[ Greek Week ]

           He swiftly folded the lengthy protective straps over and around his right wrist, his left hand already fully wrapped with the soft ox hide coverings. The boxing tournament was due to begin soon, and Pollux was hopeful he would come out victorious. “Have you come to watch?” he asked, unashamedly eager for the fighting to start himself.

The tumblr population is truly remarkable when it comes to police in this country. Does the US have a major police brutality problem? Yes. Is it often primarily happening against minorities, especially blacks? Yes (even if I think it is primarily socioeconomic). 

But, tumblr doesn’t even bother to look at the facts or look at context when it comes to police brutality. It doesn’t matter AT ALL to tumblr people what people do to police, as long as the police show some level of violence, it is all the police’s fault and we should start a revolution and it is genocide, etc, etc.. 

Yes, there are unprovoked police attacks in the US. It is happening more and more and is quite frankly a very serious problem that anyone should have to fear the police. No one can deny that. But, plenty of you seriously believe that because of other police brutality cases that it is okay to assault/attack police and disregard all rule of law, and that it is somehow the police’s fault when they stun/taser/shoot you.

It just angers me to see such wild and dangerous ignorance being passed around with thousands of notes on this site and somehow criticizing it means that a person is fine with police brutality and is ignorant themselves. No, I just don’t jump to the conclusion that every single incident involving a police officer is the fault of the police and that a person should be allowed to do whatever they want to the police and not expect to be punished for it.

tl;dr Y’all need to get a grip on yourselves and stop making everyone else ignorant on this website by passing around these ‘viral’ posts with no context. We can work towards ending police brutality and improving this country’s fight against violence without being fucking dumb enough to start proclaiming starting an armchair revolution and accusing a police force of thousands of people of genocide. I’m out.

i love roller derby because its female dominated and brutal af and an all female team is just roller derby but a male team is called “mens roller derby” as opposed to other sports and go di love roller derby


Okay so I come downstairs and see my cat outside on our patch of grass bc hey it’s a nice day. Then I hear a cute lil quacking noise an I see A DUCK on the patch of grass at the back and I’m like ‘oh my god he’s so cute I wanna get a picture’.

At that moment a fox comes out from behind the shed and starts chasing the duck towards me and my cat and we were both so shocked that we just watched and the duck jumped over the trampoline and so did the fox and when I went was like 'oh shit this duck needs me help, it’s running to me for help’ the fox got the duck and it stopped quacking

And the fox left and my cat and I just looked at each other like wtf just happened

Moral of the story SAVE DUCKS FROM FOXES
and nature is brutal af

My sandal broke while I was less than 80 feet away from my apartment, walking home after a brutal af exam, making me have my friend come out of our building to give me another pair so I could walk back home. Like @god why I’m a 5/10 personality wise don’t I deserve a little break like bye

stratonaut replied to your post:man that was brutal af USA WIN they’re now in the…

lol england isnt going to win

probably not, but i thought Germany had this game in the bag too so anything can happen?

(if england start chamberlain instead of bardsley it might be harder for japan to net 1-0 england into the third place playoff, but bardsley might still be injured as fuck after that thing in her eye from playing canada)

Pros and cons of being friends with me.

I needed to do one of my own. So here goes.


• always up for food
• not into dressing up so you’ll always be
the more attractive one
• fat, so you’ll be the skinny bitch
• brutally honest
• occasionally hilarious af
• my place is always empty
• big ass TV in my room
• have a gaming console
• don’t whine about feelings and shiz
• lame puns
• my song collection beats yours
• I may write/ paint about you
• I’m in almost every fandom


• horrible listener at times
• I’ll judge the fuck outta you, out loud
• poor
• lame (the lame lame kind)
• I always sing
• impromptu weird dancing
• I zone out
• lazy af
• don’t give a fuck
• food comes before
• hardly go out
• moody
• mentally unstable

- 19:56

virginalbrides asked:

do u have a favourite shakespeare play/sonnet? if so what is it?

I loved Macbeth because Lady Macbeth is brutal af but I think R+J is my favourite, its pretty lovelyyyy!