I got what I ordered and then some from @hangsabove and I can’t stop smiling! Alyx has been a big inspiration for me recently and it’s really awesome to have some of her drawings. Her art is gorgeous and she is honestly the sweetest and deserves the world 💛

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What if Batb 2017 characters accidentally went though a time portal to modern times to find that the castle is now full of tourists?

but also, wouldn’t they ????:

  • meet belle and adam’s descendants, whoever the fuck they are
  • notice that the tour guide is an unusually exuberant fellow with a thick Parisian accent and expressive hands
  • introduce themselves to the gift shop proprietor, an older gentleman who thinks this batch of tourists is all dressed highly irregularly
  • almost trip over a little boy who’s so pumped to be visiting this castle. he heard a local legend about a monster who lived here, but his mother tells him that it can’t possibly be true
  • pretend not to see that the first tour guide is totally in love with the second tour guide. they’re literally abandoned halfway through the tour because two somebodies disappear into a closet
  • there’s an asshole tourist in the group who is aggressively going after belle, but he seems to fall off about the time they’re going over one of the bridges, so they never see him again
  • somebody’s opened a restaurant down in the village to feed the tourists. the angry genius behind the bar insists he could make masterpieces, but these ignorant lizards only ever want french fries
  • the man at the coat check compliments chapeau on his excellent taste, and they have a fascinating conversation about fashion standards. or at least, i mean, the coat check man nods significantly, and chapeau nods back, and that does the trick for both of them.
  • there are two buskers singing and playing on a little electronic keyboard outside the castle, and cadenza tips them generously
  • lefou and stanley aren’t at this. as soon as they realized they were in modern times they ran off to join Parisian pride week, so i don’t know what to tell you
First School Dance - Tommy Mancuso x Reader


Pairing : Tommy Mancuso x Reader (Gender neutral | Male or Female) 

Fandom : Nerve

Request: ’‘could you write something like a school dance for tommy and a male reader? or female but preferably male’’

Warnings : cringey and rushed *cough*

A/N : I wasn’t inspired for this one… Everytime I tried to write something it turned out really bad and I couldn’t find a good ending or anything, that’s why it’s really rushed. And I’m sorry it took so long. :/  Y/S/N : Your school name

You unlocked your locker and emptied your bag, putting the books you didn’t need in it. You were glad the school year was almost over. You had had your ups and downs all year at school, and you were really looking forward to the summer. The only thing that made the few last days bearable was your friends who were always here to cheer you up when you needed it. As you were about to close your locker, you looked up and noticed a poster hanging on the wall and frowned as you walked towards it, reading the words.‘(Y/S/N) Dance : Only people with dates will be let in.’

“Awesome.” You whispered to yourself and rolled your eyes.

“Hey Y/N !” you jumped as Vee put her hands on your shoulders.

“Holy shit Venus!” she laughed and excused herself before taking a look at the poster.

“Our first school dance. Are you gonna come ?”

“I don’t have a date Vee.” Vee chuckled and rolled her eyes.

“Honestly Y/N…you should really ask him.”

“What do you mean- ask who ?” you furrowed your eyebrows, even though you knew who she was talking about.

“Tommy. You guys are best friend, he could never say no to you. And don’t you dare telling me you don’t have a crush on him.”

“I don’t.” you mumbled, as you started to walk back towards your locker, quickly followed by Vee. “And he probably have a date already.” You shrugged, closing your locker.

“Who has a date?” A sudden voice spoke up.You both turned your heads, and Vee smiled as she responded.

“No one. I mean, not yet. What about you Tommy?” she asked as she put her arm around your shoulder.

“I don’t have one either. And I think the concept is dumb, why would we need a date to go to a school dance ?”

“Aw come on !” Vee said “It’s more fun !”

“Sure, it’s easier to say when you already have a date. Right ?” you looked at her and raised an eyebrow.

“I-I don’t have a date, Y/N.” she muttered

“Don’t play dumb, Vee, I saw Sam asking you the other day.” Tommy smirked, and you laughed.

“Nobody asked you Tommy?” she asked, trying to drop the subject. Tommy smirked and rolled his eyes.

“Well, a girl asked me but…I actually wanted to ask someone else.”

“No way !” Vee squealed. “And who’s the lucky one ?” she winked.

“You’ll see. But you know what ? I’m gonna head back to class, before you guys ask me any other questions.” he winked and walked towards his next class, while Vee suddenly started squealing

“Y/N, he totally wants to go with you !” You rolled your eyes and chuckled without responding.


You walked down the stairs as you heard your parents greeting Vee. Today was the day of the school dance but to be honest, you weren’t that excited since you still didn’t have a date. Vee told you she would sneak you in, but you were pretty sure that they would never let you in.

“Vee, you look gorgeous!” Your said with a wide smile, while Vee showed her beautiful dress. You engulfed her in a hug and your mother took several pictures of the both of you, making you roll your eyes.

“Oh come on, Y/N ! Smile, it’s a great day !” She said, and you kissed her cheek, thanking her for buying your outfit. Your parents both wished you to have fun as you and Vee walked towards her car.  You hopped in the passenger seat and waved to your parents as she drove off.

“This dance is going to be so much fun, Y/N.” She exclaimed.

“Only if they let me in” you chuckled.


Time passed and you were starting to get bored. You were the only one without a date, you and Vee had to beg the teachers to let you in. Vee had Sam, and Tommy came with Sydney. You walked over to the food table and drank while watching the students dance. You scoffed and left the place, inhaling the fresh air once outside.

“Can I join you?” The voice startled you and you turned around, smiling at Tommy.
“Sure.” You said, as he walked towards you

“So…you were talking about Sydney the other day?” you said. He was taken back, and furrowed his eyebrows.

“Um, no. Not really. She just helped me to get in since I didn’t have a date. She actually came with Ty.” he laughed

“Wait- You don’t like her? ” You furrowed your eyebrows. 

“No, I don’t.” he responded and you widened your eyes, opening your mouth before closing it again.

“I-I’m so sorry…I thought-” you were cut off by Tommy pressing his lips against yours. Once he pulled away, you were blushing mad.

“I love you, you adorable idiot.”

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Hmmm... Have you done the otp ask meme for Lance and Pidge?

  • Which one sexts like a straight white boy?
    • It’s a very serious competition, there’s a score board, and Pidge is the reigning champion 
  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?
    • Lance did because Pidge has literally no empathy for fictional characters she plays the sims just to murder them okay
  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
    • Pidge did on accident but then they thought it was really cool when it exploded and now they have a youtube channel together of just blowing shit up in the microwave 
  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?
    • Lance does it until Pidge gets so annoyed she literally bites him and he shrieks
  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
    • It’s an all out cold finger tickle brawl, they’re broken bedside furniture before, it’s serious guys
  • Who had that embarrassing Reality TV marathon?
    • They’ve almost broken up over Drag Race im sorry but it’s canon
  • Who laughs more during sex?
    • Lance says stupid pick up lines then starts laughing like an maniac at his own stupid joke and Pidge just shoves his head down to get him to shut the fuck up already
    • Pidge usually, but sometimes she’ll spoon Lance when he’s having the bad thoughts and she clings to him like a backpack

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Rosso and Ventus prank Solace in the middle of the night and scare him out of his mind. Bonus: Ebalon happened to be around too. Your choice what he does c:

“You know the thing they never tell you about being a Master?” Rosso says conversationally as he and Ventus pour water down the stairs.  Ventus grins.

“Oh?  Do tell.”

“You have almost complete control over your element… and its negatives.”  Rosso stretches out his hand and gestures.  All the heat in the water rises and flows to him, leaving a solid sheen of ice on the stairs.  Ventus high-fives him.

“Sweet.  Now just to see who’ll fall for it.”

Chuckling, the two step back into the shadows of a doorway just as a sleepy Solace walks down the hall.  He doesn’t seem to notice the ice.

Well, he definitely notices when he steps on it.  He slips and falls down the stairs with a blood-curdling shriek.

Rosso cracks up.  Ventus, also laughing, stretches out his hand at the last moment so the air will cushion Solace’s final fall.  Rosso lets heat slip back into the ice, and they both dart away, leaving Solace to be soaked in the water running down the stairs and absolutely freaked out.

Ebalon hums at the drenched Solace.  He’s been reading, perched on the kitchen table, this entire time.

“Congratulations,” he says drily.  “Denif is now the only one who’s never fallen for that prank.”

The burning desire to be somewhere doing something

I sit here sinking
Hopelessly thinking
Linking together
Each little inkling
That my head needs shrinking

Yet the rest of me feels so small
Unrecognisable at all
Listening for a call
While I endlessly fall

Should I cry, should I scream?
Resign myself to sleep
And endlessly dream?

As the night gets closer
And the sun gets lower

At least today’s almost over.

noah fence but these “this site can’t enjoy anything thats problematic” or something about not everything has to be ideologically pure posts are almost strawman-ish and over exaggerated