MAMA Performance - BTS

J-Hope/Jimin: There was so many things going on but the number one thing on my mind is My baby J-Hope slaying on stage with Jimin. You had Hobi killing the fuck outta the choreo while Jimin is blindfolded and still killin it.

Taejin: This could’ve been innocent if Tae wasn’t feeling all up on Jin, he looked like he was trying to seduce the boy, that little cheek-to-shoulder rub. 

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This looked like it was gonna go from PG-13 to Rated-R in 0.2 seconds. But their acting was on point

Jungkook: I always knew that boy was heaven sent. Saw that floating. Angel Status. Confirmed

Suga: Beautiful as always

RapMon: Bae as always 

Look my favorite part was JiHope and Taejin I have to say. Taejin slayed the fuck outta me, Tae trying to corrupt (Seduce) Jin. My Babies finally getting bigger roles. 

J-Hope dancing is always enough for me so I was happy, plus I love that dance in particualr.A++ Performance BTS, I expected nothing less

padme at their wedding: [turns up in a beautiful lace wedding gown probably handmade with hundreds of carefully placed authentic Nabooian Pearls™ and wearing an equally gorgeous veil, looking like an angel sent down from heaven]
anakin at their wedding: [turns up in jedi robes that probably haven’t been washed in a week] lol im ready to wife you (: