex as? I've seen some label him asexual, but I thought he was just too focused on revenge for romance or sex. I like the idea hc he's demisexual. I take the whole "revive my clan" literally so I think he would view sex as a duty but doing it out of love isn't dismissed.

This is going to drive me wild, because I honestly don’t know, and I’m not exactly the best person to ask this, but I’m still going to try. With that being said, I do not know all of the sexualities, or what could and could not match Sasuke, so don’t put too much faith in my answer. 

I don’t know that much about asexuality, but I don’t really agree that he’s asexual, just based upon my minimal knowledge of asexulaity and vast knoweldge of tomatohead. I seriously just think that sex was not on his mind when he was going through all of Shippuden; there were countless other things that he was focused on, so sex was just on the back burner-  plus guys, he was 17, it’s totally okay not to have sex when your 17. Trust me, it’s not that great when you’re that young. 

Moving on, again with my minimal knowledge, I’d agree that he’s demisexual. Personally, I like that idea, and I feel like it applies to the majority of people in our world. I stated in my last long winded explanation that I feel like Sasuke would only have sex with someone that he truly cared for, so that’d tie in directly with demisexuality, i think

Being brutally honest here, I hate the whole “revive my clan,” thing. You were 12 when you said that, Sasuke, staph, you probs didn’t even have the sex talk yet. 

ANYWAY, I can easily see that if he is able to find someone that he deeply cares about- enough to have sex with- that he’d just kinda get caught up in the moment, and you know, just go for it, like normal people??? I think that after the war and he had realized how fucked up the Uchiha were, that it wasn’t as big of a deal for the whole reviving thing, I don’t know, maybe not. Ya never know, boys are crazy.

Everyone has different reasons for sex; some are good; some are bad.

I dunno, but I mean, if you wanna fuck them and they wanna fuck you and things are safe, go for it. 


some progress shots of the portrait i was supposed to finish before last night. im gonna be finishing it in the next few days since my professor is giving me some more time. enjoy seeing how it’s changed

every character analysis of sirius on reddit: he was DANGEROUS, and A BULLY, and an AWFUL PERSON, and he never even loved harry! why did harry name his child after him that’s so awful, sirius HATED harry and only loved that ALCOHOL baby!!!

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Why does Nath get the short end of the stick?

🐾 OutofClaws ¦ Okay but- that’s where you’re wrong mon amie! Granted, Nathaniel/ Nathanaël doesn’t have heaps amount of screen time but he IS highly respected and valued throughout the fandom. DEFINITELY BY THE CREATOR HIMSELF. Let me just elaborate a little on that. Remember the Comic Con @ San Diego?? 

Well,,,in the Miraculous panel it was confirmed by Thomas Astruc that…in the very beginning he wanted to make a comic book of Miraculous Ladybug. BUT. Jeremy Zag stepped in and talked him into making a show about it first before making a HUGE comic book universe! Here’s a photo shot of what they were featuring while they were talking this. 

What does this have to do with Nath? Well, take a look at the comic page in the center. Does it seem familiar? bc it should be! 

On one of the EPISODES that similar comic page is shown as one of Nath’s artworks. Idk about you but this seems like a BIG DEAL. Thomas…THE THOMAS ASTRUC passed one of his beginning works explicitly for Nath alone. Plus, let’s not forget that Nath was there when they were taking those pictures with Juleka! So… 

TL;DR—It might seem like tomato son Nath gets the short end of the stick quite often, BUT LET’S NOT FORGET HOW TRULY LOVED HE IS. PLS. MERCI. ♡ !!

i cant believe i main lúcio and i haven’t noticed until now 

that the things in his hair aren’t weird beads

they’re speakers

Okay but did anyone else notice

that Victor had his eyes on Yuuri

even before

he got drunk and went off the rails?

Tryna act casual after he knocks the glasses off the cactus. Calm down, Matt. They’re just glasses. I love this idiot so much.