Jon the negotiator

I was thinking about the endgame of ASOIAF and GoT, and the theory that Jon will have to ensure balance between Ice and Fire by a new pact with the others and a new Wall.

Then I realised that we meet Jon for the very first time when he negotiates with his father / uncle for the lives of the direwolf pups.

And bargaining and negotiation is a constant theme in Jon’s arc with the stakes ever getting higher and the people he has to negotiate with becoming more difficult.

He bargains with the old bear and Maester Aemon for Sam’s place in the watch. He negotiates with Mance for his own life, he is sent to ‘fake’ negotiate with the wildlings before Stannis arrives. He borrows money from the banker of the Iron Bank in exchange for leading him to Stannis and he hackles with Tormund about the future of the Wildlings and he is getting better and better at this.

Even season 7 and his dealings with Da€nerys fit into this.

Ardent book readers like @marydri, @kittykatknits and everyone else who is deep in the books, what do you think?