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24-A for Kakashi/Iruka :)

24. Fairy Tale AU.
A. Fluff.

Alright! First ever KakaIru I’ve written, so here goes. Can you guess the fairy tale? (It’s not hard. Really.)

(There’s also a splash of a soulmate trope, just to make it extra fluffy.)

Iruka had never been so sure of a mistake in his life.

All he wanted to do was find a bed. After traveling too many hours over too many miles for too freaking long, he was tired. He was hungry. And he just wanted to sleep.

The inn looked promising. The outside was well kept, the entrance clean and easy to find, even opening the door resulted in a cheery bell sounding his arrival to a lit and inviting foyer. The innkeeper was welcoming and brief, handing him a key and pointing him in the direction of his room. His perfect, clean, quiet room.

And that awful, horrible, worthless bed.

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No Cable!

Super bowl Sunday and cable has crashed almost all over the greater Baton Rouge area and surrounding areas. We can’t get through to anyone when we call the company because they are being slammed right now.

People are in full on panic mode here!

No one ever thinks of the possibility of loving someone too much, but I think that’s exactly what I did with him. I was so absolutely dependent on him. I wanted to spend every second of the day talking to him, I wanted to be by his side at every waking moment. And unfortunately that’s just not healthy. Especially since I was so insecure and jealous. I mean, of course I had valid reasons to feel that way but … maybe all this time, it wasn’t all him, maybe I played a part in ruining us.

And I wish I could tell him that if I could go back in the past and change all the things I did wrong, I would do it in a heartbeat. I wish I could tell him that I’m sorry for always blaming him … when I did damage too. But its too late. We’ve hurt each other too much. He’s completely over me, and I’m almost completely over him. Unfortunately, our once love story turned into a tragedy. Our love is nothing but a memory now.

—  K.S // I loved you too much and that, along with many other things, is probably what killed us in the end. Maybe we were destined to fall in love but fall apart. But you win. This is my final goodbye.
It’s almost over for Hillary: This election is a mass insurrection against a rigged system
Sanders has ended the coronation and fired up the grass roots. Now Clinton's electability argument is crumbling too
By Bill Curry

Twenty years on, Hillary still sees the world through the rose-colored glasses of that ’90s consensus. Not Bernie. He sees that in 2016 rising tides don’t even lift most boats, that growth comes at a steep price when it comes at all, and that new technology cost more jobs than it creates. He understands that when jobs flow to countries with weak governments and low wages, the American middle class can’t get a raise. He sees that public-private partnership meant pay-to-play politics, and that the whole system runs not on innovation but corruption. My guess is the middle class sees what he sees and wants what he wants: a revolution. If he can continue to drive the debate, they may get one.

Ren stepped across the floor lightly, his hands sliding down the creases of his jacket as gray-blue eyes darted across the floor.  He spotted his target easily, approaching his new security guard and touching the large man’s arm lightly.  Ren bit his lip to mask his irritation that he’d managed to startle his new employee.

“Mr. Jackson,” he explained quietly, in a patient tone.  “Here at the Palms, we are expected to maintain a certain standard.  Your job is to enforce that standard.  That table?”  The twenty-nine year old gestured to the black-jack game not twenty feet from them.  “That’s Mr. Cartwright’s favorite table.  And the card-counter there is not appreciated at it.  Please call Dobbs to handle it immediately, and try to keep a more diligent eye in the future?”  The hulking man nodded apologetically and left.

Ren watched him go, and sighed quietly– his shift was almost over, but dusk brought out the more unfortunate sides of people.  The casino itself wasn’t his turf, exactly, but as the Day Manager, Ren made sure to step by to make certain his patrons were accommodated for.

He was so caught up in his own thoughts that the voice behind him actually did catch him off guard.  The lean man turned quickly to address the speaker, a soft chuckle escaping him at his own hypocrisy.  “I’m sorry– I didn’t quite catch that.”

People are over here, cheering over Bucky almost killing Tony Stark. Those are the people who haven’t stopped to think about the man that Tony Stark really is. That’s the man who grew up hearing his father tell stories of these two. That’s the man who built all of his friends, his friends, custom housing in Avengers Tower because, my God, he actually had friends and was a part of something greater than himself. That’s the man who time and time again would risk his life if it meant Earth could have some slight chance at surviving the Chitauri attack. That is the face of a man who is shaken and afraid and doesn’t know what to do because his father’s heroes are trying to kill him, and he doesn’t know why.

I hate being sick

I’ve been sick with tonsillitis for about a week, and I’m almost over it now, except that I always get a really bad cough at the end of every time I get sick. Tonight my cough is so bad that I can’t sleep, and I coughed until I made myself sick. Now it’s 1 AM and all I want is to sleep, but instead I’m on the floor of my bathroom shaking and sweating. This sucks. I want sleep :( sorry to just whine but what else is there to do right now???? Pretty much nothing