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OH MY GOSH BRE THE NEW TRAILER. I feel like I'm in the minority of people who loved it? Here's the thing: I feel very confident that we're going to see both Felicity AND Oliver move on to different people the first half of season 5 (that new reporter) and yeah, it might suck for a bit but I am CONFIDENT that Olicity is endgame. It's just a journey to get there. Also, think about all the opportunity for angst and longing looks! I AM HERE FOR SEASON 5.

(I get slightly off-topic, but I’m too excited to think. Apologies!)


I loved the trailer. No, that’s not strong enough.

I fucking loved the trailer!

It’s dark and gritty and it’s back to being focused on Oliver. 

Look, I love OTA and Olicity. I know this, I’m pretty sure most people know this about me. They are what give Oliver purpose, give him a reason to see light at the end of the tunnel, give him a moral wall to bounce off of, etc. 

But this is Oliver’s story, and…

(I’m so scattered with excitement, excuse me while I try to sort my thoughts.)

I’m viewing Arrow overall and Oliver Queen’s journey as more of a pendulum right now. We started out incredibly dark and then we saw him gradually swinging back towards the light. He hit a few speed bumps, but that was the overall feeling for me watching the show - he’s working his way towards the light. Which is important, because that’s what he needs to become the GA. It came to a head at the end of Season 3 and beginning of Season 4 when he thought he could have it all, but then he got in over his head. Like way over his head. He had no idea what he was doing, it was new terrain and as a result, he went too far. He lost the woman he loves, he lost a very close friend to death, etc. 

Now, we’re seeing the pendulum swing back to darkness. 

This needs to happen.

Oliver needs to find balance. And that’s what this is. The fact that he’s going back to entertaining killing (wait, sorry, he will be killing people and I don’t know why exactly that has me so excited but it does okay it does because talk about moral issues and demons and darkness after saying you would never go back I am here for this okay?) is a sign that he’s giving up hope again.

When was the last time we saw this kind of Oliver? In Season 1 - FUCK YEAH.

Have we seen this before, Oliver giving up hope? Not like this, I don’t think. The path to becoming the Green Arrow means you climb and climb, and then you hit a bad spot and you fall back down a couple dozen feet. That’s what Season 5 is to me. It will not be all darkness, because a hero gets back up and keeps climbing. 

This is what we’ll see with the flashback parallels, I think - the flashbacks will show Oliver falling into darkness and accepting it (with the Bratva)…

… while in the present we’ll see him falling into darkness again and denying it, pulling himself out of it, being better, which is what the last several seasons have taught him.

Oliver’s learned so many lessons over the last few years, this season is the chance for him to apply those lessons.

I’m getting off-topic, and I apologize for that, but this does tie into Olicity. 

Felicity left him and he has accepted that. (Oh god you guys I can now see S4.5 so much more clearly with where they’re going with S5 - so much more clearly and I already want to write something.) He’s lost that beautiful light in his life. She’s still there, but not like she was before, not like he needs her to be. That was a failure for him, and something that’s going to shove him back into the darkness. Diggle is in the same boat. Oliver failed his friend, in his eyes. His best friend had to kill his own brother. Oliver couldn’t save him from that. And then Oliver lost Laurel, someone who he took under his wing as the Black Canary. 

He is now questioning what he is doing… what good he is doing.

But instead of falling into the darkness, as he did before (as we’ll see in the flashbacks), we’ll see him realizing what that he’s falling and we’ll see him pulling himself out of it. That means being better, being stronger, sticking to his beliefs, weathering the storm. Accepting his mistakes from the past and hoping he can do better in the future. Knowing all that he can do is tryThat is something that past!Oliver lost - the hope and willingness to keep trying. And that is something a hero needs

This is the Oliver Queen journey I am here for, friends!

Olicity is going to take time, just like Oliver and Diggle and Felicity will take time. Things have changed, drastically, between all of them and for all of them. But they will find their way back to each other, but it will take time.

Long story short, I’m 0% concerned about Olicity, as I have been since long before Season 4 even started. I am 0% concerned that OTA will eventually find their even ground again, that they will be stronger for this, just like Olicity will be.

You have to keep touching darkness to appreciate the light. 

That is what we’re seeing.

And it won’t just be Oliver, it will be Felicity and Diggle.

The relationships don’t have meaning when the characters don’t have a bunch of fucked up shit all on their own, in my eyes. I’m here for them falling and hitting rock bottom and climbing back out, both on their own and with help.

(As for shoddy PR and people saying they’re now looking towards comic book fans, I agree with them… but then I kind of disagree. In my eyes, there isn’t really anything they can show right now, because the moments are few and far between - between Olicity and OTA. And that means those moments are substantive, which means they can’t air them in promos. 

Do we want a repeat of last year, where we knew just about everything almost the entire season? Hell no. That sucked and it ruined the experience for me. I do think the writing wasn’t as great as it could have been and I absolutely disagreed with the direction they took at times, but guys, this isn’t my story. It’s theirs. And I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and be patient because I love these characters so much.)

hummingbird heartbeat - pt 11

( part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - part 6 - part 7 - part 8 - part 9 - part 10 - AO3 )

Setting a padded envelope on his desk, Bitty grabbed his bag and ran for his door – he was already late for his afternoon class. He’d gotten postcards from Sweetie before, but an envelope was new. The weight of it suggested a present and it was postmarked two days prior, but Holster had forgotten to give it to him when he’d signed for it. Bitty hesitated for a moment, looking back at his desk before sighing. He was already late! He didn’t have time!

It was a busy day. Every time he thought about running back home to open his present, there was something else he just had to do. Bitty struggled through his classes, eyes on the clock. He tried his best to be attentive during hockey practice, but knowing they had the kegster that night kept throwing him off. If he wanted to get anything done in his kitchen he’d have to do it beforehand, and that included hiding all the good dishes. It would be impossible to get in there once the kegster started, and Bitty knew the Haus kitchen would need an extreme cleaning after the kegster before it could be considered suitable for baking again. By the time he was done with everything he needed to do and ready to sit down and open his mail… someone was hollering his name up the stairs.

And the kegster? The kegster was… mind boggling.

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Lapidot is more than just "real"

Here it is! My essay on the symbolism and hidden hints that might potentially point to Lapidot being “endgame” I hope you shippers enjoy it, I know you’ve been getting the brunt of most of the nastiest attacks lately because I ship everything in SU and it’s the only tag I browse where I actively have to block people every single day that I check it! So here is a pick-me-up for my favorite SU ship and my little brothers first chosen “OTP”!

Let’s take it all the way back to the beginning. To the days of Peridot not being fully with the Crystal Gems. Lapidot was a popular crackship based just off aesthetic. Or was it? Here’s the part that might blow your mind. Subtext and subliminal messaging is a real tactic used both visually and contextually by a narrative to reinforce something- or the idea or something, before it actually happens. It’s done a lot.

For example. If I heavily tint multiple scenes in a blue and yellow tint, and during those scenes the music is soft and slow and romantic, and then later similar soft music plays to a blue/yellow gradient shaded scene as a character with a mostly blue color palette meets a character with a mostly yellow color palette, you may not “know” why you feel these two “go together”, you just “feel it”, well. That feeling is due to your attune senses picking up on the subtext and subliminal hints left to make your mind unconsciously associate and connect things with each other. It’s deliberate! Subtext can also be dialogue clues that don’t make sense until a future context puts them into a greater meaning- this has been done more times than I can even count with SU so I won’t even try.

So, does lapidot have any subtext or hints of that caliber? Yes. Yes it does. Let me take you on a journey of lapidot subtext and subliminal hinting that could have lead to the “pairing” initially in the first place

(Music from the soundcloud account)

Just listen to this sweet little piece for a moment. This track and the scenes it goes to, are the first foreshadowing of lapidot, or the “subliminal subtext” people caught onto. This connects Peridot to rain. Rain is water. Lapis is heavily associated with water.

Peridot starts out scared and unsure of the weather, Steven helps her figure things out and she has an emotional moment in the rain- this very scene is actually the start of her earnest trust in Steven.

Peridot starts out on rocky terms with Lapis upon reuniting as “crystal gems” or at the least gem friends of Stevens. Steven helps her to understand Lapis and Lapis to understand and care for Peridot, with the episode nearing its end on a note of Lapis being sure to ask if Peridot is alright and Peridot blushing, signifying “she’s in” the heart of Lapis now.

These two scenes are connected and I believe foreshadowed each other. Steven helps Peridot to understand “the rain” aka Lapis. A scene showing Peridots reaction to the change following, and the heavy involvement of Steven, and the shared element of “water”, let’s just say it’s no coincidence in a show with as much care put into it as this.

I’m not sure on it, but a piece of dialogue subtext that I believe will foreshadow the first lapidot fusion attempt is the conversation they have in “Beta”.

As Peridot attempts a daunting task she’s hardly dabbled in, Lapis joins her and offers for them to try it together. Now, please bare with me as I add some personal theory into this otherwise objective piece.

Like the foreshadowing examples listed above and how they facilitated each other, I feel this scene is a lighter “glimpse” at something much further ahead.

I don’t think Peridot or Lapis are “ready to fuse”, not even with each other. I think Lapis will want to explore things beyond “fusing” and Peridot, as well as not being ready may have other issues with it. I feel like for both of them, it’s complicated.

Now what the dialogue foreshadows to me, is Peridot and Lapis deciding to fuse in a very tense situation, maybe the CG’s get in trouble and Peridot tries to fuse with Garnet and just CANT even with “the end” looming over them- and then Lapis tells her, “WE can do it. Together.” and we finally get the lapidot fusion- oh, think of this, we get the lapidot fusion fighting off Yellow and Blue diamond- their respective diamonds. Using the power to bend metal and water. I know that sounds grand which is why it’s more my personal theory of how I’d like the foreshadowing to line up. Only time will tell if it was foreshadowing at all but like how I picked up on “Peridot in the rain” I believe this piece of subtext means something.

Lapidot has had subtext, official art, official hints, a shipper of the two as one of the crew, and just plain old outright text and now they actually share a close and sweet friendship, their place is “home” in Peridots heart of hearts. Peridot is all set with just ONE cute roommate; aka Lapis.

There is also the potential camp pining hearts program that bonded them potentially foreshadowing their endgame status with the symbols on their clothes of the “main couple” blue teardrops (lapis) and yellowish triangles (peridot), hey, weirder uses of subliminal subtext have been used before! So why not?

Another interesting piece of info: according to the official Peridot twitter account the only time Peridot has put her beloved tech that comforts her down and away was for Lapis, and next time we see them together in the show they’ve bonded so much. That moment was real and whatever happened in it, I hope we get some sort of flashback or storybook “The Answer” style to see exactly what happened right then to bring them from a stage of tenuous new friendship to camp pining besties. Whatever it was- was potentially important enough to hold off on showing until later.

To the SU Crew: THANK YOU FOR LAPIDOT! I think it’s a beautiful bond! I got yo number!

Peace and Love to the Lapidots for being awesome and perfect and one of the funnest SU fandoms! You deserve it! Hope this maybe brightens a day or two!

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honestly i dont get why you want to cast selina based on Ben's age, I don't give a rat's ass if they date or not, we both know it's not going to be endgame because justice yada yada we've been there. I'd rather have a Selina in her early to late thirties, that way she can have an origin story, multiple appearances and perhaps even a solo movie like Margot who's a fan favorite because let's face it she's hot, Carla isn't by today's standards so I guess I'd rather have no batcat and lots of selina

Wow. Your message is really gross.

First of all, we know Batcat is not going to be endgame? I’m sorry, but they’ve been endgame in multiple different adaptations before? So where exactly are you getting that information?

“I’d rather have a Selina in her early to late thirties, that way she can have an origin story, multiple appearances and perhaps even a solo movie”

Ben Affleck is 44. He was in his 40s when he was first cast. What is stopping him from having multiple appearances and his own solo movie? The answer to that question is nothing. He is having multiple appearances and his solo movie despite being 44, yet Catwoman can’t have the same? Women have to be under 40 in order to be in multiple movies?

“Margot who’s a fan favorite because let’s face it she’s hot, Carla isn’t by today’s standards”

That is such a gross thing to say on so many levels I can’t deal with it. Yeah, Margot is hot, but you’re implying that her entire fanbase only likes her because she is hot. A lot of people identify with her because she is in an abusive relationship. A lot of people love her because she’s a really smart and a rare female villain. A lot of people love her because she is funny and Margot was hilarious in the role. You think we only like Harley because she’s hot? How shallow of you.

And wow at saying Carla isn’t beautiful by today’s standards. I’m sorry but I don’t really give a shit if people don’t think she’s beautiful because she’s over 40. She’s a gorgeous woman, and people who find her unattractive due to her age can honestly fuck off. If they don’t see the movie because of that, then I don’t really give a shit.

Your whole message is ageist. You’re implying that women wear out their welcome once they pass 40. Well, if Selina is 40 or over in the DCEU, it makes complete sense given that Bruce is in his 40s, and it would be a Selina like we’ve never seen before. We’ve never had a Selina in her 40s who has known Batman and the Rogue’s Gallery for a long time and probably knows Bruce’s identity. Maybe that sounds boring to you, but it’s what I want.

Sometimes I like to pretend that creators of Once Upon Time have the most clever trick up their sleeve. This entire time Swan Queen has been endgame. We just had to have hope. We had to have faith. And then I remember what show I’m watching where they keep killing the “cursed” character’s lovers and bring back to life the savior’s annoying pirate.

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In my mind game of thrones has six endgame characters: daenerys, jon snow, tyron ( the dragons); Arya, Bran, Sansa ( the wolves). Now what i find interesting is how Sansa and tyron are both the mind, the smart person, the political one. While Arya and Jon are the warriors, the fighters. And finally we have Daenerys and Bran the magical figures: the mother of dragons and the three raven. I dont think all are going to make it to the end, but i hope they all make it to season 8. What i suppose happens at the end  is the dragons die ( yes dany and tyron too), but Jon is both so i dont know ( he will be the one to kill the night king of that i am 100% sure). In my mind Bran becomes King in the north, Sansa his Hand, and Arya marries Gendry and they rule the south. ( the book was called the time of the wolves after all). 

“The girl has a strange fixation on those two”  Amaru 3x5 

 Fixation - 

a strong attachment of a person to another person or an object.

a preoccupation or obsession

Im getting a strong foreshadowing vibe that the writers are setting the stage for a love triangle between Kate, Seth and Richie. Im complete SethKate trash and I do feel the TPTB are leaning toward a SethKate endgame but it  would be interesting to see how the brothers dynamic would be affected if the love of Kate Fuller comes between them??????       

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I want to hope that at least Akira liked Goro and cared for him.I just honestly want at least one main character that genuinely cared him. The whole no one cared for him and didn't trust him thing hurts me. Please Atlus at least let him care.

External image

You’ve pretty much nailed it on the head for me, so I don’t know if I can add much! ^^;

But yes, I feel the same way! :)

I have always needed you, Kieran,” Mark said. “I have needed you to live. I’ve always needed you so much, I never had a chance to think about whether we were good for each other or not.”

Kieran sat up. “That is honest,” he said, finally. “I cannot fault you there.

—  Lord of Shadows snippet
It’s not looking good you guys Cassandra Clare is dropping mad hints that Mieran isn’t going to be endgame
thats how our song goes

based off of this post. the lardo/ransom/holster fake dating au you never knew you wanted.

Holster’s feelings for Ransom are getting out of hand, and when his best friend suddenly breaks up with March, he realizes he needs to find out how Ransom feels for him once and for all. Of course, Holster’s plans are ripped straight from his favorite movies. He enlists Lardo to be his fake girlfriend in an effort to make Ransom jealous. (Endgame ot3).

That’s where everything goes a little crazy.


Ransom and March’s break up came as a surprise to pretty much everyone, but no one moreso than Holster. Of course, he didn’t let anyone in on this little fact, instead casually asserting that he wasn’t going to talk about Ransom’s love life without his permission (a filthy lie) and telling anyone who asked that “it just wasn’t working out, man.”

Holster didn’t even hear it from Ransom himself, which was even more upsetting. Instead, he got a text from April that read ur lucky the breakup was mutual and that was it. He had to confront his best friend in their room later that night to get the full story out of him (which mainly boiled down to: Ransom and March both being too busy to dedicate to a relationship- which makes no sense considering Ransom has spent most of his free time the last month either studying or hanging out with March.)

However, despite the fact that part of him was hurt that Ransom decided to keep something so big from him, there was another part of him, one that he’d been trying to ignore for the better part of senior year, that was happy that Ransom wasn’t dating March anymore. Don’t get him wrong, he liked March just fine and he even thought she was good for Ransom in long run, it was just…

Here’s the thing: Holster had been in love with Ransom for at least a year.

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