the poem was originally slam poem but i don’t think it deserves to be voiced out loud. all my slam poems are written about my ongoing existential crisis and people who don’t love me back. our cherry tree is blooming nicely so there’s that.
(don’t remove caption!!)

Things Googled this morning, listed in order of success:

  • Superman
  • Iron Man clipart
  • Spider-Man
  • Janet Van Dyne Wasp 
  • Wonder Woman
  • Miles Morales Spider-Man
  • Marvel Falcon
  • Hawkgirl
  • Green Lantern black 
  • Black superheroes
  • Black female superheroes
  • Black female superheroes that can fly 

Things I now want answers to:

  • Why don’t female superheroes wear clothes?
  • Why do comics suck at diversity?

I had a frustrating morning.


Nintendo’s Most Powerful Character Ever Is… Luigi?!

Yes, you heard right! The famous ‘other’ brother has had a reputation for lurking in the shadow of Mario’s fame, but he’s certainly emerged from the darkness in recent years.