(undertale spoilers)

Details about Sans’ design for anyone who wants to present Sans as accurately as possible to Undertale canon. 

Note: This does not take into account the game demo, reward tier video, or unused sprites. Only the released game and the official 3D render are taken into account.


  • white skull and bones
  • black eye sockets with white pinpricks
  • left eye flashes light blue and yellow
  • blue hoodie, although the hood itself is gray
  • white shirt
  • bleeds red, that is coincidentally the exact same color as ketchup
    • this red is different from the red text and human soul
  • pink slippers, as seen in 3D render

Design / Face:

  • his defining feature is the always present smile
    • same big smile with all teeth closed
  • corners of his smile can move, as shown in two instances:
    • when trapped in Flowey’s vines
    • when a blow finally hits him at the end of his fight
  • never opens his mouth, even when drinking ketchup or playing trombone
  • nasal cavity opening is triangular shaped with a slight pinch at the bottom, as seen in 3D render
  • visible ridges extend from eye sockets to the space between eye sockets and smile
    • these ridges extend very slightly upwards when expressing some negative emotions
  • because his mouth is usually static, emotions are expressed by the shape of his eye sockets and the slight movement of the ridges
  • the white pinpricks in his eye sockets can shrink and disappear completely
  • left eye flashes light blue and yellow, rather than glowing in one color
    • only flashes during his fight
  • while he may completely close one eye socket when winking, he does not completely close both at the same time
    • when he sleeps during his last turn, his eye sockets are barely cracked open
  • forehead sweats when exhausted

Design / Body:

  • stands taller than Alphys, though that may be because of her posture
    • his head almost reaches Papyrus’ lower jaw, but not exactly
  • stocky or “big-boned”, but hard to tell under clothes
  • hood is not furred, as seen in 3D render
  • usually keeps hands in pockets, especially his right hand
  • has no distinct fingers; possibly wearing mittens
  • left-handed

Design / Soul & Magic:

  • turns the soul blue without any visible magic, attack, or action
  • left eye only flashes at three points during his fight: 
    • when he pulls the soul down at the start of his first attack
    • when he rapidly slams the soul against the walls of the bullet board, right after the circular Gaster Blaster attack
    • when he blinks the soul back to the center of the bullet board after his last attack 
  • left eye does not flash every time he pulls the soul
  • his own soul is upside down and white, like all monsters
    • there are only six colored souls present after Asriel destroys the barrier
    • all other souls are white and belong to the monsters

Tibia honest, this was supposed to be a small reference for Sans’ design. But there was a skeleton of information I wanted to mention about our pun-loving judge. 

Please remember this is only a reference for those who want to present Sans as close to canon as possible. It is not meant to hinder your creativity.

anonymous asked:

Your post literally disgusted me on so many levels. Regina was worse that Zelena could ever be and yet you still vouch for her, for a controlling, narcissistic rapist?

ah, there you are! ok so since you clearly love Regina so much, i have the perfect post for you, my dear friend :)

Regina Mills, a character loved by many, has suffered a lot since the beginning of the show, she was forced to marry a 50-something year old man when she was just 18 years old:

and that, plus losing her true love, changed her forever

her mother told her that no one would ever love her, so she made sure that would happen

that was until she adopted a sweet little boy, called Henry, her sunshine

she finally had something to live for, she finally thought that her mother might be wrong, that someone might actually love her. then she met emma swan, long story short, she thought emma was going to take henry away from her, the only thing she loved, that was until she started to like idiot and ended up giving her the happy ending she wanted

needless to say, they became family (same granny, same)

regina forgave snow white and charming

the people of storybrooke started respecting and even liking her

she is in a constant battle with herself so she can seek everyones forgiveness

and she has changed. and people love her.