anonymous asked:

Hi, I wanted to tell you I love your annotations! I'm currently reading and annotating lord of the flies right now, and I was wondering if you could share more information about your annotating system? It looks super effective! Thank you (:

Hi! I have an colour coding system. If you’ve just started with your book, establish this system early on so all your highlighting follows it. (I only started mine in this year, so my highlighting from this year and last year clashes sometimes.)
Assign one colour to a character/theme. If you want to be more detailed with character analysis you should have a chart of traits/analysis for every character. (Jack and Ralph have two charts each. One for their traits as individual characters and another for their leadership styles)
Some people prefer making notes in a notebook but I do all my annotating in the actual book. I’d suggest writing down inferences on post it notes just because you have more space to write/develop your idea.
Also, in essay writing you have to give evidence for points, so I’d suggest using flags to mark out incidences that will support your point.
Hope all this helps anon! It isn’t particularly amazing, but I hope it’ll be of use to you.