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imagine high school au yoonmin having to do one of those projects where they care for a fake baby for a week. jimin didn’t expect yoongi to take their temporary fatherhood so seriously, but it’s actually super endearing.

  • Lothar:How long does your ideal hug last?
  • Khadgar:32 to 45 minutes.
  • Lothar:That’s really impractical.
  • Khadgar:You said ideal, not realistic.
Shit APH Australia Does #39

Actually shows a lot of sportsmanship in Rio rather than his usual competitive side, mostly because America won’t stop bragging to anyone he can get a reaction out of


Look at this nerd girl trying to replicate her godfather’s hairstyle.

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Enjoyed/Grantaire fae AU back at you?

“You should not stay here,” said Enjolras, his voice carefully measured. “The human world has no need for people of your sort. You have your politics, we have ours.”

Grantaire - that was the name the creature had gave him, though Enjolras knew it was not the real one - grinned at him unapologetically, and stood up with unnatural grace, moving closer to Enjolras.

“You would throw me away, you who gave me a helpful hand just a week ago!” he exclaimed. “I recognize here the inconstant nature of human beings. Who is a friend one day is a foe the next; you will fight for a king, and behead him afterwards, you will cheer for an empereur then refuse to pronounce his name once that empereur has fallen. My politics are much more restful, if one could call endless wars like that. When you are from a court, you respect your Queen, or you King, and that’s that. I can see you judging me like you find me less - what irony! What novelty! To see something so fleetingly human judge one who has seen more than he will ever do. I know enough to laugh at your disdain. You cannot order me anything, unless, of course, you call on your favor (here, his smile turned sly, and he placed a hand on Enjolras’s chest) which I cannot refuse you. So, unless you say the words, i will stay there. Human politics are so chaotic and so absurd. What is the point of what you say you fought about? What is your France, what is your Paris? It will be forgotten, one day, and you’ll have died long before that. Truly, why fight at all? Humans invent such delicious pleasures, and then they ignore them under the pretense that they’re not as important as words that mean nothing.”

“I cannot make you leave, I suppose you’re right about that,” said Enjolras coldly. “But why stay to listen at politics you laugh at? However futile you think the effort to be, there are brave men in that room who hope for a better future - I wouldn’t think you know what hope even is. I cannot allow you to mock them as you’ve done tonight. You have no place here. You do not belong either in this café, or this world.”

Enjolras was harsh; Grantaire, absurdly, seemed to soften in answer. He lowered his head, took a step back, and looked at Enjolras through his eyelashes. 

“I belong here until I payed my debt,” he said. “Let’s forget about politics, then, if we must; I do not care about them, that much is true. I am here solely for you, at your service.”

In the dim light of the corridor, holding himself like he was right now, Grantaire looked almost human. His voice had turned gentle, almost servile. For a fleeting minute, Enjolras felt something dark uncurl in him slowly, curious and appraising. The ugliness of Grantaire, which made him so different from his race, had already been a source of odd fascination the week before. To hear him speak thus now made Enjolras want to - 

“I told you before, there is no debt.” he said abruptly, ashamed of the thoughts running suddenly through his mind. “Stay if you must. But be warned that if you do anything that is harmful to our group, I will not be afraid to come for you, powerful magical creature or not.”     


(I don’t think this need explanation but I’ll provide some since I am a good person :>)

So in this episode Osomatsu is sick and about to die, but at the end of the episode (thanks to Chibita, although he didn’t know what he was doing) he recovered and the first thing he did was run towards his brothers, who were pretty down. So this happened after they all thought Osomatsu was going to die


the little things i love about lee jihoon: the way he “high five” someone // insp. by: x

Ransom and Holster worry that the whole Jack and Bitty dating thing might be a one-sided thing originally. They’re happy for the two of them when they reveal it over group chat but, after all, all they know about about Jack’s dating/hook-up history is just that he seems emotionally unattached, and although Jack’s their bro, they’re both a little concerned for Bitty.

Their fears are extinguished when Jack comes over to visit Bitty and he basically hovers around Bitty and looks after him like he’s one second away from asking for a kiss. He’s always helping in the kitchen and handing jars from high cabinets to Bitty with such a practiced motion that the tiny Haus kitchen doesn’t seem to bother him at all.  But it’s really only during Bitty’s nighttime pie-making sessions that Ransom and Holster let go of their worries once and for all, when Bitty starts talking about how one of the Falconers had an awful playoffs beard mishap when they were trying to shave it off: “It looked like a worm on his face, I swear–”

And their serious once-Captain, now-NHL Jack Zimmermann–a so-called ‘hockey robot’–just picks up a piece of the dough and puts it above his lips, and says, “Playoffs ‘stache. Kiss me.” Bitty erupts in peals of laughter as Jack tries to smooch his neck, crying out, “Jack, that is unsanitary” which Jack responds with an “Aww, Bits. But I love you.”

Ransom shrieks and he has to take several deep breathes to regain his composure. Holster is hoisting himself on the counter, caught between wanting to chirp them about how embarrassingly adorable they are and yelling “FOINNNE,” but he ends up sticking a dough ‘stache to his own face and attempting to kiss both Bitty and Jack. Lardo gets it on video and sends it to the group chat. Shitty cries and texts back “YOU CAN KISS ME JACK ZIMMERMANN!!! :( :( :(”