• <p><b>What she says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>What she means:</b> in Legally Blonde, Elle only gets accepted because she's hot and sent a video, but she had a 4.0 and got a 179 (out of 180) on her LSATS. Sure, her major was in Fashion Merchandising but that's a business major, and the fake school she was at was supposed to be UCLA so she had a business degree from a major college, probably went to a great high school, had a 4.0, and a 179 on the LSATS and at that point she would have been automatically accepted so why did they make it sound like she was such a bad risk? She even had leadership experience as president of a major chapter of what is apparently a huge sorority, since Delta Nus are shown as everything from cheerleaders to senators. Harvard should have been desperate to take her. She should have been able to get in if she turned in a cocktail napkin with her name written on it. So why make up the bullshit excuse of "multiculturalism" to justify letting in an extremely qualified and highly driven candidate just for laughs? Elle Woods deserved to go to Harvard and she earned that place with academic excellence and not by being hot.<p/></p>
In regards to Rue’s terminated account

Hi everyone, it’s Rue. This is a friend and my private account where I was doing a lot of researching things for upcoming wedding stuff. If you’re wondering where my account went, it apparently was terminated a couple hours ago. I went to post something and suddenly my blog was gone. I’m not sure why, and I’ve emailed tumblr to ask. My tumblr was created a really super long time ago with a friend’s info because I didn’t have much info at the time, so her and I are attempting to figure it all out and make sure we have all the information correct for it I want to try to get my account set up. 

I’m sorry I’ve let you all down. I don’t really know why this happened, but I have a feeling it may have had something to do with the fact that I was responding to hate? I’m not blaming anyone, and I hold no hard feelings. It may also have had to do with the fact that I was using all my friend’s info and she created another account recently so it may have thrown everything out of wack. Regardless, my tumblr is gone and everything with it. 

Please PLEASE REBLOG THIS so that everyone can see that I did not leave by choice. I feel awful for letting you all down and I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I’m so, so sorry. Wishing you all the best, and again I’m really sorry this happened. I’m afraid all my one shots are gone. I didn’t have any of them saved or anything, and I’m not sure if my previous tumblr will be recovered. 

Feel free to ask any questions on here, and I’ll be updating through Twitter (my twitter is @RueEloise) as the process continues. Thank you so much for your understand and patience!

- Rue 

someone with l33t hacks PLEASE leak the terf4terf application videos. apparently none of them are nudes so I can only assume they’re all just like vlogs being like “hi my name is becky adn I love my breasts and vagina” and I want to watch all of them bc holy fucking shit

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Merrill and Cole would be a cute banter. Maybe with a little Varric.

Cole: Daisy. Kitten. Why do they call you names, Merrill?

Merrill: It’s not names, it’s nice, Cole. It shows that they care.

Cole: But how do they know what name to give you?

Merrill: I’m not sure. They just pick something they like, I suppose. Then it becomes our special name.

Cole: Hat.

Merrill: What was that?

Cole: Something I like. Am I doing it wrong?

Merrill: Oh! *giggles* No, that’s perfect.  

Shit, I didn’t know this, but apparently 12 American POWs were killed by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. They were being held in a police station after being shot down some time prior, and when the bomb detonated, 10 of them were killed instantly. The other two, one of them a man named Charles Baumgartner, were saved because they were in a different part of the police station. They were picked up by Japanese soldiers combing the ruins some hours later, and were shipped off someplace elsewhere in Japan. 

After the war, both soldiers died of radiation poisoning. Baumgartner’s nephew lives like 20 minutes away from my house and was giving his uncle’s story on the news when I managed to catch the end of it.

Baumgartner and the eleven other US servicemen are on the memorial honoring the victims of the Hiroshima bombing, which President Obama visited on his trip to Japan.

So apparently there's a "Support Tom Keen" day on Twitter right now? Lmao what?

He already has two shows to his name, how much more support does he need?

Instead of fans wasting their time rallying behind a character that doesn’t need more attention, how about they spend that time supporting Liz and Megan Boone and rally the writers to make her character strong again, or support Ressler so that the writers can use Diego to his full potential and actually make him useful again. Or support James for dealing with this mess of a show.

How about the fans do something actually meaningful for a change by showing support for the main 3 leads on the show who got the shaft this season just because the writers got a hard on for character that wasn’t supposed to exist past season 1.

How about that.

Wild idea, I know.

Safe to say, I will never ever support Tom Keen.

Here’s my announcement!

So after trying like a dozen times to post it, here it is:

On Monday my family got to bring home 5 ducks!

(That’s really them :)

Now that I finally get to post photos I will introduce them to you!

(From left to right. What we call them is bolded)

  • Clint Barton
  • Miles Davis
  • Captain Steve Rogers
  • Hope (This was her name when we got her. Apparently she is the smallest and was not expected to live. We decided to keep it that.)
  • Sergeant James Buchanan “Bucky Ducky” Barnes

Well that was my big announcement! I hope it was as exciting for you all as it was for me. Ducks are my favorite animal and I couldn’t wait to show them all to you :)

(I hope I didn’t like totally disappoint you all with my surprise. Next time I will try to warn you and be like “It’s exciting, but mostly for me” lol)


That moment when you’re in too deep aND YA CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP.
Like, I’m not even RPing, I just wanted to make an Asagao Academy self-
insert c’:
Bio under the ‘read more’ because I’m a huge dweeb.

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[Aichuu] UR Stargazing Issei, Part 1

Thanks to @nanashiro for providing screenshots for translation!

Side note: Apparently the official name for the producer has been revealed to be Yuzuki Asahina, so in instances where the guys refer to her by her first name/your username, I’ll be using “Yuzuki” instead of the usual [Name].

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DC REBIRTH SPOILERS: No one is talking about this, and my mind is probably just jumping to conclusions but apparently Diana has a twin brother. Named Jason. I’m assuming we’re talking about a different Jason here but the only Jason I know of in the DC Universe is Jason Todd. Am I missing something? Wait, is the Diana we’re talking about Diana Prince, again I’m assuming it is because she’s the only one in the DC Universe I know of with that name. Again, if you happen to know what I’m missing here would you mind telling me because I’m jumping to conclusions.

Throughout the Tournament: 3rd Interlude

Paranatural fanfic.
Rated K.
Due to an innocent dare, the Activity Club and Johnny and the gang put their names into the Goblet of Fire during the Triwizard Tournament that took place in their fifth year. And it was all fun and games too, when they did that. They were sure they wouldn’t be picked anyway.
Who was to know that the Hogwarts Champion was apparently the resident deadpan snarker, Maxwell Puckett?
Hogwarts AU. Tells the happenings through the Triwizard Tournament.
3rd Interlude: The Activity Club and Johnny and the Gang 

And I bring to you the third interlude! This is more about Max’s preparation for the first task, with both AClub and Johnny and the gang wanting to help. You can guess just how well that will go.

The Hogwarts AU was created by @tree-girl and @apocalypse-sweet. I’m only adding fanfics to the AU.

You can also read this in AO3.

Read under the cut!

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So apparently there’s a 616 native that shares a last name with Noh?

He popped up in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #7, and he’s an annoying snot-faced little Kree brat, so I obviously can’t wait to see what he does next, especially since I’m hoping the last name connection to Noh ends up meaning something.

(Maybe this kid is related to 616!Noh, since the Noh we know is no native to 616.)

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A small side note: The version of Castiel written "Caßiel" on the board, I guess it's not an Enochian symbol. To me it looks very much like the "sharp s", which is a German version of the letter "s". In German there's "s" and "ß", and the "ß" is sometimes written where two "s" would be, after long spoken vowels. ;)

Hi there! (and also, I got your other message too, and thank you!)

This is really interesting, and I’ve seen some other speculation about Lady Toni’s Murder Board, including the fact she apparently believes Cas is the angel “Cassiel,” and hey, we might be finally due for some more info on the name CASTIEL! Which excites me all on its own.

I’ll admit that I haven’t had a chance to read much on this subject yet, or the possible implications for what it might mean, and I haven’t had a chance to study the board myself, either (or do the rewatch I keep saying I’m going to do), but this is definitely useful information for me, and I thank you for it!

Since I don’t know German (Mr. Mittens took one year of German… like 35 years ago…), so I will definitely keep this in mind while trying to decipher the Murder Board.

Publishing this for anyone else who’s also trying to decipher the Lady Toni’s Murder Board. :)


sometimes I miss my old ass story.

I tried to redesign some of the characters, they sorely needed it. Also drew up a new character I recently decided to add to the story, the Fiance ™

Apparently when I was 14 I gave characters names that only had two syllables? Why young me? Well some of these characters need new names.

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I'm starting to think Australia is becoming the eastern version of America- tons of pc bullshit from the govt, the shaming of whites cos of the colonialism, that kind of thing.

Eh none of that is new TBH.

I only found out yesterday that we apparently have a National Sorry Day. Like, how shitty is that name? Might as well be “National Woops Day”, “National Our Bad Day” or “National Did We Do That Day”

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not sure if you've mentioned it before, but what's your opinion on the (supposed) jimmy olsen cameo/execution in bvs? i think that might be my only real issue with the movie if it turns out to be true. jimmy deserves better than that, it's not like he's a complete no name in the comics you know? he's been part of the superman mythology for many years and he's one of clark and lois's best friends at work. idk when i heard that was supposed to be him in that scene it was really upsetting though.


So apparently it is him accompanying Lois in the beginning that gets shot in the head. I understand Snyder’s reasoning (of him not having space in the future for the character). I think it’s really important to realize whats there in the comics cant always be translated well into the film, especially when there are so many huge characters to deal with. I think asking for every big detail to be included is simply too much for a character as huge as Superman when theyre also trying to include smaller characters like Cyborg (not as many know him), so while it’s upsetting, I’m completely okay with it.