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by solitarysister

Will hates the brand on Hannibal’s back and decides to do something about it.

Words: 1394, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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             ———–    i’m in the middle of htmling a NEW THEME for murphy when i see in the corner of my eye one of my kittens walking towards me.  i don’t think she was WATCHING where she was going ‘cause i felt pressure on the side of my laptop and saw her basically RUN INTO IT as if she walked into a wall.  she probably felt embarrassed 'cause she started scent marking it and i’m going to hell for laughing.

thoughts on gaim:

  • it was a very refreshing departure from the two-parter format i’ve been watching
  • holy shit does it pack its punches hard
  • holy shit does that tone-shift punch hard
  • i didn’t explode into a blubbering mess this time around but oh my god all the sad parts did an excellent job at making me feel sad
  • lockseeds have become a contender for most favorite henshin implement
  • i very much appreciated its cast and characters
  • micchy’s development is brutal af
  • i am very satisfied by its conclusion
  • i get a sorta kuuga feel out of this, in that it’s presented as rather dark and breaks up (what i understand to be) typical kamen rider trends

now to see how KAMEN RIDER CAR works for me

anonymous asked:

the 100 gets good after episode 4 (thats what most ppl say and i agree) but s2 is when it gets really good and really queer 👍🏻 its intense and brutal af

isn’t there a fuckign cgi gorilla 👀

mita-rashi asked:

what does getting aggro mean because in mmos it's like, you pulled a mob, and then it KILLED YOU because the healer was pissed as fuck at you were a base DPS and did something stupid so they let you die. but what does it mean here. explain, mom. please.

     holy shit that’s brutal af.

WELL i googled it bc i wasn’t sure i was using it right BUT NAH I WAS

BRITISH informal noun:


            1. aggressive or violent behaviour.“they do not usually become involved in aggro”
                 • problems and difficulties.“he didn’t have to deal with aggro from the desk clerk”

they gettin pissy with me, yo.


Me busting my ass at @sprytraining yesterday. They brutal AF! But can’t lie, I see results 💪💪💪

Fuck Outta Hea

This is a place for me to be brutal, blunt, salty af and most importantly, a fuckin bitch. These are my thoughts, experiences, opinions and whatever I find funny (reblogging and original content). I created this space for my mental health because I am so, so good at keeping all this bullshit inside and I will explode if this continues. It may become a sad page at times, or it may be very cheerful suddenly and that’s okay. If you think it’s not, you can get the fuck outta hea because I just need a place for all the ups and downs.


brutal af