I Was Here | Pt. 4

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader x Hoseok

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1324

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❥ “Nothing in this life is as hard as falling in love with the wrong person. If you decide to give up, you’ll hurt. I you decide to keep on loving, you’ll hurt even more..”

“We’re here..“

Hearing Hoseok’s reassuring voice, you snapped out of your deep thoughts and took a deep breath, wishing that the ride back to your apartment would have lasted a little bit longer.

Closing your eyes, you leaned your head against the headrest of Hoseok’s car, the uneasy feeling in your stomach making you feel like you were going to faint at any second.

You felt how Hoseok slowly turned his body toward you. “Hey, are you sure that you’ll be okay?“

Smiling slightly, you opened your eyes and nodded. “Yes.. He isn’t at home anyway..“

Furrowing his eyebrows, Hoseok tilted his head. “What? It’s the middle of the night, Y/N.. I’m sure he’s waiting for you.“

Averting your eyes, an airy laugh escaped your mouth. “Him and waiting for me? He doesn’t want to live with me, Hoseok.. He’s staying at Hani’s house.“

Hoseok’s confused expression changed into an angry one as he hissed under his breath. “That bastard..“

Placing your hand on his shoulder, you looked at him with a soft smile. “Hey, it’s okay.. I’m used to being alone..“

Unfastening your seatbelt, you thanked him for everything he has done and reached out for the door handle. Right before you stepped out of the car, you felt a hand around your wrist. Turning around, you looked at Hoseok with confusion plastered on your face.

Without saying anything, Hoseok leaned forward and wrapped his arms around your body, making you stiffen immediately. “Everything will be okay, Y/N.. I know we’ve only met a few hours ago, but I want you to trust me. I want to help you and be a friend for you. You can tell me everything and call me whenever you want. I’ll try to always be there, okay?“

When you heard those words, the stiffness in your body vanished away immediately. Slowly, you nuzzled your head into his chest and whispered. “Thank you so much, Hoseok..“

After that, Hoseok watched how your slumped and tired body walked towards your apartment door, his eyes never leaving you until he was sure that you walked into your apartment.

“I’ll be by your side Y/N.. Because I know how it feels to be alone and broken..“

Opening the door of your dark and cold apartment, you stepped into the lifeless looking space yet again with a disappointed and sad face. How stupid you were for hoping that he would be at home, waiting for you so he could open the door with his welcoming smile and his reassuring hug.

Shaking your head at your stupidness, you walked towards your bedroom with heavy steps, not even feeling the need to turn the lights on.

“Where have you been?“

When you heard the voice, a shriek left your mouth, your eyes wide open, searching for the person in the darkness.

Reaching for the light switch, you turned the lights on and immediately took a step back the moment your eyes could see the person standing only a few inches away from you.

“W-What are you doing here? Are you crazy?! Don’t you know how to turn the lights on?! You scared the crap out of me-“

“I asked you where you were, Y/N?! Why are you coming now?! Do you know what time it is?!“

Taken aback, you looked into your husband’s glaring eyes. When he realized that you weren’t going to answer, he took another step forward and hissed. “Answer me, Y/N!“

A sarcastic chuckle left your mouth as you crossed your arms in front of your chest. “Since when do you care, Taehyung?“

You watched how his eyes grew darker at your words and before you realized what was happening, he slammed you against the wall as held your arms above your head. “You were with him, right?! What did the two of you do, hm? You seem like you had a great time! Does he make you feel special?!“

Trying to free your arms from his strong grip, you yelled at him. “Let me go, Taehyung! Are you crazy?! You’re hurting me!“

Not listening to your words, his hands travelled down to the collar of your dress and before you could try to stop him, he ripped the thin fabric of your dress with ease.

Another shriek left your mouth as you tried to shove him away with your now weak arms, the tears rolling down your face like a waterfall. “Taehyung stop! No! Taehyung please stop!“

Ignoring your words yet again, he leaned down to your neck and started sucking harshly in-between his hisses. “Does he touch you like this too?! Did he do the same before you came home?! Do you hate me that much that you’re crying?! Tell me, Y/N!“

“Taehyung! Stop it! Please..“

No matter how much you tried to shove him away, your weak body couldn’t handle his strong one. Closing your eyes, you took one last deep breath and shoved him for the last time before you slapped him. “TAEHYUNG!“

You watched how he stumbled away from you, his dark eyes looking at you with a smirk plastered on his face as you tried to cover yourself with your ripped dress. “What? You don’t like it when I touch you? Let me remind you, Y/N! You’re my wife! You’re not allowed to fall in love with someone else!“

Anger started to engulf your body. “Why can’t I?! Why are you allowed to do everything but I’m not?! You were the one who chose your wife’s best friend over your wife! You were the one who said we should divorce! Why are you acting like this now?!“

“Because you belong to me, Y/N! Do you understand that-“

Taehyung’s words were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. Cursing under his breath, Taehyung walked towards the door.

You, on the other hand, sat down on the floor, hugging your shaking body with your arms as you sobbed silently.

Taehyung opened the door, ready to curse to whoever was interrupting his time with his wife.

“Y/N, you forgot your-“

Before the person in front of him was able to end his sentence, Taehuyng tried to close the door but fell down when the person in front of him pushed the door harshly and punched him in the face.

“What did you do to her?! Where is she?!“

Realizing who the voice belonged to, you tried to stand up as you shouted with your hoarse voice as much as you could. “H-Hoseok! I’m here!“

Hearing your shouts, Hoseok followed your voice immediately, his heart breaking into pieces when he was met with your weak body lying on the floor as you tried to cover yourself with your hands and your dress.

Running toward you, he covered you body with his jacket and wrapped his arms around your shaking body. “Shh, I’m here.. I’m here, don’t be scared.. I’m by your side..“

“Don’t touch my wife!“

Before Hoseok could stand up and punch Taehyung again, you tightened your arms around his body and nuzzled your head into his neck. “Please, don’t.. Just.. Bring me away from here..“

Hoseok’s dark eyes softened the moment he heard your pleading voice. Not thinking any second longer, he lifted your body and carried you bridal style towards the door.  

Locking your eyes with your husband’s for the last time, you mumbled.

“Your wish came true. In a day or two, you will have the signed divorce papers in your hands, my dear ex husband..“

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Hi my German Shepard mix has been pretty rough when playing with other dogs and it is getting to a point where I'm uncomfortable, he was never like this when he was young. Do you have any suggestions to get him to stop and play normally?

GSD tend to get really rude and bitchy when they age out of puppyhood. It’s just one of those breed-specific things. 

I also have a GSD mix, and I would recommend to stop bringing your dog to places with strange dogs. I only allow doggie dates with dogs she already knows and who have established boundaries (and sheps tend to play better with the opposite sex). The general public isn’t super tolerant of rude GSD. GSD are relatively scary-looking, big, and intimidating, so even if your dog doesn’t actually hurt another dog, I personally find it’s not worth the risk of upsetting other dog owners and getting that reputation. It doesn’t help anyone in the long run. 

If you want to continue to bring your dog to play with strange dogs, here are some ways to encourage good dog-to-dog play: here, here, here, here, and here. Doing proper introductions and picking good doggie playmates really helps a lot here! That’s how my dog makes (rare) new doggie friends. 

My personal criteria for playmates for my 3 year old, 70lbs, female GSD are:

  • Herding or northern breeds
  • Plays by chasing and ruff biting
  • At least 50lbs but bigger is better
  • Male

And then after I find one that I think will get along with her, I introduce them by:

  • Starting off in a neutral area, both dogs on-leash and at least 15ft apart
  • Reward my dog for attention on me and ignoring the other dog
  • Engage my dog, ignore the other dog 
  • Snacks snacks snacks
  • After a few minutes of this, we both let the dogs free and they do the whole rude dog posturing thing (usually on long lines in case things go wrong)
  • Humans walk in the field, dogs chase and bite each other in the faces
  • Enforced breaks, often and with lots of snacks
  • End on a good note! If things start to look like they are heading downhill, call it a day (especially if you want to have more playdates with this dog)

Honestly, it’s so much work. It would be way easier to just have a dog that gets along nicely with other dogs. This is not to say that GSD are aggressive; usually they don’t have aggressive tendencies! But play drive can turn to prey drive can turn to aggression so quickly, so you (the human) have to be aware!

Sorry for the rambling - this is an issue I am personally dealing with all the time. Hang in there anon! -C 

Edit: My criteria only started coming together after some mistakes. I met up with another dog owner who had a small dog, that ended badly. I tried for a long time to get Marlo to be a dog park dog, and that didn’t work out. We occasionally meet up with females, and that doesn’t go as smoothly as males. You will undoubtedly uncover your own criteria that work for your dog over time!

dating tom holland | pt. 2

Part One

  • okay so we’ve established that he would be the absolute perfect boyfriend in the world 
  • he would always try to make you happy, putting yourself before him
  • so if you’d get sick he’d freak out at first
    • like ??? what does he do
    • “do you need some soup?” “cough drops?” “a popsicle?” “cuddles?”
  • even though it’s just a cold and you constantly tell him that you’re fine 
  • he’ll still wrap you in a billion blankets like a burrito
  • and then proceed to lay on top of you
    • “Tom you’re squishing me,”
    • “Shhh it’s fine just relax,” as he peppers kisses on your face
    • “You’re crushing me,” 
  • not letting him kiss you when you’re sick cause you don’t want him to get sick (because that is a nightmare)
  • him pouting and whining
    • “pleasssseeee,” and 
    • “it’ll make you feel better,”  
  • he ends up kissing you and whadaya know, he gets sick
  • he’s super handsy with you at home and sometimes in public he forgets so there’s papped pictures of his hands on your bum 
  • jumping onto his back at random times telling him where to take you
    • “to the fridge!!!!!”
    • “we’re in the kitchen, [Y/N]…”
  • there’s one time where you jump onto his back and he completely face plants onto the floor
  • you know you should feel bad but you can’t control your laughter 
    • “are you okay?” in between breaths
    • “stooooop laughing at me,” as he rubs his nose 
    • “I’m sorry bubs, is there anything I can do to make you feel better?” As your laughter dies down
    • “kisses and cuddles,”  
  • spending hours in bed or on the couch kissing and cuddling 
  • sometimes it’s full on makeouts where you’re straddling his lap with his hands on your hips as your both moaning and panting 
  • and other times its just lazy kisses while you lay in each others arms 
    • nudging his head into your hand when you stop as a silent plea for more
  • he’ll run his fingers up and down your arm or sides leaving goosebumps in his wake 
    • “can i try braiding your hair?” as his fingers card through your locks
  • the braid isn’t great but its not terrible either 
  • there’s so much lazy sex don’t fight me 
  • not like half assed sex but like when he’s still jet lagged but hella horny 
    • “baby, please,”
    • Tom you need to sleep,” 
    • “no, I need you,” and he’d definitely whine and pout
  • you finally giving in and riding him because poor baby is so whiny and needy and tired
  • calling him baby boy and bubs making him blush 
    • “don’t call me that,” in a high pitched whiny voice
  • but he secretly adores the nicknames you’ve given him
  • nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck whenever he can
    • “you smell so good,”
  • tapping your nose with his index finger lightly to get your attention 
  • “can we have sex when we get home??????” as he bounces up and down lightly in anticipation 
  • waking each other up with oral yes 
  • surprise blowjobs when he’s tired or stressed or tensed or bored 
  • his favourite thing is when you’re both in bed wide awake at three in the morning because of jetlag and talking about anything and everything 
  • as you’re both transfixed in each others eyes
  • his fingers twirling a strand of your hair as he listens to your words 
    • “i love you, darling,” at random times in the day 
  • sigh im so in love with tom honestly 


Forget My Love

Jason Todd x Reader (1/?)


Summary - He thought he lost you, he watched you die, but what does Jason do when he sees you again?

Word count - 1.4K

Warnings - swearing, sad stuff

Italics is a flashback

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Bucky flirting with you, but hard. But in Romanian. You're new to the team and he doesn't want to scare you off or make you uncomfortable. But he doesn't realize you speak fluent Romanian until one night. He'd been very explicit that particular day, telling you exactly what he would do if he had you in his bed. So, you meet him in his room that night, in some sexy red lingerie (his favorite color). You greet him with a smirk, "mă vrei în patul tău, soldat?" (do you want me in your bed, soldier?)

Ooooo busted haha

Sinful Sunday™

BTS Reaction To: You “Cumming” Without Permission.

NSFW! Read at own risk!


Jin told you that you couldn’t cum yet, although he made it impossible as his thrusts started speeding up even more. You threw your head back, trying your hardest to hold in your release but it was too much of a challenge. You climaxed, your eyes rolling to the back of your head, moaning out Jin’s name. Jin slowed down his thrusts, panting.

“I-I’m sorry.” You apologised.

“I’ll let you off this time, just next time do what Daddy tells you to do, or you’ll be punished.”

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“Please, Yoongi, please let me cum.” You begged, feeling your climax approaching.

“Not yet, Princess. Hold it in for me like a good girl, okay?”

You whined at his words, knowing you wouldn’t be able to do as he told you. You tried focusing on something - anything - just to take your mind off your approaching release, but you couldn’t. The pleasure you was feeling was all too much, so you came, clenching around Yoongi.

Yoongi froze. “You know what?” Yoongi pulled himself out of you. “You’re not cumming for a week. I told you not to cum, but you did, and I’m not letting you get away with it.”

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Namjoon secretly loved it when you couldn’t hold in your release. It boosted his ego as it showed him that he really was fucking you well. But of course, he’d never admit to that.

As you came, when he had specifically told you not to, he told you to get on all fours. You did what he said, not wanting to disobey him. You already knew what was coming, and that was, that you were going to be spanked. Namjoon always spanked you when you misbehaved.

“Count to ten for me.”

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Hoseok rarely told you not to cum as he loved feeling you tighten around him. But, if you would misbehave, he would tell you not to release just yet, sometimes not even letting you release at all.

“Hoseok, please, I can’t hold it.”

“Yes you can, baby.”

When you came, feeling almost light headed as you did, Hoseok called you degrading names, and spanked you (like Namjoon), letting you know you shouldn’t of disobeyed him.

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Taehyung was annoyed you had came without his permission because he wanted you to understand that he was the one that would control your orgasms. He lent down, biting on your neck, causing you to wince in slight pain.

“If I tell you not to cum - you don’t. Understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.” You replied.

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Jimin chuckled deeply, shaking his head slowly after you had reached your high. “I knew you wasn’t going to hold it in.”

He grabbed a fistful of your hair, pulling it, causing you to moan out. “You’re such a dirty girl, aren’t you?”

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At first, Jungkook seemed slightly frustrated, but he didn’t do anything about it. Confused as you was expecting a punishment, and being slightly disappointed you didn’t get one, you decided maybe Jungkook didn’t actually care if you came, and would only tell you not to just to add to your arousal.

That was until, the next time you had sex, Jungkook pulled out of you immediately as you was about to reach your high. You whined, looking at Jungkook who had a smirk on his face.

“That was for cumming last time without my permission.”

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Hei Bunny, after the last chapter I was left a little hurt, I mean OC named Sebastian after that damned dog he hated. Do you think he hates his new dog just as much? And also does the devil hate OC in the same way that dog has? Or was it even hated, I mean I find so curious that among all people the dog chose only OC to behave in that way. What do you think?

I don’t think Sebastian’s Ciel hated his dog. 

Yes, the dog barked at him, pushed him, bothered him. But when everyone was outside, the dog was there. When everyone else was having fun, the dog was there. The dog bothered him and him alone which means that the dog was constantly at his side and his side alone. 

As a small, ill child, it could easily be seen as being picked on constantly but the truth was that without the bothersome nagging, the loud barks, the nudges, Ciel would have been lonely.

When everyone first heard that Ciel named Sebastian after his dog, they thought he must have had a cute and cuddly friend he loved so very much. In reality, Ciel had a partner. A companion that, no matter what, never left him alone. Alone being the key word.

Everyone else may have wanted to leave Ciel behind and go outside to have fun but there’s nothing like having someone that will constantly bother you, nudge you along and bellow out at will. Call out post for Sebastian (the demon) being extra af

And there is no one more fit to stand by Ciel’s side and constantly pick on him, come what may, than Sebastian himself.


PriPara Live at Zepp Osaka Bayside 2017 merch line

I can’t believe my luck with can badges!!! I completed Dressing Pafe AND Tricolore?! I don’t need two Yuis but this illustration of her is particularly cute so I don’t mind. It was worth it to get in line at 7:30 after all!! (Haha no it probably wasn’t but at least it was validated. The line did begin to get really long after 9ish but not the worst. Mostly I just liked the rush of being the 2nd one to the register and then opening all my badges in front of the line hahaha.

This PriPara ojisan I know from Aichi is here. (With only so many events you see the same people over and over again.) And he was like do you have any to trade? So I was like who do you want? And he was like Hibiki? And I was like haha no. (Of all the characters.)

I hate when my dad gets all passive agressive like!!! He jist asked me to turn the lights of his car off and hes like ‘the dial on the left’ and im like??? There’s 50 million buttons what do I press and then he’s like do you not know how to drive a fucking car and i want to just. Scream. I wanted to say back 'yeah I f ucking do but every cars buttons are different so do you maybe want to shut the fuck up and just tell me which button to press instead’ you don’t learn where things are in drivers ed because EVERY CAR HAS DIFFERENT BUTTONS AND SWITCHES

Drunk Fanfiction Writing

One-Shot Story, Drunk-Shot Story, Too Many Shots Story – Yennefer and Geralt

Okay so I wrote this after getting back about 2am from a party and as the title would suggest I was still slightly intoxicated…so I wrote fanfiction….? It’s not finished might not be but this is what there is so far, I put in the original version for extra amusement, have fun trying to read it :)

Translated Version:

“Why…why do you fuss ober me soooo much, hmmm, Geralt?”

It was a relatively cool afternoon in Toussaint, the sun beating down on the Witcher and Sorceress lounging on the chair overlooking the Corvo Bianco vineyards, both with a fair amount of wine in their system.

“What do you,” he shivered abruptly and involuntarily, “you mean Yen?”

“Why. You. So. Obur-protectivvve.” She explained, rocking slightly in her seat.

“What..? I’m not oburrr, ovhur…I’m not. Am I?” There was a note of uncertainty in his voice which alluded to some self-doubts.

“Puff!” She laughed. “You sooooooo are! You act like I’m made of glassss, GeralT, fuckin, glasss!” She raised her goblet into the air, almost smashing it into her head and spilling several precious drops. “Whoopsies. You neber let me, me help you on contracts, you complain when I go out and don’t say where and you wouldn’t let me out of your sight for SEVERAL weeks when those, stupid, pissy bandits tried to kidnap me, bearing in mind, T-R-I-E-D is the key word!”

Geralt gently poked her arm, feeing the flesh on it.

“But you’re not glass, I can feel youuuuu…” He said, somewhat dreamily as he continued to rub her smooth skin.

“Not the point, Geralttttt…” She replied somewhat annoyed, slapping his hand away. “Stop delayyyying, and answer the question, you know what I mean!”

“Do I have to answer now?”

“Yes!” She screamed back, prodding him in the chest. “RIGHT NOW!”

“Arghh.” He threw his head back, closing his yes to the light which burned his drunk eyes. “Because I love you, Yen. It’s as simple as that.”

There was an awkward silence, Yennefer fingered the star on her neck and the Witcher twisted his fingers around several locks of her hair.

“I…I don’t understand…” She murmured after a short while, turning her gaze to him.

“Yen…I don’t want to lose you, I’m afraid to lose you, that this peace won’t last, and, I CAN’T lose you. Neber again.”


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Drawing - Avengers

Characters: Tony Stark x Reader
Warnings: None 
Synopsis: Tony asks you to sketch him one afternoon

“Would you stay still, please? I can’t see your nose properly anymore”

Tony huffed and got back into the pose he’d been sitting in all afternoon, you had an afternoon free together and so he was suggested you do a portrait of him, not realising how still he would have to stay and how long it would take.

“This is so uncomfortable”

“You should’ve picked a more comfortable pose then”

“How was I supposed to know? You’re the sketch master”

“I’m not a sketch master”

You looked down at your pad, you needed to work on your shading.

“How is it looking? Are we nearly done?”

“If you stay perfectly still and shut up, then I could be done in the next ten minutes”

Tony glared at you from his position on the chair, but he stayed entirely still and silent for fifteen minutes while you finished. You scoured the paper, looking for anything you could alter at this point. Nothing.

“I’m done”

“Thank god”

Jumping up Tony kicked his legs and stretched his arms, he hopped around for a while as you put away your pencils and swept any leftover eraser shavings off the paper.

“So can I see?”

You frowned at the drawing.

“It’s not very good”

“Said every artist ever before showing somebody their work”

You glared at Tony, though he wasn’t wrong. Closing your eyes you turned the page so he could see it. You watched as he scanned across the page.

“I don’t think the eyes are symmetrical and your nose didn’t go very well”

“It’s amazing”

“It is?”

“Yeah, it looks just like me, and I should know, I am me”

You smiled at him, he was always trying to make you smile.

“I’m going to frame it, it’s going up in the Tower”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, I am. Maybe you could do a portrait of each of the other Avengers too? With a fair pay, of course, can’t take advantage of your skills”

“Tony, you don’t need to do that”

“Oh quiet, this is how you make a living, technically I should’ve paid for the one you did of me too, don’t let people tell you that your art isn’t worth anything”

“Tony, I don’t know what to say”

“Well we’ll have to wait and see what the others think of this one before we decide to commission ones for them too, but I think they’ll like it, it’s really great”

You sniffed, attracting Tony’s attention.

“Why are you doing that?”

Tony walked over to you, taking the sketchbook out of your hands, he gently placed it on the table before hugging you tightly. He kissed you gently on the forehead.

“You did amazing, that drawing is going to Avengers Tower in a frame, so everybody can see what a great artist you are”

“Thanks, Tony”

I wasn’t wearing my mask today (I got my Benadryl prescription filled, so ya know… time to live dangerously?)
And the cashier at the store recognized me without it.
I’ve gotten comments about how it makes me look like a Mortal Kombat character (with the occasional Bucky), but he was the first stranger to actually ask me about it.
He asked if it was a style thing, like a new trend he hadn’t seen yet.
There were four people in line behind me, so I just said I have “allergy issues.”
He said, “Do you mind if I ask what the allergy is to?”
I said, “I have a mast cell disorder. My body likes to pretend it’s allergic to random things it’s not actually allergic to.”
He said, “So… it’s kind of like you’re allergic to yourself.”
Kudos, stranger, for making me laugh at my chronic illness. It usually takes other spoonies or people who know me very well to make that happen.
Then he said, “I’m sorry if it was inappropriate to ask. People probably bring it up all the time. I didn’t mean to make it awkward, I was just curious.”
And when I told him he’s the first person (outside of friends and family) to ask, I realized how much MORE awkward it is when strangers are blatantly trying to act like they don’t notice it.
Like they’re afraid to say something, as if I might not actually be aware there is a piece of black cloth covering half my face and occasionally fogging up my glasses.
Like when I passed a little kid in an aisle and he asked his mom what was on my face, she quickly shushed him.
I just wish people felt more comfortable asking things when they don’t understand.

To clarify, I do think there’s a big difference between wanting to understand, and just being Nosy.
But I do want to raise awareness that invisible illnesses come in all forms and affect all sorts of people, so I try to be as informative as possible when the situation calls for it.
I know a lot of people get uncomfortable when asked about their illnesses, or the tools they utilize to cope with those illnesses, and lets be honest, a lot of people are really rude when they bring up these sorts of things, so I don’t blame you at all.

But in this instance, it was just sort of… refreshing.
A person now knows about an illness they didn’t know about before, at least a little anyway.

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Yes I heard.  I’m very happy about it

I’m not one for sentiment, at least not in any direct way.  All my odes are in some form of art, joke or writing

But it is important, every time it’s the birthday of someone we care for, or  someone that has affected us in a positive way, we are reminded of how long we have had that person in our lives. Or that they have been around for that long.  We are grateful for that time.  But it’s not long enough, we want more.  So I raise a glass to 43 years of him, and hope we have decades and decades more to come

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megargonaut  asked:

I need help for a depressed character, he's very friendly and polite but as a werewolf he had to be isolated or alone on the time for a fear of hurting someone and eventually every time someone comes over he becomes overly friendly and polite to the point of creepiness, he's never true to his actual feelings to others and he still has his overly nice attitude to even people he considers his friend. Do you think I can try to add on to something or do you think I'm on the right track?

I think you’re on the right track. Depression can often cause people to overcompensate to hide what they’re going through out of fear. Be sure to really develop the character, do your research, and here is my post on mental illness!

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kenhina + pokemon!au

A Sunkern leaps out of the tall grass on the side of the road and Kenma stops in his tracks, a hand going to his Pokeball, when the grass rustles again and a boy with bright orange hair leaps out of the tall grass after the Sunkern and meets Kenma’s eyes.

“Hey, we should battle once I get Sunny back!” the boy says brightly to Kenma before spotting the Sunkern and giving chase, both boy and Pokemon bouncing their way into the tall grass on the other side of the road.

Kenma watches, bemused, as the Sunkern comes bouncing back with the boy in hot pursuit, very much still a free Pokemon despite the boy’s best efforts, and in spite of himself, he finds himself asking, “Do you need help getting your Pokemon back…?”

[Give me a pairing and an AU setting and I’ll write you a three-sentence fic.]

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Do water signs especially scorpio tend do the victim and butthurt thing all the time? Where they act the victim and and get butthurt over small things? My bf does it lol, i ask a simple question and hes like " do you not care?" like i was just asking a simple question 😭 im only asking bc i see alot water signs do this and i cry

Okay but him asking you do not care is not playing a victim or being butthurt. He just wants to know if you care???? They are water signs, they care about emotional connections and like when other people are interested or care about the stuff they like or they are interested in. They are water signs, they are deep and expect depth behind everything.

i was trying to roll my box of cigarettes up in my sleeve like the greasers used to do and my suitemate was watching me and then he came over and he was like “oh sweetie no here” and he did it for me and he was like “baby do you think the greasers did this all by themselves?? no sweetie they helped each other out they looked out for each other baby” and i just felt so loved