Alison Dilaurentis-Fields

I LOVE the fact that Alison the bully of all bullies who tormented Mona disgustingly, did not even revert back to bitchy Ali when she found out her ex nemesis killed her sister, sorry her cousin.. I love the fact Alison was the first one to apologize to Aria, I love the fact that even though you could see worry in her eyes, she didn’t resist when she saw how hard Emily was trying to keep her happy, calm and safe. I love the fact at times she was the calming voice of reason, I love the fact she didn’t become bitter and hateful again after hearing Mary confess to killing Jessica..

That is called character development, but the haters would call it “she’s putting on an act”.

Supercorp is back

Lena: *Calls Kara* Hey….ummm is it alright if I come over? Kara: Sure! When will you get here? Lena: Open the door? Kara: what? Lena: just open the door you’ll see *hangs up*

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You remember when Paige was struggling with her sexuality, denying her feelings for Emily, hiding how she feels about Emily, only showed intimate affection to Emily in privacy?
You remember how happy you were when she found peace within herself and the strength to come out to the world?

Does that remind you of anyone?

Alison literally struggled similarly to Paige about her sexuality and feelings pertaining to Emily. Alison didn’t just get pregnant and somehow the hormones turned her gay. she ALWAYS had a soft side for Emily, always flirted with Emily, always said Emily was her favourite.. Its quite clear that the signs were there for Hanna to say
“It’s about time”

Their best friend was secretly hoping theyd get together..
Yes, Emily wanted Paige to stay at that point. This was after she told Alison to not kiss her again till Ali figured out how she felt. She didn’t say “don’t ever kiss me again,” Emily said that because she was tired of being confused.

Did you hear the words she told Alison last night?
“Ali look, it took so long for me to finally get here with you”

Nothing can surpass those words. She was settling for Paige.. Settling doesn’t mean she didn’t love her or Paige didn’t t make her happy. It just means ALISON DILAURENTIS-FIELDS is her ultimate happiness. As reinforced by the dream she had of being married to Alison and Alison having her last name..

Stop trying to do mental gymnastics to figure out the best way to assure yourself that Emison is fake.. 7 years of Emily and Ali flirting, writing about each other, giving away a grannys expensive snow globe, sleepovers etc, was just the stepping stone to Dilaurentis-Fields..

Please, Please let them take each others last name.

Emily Dilaurentis-Fields
Alison Dilaurentis-Fields

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In the 7x20 promo we see Aria open the door and a few sequences later there’s Wren holding a gun and shooting at somebody.

Is Ezra going to be killed? Or at least shot??

I think so…
In fact in the scene where the liars are together they seem to be comforting Aria.
And also Aria then says “I can’t bury Ezra”.
I hope he doesn’t die…

Everyone thinks that she says “I can’t marry Ezra ” but I don’t think so.

Maybe they aren’t endgame.

What do you think?

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i don't know where else to put my thoughts so i just thought i'd put them here: if/when destiel becomes canon, i think some are worried that it might change the show's dynamic. to me that doesn't make sense, bc the fact that some already see it clearly in the show means they won't have to change how the characters are written too much, just enough to make it clear to GA. not to mention there have been other longterm relationships on the show in the past that haven't messed up the dynamic of spn.

Same. I mean the only difference is there might be a few more smiles going around and who doesn’t want that?!

Maybe chuck in a few funny random moments between the brothers (because they will still have loads of bro MoTW episodes while Cas is doing ‘something” I’m sure, even if he’s human he won’t be there ALL the time), where Dean makes some kind of silly or sexy quip about Cas and Sam is like, funny exasperated for a second rather than ACTUALLY exasperated for YEARS and its FUNNY and CUTE and NICE, but it is like… 5 seconds of something in a whole episode.

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Or maybe the odd squeeze of the shoulder as one goes past and the other looks up and smiles and maybe both coming into the kitchen in the morning at the same time and hitting the hay in the evening together.

Other than that, not much different tbh. But hey, we’ll see, I don’t know what we will get, or if we even WILL get domestic Dean and Cas together, I hope we get half or a whole season of it but I’m not expecting it… hence I’m endgame destiel positive, but I agree that they don’t HAVE to change a lot. They COULD change a lot if they wanted to, it could change the dynamic but I think in reality that would be jarring for the characters. 

All I personally want is them to be basically themselves, who they really are (so yeah, not totally how they are up until now either because they’ve both been repressing a lot of things, not just towards each other, but it’s not ALL about each other either), but yeah, to be themselves and HAPPY and for Sam to not be the ever suffering child stuck in the car with the bickering parents who just need to communicate and sort themselves out.

Do it for Sam.

Lets make predictions

I said this last week that after we watch this week’s episode, we should all make predictions about who we think A.D. is as a final way to theorize before PLL is over.
So, reblog this with (or write a new post of your own) who is your first suspect AND a second suspect, sort of like an insurance choice. So basically top 2 suspects.

To make sure we all can see what everyone’s guesses are, lets create a specific hastag for it #PLLFinaleTheory (no spaces).
Also if you have a suspect like Bethany Young for example, include who you think she is (a drake, someone we know, a twin etc.) and if you want, you can include the character’s motivation too!
I will soon be adding my own predictions! I hope you all participate. I’ll look forward to seeing all of your predictions! 😊

Please don’t get to use the hashtag!!!