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Accurate first impressions of Kpop groups
  • <p> <b>Super Junior:</b> "so many members??? so many sub-groups/units??? suju is literally every other kpop groups' dads. been in the game for so long and still run kpop. Trendsetters. Legendary. all of them are MCs. Why aren't they running SM by themselves???"<p/><b>BigBang:</b> "badass!! cars!!! sad?? emo??? party!!!! every group looks up to them and admires them.....your fave's faves. weird dancing(?) but they're always lit. it's always a bigbang concert whenever they perform. why is that one guy so tall? that one guy is popular in Japan!!! the difference between Jiyong & G-dragon is scary."<p/><b>SHINee:</b> "it feels like everyone has solo projects and they probably get together only for Christmas or to get turnt up. are they Japanese?? i think those 2 short guys are dating idk. wtf why is he called tofu....why is he called bling bling.......WTF IS A DIBIDIBIDIBI-"<p/><b>Infinite:</b> "wow they dance so in sync w/ each other. probably heard their catchy af songs before really diving into the fandom. created the scorpion dance, how epic. they just seem so real?? like they're brothers??? is that one a girl or a boy??<p/><b>VIXX:</b> "so tall. so violent. so shippable w/ everyone. pretty sure they have a confirmed gay sub-unit?? their maknae likes to bully them. jellyfish doesn't deserve them. so.....they're vampires, voodoo dolls, 8 year old kids, video game characters, Greek gods....what can't this group do????"<p/><b>BTOB:</b> "everyone knows about their reputation, they're wild af. hella tiny compared to normal human beings. i was blinded when looking @ that guy's smile he's an angel sent from heaven. their songs either make you wanna cry into your pillow or join a high school musical is2g."<p/><b>EXO:</b> "they seem kinda scary/intimidating bc SM won't let them fangirl. everyone's an exo fangirl and fanboy on the inside. iM crEEPin iN Ur HeARt BAbE. they literally glow on stage??? are they still wolves???? do they still have superpowers??? who is Chinese and who is Korean??? i thought there were 12....."<p/><b>B.A.P:</b> "so are they best absolute perfect or are they called rice? weird aliens/rabbits is a concept i never knew i needed. they sued their company together but there's always one guy who kills them all? why??? everyone who talks about b.a.p wants to skydive i'm so confused. so is that hot guy w/ the deep ass voice actually their grandfather??"<p/><b>Got7:</b> "so many different races in 1 group i'm living. bruh their dorms must be so wild, how are they raising a dog??? rapline is kinda weak........they could still get it tho. all of them have such vibrant personalities MUST. RESIST. STANNING. their second name is dab7? i don't know them."<p/><b>Seventeen:</b> "ok joke's on us, we all thought we couldn't remember exo's names but shitballs, seventeen exists. wow they seem so fun to be around, i want to be their friend. their leader must have approximately 8.9 breakdowns everyday. how are they always so happy??? they're legit stranded on an island ffs. dino is 100% their real baby."<p/><b>Monsta X:</b> "so THAT'S the member that everyone loves bc he's such a meme. do they always remix their songs when performing??? they're so lit???? i'm still confused as to why this group doesn't have a first win. came to check them out bc of got7 and wasn't disappointed."<p/><b>Day6:</b> "lmao that famous guy from twitter is in a kpop group???? why does it feel like JYP is just letting them run around the company and do whatever they want at this point....does JYP even know they exist?? their songs make you wanna hit up your nonexistent ex *jams sadly*. who's bob???"<p/><b>iKon:</b> "they shouldn't be the next bigbang or the next anything, they're low-key doing amazing already. bad first impressions always turn into good ones when yall take the time to know them. they literally have their own anthem??? what's a visual i only know ikon."<p/><b>NCT:</b> "there SM goes again, tempting us w/ new groups but depriving us of comebacks. how is taeyong supposed to hold the fort down when he has 40 kids he hasn't even met yet?? they're exo's biggest fanboys, everyone needs to stan them asap. if they didn't look and sound so good, i'd sue SM for dressing them like they're homeless. the dreamies are so spoiled by the hyungs and their company. MY CHILDREN????"<p/></p>


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Concept- Victor gets a concussion from a skating accident and is more than a little loopy on pain meds at the hospital. He switches between dozing off, crying over his messed up face, and staring at Yuuri like he's an angel sent from heaven. "Who are you?" "I'm your fiance Victor, remember?" "No you're not! You're too pretty to be engaged to a hideous beast like me!... So so pretty. Like a little angel here to take me to heaven." *starts crying* You can bet Yuuri recorded all of it for blackmail


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Imagine Steve, after a rough battle, being stuck in the hospital. He's high off whatever the doctors gave him and loopy as hell. Whenever Sam visits, Steve hopelessly tries to flirt with him and the moment Sam tells him they're married already, Steve's basically sobbing.

“Did it hurt?” Steve slurs.

“What? You’re the one that fell off a building and then got shot.”

“When you fell from heaven.”

Sam starts laughing, “Oh my god.”

“‘M serious!” Steve says, trying to sit up a little before Sam pushes him back down gently with a hand on on his chest. “You look like an angel. You even have a halo!”

“Steve I think that’s just the painkillers talking.”

“Nuh-uh. I see it. Right there.” Steve reaches up and accidentally pokes Sam in the eye. “Oh no! Oh no! I hurt you. Come here. Let me kiss it and make it better.”

“You’re just trying to get a kiss out of me.”

“Well can you blame me? You’re so cute. Really cute, you are. An angel sent down from heaven just to keep me company.”

“You’re awful,” Sam tells him, still laughing.

“Who’s the lucky guy that gets to kiss on you? I wish it were me. How can it be me? Tell me, Sam. What do I gotta do to get a guy like you?”

“Well you’re in luck,” Sam says, reaching out to take Steve’s hand. He picks up Steve’s left hand and shows it to him. “See that wedding band?” Then he holds up his left hand too.

“Crap,” Steve says, making a really distressed face. “I’m married? Oh no. My husband is going to kill me for flirting with you.”

“Man, what did they give you? Holy shit. You’re married to me, asshole. You’re my husband.”

Steve’s eyes get so big that Sam’s actually afraid they might just fall out of his head. “We’re married!?”

“Yes, Steve. We’re married.”

“It’s me?! You’re my husband?! I get to kiss on you! I have an angel for a husband!” Steve’s body starts to practically melt back into the hospital bed. He keeps a tight hold on Sam’s hand and closes his eyes. “How did I pull that one off?”

Sam brings their joined hands up to his mouth and presses a soft kiss to Steve’s knuckles. “I have no idea.”


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He was warm under the covers next to you. His hair disheveled, his face relaxed, his eyelashes laying against his cheeks. He still took your breath away, even after all this time.

You let your hand travel across his chest, tracing his tattoos with the tip of your finger. A sigh escaped his strawberry lips, leaving his mouth a bit open. With a smirk you leaned up, your left hand firmly planted on his chest. Softly you pressed your lips to his.

“Morning, baby.”, you muttered against his mouth.

A lazy smile. A hum.

He was still mostly asleep, you could tell. And usually, on his days off, you let him sleep in, because he needed his rest. But you hadn’t seen him in a few days and last night he had been too tired for anything other than crushing you against his chest as he had fallen asleep. So now you were impatient for some more affection.

You made your way down his jawline with the lightest of kisses. From his prickly, stubbled chin to the edge of his jaw and up to the beginning of his hairline, the across his forehead and back down on the right side of his face.


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10 facts you didn’t know about BTS

Hello everyone! Admin M and I have both been having very hectic work weeks which have left us a little behind on ship! We are so sorry!! We are close to getting caught up but until then please enjoy this shitpost while you wait!

10 Facts you did’t know about BTS

  1. When Kim Seokjin was born it is rumored that the doctors and nurses cried over his beauty
  2. One time Jungkook saw Namjoon wearing a white T-Shirt and Timberlands so he went and bought white T-shirts and Timberlands
  3. Park Jimin is a literal angel sent from heaven to deliver charming vocals and killer dance moves unto us
  4. When God made Min Yoongi he realized he was too perfect so decided to make him a bit shorter for the safety of humanity
  5. Kim Taehyung still hasn’t realized he’s in a boy band. He thinks he’s just hanging out with his buddies doing normal buddy things
  6. Kim Namjoon has broken 37 phones over his lifetime, including a Nokia
  7. Once a NASA scientist saw Hobi in person and was confused and horrified of how the sun could be so close to us without killing us all (the answer is he simply chooses not to)
  8. Everytime Jungkook looks Jungshook he’s remembering the dark memory of the first time he was called “Oppa~”
  9. V can divide by zero
  10. Jimin was born in Busan first

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