It seems half the fandom has already decided that ep 100 will be Cecil and Carlos’ wedding episode.

And sure. it could be, but I dunno. I could see some of the characters being at their wedding, but not all of them. (Lauren? The phone tree people? I dunno.)

Personally, if I were a writer, I wouldn’t have them marry until the end of the series. It would be an emotional catharsis of sorts. Some fans might even stop listening if they get married, because there’s not as much to look forward to. 

What worries me is that if it’s NOT a wedding episode, the fandom will be sorely disappointed on December 15, no matter how good it is. But then, some fans are disappointed every two weeks because there’s not enough Carlos. 

I just hope people give the episode a chance even if it’s not their wedding. 


Felicity: Well, lucky for you,  there is the Internet, and the there is the “Internet,”  and these magic fingers can pull things out of it  even Google can’t find,  not that I believe in magic–heh heh–  or that I have magic fingers.

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So is true that Gladio found a girl but postponed his wedding bc of the apocalypse situation?? Because man, I wanted Gladnis

This is true, we don’t know who the girl is but he clarifies in banter that there’s someone he WOULD marry if he weren’t dedicating his life to fighting with the guys. (Though they all seem to think he’s bluffing)

You can still have Gladnis, the fodder is there if you want it. None of the gay ships are canon and they will never be canon, so there’s no point worrying about canon relationships if that was what you were going to ship anyway. :) Here’s this equally cute Gladnis moment from the ending. 

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Say Starco is the endgame for the show. How do you suppose they'll handle the fact that one day Star will have to return to Mewni and take up the position as the Queen of Mewni? I doubt Star will abandon the throne if her development revolves around her facing her troubles instead of running away from them, and I'm not entirely sure Marco is willing to give up his friend and family on Earth to move to Mewni. What are your thoughts?

Good question. I have no answer to this. Star is definitely not going to just say “Screw it” and live on Earth, giving up her royal duties. As you said, it would go against the very core of her growth as a character. Marco still doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life, and is worried about it. Would having a “future” written for him, being almost “forced” to become Mewni’s King -if he wants to be with Star- would good for him? I don’t think so.

Given the “morale” in Mr. Candle Cares, that your future is not set in stone, and that even if you can’t avoid your duties you can still do things your own way, I truly truly truly hope for a “Star deeply changes how Mewni works, monarchy is no more, she ends centuries of monster segregation, she’s free to live on Earth, having been Mewni’s greatest princess, and its last.”

Also, Starstruck. Or, as I like to call it, “Star forsakes the Mewnian ways of her idol because she likes Earth so much and she defeats her with democracy something that Mewni doesn’t have”

I know, it’s a big big whole lot of wishful thinking and I’m under no delusion that these are real evidences, just… it’s not impossible, maybe, to se a series finale with Star being able to chose to live on Earth, while still having taken head on her duties, having CRUSHED them while still improving Mewni. Right?


This is why I haven’t lost hope. In the fandom, I mean. Adam & Eddy are too in love with their pirate and their ratings to give Swan Queen a chance. And if Emma (god forbid) does marry Hook, I still will keep believing that SQ is forever. It’s little moments like this that keep our hearts beating. And if SQ never becomes canon, then screw A & E because it is to us. So keep writing, keep editing, keep loving no matter what. Stay strong Swen.

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you said something about mpg and kylie saying bawson is endgame? where was that?

I’d have to find the article again. But in most of the articles I’ve read for TVLine, Eonline, Hollywood Reporter and other’s like them both Kylie, MPG and Creator/Exec Producers talked about Kylie and MPG’s chemistry and how Bawson was basically inevitable. That they were excited to see how they could attempt to keep the two of them apart but that there were only so many obstacles they could throw in their path.

Don’t know if you’re on Twitter on not but Kevin Falls who is one of the exec producers really active there has said the same thing - more than once. Near everywhere has talked about Bawson being a slow burn and that was the path they were going down. 

There was a tweet by one of the Pitch writing staff [I don’t think it was Kevin but I don’t remember] when Episode 2 first aired about why Mike left the bar/club early. They were pretty explicit in saying that it was because Mike wanted Ginny in that moment. 

The setup for Bawson was constructed pretty early on and Kylie and MPG sell it like nothing else. 

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“I’ve had a crush on you since third grade”💞

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Ship: Stydia

Song: What So Not - Gemini Ft. George Maple (Ekali Remix)

[Trailers about 6x05 gonna make me die💞]

i hadn’t fully considered it but lmfe is leaning heavily towards Sam/Frodo and i haven’t really seriously written much Sam/Frodo but I MEAN…. 

welp, i completed the alolan pokedex!

that was really fun for the first 90% of the way, and a giant pain for the last 10% of pokemon that evolve via the obsolete friendship mechanic and the stuff you have to get via trading


  • mareanie, and to a similar extent: fucking anything you have to get through SOS battles- kangaskhan, castform, vanillish, gabite, sableye, happiny, oh my god SOS battles are the worst mechanic in this whole game
  • porygon-Z, which i encountered “this pokemon has already been traded” for eleven times in a row
  • weavile, which evolves by levelup at night with razor claw- which in this game is only obtainable as a held-item on a pokemon that has a 5% chance to appear, and has a further 5% chance of holding the fucking item
  • lucario, which is a friendship evolution except that riolu come at level 50-something and so you can’t hurry it up by leveling it up real quick in the endgame areas (and you can’t breed it to get a lower-level one since it’s technically a Baby pokemon)- and trying to catch one through SOS battle is impossible since riolu like to start off by using fucking Final Gambit, which kills them instantly before they can call for help

also catching the tapus was a pain in the ass but for normal it’s-hard-to-catch-legendary-pokemon reasons (fun story: after six resets trying to catch Tapu Fini and failing with spore Parasect, she finally got a lucky critical hydro pump and knocked it out. so i sent in Lurantis, intending to reset once she killed herself with Struggle again, but as soon as Fini saw Lurantis she went “………im gay” and immediately got in the first ball i threw)

You know, i’m so sick of all the hate. Mickey is the best FUCKING SNOWFLAKE EVER EXISTED I’ve already passed this bullshit with all my other sons. Connor is hated by half of the fandom for what he did, even if Oliver was the One who broke his Heart. I’m not here to say that he did good , but they both have something to blame on the other in this case. And most of all , i Remember when they did it with Blaine (sweet lord, they are the only slash otp i have that actually end up to be endgame and with a child ). Who Can they be so bad for the other 3 (Ian, Ollie and Kurt) if they look at tham with way to much love in their eyes? Any Guess? (Thanks to Jack , Noel and Darren to make them all like a bunch of sick love puppies)

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DID YOU READ THIS?? HE KINDA CONFIRMED GALLAVICH IS ENDGAME AND THAT IAN IS THERE JUST FOR THE HOLIDAYS ihateshameless(.)tumblr(.)com/post/154235841403/shameless-gallavich-possible-spoilers

“There’s no place like home for the holidays” ……………

can I tattoo that on my chest?

I mean I know he’s teasing. He’s teasing all right. But… what he’s saying is…

hopeful, to say the least. 

But don’t take it as a confirmation that Gallavich is endgame in the show, anon! Nothing is confirmed 100%! There’s still more than half the gallavich fandom that is 100% convinced they will screw Mickey over and Ian will go back to Trevor! So. Let’s just wait it out.