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Concept- Victor gets a concussion from a skating accident and is more than a little loopy on pain meds at the hospital. He switches between dozing off, crying over his messed up face, and staring at Yuuri like he's an angel sent from heaven. "Who are you?" "I'm your fiance Victor, remember?" "No you're not! You're too pretty to be engaged to a hideous beast like me!... So so pretty. Like a little angel here to take me to heaven." *starts crying* You can bet Yuuri recorded all of it for blackmail


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Imagine Steve, after a rough battle, being stuck in the hospital. He's high off whatever the doctors gave him and loopy as hell. Whenever Sam visits, Steve hopelessly tries to flirt with him and the moment Sam tells him they're married already, Steve's basically sobbing.

“Did it hurt?” Steve slurs.

“What? You’re the one that fell off a building and then got shot.”

“When you fell from heaven.”

Sam starts laughing, “Oh my god.”

“‘M serious!” Steve says, trying to sit up a little before Sam pushes him back down gently with a hand on on his chest. “You look like an angel. You even have a halo!”

“Steve I think that’s just the painkillers talking.”

“Nuh-uh. I see it. Right there.” Steve reaches up and accidentally pokes Sam in the eye. “Oh no! Oh no! I hurt you. Come here. Let me kiss it and make it better.”

“You’re just trying to get a kiss out of me.”

“Well can you blame me? You’re so cute. Really cute, you are. An angel sent down from heaven just to keep me company.”

“You’re awful,” Sam tells him, still laughing.

“Who’s the lucky guy that gets to kiss on you? I wish it were me. How can it be me? Tell me, Sam. What do I gotta do to get a guy like you?”

“Well you’re in luck,” Sam says, reaching out to take Steve’s hand. He picks up Steve’s left hand and shows it to him. “See that wedding band?” Then he holds up his left hand too.

“Crap,” Steve says, making a really distressed face. “I’m married? Oh no. My husband is going to kill me for flirting with you.”

“Man, what did they give you? Holy shit. You’re married to me, asshole. You’re my husband.”

Steve’s eyes get so big that Sam’s actually afraid they might just fall out of his head. “We’re married!?”

“Yes, Steve. We’re married.”

“It’s me?! You’re my husband?! I get to kiss on you! I have an angel for a husband!” Steve’s body starts to practically melt back into the hospital bed. He keeps a tight hold on Sam’s hand and closes his eyes. “How did I pull that one off?”

Sam brings their joined hands up to his mouth and presses a soft kiss to Steve’s knuckles. “I have no idea.”

season 9☕️☕️☕️

hold onto your padded asses, babies bc im about to spill some serious oolong

- alexis has another misstep and blames rupaul, argues w his hologram for five (5) minutes
- farrah is still there bc she’s actually the child of a family friend that ru owes a favor
- production hides nina’s construction paper, breast plate, and hip pads from her for one runway, she cries
- peppermint reveals to the girls that she is a literal angel sent from heaven above (no one is surprised but they thank her for gracing them w her presence)
- michelle visage tells sasha she doesn’t ~understand~ her drag, sasha dumbs it down for michelle visage which lands her in the bottom 2 WITH michelle visage
- in an upcoming episode, the show is completely rebranded as “shea’s drag race”
- trinity avenges her performance in ep 4 by turning untucked into her own recap talk show called “untucked with the tuck”, it is later nominated for an emmy
- a random teen crashes production and tries to fist fight everyone while singing “asi fue”, made zero sense to everyone in the moment, but the person has since been identified as a time-traveling valentina stan

The zodiac signs in Ravenclaw

Aries: loves riddles, decides to learn a new language at 3 AM

Taurus: has read every book in the library and wants to write their own ones in the future

Gemini: spends their spare time pressing the random button on wikipedia learning whatever definition comes by heart

Cancer: the one who doesn’t look like much but always gets the highest scores and no one knows how because they are doodling in their note book all day

Leo: good looks, clever brain, a room full of books - they’ve got it all and they know it

Virgo: incredible at arts and crafts, can build every ikea furniture WITHOUT the instructions

Libra: the angel sent from heaven who helps you when you don’t know how to solve things and never runs out of patience when you’re being especially dumb that day

Scorpio: still waters run deep; will stab you with their sarcasm when they’re bored

Sagittarius: takes their friends to museums and eats lunch at artsy french street cafés

Capricorn: never really talks much but is the biggest video game nerd

Aquarius: knows too much about outer space, is probably half an alien

Pisces: writes poems and composes songs, they don’t need you all they need is their phone and iTunes gift cards

Affaires Douées (M)

word count: 7.4k

genre: smut; CEO!minhyuk

pairing: reader/minhyuk

summary: you’re fashion CEO lee minhyuk’s personal assistant, and in deep denial about your well-reasoned attraction to said man. when he reveals he’s had issues taking care of himself, paired with you seeing him lose his temper in front of everyone, it leads you two to take your business relationship to a more personal level.

a/n: this was inspired by this lovely video which had a yelling minhyuk that had me hot and bothered within seconds. please, suffer with me.


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Wolf Creek (Part 1)

Cowboy!Steve x Reader AU

Summary – You and Steve were supposed to have spent the rest of your lives together, but lies and betrayal tore you apart.  A family tragedy forces you to leave your life in the city and return to the Montana ranch you used to call home. Can you and Steve forget the past and find love again?

Warnings – Surgery, death, sadness

Word Count – 1,748

Notes – I’m going in a completely different direction with this fic than I ever had before.  This is an AU fic that isn’t based on a movie, or a book, it’s purely from my own imagination, and it’s basically my version of a romance novel.  Well. . .there are a few characters at the beginning that some of you may recognize!! Steve won’t come into the story until the next part, or maybe part 3, but he’ll definitely make an entrance!  I’m so excited for a bearded Steve Rogers, in boots and a cowboy hat, sitting on a horse!!!  The OC in this story, Mr. Frampton is based off a patient I had when I was a nurse.  He was a very dear, sweet old man, and I think about him often, may he rest in peace.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy!!  As always, feel free to leave me any comments or feedback!

Part 1

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The over-sized light above your head beat down on the back of your neck, the heat emanating from it forming small beads of sweat that ran down your back as you leaned over the man laying before you.  When most people said that they had someone’s heart in their hands, they were referring to love.  For you it was a little different.  When you said you had a man’s heart in your hands, you literally had his heart in your hands.

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“Tactical Prodigy Lance”

Hello everyone! Here I am again contributing to Langst!

So, @skitnote and I were talking about the Tactical Prodigy Lance Headcanon created by @willowstarr​ and I call this “headcanon within the headcanon” or can also be known as “Want to write a full fic but the mind is a jumble mess so just putting out the main ideas here”.

Just to make things clear again, the headcanon belongs to willowstarr and we are just here making conclusions out of it. Also, might be a bit OOC.

> Hunk was in Hulk mode against the rest of the team when Lance got captured by the Galra just because no one wants to hear the ideas of his best friend except for him.

> Hunk in Hulk mode was not the type to smash things but rather he was the type to smash feelings.

> There was a reason why people usually says that you should not anger people who were always seen as angels sent from heaven. Good or silent people were scary when angry.

> So, Hunk had a lot of stuff to say since he was ever the observant one when it comes to Lance. Yeah, later Hunk will be horrified that he had basically guilt trip his teammates (except Coran because he was an awesome Space Uncle) about their attitudes and general interaction towards their resident Blue Paladin.

> Hunk was disappointed at Pidge because, “dude, we are Lance’s teammates back in Garrison. How could you forget that he is one of the genius tacticians the American government wanted to keep for themselves???”

> Driven by guilt and receiving disappointing stares from Hunk and Coran, the rest of the team including Allura worked non-stop in finding Lance. (Of course Hunk and Coran had the sense of forcing them to eat, rest, and sleep because they will be even more useless if they collapsed due to exhaustion)

> Weeks passed and the team received a lot of attacks from the Galran army.

> The attacks were too organized and obviously designed to pulverized Voltron in defeat.

> Hunk, as well as Pidge now, noticed the pattern of attacks and how the Galra specifically knew each weaknesses of the Paladins and the Castle of Lions.

> They reached a horrfying realization that they might be using Lance’s mind to attack them.

> The theory was solidified when Slav mentioned that the Galra has a technology to extract knowledge from their prisoners.

> They needed to dance around since the fight was almost becoming like the board game “Games of the Generals”. Hunk and Pidge brainstormed with Shiro and Allura on how they can counter attack the enemies. Majority of the working ideas were from Hunk since he has a certain grasp on how Lance’s mind worked so more or less they could assume.

> It took them two months to finally rescue Lance.

> They did have Lance back in the castle. Healed physically but, as always, the damaged has been done.

> Lance was only present during trainings and meals. He was never there during meetings especially when there was a mission to be taken.

> Lance became selectively mute. He would not meet the eyes of the others. It took Hunk a while to get Lance comfortable with his presence again and Coran followed suit. Sadly the rest was not graced with the same result.

> Lance would not hear anything about the whole plan during mission debriefings. He would just follow the orders specifically said to him and if he was the only one who can do it.

> Lance would never voiced out his opinion in any subject matter.

> Lance avoided going to the observatory. The usual star maps do not give him a sense of calmness anymore.

> The damage has been done. Lance learned to hate and fear his gift.

(Admit it, we are all evil at a certain degree for creating and loving Langst. Not that I regret anything about it)

Thanks for reading and I’m happy that this headcanon existed! Thank you for the wonderful person who created it!