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Dark Fate Yuma Dark 04 Translation

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-Scene: Castle Bedroom-

Yuma: Ahh, hell. I’m bored… …

Hey, you got any way we can kill time?

Yui: I haven’t had time to think about it… …

Yuma: Agh… …so booored… ..

*Yuma Leans Up Against Yui*

Yui: (Why’s he leaning against me!?)

Yu, Yuma-kun! You’re a bit close… …!

Yuma: Because there ain’t nothing to do. I’ll just use you to kill time.

*Yuma Starts Touching Yui*

Yui: Agh… …! I-It hurts!

Yuma: You’re a bit hard, but you’ll make due for a cushion… …

Yui: If you lean on me like that, I’ll get crushed… …!

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I hope they show Bellamy being furious at Clarke

Not just for leaving him to lead the others all by himself

But also because he was the one who had to tell the others that Finn was dead

So some (white) guy stood outside a recruiting station with a big arse gun.
  • people:[general agreement, positive vibes]
  • me:"Am I the only one who thinks seeing some Joe Blow on the street carrying a gun is more than slightly unnerving? Goodness."
  • some lady:"Many people carry weapons every day. It's our right just as it is his right to stand right there. The good guys with guns will save your life from a bad guy with a gun so be thankful not ignorant"
  • me:[bitch please wtf did u just call me ignorant??]
  • me:"The word you’re looking for isn’t “ignorant” because I’m not ignorant. It’s not “ignorant” to see a stranger on the street with a gun and be wary and unnerved. I don’t know him – I don’t know his intentions or his morals. Maybe he’s a good guy, but maybe he’s not. He can say he’s good all day long – that doesn’t mean anything. The truth is, “bad guys” don’t always look bad. They don’t always have a label on their shirts so we can easily pick them out in a crowd. Many “bad guys” look nice, dress well, and will greet you with a cheerful smile. I support carrying a weapon, but you have to realize there’s a difference between me tucking a pistol in my purse (just in case) and me slinging an automatic rifle over my shoulder and parading it around on the streets. What's wrong with not trusting a strange man with a gun?"
  • me:[stfu bitch]



You got some extra cash lying around?  You got some cool ass dragons that need some art?

You should check out my buddy’s commission page.  He’ll draw you a picture for your dragons that’s so gd rad that it’ll BLOW EVERYONE’S MIND.  And he gives a $5 discount to anyone who’s not cis or is questioning.





“goddammit” and “I DIDN’T ASK YOU TO DO THAT” are the most common phrases I yell from my room when playing Legend of Zelda