my dog is afraid of her food bowl so we have to feed her on a plate, but she’s afraid of that too? but i guess i didn’t believe it until now, i must have thought that it was at least partially that she didnt like her food


my mom just kicked her food plate by accident and got her food all over the floor and she’s eating all of the scattered dog food, like all of it, EXCEPT for pieces that are too close to the food plate



i realize there’s a weird thing about that school, that none of the normal people there show any signs of remembering any weird alien shit that happens

but there’s not really any chance of forgetting or not noticing that one of your classmates has literally turned into a great big hulking shadow monster.

Tfw u accidentally bite into ur antidepressant and the powder goes all over the inside of ur mouth and now ur mouth is Burning

Oh an one last thing, this is for @libfas.

These are crappy because I was doing this quick with a shitty mouse, but do tell me, which one is the Breton, which one is the Khajiit, and which one is the cat? All of these were traced over actual pictures.

Now please do tell me again how Khajiit “aren’t humanoid.”

ok so now vixx conception is over and all i hope the boys take a good long break and just fucking rest and spend some time with their families or something i really want them to rest :(( 

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if you ever want to procrastinate on netflix like i do, i would suggest binge watching how i met your mother, the office, haters back off, or friends! they're all super funny and usually i can even have it on in the background while i'm doing homework. or if you like a really good drama show to get invested in, i love grey's anatomy, white collar, orange is the new black, once upon a time, and switched at birth! good luck on your finals and i hope i maybe helped you discover a new show!

Aw thank you! Lol you named most of my favorite shows :P

I watched all of HIMYM last year, Friends over the summer and now I’m binging The Office! And I’m all up to date with OITNB and OUAT! :D I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy all the time but had to stop after they pretty much killed every body… I’m going to check out White Collar! If you haven’t seen any of the Black Mirror episodes, I recommended that. Some of them are a little fucked up and mess with your head, but I’m into that hahaha. I’ve only seen the 3rd season and I think episode 1 was the best. Thanks again!


Halemore Christmas

Although it hadn’t been one of their favorite holidays for a while, Jackson and Derek have grown to thoroughly enjoy Christmas. This year, it actually snowed in Beacon Hills, and Jackson made a few snowmen. They absolutely can’t get enough of this holiday now and when the day is all over, curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and cheesy holiday movies just makes it even better.


Mark had drank an hour or two before, and now he was all over the place, hugging on Sean, his best friend, drunk. “Hey, Jack? You’re so beautiful. Especially those baby blue eyes. I think I’m gonna die from being drunk.. Oops?””

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Talk about being unloyal first Kyungsoo and now fishy. Damn girl you all over the place.

I’ve only said vows to one person in my life.

Everyone else hasn’t been promised shit

#decbookstagram Day Two: Book & Warm Drink!


(Yes I am still playing with my theme. I hate all of the ones I’ve had so far, I look at them and, to quote Emily Gilmore, “no joy”.)

Story time guys, my hot chocolate over there looks a little sad and pathetic, I had big plans to go all out with all the whipped cream and everything because you know….yeah I can use it in the photo but also I was totally mentally chanting “treat yo self” while I was making it because why not. Now. I am a fiend for whipped cream all over my ice cream and hot chocolates. So. I selected my huge mug, made my chocolate and went to swirl whipped cream all over it….there was basically none left. I could only make it once round the edge. My dreams of a hot chocolate with a mountain of whipped cream, marshmallows and a chocolate flake crumbled into ash. I was so psyched as well, giant marshmallows and whipped cream dregs just isn’t the same 😭

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I have spent the last two hours lost in my research paper. I don’t even know why research papers are thing, why do I need to research what a book is about, if I’ve read the book. Anyways. My mind is mush, so I’m probably not making sense, but all of the left over pie is gone from thanksgiving, and now I don’t know what to do with myself to rejuvenate my poor brain. 

2016 Star Trek Online Winter Event Pictures

Fighting the Snow Borg. (All of my Winter Weapons were deleted from my inventory last year because I needed the space, and now I have to start all over again with snowballs.)

This is Klingon Ice Fishing. You beat a hole in the ice and then beat up the fish to put them in the Offering Bowl.

And I thought they smelled bad on the OUTSIDE! 

The giant gummy worm/dragon that the offerings summon must then be stopped.

Finally Admiral Selek was sent to fight off more enemy snowmen from the Gingerbread Village. 

and with that, my darling chicks, we have all accounts necessary to open for interactions !! now, before you go whooping all over the place, we’re going to hold off until tomorrow  to start all of that good stuff. meaning, 9:00am pst we’ll open for plotting– and around 10:00, i’ll take a poll to decide if we’ll open immediately for interactions, or hold off until sunday pst. follow ?

any questions can be directed to the im or the inbox !!


Sigrun slumped, hidden away in a corner where she presumed that no one would be able to find her. Why she didn’t want anyone to find her, of course, was that she was crying. Again, she’d managed to piss off the one person in the whole school who was nice to her. What rotten luck. Oh well. She didn’t need anyone. She wasn’t even going to stay in Germany once all this was over. Might as well start practicing being alone now.

Oh my god right now my feels are just all over the place. I feel so uncomfortably empty right now and I feel like I am completely empty of love and attention. Someone contacted me and asked me if I miss them and I honestly find it hard to form an attachment to them because I just find it so hard to believe that they actually have feelings for me and that they actually value me. Every time I hang out with friends I get inner social anxiety even being with them because I just constantly question whether I am acting appropriately and whether they actually want me around. Just the memory of my dad, hearing his voice and seeing his face is enough to drive me to another PTSD attack. I’ve been having loads of those lately and I feel like I’m constantly on edge. My mum cried when I had an outburst and actually threatened her with suicide if she ever thinks of restricting me again like she did before - because once she got back to her old classically abusive ways when we were in holiday somewhere and since then I just find it so hard to trust her, even though she apologised numerous times. My sleeping pattern has been terrible and this has made me even lonelier because obviously it’s hard to be around people who mostly sleep at night unlike me nowadays.

Dear Charlie,

I think he hasn’t want me for quite some time, and I’m trying to cope with that thought. I think I’m getting there, I just hope I don’t end up failing. I love him and all, and I wish I had answers, but I don’t want to be the crazy person that still wants to be loved by a toxic person. I don’t want to be the one that keeps on trying. 

I mean, secretly I’ll always be waiting for his call or his text and maybe his comeback to me. And I’ll keep some hope that we’re going to start all over again one day. But for right now, I guess it’s okay to be thinking this way. If this is how it’s suppose to end up like. So be it. I’m done waiting around.