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If you didn’t already know at BBC Radio 1s big weekend Tylers mic got cut off during a performance of Car Radio. Yeah, he was climing the structure so I understand why they did it. But the BBC really should have done some research because he does this all the freaking time and they really should have spoke to him about not climing the structure or given him some sort of safe way to do it.
In some of the videos you can see that josh gets quite upset and angry that they have cut his mic and forced them off stage. It upset me that they did it because they were amazing

Trade your broken wings for mine (3/15)

[A/N: Dedicated to @ofhouseadama and @anextrapart who talked dogs + the 100 with me and helped me flesh out a lot of this idea.]

Part 1 || Part 2

He doesn’t mean for it to happen. 

(That’s what he tells Abby, anyway.) 

It’s just - 

What was he supposed to do - attempt to lose it somewhere on his way home? Order it to stay away? Try to threaten or frighten or intimidate it until it left him alone?

“Yes,” Abby says, exasperated, “any one of those options would’ve been preferable to this.”  

She’s staring at him with a look that’s a cross between bewilderment and impatience. She’s very pointedly ignoring looking at his feet.

Or rather, what’s currently lying at his feet, head propped up on its front paws.  

“Abby, it’s a dog. People used to have them all the time as pets. And - both the Shallow Valley and Plains Riders clans use them for protection and as workers.” He tilts his head and gives her a falsely unaffected look. “Those are two things we could definitely use around here, too.”

“Do you even know how to take care of a dog? How to train one?”

“Well, I -” At her raised brow, he spreads his hands before him plaintively. “I mean, I can learn, right?”

She crosses her arms and tilts her head at him, a thoroughly unimpressed look on her face.

“Are you asking me or telling me?”

“I’m - .” He can feel a sheen of sweat start to form across his forehead, though thankfully it’s hidden by the curl of his hair. The feel of it almost makes him laugh aloud; he’d spent years arguing with Abby across a councilor’s table over actual issues of life and death without once batting an eye or breaking a sweat only to be undone by a simple domestic squabble over a dog.

That thought frees the tension from his body. He shrugs his shoulders and gives what he hopes is an especially charming grin.

“Abby, I’ll figure it out. I am actually quite intelligent, you know.”

She snorts and shakes her head at him, though she can’t hide the hint of a smile that flits over her lips. He widens his grin into a bright smile before turning his expression serious.

“There’s an almost absurdly large amount of books on dogs that we salvaged from Mount Weather. There’s information in our datapads. And, I’ll go out and make a concerted effort to talk to any dog handlers I can find at the traveling markets and trading posts. Just wait - in 3 months, this dog will be better trained than any of the kids.”

She still looks skeptical, but manages to give him a short, slow nod. She uncrosses her arms and rests both her palms on the tops of her thighs.

“How do you know he isn’t dangerous?”

Now it’s his turn to level an impressed look in her direction.

“Abby, you know I never would’ve brought him into camp, much less into the same room with you, if I thought that was even remotely possible.”

She looks chagrined as she nods at him. Bites her lip and looks up to the left as though mentally ticking through some mental checklist because, yes, of course she would.

“What about disease? Does he have ticks, fleas, some kind of unknown virus that’s going to sweep through the camp? We’re not exactly flush with antibiotics these days and - ”

She stops as a gleeful grin starts to creep across his face.

“Marcus!” She says, unable to contain the rise of her voice. “How is this your reaction right now?”

He can’t help it - he laughs. The downturn of her lips twists into a ferocious glare as he claps both hands over his mouth, then raises his eyebrows apologetically at her. He swallows back his laugh and aims the most apologetic look he can currently muster at her.

“Abby, I’m sorry. It’s just - look.”

He gestures down at her knee.

She squints at him and furrows her brows for an instant before looking down, catches her own traitorous hand idly petting the head of the dog -  which had somehow come to rest his head on her knee while they’d been talking.

Her expression morphs into one of incredulity before she presses her lips together tightly in what he’s almost sure is an attempt to keep from smiling. The dog whines softly when her hand stills, moves to gently nudge her hand with the top of his head. She runs her hand over the dog’s head and down his ears, settles her fingers behind them and scratches softly. The dog lets out a huff of air that Marcus swears sounds like a sigh of contentment and looks up at Abby with an expression that can quite possibly only be described as adoring.

He can almost see the last of Abby’s resistance crumble in the face of the dog’s wide eyed, hopeful stare. The dog must, too, because in the next moment he licks Abby’s hand, then springs up to lay next to her on the couch. The dog drops his head full into Abby’s lap and lets out another long, forceful breath before closing his eyes.

Abby reaches up and slowly begins petting the dog, alternates a few behind the ear scratches that sets off a drumbeat of tail wagging. She smiles softly down at the dog, then looks up at him with a wry look of defeat.

“Did you plan this?”

He throws his head back and laughs.

“I wish I could say I’d already trained the dog that well.”

He walks over and sits down next to her, rests one arm lightly around her shoulder and reaches over to pet the dog with his other hand. After a moment, she leans into him and lays her head on his shoulder.

“So, what are we going to call him?”

He smiles and turns his head to drop a kiss into her hair, heart thrumming with tenderness. There’s still something slightly incredible about the way they’ve folded so completely into one another’s lives. The simple assumption that even in this easy, mundane thing they will work as one is something that makes him absurdly happy.

“We’ll figure something out,” he finally says after a long, thoughtful moment. Then, an idea occurs to him. “We could always the kids decide.”

Abby huffs a laugh and shakes her head.

“I’d rather not have to spend the rest of this dog’s life calling him ‘Dog’ or ‘Sir Slobbers’ or something equally ridiculous.”  

He chuckles, is about to joke that Dog isn’t such a bad name when Abby shifts and looks up at him.

“Oh and Marcus?” He looks down at her and raises an eyebrow. “You know that once the kids see that you have a dog, they’ll all want one, too.”

He furrows his brow and grimaces, remembers the constant pointed requests after he’d gotten Octavia her horse.

“So, what do we tell them?”

She lifts her head from his shoulder and shoots him an amused look.

“I’ll leave that particular bit of cleverness to you.”

oH GOD ID FORGOTTEN STEVE GOES ‘yes you do’ aFTER BUCKY LIES ABOUT NOT KNOWING OMG PUSHY BASTARD MUCH?????? ‘’yes you do know why you did it its cus you love me more than anything else in the world say it bucky say it now’ IM E MO

best con moments away from the table:

  • rei ryugazaki cosplayer smoking a cigarette while drunkenly helping friend take off their 6 inch heels
  • a shizuo and an izaya cosplayer sitting facing each other in an otherwise empty room, blasting vocaloid music
  • shirtless guy and in-character edgeworth cosplayer arguing about religion in the mens bathroom