This year is not about Democrat versus Republican, or conservative versus liberal, it’s about normal versus highly fucking abnormal. The conventions were just the easiest compare-and-contrast manifestation of that schism. You may not like the Democrats, but they’re coloring inside the lines. The GOP isn’t coloring inside the lines; they’re not even coloring inside the book or using crayons. What they’re doing is splashing pig’s blood on a wall and scrawling ALL HAIL THE ANGRY CHEETO with the gore. This is where we are in 2016, and it does us no good to pretend otherwise.

So yeah, all you GOP operatives moping about how much better the Democratic convention was than yours: This is on you and your party. You built this over the course of a quarter century. And if you have anything left in your brain other than a Pavlovian revulsion response to Hillary Clinton, you know what you should be doing between now and November.



I respect and admire John very much, so it’s super gratifying to read on his blog the exact same thing I’ve been saying.

Rejoice, friends – Saiyuki Reload Blast is back off hiatus and a new chapter has just been released!

Sorry for the tape in the cover scan – I was so excited that I ripped it in my enthusiasm. ^_^;;;

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i think my least favorite thing is when ppl say “omg ur a boy how does ur nail polish look better than mine” ….. it’s not my fault your nails are busted… don’t include me in this

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Can you indicate to me some blogs that you like ??

Hi, I’m just gonna type down some urls that come to my mind right now in no particular order, I’m sure I’ll forget someone ugh; here’s the list: 

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all i gave you is gone

(gif is mine)

part 4/? (part one, two, three)

warnings: i’m so bad at wording these but there’s swearing, kissing, sexual advances…..yeah

summary: the reader and Robbie find themselves in an alternate land, in which they have taken over the bodies of their alter egos.

After however much time had passed since the Pan situation in the treehouse - you still couldn’t keep track of it - things only got worse. Robbie had been becoming more and more of Pan and he wasn’t just pushing Robbie aside, he was erasing his mind just so that he could become Pan. You were doing better than Robbie was. You had your moments, of course, but you had been staying away from Robbie. After the treehouse incident, you knew exactly what he was capable of doing to you.

Things around the camp were getting awkward for you and Robbie. Nobody else noticed it of course, because they already assumed that you hated each other. To them it was normal for you to stop laughing when he came around and only listen to the orders that he gave you. You just had to play along with it, and have hope you don’t get sucked in like Robbie.

The day was over for you and the lost boys, despite it still being bright out. Pan had sent all of you to your tents, claiming that you all needed to get some rest before your party the next night. You weren’t tired, but you climbed under your covers and appreciated the peace and quiet that you never seemed to get. The lost boys were nice, but they were more energetic than you could ever be.

“How long are you going to avoid me for, Y/N?” Robbie groaned as you heard him storm into your tent. “This can’t go on forever.”

You noticed how upset he sounded, but still ignored him and stayed staring at the roof of the tent. It was tough ignoring your best friend, but you didn’t want risk yourself getting sucked in again. You also knew it was selfish because even though he never said it, you were his anchor. You avoiding Robbie was not helping his situation in the slightest.

He silently edged his way over to your bed, trying not to disturb you as he did so. Despite how stressed his body was over everything going on in his head, he missed his best friend.

“Pan, listen, I don’t want you in here,” you said abruptly. “I’m trying to rest. You told us to get rest.

His eyes narrowed at you. “Why do you keep calling me that? You know I’m not him.”

You pushed yourself up so that you were facing Robbie, and frustratedly ran your fingers through your hair. 

“Fuck, Pan, of course I know that! But you don’t seem to,” you cried. “I’ve lost count of the amount of times you’ve barged in here claiming you’re Robbie, and left me here knowing that it’s all lies. I can’t do anything about it anymore. So if this is a joke again, it’s not funny.”

“We’ll figure this out, Y/N. I promise.”

Robbie reached out and wrapped his hand around yours. He used his other one to tilt your chin up to look at him. The look in your eyes was full of despair. Yours and Robbie’s eyes were locked, but you were still looking right through him. You didn’t know who you were looking at anymore. 

He crawled over and climbed under the covers of your bed with you. The second his fingers touched you, your breathing hitched and your body stiffened. You stayed silent as he pulled you close to his chest and wrapped his arms securely around you. Even though you were absolutely terrified at first, you knew that this was Robbie comforting you. His touch was gentle and warm - nothing like anything Pan had ever tried to do to you. Pan was gentle, but not like this.

The two of you stayed latched to each other in silence for awhile. He wanted you to feel safe, or so he claimed to you, while he ran his fingers through your hair. His hot breath blew softly against your neck routinely every few seconds. Your body eventually loosened up again, but he kept you close to him. It had been a stressful time for both of you on this island. Robbie got next to no rest and you were always going around with the lost boys, so this was a treat for the both of you.

“Are you okay now, Y/N?”

“I’m okay,” you told him, but weren’t entirely okay. Not after everything that been happening around here. You missed home, but you let go of that hope a long time ago.

“Good,” you could almost feel him smirking behind you. “I must really be figuring this whole Robbie thing out, then.”

The second you heard his voice deepen, you pushed yourself away from him. Unfortunately, he was both stronger and faster than you and was able to pull you back into his tight embrace.

“Why?” you pleaded, your voice quavering as you spoke each word.

He leaned in and pressed his lips against your ear. “I want to watch you fall apart,” he threatened. “I want you to watch your friend crash and burn. I want you to see me win.”

“Oh, and we both know how weak you get around me, love,” he simpered, looking pleased with himself. “But it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

You hated that he was right. All you wanted to do was disagree with him and fight back, but you couldn’t. You wanted his lips against your neck. This was exactly why you spent so much time away from him, because you knew he would taunt you like he always did. You fought so hard to stay away from him every time he did this, and you always succeeded.

Maybe giving in once wouldn’t be too bad.

He grabbed your waist and pulled himself over you, and you watched how he looked down at you with lust filled eyes. He let out a dark chuckle before pressing hot kisses to your neck, sucking gently after each one. You softly moaned at the simple touch of his skin to yours, and he thrived from that. He loved how he could make you putty in his hands just from a simple hickey or two.

You could feel your mind slipping away from you once more, but your body refused to do anything in response to it. You were too far into a state of bliss that Pan had placed you in. Suddenly, you remembered why you had not given in all those other times he had approached you. It was because of this. You were your own anchor, and he was using it against you. He grabbed your wrists and pinned them above your head, then crashed his lips into yours. 

He stopped suddenly and pressed your foreheads together. You looked up and really looked at him for the first time. His eyes had darkened - surely he had been pleased by how powerful he was compared to you. At that moment in particular, he hung effortlessly above you, biting his own bottom lip as he stared back at you. One part of you hated every last bit of him and the other half of you wanted every last bit of him.

He waved a hand over your body, and pulled away abruptly. Normally, this would knock you out of your bliss, but everything still felt so foggy. Next, you looked beside you and saw him propping himself up next to you with one hand, and the other began to trace your spine.

“Now, love,” he started, sounding far away. “I could let you go, but leaving you in this bliss will be better. Too weak to break away from my hold, just like your little friend. He’ll crash and burn, I promise you.”

“What about me? What did you do?” you called out, your voice weak.

“Don’t worry, darling,” he brought a finger to your face and traced down your jawline. “You won’t slip away like he will. Watching him fade while you’re nothing but helpless will be even more painful. I want to watch you suffer, and well, leaving you with the pain of losing your best friend and the pain of being a lost girl is more suffering than you can take. You’ll destroy yourself.”

You heard him chuckle one last time before he got up from your bed and began to exit your tent. All you could do next was cry into your pillow. You were too weak to get up and try to wake Robbie back up, if he were even still in that mind somewhere. Nothing you could do now would be worth anything anyway. You knew that Pan had control on how far you could go with anything, and he certainly was not going to allow you to get Robbie back.

It’s like Pan said to you. You had to watch him crash and burn. And he was right; watching him without being able to help was a worse punishment than fading away with him.

“Robbie, all I wished for every night was for us to go somewhere that we would be happy. I just wanted us to be happy,” you called out to Pan. You watched as he stopped in his tracks to turn back around and look at you.

“You were the one that dragged us into this mess, if you would have been there for me that night at the dance, we wouldn’t be here,” he objected. “I think I like this place better though. At least here, I run the show. I get to make you crash and burn, just like you did to me.


Imagine: Sam subconsciously showing his affection for you with healthy meals. 

(Sam x Reader)

You plopped on the bench of the round table in the outdoor eating area of a local tourist trap restaurant. Dean gestured outwards worth his hand, palm up, silently asking what you wanted. You shrugged waving at him to get whatever. He shrugged queuing up at the take out line. Sam passed both of you heading straight inside to hit the head. You stretched out on the bench. Tree canopy filtered light kissed your skin and a soft breeze made you sigh. Early summer in Michigan was actually pretty lovely, better than Texas, anyways. You were reaching behind you letting your spine crack when Dean dropped a tray of food on the table.

A hamburger the size of half your head with three patties, buns in between, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, the whole works, dipping in a mystery orange sauce greeted you still sizzling in excess grease. Half you you craved the death trap, the other half was repulsed. Dean raised his eyebrows up, an amused smile accompanied a cheesy laugh.

“Yeah? Yeah? Looks freakin awesome, right?”

He lifted his, crushing the food down between his fingers before his mouth could get around it. He groaned, a river of oil and sauce dripping down his chin. You chuckled reaching for yours.

“Really, Dean?” Sam frowned as he took in the display. “It’s bad enough you’re eating this crap, now you’re dragging in Y/n?”

He looked as repulsed as the other half as you felt. Dean smiled displaying a full mouth of mash and looking as pleased as the first half of you knew you would be upon consumption. Dean spoke, bu

t you couldn’t figure out what he was saying through the muffling. He gestured towards you. Sam glanced at you, then back to Dean.

“Okay, no. I’m going to get Y/n something that won’t try to kill her in a mile.” He responded apparently understanding Dean’s bizarre food language.

You picked at the fries wondering what Sam would bring back. Dean finally swallowed the first bite.

“You don’t have to eat that rabbit food he gets you. Hurry up and eat it before he gets here. It’s to die for.” His eyes rolled back with emphasis. “I think they cooked it with butter.”

You shrugged. That combination was killer heartburn waiting to happen. “I wanna see what Sam brings back, so I can make an educational decision.”

Dean shrugged taking another physics defying bite of the burger. It wasn’t long until Sam reappeared with a tray of food. He flashed you a hesitant smile as he climbed onto the bench. You tried not laugh as his long legs made the action comical.

“Okay, so, I wasn’t sure what you’d like, so I got salad, veggie burger…” He rattled off the things on his tray, listing four more dishes before ending on, “and there was frozen yogurt, but I didn’t get that.”

You couldn’t help, but grin as he glanced at you unsure of your reaction. His eyebrows drew together worth his confusion and you tried to smother the affection you felt from the expression. You reached for the plate of food in the middle.

“I’ll try the… organic tuna sandwich?” You looked to Sam making sure that was alright. “Or did you want it?”

“No, no… all yours.” He gestured for you to take it. “I wanted the strange and unidentifiable tofu honey steak anyways.”

He exchanged a wary look with you and laughed.

“That’s just wrong.” Dean shot the tofu and judgmental glare shaking his head.

“Yeah, better not. Salad it is then.”

“I’ll eat this,” You negotiated, “but I still get to eat my fries.”

Sam offered you a dazzling smile as he raised his hands placatingly. “Fair enough.”

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Do you have any advice for high school freshman?

hi there! actually, i am an incoming freshman this fall, so any advice that i’ll give is minimal haha

but something i’d recommend is making sure that you’ve prepared yourself by doing any summer assignments that you need to do for your classes - it’s better to start now than to do all of it on the night before school begins. pacing yourself is the best way to ensure that you work well and efficiently!

also, i’d recommend that you start using a bullet journal or planner. it’s a super helpful way for me to organize things that i need to get done, and a planner or bullet journal of sorts can be extremely useful on busy days. i give my full testimony to this statement - it’s saved me so many times ahhh

here are some other resources;

hmm i think that’s about it for now! i hope this was helpful, and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

“IM READIER THAN INDEV WITH HIS HANDS ON THE ELECTROCUTE BUTTON” - ry, when nym asked her if she’s ready




"Full of anxiety I see ms.mahogany? Already shaking and worried you can’t live up to your fathers expectations, you better keep trying cause your YOUNGER sister is more successful than you” -nym

—  ryny war, part 1
This is where you can see the wilderness stretch on for miles. Here, you can find the thriving and the decaying. I house what’s on the way and what’s already left. Turn my body into walking mausoleum, welcome all the tourists. There’s a guestbook to sign, etched into the rib cage. Look at the charred pieces of heart, where the burn seeped in too deep, where the water couldn’t reach. The bones creak out better ghost stories than your campfire days. Rumor has it there’s a honeycomb vacationing at the base of the throat. All sweet, buzzing nonsense. Sunflowers blooming through the bruises. A red, red river of veins. Twirling ballerinas on the tongue. Ireland fields in the eyes. Autumn leaves in the hair. When the ankle twists, it’s a knotted cherry stem. Pomegranate seeds on the incisors. A life line of yarn. Heart beats: stay / alive / stay / alive. Caved in shoulder blades, lacking wings. Baby hummingbird sleeping in the stomach. Shattered eggshells tucked into the spine. Quiet now. This is where the wildness comes to rest.
—  A SELF-PORTRAIT, angelea l.
I Think You Might Know Him

Summary: Bucky x Reader where poor Buck doesn’t remember who he is and nothing really makes sense except you.

Word Count: 608

A/N: A short drabble of our dearest Bucky. Maybe I’ll write a few more parts, depending on what you guys want. I feel like our Bucky needs someone who will be by his side even when it isn’t the easiest thing to do. He truly deserves so much. This was going somewhere completely different but then it kinda wrote itself.

Originally posted by sssmcdlove

You had no idea how today was going to end, hopefully it would end with a better outcome than you expected, you had done your research on your targets and you were ready to attack. It was no longer about who won or who lost, it was life and death now, and you had slowly built up an impressive list of enemies, so today was important.

You could feel the tension, it was everywhere, from your shaking hands to Bucky’s constant battle with his hair. When he felt nervous he could never decide what to do with his hair, he was never sure if it was better for him to put it up in a bun or to let it down.

You slowly climbed onto your boyfriend’s lap, wanting to keep both your nerves at bay, trying your best not to think about what was about to happen. With your hands shaking harshly you tried to keep them busy, grabbing onto Bucky’s hair, you made sure each strand of hair was where it was supposed to be. You tried to relieve some of Bucky’s tension and as much of yours by tying his hair in a bun, just like he liked it, tight enough for it all to be in the hair tie comfortably.

“It’s going to be fine,” Bucky confidently whispered onto each of your knuckles, leaving a small trail of kisses on every inch of your hand, “We can always try it another day.”

“They’re going to be here any second. And everyone is on our asses anyways, we need their help,” you released your hands from his grip to rest them on both his cheeks, gently you placed small kisses on his face. “It’s now or never babe,” you pressed onto his nose.

“What if he doesn’t know who I am?” You suddenly realized how vulnerable the man in front of you was, he did not have any memory other than those he had managed to guard from a few years back, and yet he was risking it all for the possibility of knowing someone.

“You said you knew him, James, I know you weren’t bluffing when you recognized him.”

“I thought I did, I don’t know anymore. What if it’s not him?” Bucky’s voice revealed all the fears he had been hiding. “He’s fucking Captain America. I can’t know him. Where would I know him from?”

“The world is a mysterious place. Maybe he knows your whole name? Or he can help us. You’ve seen them in action before.”

“You think we can take all of them at the same time?”

“Maybe you can’t, but I can,” you teased.

“I know you can. I don’t want to lose you.”

You wrapped your legs around his waist, laying all your weight onto Bucky’s body. He never seemed to mind, as you invaded his personal space, making your body and his a mess of extremities.  You embraced him until you could no longer hear his doubtful thoughts running around in his head, until every last one of them was drowned and silent.

“I love you,” Bucky broke the deafening silence that seemed to have coated the room. “Whatever happens today, just kn—”

“I know. I love you,” you spoke, before you sensed another person’s presence in the building. “They’re here, let’s go have some fun.”

You heard brief pieces of conversations, the most boisterous worded ones that snaked their way through the thin walls and into your head.

“You just had— Tony. Always fucking—”

“Well if you didn’t— I wouldn’t— would I?”

“This is— there’s no one here Cap!”

“Banner are you sure—”

Art Raffle Time!

Alright, I guess I’ll do this for 50 followers! (Sorry for procrastinating XD)


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What I will draw:

  • OC’s (as long as they aren’t too complex)
  • Others

What I will not draw:

  • NSFW
  • Fetishes
  • People (Some exceptions)
  • I’d rather not draw furries/animals but I could I guess…

Here are some examples of the prizes. (Only pick one character per prize)

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