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"So your dad is a real dick." ((I keep giving up on everything rp lately I apologize. I'll respond to the one thing in a minute I promise.))

((It’s okay, take your time))

Butters raised an eyebrow and nodded “I know… Why though?” He asked, biting his bottom lip lightly.


-@knightofcamelot request


“Merlin! Get the door!”

You shifted your weight between your feet and took a deep breath as you heard the court’s physician shout to Merlin on the other side of the door. Maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe you should just go home. Yeah, that was probably best.

Turning to leave, the door suddenly opened behind you and you heard Merlin’s voice call, “Yes? Did you knock? Excuse me?”

Spinning round to face the young warlock, you gulped and stepped forward. “Merlin?” you whispered.

“Yes?” he replied, his warm smile unfazed.

You paused for a second to bite your lip. “Emrys?”

His expression steeled and he stepped aside. “You’d better come in.”

You did so, and looked around at the room: it was about two stories high with a small balcony running along the wall where a second floor should be. The entire place was stacked with various books and cupboards were piled high with potions and assortments of ingredients.

“Merlin? Did you get the door? Who was it?” Gaius, the physician asked over his shoulder where he was currently chopping something.

“Gaius,” he said. Gaius turned and raised an eyebrow. “She called me Emrys.”

The old man narrowed his eyes at you and scrutinised your worn rags. “What’s your name and how do you know who he is?”

“M-my name is Y/N,” you told them, tucking your hair behind your ear shyly. “And I know who he is because the Druids told me.”

“Are you a Druid?” Gaius asked you, not for one second letting his suspicious eye of you drop.

“N-no, I’m a sorceress,” you tell him quietly. “I came in s-search of Emrys because my parents recently died and they told me that he was the one I should go to. And, I-I seek shelter and no one will let me in…”

“Yes,” he nodded. “I can’t imagine why. Look, Y/N, you’d better stay here for now. Merlin can help you find more permanent shelter tomorrow, and as for your parents, I’m afraid I don’t know what they were talking about. Merlin is still just a young warlock, he is gifted but he still has a lot to learn about sorcery, himself.”

“Oh, that’s OK, I-I just wanted to meet someone of my own kind and maybe learn something from them…I didn’t expect him to be the great wizard- oh not to be offensive!” you stumbled over your words, making Merlin smile fondly behind you.

“Well, Y/N, that’s fine, and you can stay with us for as long as you want,” he told you, smiling comfortingly. “I could try to find a job for you, here in the castle, if you like?”

You smiled widely. “That would fantastic! Thank you so much!”

Without thought, you wrapped your arms around his shoulders and hugged him tightly. Then remembered who he was and broke away awkwardly. “Sorry,” you apologised. “It’s been a while since I was with anyone other than the Druids and they’re rather over-friendly sometimes.”

He just laughed and showed you the way upstairs to where he slept. “You can sleep in my bed for now, until we get something more permanent,” he told you.

“Oh, no that’s fine,” you told him. “After all, I can just do this…” You waved your hand and a completely furnished double bed popped into existence.

Merlin gaped. “Wow, you’re better than I realised,” he exclaimed, grinning and clapping you on the back. “Alright then, you sleep there and I’ll just sleep in my bed, then.”

You laughed and told him, “Trust me, that’s not the half of what I can do.”

He turned to you and raise an eyebrow- something you recognised Gaius did. “Oh really?” he grinned. “Well, we have time, you can show me.”

A steady smile spread across your lips. “Sounds like a plan.”

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'Do you know what I love most about you?' Michael asked

“I don’t think I do, you’ll have to tell me!” I teased, tapping his nose with my finger.

He smirked, biting his lip as he met my gaze before rolling his eyes. “Never mind, you’ll just take the piss out of me.”

“I won’t, I won’t Michael.” I smiled, calming down and wrapping my arms around his neck. “I’m being serious now, I won’t.”

“I just love how much you get me. You just understand when it’s okay to tease me and prat around and when I don’t want that. I’ve just never felt that someone understands me that well before.” He blushed, somewhat embarrassed by his confession.

My chest swelled - I don’t think I’d ever been more in love with Michael than in that moment. I hooked my fingers under his chin, pulling him gently towards me and cupping his cheek as I kissed him with everything I had.

“That’s how it’s meant to be.”

Before Show Convo | Hunter + W.Blake

It had been on his mind since Blake had texted him, a curious buzz in the back of his thoughts, causing him to frown when he truly let it come forth. Everyone knew how he worried about those on the NXT Roster, knew how much he cared about the health and well-being of every wrestler he knew. As he made his way to his office, he wondered what it was Blake wanted to talk about, and he didn’t have a good feeling about what it was, either. With a sigh and a shake of his head, he slowed his pace down, coming to an abrupt stop when he noticed the younger man waiting for him outside of his door. Biting his lower lip, he made his way to the door, and unlocking it, tilted his head with a small smile.

“C’mon then, Wesley, let’s talk.” He murmurs, letting the younger man walk in first.


Destiel crack rp


Cas’s smile was uncontrollable. He couldn’t help it. It took over his mind, body and soul. His smile was going to rule the world.

When Dean took his hand, he had to bite his lip so he could stop the smile. But it was too strong. It stretched until it became a grin, and he stared at Dean in silence, the plastic, toothy beam painted on his features.

Charlie rolled her eyes and looked up at Balthazar, about to say, “What the fuck is up with this smile thing?” when she caught him looking at their interlaced hands with an odd expression. But like the mother in any disney film, it soon disappeared, and it was gone so quickly that if Charlie didn’t know better she would have thought she imagined it. Maybe she had.

“Where do we want to go, my darlings?” Balthazar asked, looking around, “We got the haunted house, games, ferris wheel, Cas you and I are going on the tilt-a-whirl until you throw up when we get there.”

“My smile shall not fade,” Cas said in a monotone voice.

“We’ll see, love, we’ll see,” Balthazar said, grinning, “So where to we want to go now?”


yoonmin | g | 530w | college!au | fluff? 

jimin peeked through the bookcase watching yoongi who was sitting at one of the tables. he smiled as the other scrunched his face at whatever he was working on. math, it must be math, jimin thought biting his lip to keep from laughing.

he walked around the bookcase and took a few deep breaths before going and sitting down at yoongi’s table.  The older boy looked up in surprise but relaxed when he realized it was only jimin.

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slow sweaty sex with luke while you ride him and his eyes are scrunched up and he's constantly bucking his hips and biting his lip until it bleeds and groaning and moaning and his skin is hot as you lean down to kiss him and FIRST DEMON LUKE NOW THIS WHAT I AM EVEN DOING IM SO SORRY




send me blurbs pls nuggets

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Luke and 31 pls pls pls

“You lied to me.”

“Well that’s not exactly the answer you want to hear when you’re down on one knee.”

“You told me you didn’t want to get married!” You explaimed, still in shock from the ring nestled on the box Luke held out to you.

“No, I said I didn’t want to get married now, but that was 6 months ago and things…changed.” He gulped, biting his lip nervously at your reaction. This wasn’t at all what he had been expecting.

“Is this because of what your mother said to you the last time we visited?” You asked quietly.

“No. Y/N, this is because I love you and I want to spend everyday of the rest of my life with you and if you don’t want that too then just-just say so,” he confessed shakily.

“Yes I want that Luke yes yes yes a million times yes.” A huge smile danced onto his lips. He slid the ring onto your finger and leaned in to capture his lips with yours.

“It’s perfect,” you told him honestly, admiring the diamond stone.

“I know,” he replied, not taking his eyes off of you.
-B x

but WHY does sebastian stan do that obnxious, obscene thing with his mouth in public, why does he lick his lips, and bite them, and stick out his tongue that far, why does he rub in the fact that he gets to do those things to that mouth and i can’t, does he not realize what havoc it wreaks with my body?? someone put a mask over his face (oh wait…) 

#2:Blowjobs (4/4)

#1:He eats you out (4/4)

Luke: He was always a panting mess. With his hands cuffed to the bedpost,Luke’s chest heaved heavily with large and long breaths. His adamsapple bobbed with a tight movement down his throat, breaths becoming short and uneven as you continued to tease him.‘You like this, don’t you babe?’The pad of your thumb stroked a sensitive spot on the underside of his cock, as Luke nodded frantically, letting the pleasure engulf his body entirely. The tip of his cock was obscenely red, a similar shade to his swollen lips as he continued to bite down on the plump skin of his bottom lip with a heavy force. ‘Yes. Yes oh fuck’, His next breath making his body shudder with anticipation and delight as the pressure you had on his cock increased slightly. His answer rolled off the tip of his tongue easier than expected for him, his desperation increasing as you finally added your mouth into the equation. You lightly coated your tongue in saliva, giving a kitten lick, that being enough for him to almost burst. Luke’s quiet moans were silenced from the clatter of metal, as you looked up at his sweaty body to see his hands shake in a desperate attempt to free them of the tight handcuffs.'Please baby.’He spoke with a hoarse tone, gasping in between each word as you started to take his cock into your mouth. He stretched your lips perfectly, as if his dick was made just for you especially. Your eyes shut instinctively from the taste of precum that oozed from his tip, savouring the bittersweet taste that lay on your tongue. His upper body gleamed with droplets of sweat, glistening against his shaky abs, as the pleasure continued to surge throughout his body.‘You like this, don’t you baby?’He immediately picked up the rhetorical tone in your voice, the both of you knowing well that he was loving this.

Ashton: The warm array of colours present in the sky lit your bedroom as the clock on the baby blue wall read 8AM. Ever since Ashton returned from tour yesterday, last night was spent in a heavy night between the sheets, becoming familiar with each others touch once again. Your naked bodies lay pressed against each other, his fingers gently running up and down the valley between your breasts. His cheeks remained a flushed red, still to fade from the heated moments of last night. The both of you thought you declared your love for each other, but it wasn’t until last night that you realised how much you truly missed each other. He made last night all about you, and you wanted to return the favour. Replacing the comfort of bedsheets with a silk robe, you removed yourself from ashton’s grasp as you made your way into the ensuite, hoping that he would wake up whilst you were showering. But 30 minutes passed and he still lay knocked out on the bed, eyes only just beginning to open. ‘Why not thank him for last night?’ The idea caused your lips to form a grin, a slight giggle escaping as you made your way over to the bed, making yourself comfortable as you slowly removed the bedsheets. The cold air hit him for a second, his body shuddering as his eyes opened further.'Babe what are you doing?’He spoke in a confused manner as he became accustomed to the morning, definitely not used to waking up this late.'Just thanking you for last night love.’And with that, the crisp morning air hit his cock, a hiss leaving Ashton’s still kiss-swollen lips, evident that he had morning.’Stop laughing and fix it. Please.’ You winked in response, immediately granting his wish as your tongue slowly licked a prominent vein on the underside of his cock. His tongue swiped over his bottom lip, salvia now covering the red skin as you took his shaft into your mouth.'Feel good?’'More than good, fuck.’

Calum: When you pleasured Calum, it was generally the time he was under the influence of your touch. Although he was dominant whilst fucking you hard and good, he would come undone when you gave him a blowjob. Everytime. His jeans would be on the floor within a minute, as you quickly pulled his boxers down with a hungry look in your eyes. He would blink twice and your lips would already be wrapped around his cock, as your eyes casted upon his naked body. His chest heaved heavily as you continued to take him further into your mouth, enjoying the sight of him letting out muffled whimpers, not wanting you to stop. You knew that Calum loved this, but you always loved to give more, he just never expected it. Your nails would run across his inner thighs, swirling your tongue across his tip slowly. Being teased was a bittersweet thing for Calum, but for the foremost part he revelled in the sensation he was receiving, his thoughts only surrounding your plump lips as you sucked hard on the precum that spilled freely from his tip. His words became difficult to comprehend, as anything he wanted to say would instead be replaced by a long groan. Your nails would lightly dig into his thighs, pressing down with force in order to keep him still. He revelled in the feeling of your wet lips around his length, as you continued to push him further back, until his tip gently grazed the back of your throat, causing you to gag slightly. The slight vibration you emitted caused his fists to clench against the bed sheets, his knuckles turning a shade of white as you proceeded to deep throat him. There was no way he was going to last for longer. His mouth emitted a string of profanities before shooting his load into your mouth, you swallowing his delicious taste with ease.'That’s my girl.’

Michael:'I’m surprised you’re even able to still pay attention.’All he could do was nod lightly in response, his thumbs now struggling to twiddle against the XBOX controller as you gently palmed him. You loved spending alone time with Michael, but you have to admit: watching him play video games was boring. Most of the time he cast out all of his surroundings; his only focus on the several zombies being shot dead, the only sound audible being the frantic click of buttons. And tired of not being recognised, you decided to blow him, knowing well enough that he would enjoy it. Video games and blowjobs: seems good for the both of you. You stare at him with wide, innocent eyes as his gaze flickers between the TV and you, his heart rate now starting to pick up when your hand moves from his crotch to the button of his jeans. You licked your lips hungrily, before quickly unbuttoning his jeans, resulting in a quiet, but long groan of relief as the contracting material was now pulled down swiftly, pooling around his ankles. Kneeling in front of him, you moved your hand towards the thin black material that covered his hard cock, the speed in which you were moving at achingly slow as Michael looked back down at you.‘Y/N.’'I’m bored. You don’t want me to be bored, do you?’He only responded with a quick head shake, before you took ahold of his controller and threw it across the room. Michael wasn’t bothered. He wanted your lips against his throbbing cock, now. His boxers were now at his thighs, you giving him a semi couple of strokes before taking him into your mouth, the hunger you had for him showing fully as you moaned from the feeling. Your hands gently palmed what wasn’t in your mouth, causing Michael’s speech to be cut off and replaced with heaving breath and groans of pure bliss. With one hand holding tightly onto his cock, the other gently cupped his balls, his mouth now forming an ‘o’ shape, as he weaved his hands through the strands of your hair, trying to gain some form of control.'Enjoying my cock baby?’

Dating Luke Would Include:

 Getting a giant stuffed penguin for Valentine’s Day (instead of a bear) because penguins are obviously better

*poke, poke, poke, poke* Luke: “stop” *poke, poke, poke* Luke: “Fine, you could practice your make-up on me”

*murmured sentences* you: “what?” *murmurs sentences* you: “what?” Luke: “Never mind”

The scrunched up nose thing he does that makes him 10x cuter somehow

Getting lost in those bright blue eyes that you swear are bluer than the ocean and the sky combined & no matter what mood he’s in are always filled with love and compassion

Waking up next to him and running your fingers through his shiny soft hair that glistens as the sun slightly hits it

Him holding you super close when you’re upset with him, whispering I’m sorry as he bites his lip because he knows that’s your weakness

Loads upon loads of awful Dad jokes that make you roll your eyes so far you don’t know how your eyes haven’t gotten stuck yet.

Neck pains, and chest views because he’s like 9ft tall ….seriously NINE FEET tall *so many heart eyes emoji’s*

Random outbursts of singing that make you appreciate his presence even more when he’s not around

Forehead kisses that make you melt like putty because the moment his lips touch your skin it’s like ecstasy on overdrive

Stealing his snapback, and making him struggle for it because the sight of flat hair Luke is everything, but he gives in to you ‘cause he thinks you look super cute when you wear his hat

His super deep morning voice that makes your heart race at 100 mps and lose any recollection of vocabulary ‘cause ha-ba-dah-ha-ba-da sweet lawd the feels are SO real

Him fighting you off because you won’t stop poking at his dimples but how could you not poke at them? They’re adorable.

BUT BUT BUT BUT BUt calum probably does so much eye contact in bed like he’d be so intense like he’d be sitting on the edge of the bed while you ride him and he’d be watching you so intensely that his forehead creases and he’d press his lips together to bite back moans while he watches you even though he fails because every 2 seconds he deeply moans your name oh my :((((((


Blake was looking at the rental and looked down at his phone. It had been weeks and he had heard nothing from Skylar. Blake knew he told the man he needed space but he didn’t think he would completely disappear. Not even a text to see how Blake was or to even get the car back. The Bkylar ship was still running strong though. Blake was constantly being asked about their relationship. And pictures of them kissing had surfaced every where. Even Blakes fight at school and the pap harassment had gotten out. He decided to swallow his pride and look for an excuse to text the boy. “Are you alive?” He text the boy biting his bottom lip.

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Hey, could you do a BTS reaction to their crush (who is related to one of the members and stayed over for the night) accidentally walk in on them in the bathroom to find them shirtless and doing his hair. Thanks.

Jimin: You burst through the bathroom door, yawning. You rub your eyes, bumping into a hard body. Feeling around more, you open your eyes, meeting a sculpted chest. You look up to find him smiling and biting his lips.

“S-sorry!” you say quickly. He smirks, brushing his wet hair back. Your eyes follow his every movement, while you feet decide to stay in place.

“Oh you pervert,” he says, smiling at you as he walks out of the bathroom. As soon as he is out, he lets out a big breath, banging his ahead against the wall of the hallway.

“Idiot,” he mutters to himself, “why call her a pervert?” 

Jin: “I really like you _____,” he says to the mirror. “Actually, I think I’m in” 

You barge through the door, singing your favorite song with your headphones on. He clears his throat and you open your eyes, immediately shutting them again, once seeing the sight before you. You feel your face becoming hot and the awkward silence pass through the bathroom.

“I’ll just… go now,” you say, reaching behind you and finally grabbing the door knob after several attempts. He opens his mouth to say something, but you run out, fanning your face.

“Damn it,” he whispers, looking down at the sink. 

Namjoon: You push open the door, just in time for him to finish wrapping the towel around his waist. At the same time you both bow to each other, his face flushing red and yours heating up. 

“D-did you need something _____?” He turns towards you, fully announcing his abs and muscular figure. You shamelessly look him up and down, pausing at his waist. He coughs and you jumps, shaking your head from all the dirty thoughts.

“You,” you say accidentally. He looks at you with a gaping mouth. “I-I mean, I need to use the bathroom, all the others are occupied.” he nods and quickly steps out to give you privacy.

Taehyung: You walk in on him singing to the mirror, adding your name into certain parts of the songs. You face heats up as you realize it was a very provocative song. You are so into listening to the lyrics, you didn’t notice he stopped and was just staring at you, his ears turning red with embarrassment. He quickly covers it up by teasing you.

“Yah, what are you looking at?” He nudges your shoulder making you a stuttering mess. He had pushed you with his bare shoulder and every muscle had flexed. “Am I making you… nervous?” he asks, leaning closer to your already hot face. You gulp and run out of the bathroom, covering your mouth to hold the scream in.

Taehyung pokes his head out of the bathroom, smiling at your retreating figure.

Yoongi: You enter the bathroom, ending up face to face with him. You immediately look down, not being able to handle his soul-piercing stare. 

“I am so sorry,” you begin, “I didn’t mean to just barge in like that. Well.. I did mean to, but I didn’t mean to interrupt whatever you were doing. What were you doing? Never mind, that’s not appropriate to ask” you frown, seeing his uninterested face. Heat creeps up your face and you chastise yourself as you escape him, missing the small smile that finds its way onto his face.

J-Hope: You hum a song, opening and closing the door as you walk in, bumping and crashing into a warm body. You both collapse onto the floor. He grunts in pain as you fall on top of him, your hands landing on his chest and your legs straddling him, right on top of his waist, covered by his thin briefs. You immediately begin to climb off, but he holds you back, grabbing your hips to keep you steady.

“You don’t know how long I’ve dreamed of this position with you,” he confesses, You gasp, feeling the heat between your legs, He groans and tells you to stop moving so much.

“______? Hoseok? What the hell are you two doing?” Jin angrily pulls you off of J-Hope, dragging you back to your room. “We’ll talk about this in the morning,” he whispers, fuming and stomping off into his room.

Jungkook: He blushes as you jump on him and nuzzle into his neck, whispering about how much you’ve missed him. He grabs your waist and gently pulls you off of him. “I-I’ve missed you too ______”, he admits , making you smile. “Actually I have something to tell you” You cut him off, suddenly touching his face. 

“Oppa your skin is so soft and smooth. Why do you have better skin than me?” You pout and he brushes your hand away. You look up at him, confused. 

“Just stay quiet for a minute. I have something to tell you,” he says and you nod. Before he starts his sentence, the door opens and someone grabs you.

“Did you take your medication yet _____?” Yoongi asks, glancing suspiciously between you and Jungkook. You shake your head. “Then go take it and go to bed. It’s way past your bedtime.” You walk out, muttering about how you’re a grown girl and you don’t need a bedtime. 


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blurb request! you sleep in your underwear and one of his shirts


he would love every moment of it. while you were asleep he would probably slip his hand underneath his shirt that you were wearing and rest it on your tummy while pulling you closer so he would smell your hair and he would blissfully fall asleep knowing that in the morning his shirt would smell like you


he would probably insist that you where his shirt and when you would tell him that you weren’t going to wear your bra he would probably smirk so fucking hard and he would try to cover it up but there’s honestly no way. and while you would sleeping he’s probably rest his hand on your hip, playing with the hem of you panties


now this little shit would be so flustered bc it would be new territory for him but when he would see you walk out in that long sleeved nirvana shirt of his he would grin and bite his lip. right before you fell asleep, he would tug you closer to him and murmur; “you should wear my clothes more often, Princess. you look gorgeous wearing that shirt.” and he’d kiss your head and blush while you would place his hand around your waist and snuggle up against his chest


he would probably brighten up the second you walked out in that jack daniels shirt of his and he’d make grabby hands at you. when you would lay next to him he would grin so wide and tug at the bottom of the shirt and when you would tell him that if he could last the night you would have morning sex he would agree and rest his arms securely around your waist telling you how adorable you looked 

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having nerdy luke feels

Omg can you imagine nerdy boyfriend Luke though? He’d always make sure he got to class early so he could save a seat for you and smile and wave excitedly when you walk in and point at the seat he saved and pecks your cheek and he’d be so cute and giggly when he tells you how beautiful you look even though you know you had 2 hours of sleep last night trying to get homework done and Luke pulls you into a hug and let’s you take a little nap on his shoulder until the teacher walks in and he scribbles little notes in the corner of your notebook during class like a “you’re so cute” or just a messy little heart and you look up at him and his cheeks are pink and and he giggles at you when you poke his dimples and he walks you home after school, holding your books for you and then stays over so he can help you study but you carried away by the way he bites his lip while focusing on that sum in maths and you guys end up making out omg I HATE THIS