A Peek into the Future

Summary: When a time-wielding akuma sends Ladybug and a wounded Chat Noir into the future, they’re in for a few surprises. Some more surprising than others.

Rating: G

Main Pairing: Ladynoir (Or Adrienette)

AN: Yup… not my first story ever, but my first on this site and first to contribute for this ‘Miraculous’ fandom (#sorrynotsorry) I hope it isn’t too short. I may end up editing chapter one by putting HOW Chat got hurt… And YES, I have more chapter already written. I’m only just deciding to post it.

Before anyone asks, yes, this story was inspired by ForeverKanade’s “About Time” story (I always love reading future fics :3)

Can also be read here 

“My Lady… I don’t think we’re in Paris anymore.” He chuckled lightly as he tried to get to his feet. Ladybug’s eyes narrowed at his humor towards the situation. 

“Chat! Be serious!” As the boy stood, he was caught up in a series of wet coughs. I’d been hit a lot harder than I’d thought. He told himself as he spotted the blood on his hand.

The ears atop his head swiveled forward before he could say anything to her. “We might have company.” He slid into a fighting stance but winced at the twinge he received in his side. Ladybug saw this and moved to stand in front of him. “Chat. You need to get to a hospital. I’ll be fine.”

A soft, clawed hand held her shoulder. “What? And leave with no one to protect you? I’d be too worried for you to sit still long enough.” He tried to laugh, but only another set of choking sounds came out instead. Ladybug growled at him as a warning, but she didn’t try to stop him from staying.

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