Are You Going To Be An Overprotective Baby Brother?

Pairing: Steve x Henderson!reader 

Request:  Could you do a Steve Harrington imagine of being Dustin’s older sister and prior to the monsters you ignored Steve even though he always tried to flirt because you’re pretty and smart but you’re also snarky and friends with Nancy and Jonathan and BFFs with Dustin and all his friends love you and post monsters with Dustin and Steve’s bromance you start to be friends with him and Dustin notices he likes you and gives Steve a overprotective baby brother speech? You can decide if he makes a move  

Warnings: fluff, a few swear words

A/N: Omg I love this prompt so much! Also, I have a requested El x reader coming out sometime in the next few days :)

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DL Lost Eden Vol. 01-04 Covers [Cleaned]


I was looking at the promo shots for  next week and I noticed a couple of things…

#1. Dean is almost all in black. He is in some DEEP FUCKING MOURNING. And the one splash of color is a dark blue shirt…hmm, now who would that remind us of…? 


#2. Remember how we’ve all been talking about negative space with regard to Cas, especially last season and this season? If not, here’s a great meta thread about it by @serracoj and @tinkdw.

With that in mind, take a look at the promo pictures for 13x04…

There is a GIANT HOLE between the two brothers. Now, on one hand, this clearly has to do with the divide between the brothers related to Jack.


Look at how Dean has got his arm around the back of the couch, around the back of the empty space. Now imagine who might fit very nicely into that space. Who would fill that void on the couch, the void in his arms, the void in his heart? We just DON’T KNOW YOU GUYS.

#3. Is that…over Dean’s shoulder…could it be…?


But wait…why would…why would there be hon–


Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go cry some more over this ship.

Joyce Byers: Jonathan… why is there 17 something looking guy in our kitchen lying face down?

Jonathan: I don’t know Mom….you tell me… last year there were light bulbs all over the place …Now the entire map of Hawkins is here…… what’s next? one of those demodogs sipping a margarita in the freezer?!

(appearing out of nowhere)

Dustin: YeAh..aBoUt tHat….


anon asked: Hii, can you do a reaction of bts begging you to cum on their dick and spanking and calling you “mine” and SUPER dirty names pls ☺️

Thanks for requesting! 💕 (I formatted this kinda different)


“fuck princess your so tight, cum all over my dick baby, *spanks you once before thrusting harder*

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"I’m so happy this pussy is all mine, you better come all over my dick now or your getting a punishment princess”

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“Baby, fuck *moans* please please cum on my dick baby please” *grips the bedsheets tighter as you ride him*

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*grins while he’s fucking you* “shit Y/N, I can tell your close so I want you to cum all over this dick ok baby? Can you do that? Please cum baby”

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JEON JUNGKOOK: *slaps your ass each time you moan or whine* Y/N your such a slut for my cock, *slaps your ass once more* cum on my cock slut

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KIM TAEHYUNG: *thrusts harder into your pussy, then leans down to whisper in your ear* your mine kitten, no one else’s baby, when your ready cum on my dick ok?

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PARK JIMIN: *guides your hips while you ride him, then he closes his eyes and bits his lip* fuck princess! Cum please please please! *spanks you 2 times*

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Moving On

@cabbagemagic requested:
I’d like to request something. A Steve x Reader fic. Where the reader is close friends with Jonathan and is Dustin’s older sister. And it’s basically her hearing about Nancy breaking up with him. And her spending time with Steve while Nancy and Jonathan are doing their whole thing in Season 2. Have them dating by the time of the snow ball? I hope this is okay and enough. This is my first time requesting a fic. Thank you

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Time skips, light swearing

A/N: So I changed the request a bit just so it’s easier to write with! Sorry! And your request was perfect! Don’t worry about it!

Originally posted by kings-of-my-heart


Looking back, Dustin flashed a hopefully innocent smile at his older sister.

“Where are you off to in such a hurry? With gasoline and raw meat?” Y/N held her hands at her hips, suspiciously.

“N-nowhere! I’m, uh, doing an experiment.” Crossing his fingers behind his back, Dustin prayed for her to believe it. 


Shit, shit, shit.

Please just let me go!” Dustin burst out. 

“Why? Where are you going Dustin? What has been going on? You’ve been acting weird lately and just because Mom doesn’t see it, doesn’t mean I don’t too! This is exactly like last year! What are you hiding?” Y/N countered back.

Shocked at how she somehow knew, Dustin sputtered. “Fine! Come! But if you die or get your ass kicked I’ll say I told you so! I told you so! That’s what I’ll say! Now let’s go. Steve’s outside.”

“Steve Harrington?” Y/N rushed after her younger brother, towards the idling car in front of their house, grabbing one of the buckets of meat.

“That’s right. Steve Harrington. I asked him to go monster hunting after the thing that ate Mews. You were right! It’s not an experiment. We are going after a potentially dangerous thing that could eat your face off.” 

Wide eyed, Dustin shot his hand out, making to grab his sister’s face, miming eating her face off, but she swatted it away, annoyed.

“Shut up. I’m going with you no matter what.”

Stuffing the meat and gasoline into the trunk, Y/N slipped into the shotgun seat determinedly. 

“Um… Hey?” Steve stared, bewildered, at Y/N who didn’t reply. “Dustin?.. What’s your sister doing here? Your very attractive sister?”

“Gross dude! That’s my sister!”

“I can see that. But seriously what’s she doing here?” 

In unison, the Henderson siblings glared at Steve.

“Just drive!”

“So, like, are you single?”

Steve casually twisted his bat in his hands, looking up at Y/N from his seat on the bus floor. 

“Yes. I’m single.” Y/N replied, barely glancing at him.

I can’t believe this. This bastard is asking my sister out right in front of me?” Dustin muttered inaudibly. 

“After this is all over, do you like, wanna hang out sometime?”

Turning to look at him now, Y/N nodded. “Sure.”

“Great!” Pleased, Steve hummed.

“Guys!” Dustin spread his arms out in disbelief. “I am right here!”

“You could’ve walked to the other side of the bus, Dustin!” Y/N frowned.

“Or covered your ears man.” Steve added. 

“Unbelievable.” Dustin scoffed. “Un-freaking-believable! Didn’t you just break up with your girlfriend a few days ago?”

“Um, it’s called moving on? And I just asked her to hang out. Chill.” Steve said, unconcernedly.

“Yeah. Quit overreacting. You’re acting like we’re making out in front of you-”

“Please don’t. Please.”

                                                  One Month Later

“All this is over now.” Steve prompted, leaning against Y/N’s locker. “But yet I still haven’t gotten to hang out with you over the past month or so.”

“I’ve been busy. Adjusting. School, my brother, we got a new cat… I’ll make it up to you. How about that?” Y/N smiled as Steve perked up.

“That sounds good. How about you go with me to the Snowball?” Steve looked down mildly at her. 

“Or.. not.” He backtracked at her expression.

“No! I’d love to, it’s just, I volunteered to help with the music? Like a DJ? I’m sure I could get someone to fill in for me to dance a little though if you’ll wait.” Y/N inquired.

“I’ve already waited this long. I could wait a little more. See you then!” Walking backwards, smiling, Steve stumbled, almost falling and Y/N laughed. 

See you.”

“Okay, good luck in there.” Steve clapped Dustin on the back as they were about to enter the gymnasium. 

“Thanks. Good luck to you too. Don’t-”

“What? Don’t treat your sister wrong or you’ll beat me up?” Steve teased. 

“No.” Dustin grinned. “I meant, don’t piss her off or she’ll be the one beating you up. But yeah. Don’t treat her wrong too Harrington.” 

Dustin made a “I’m watching you” gesture, giggling, before walking into the gym, Steve right after him. Seeing Y/N, Steve waved, making a beeline towards her.

“You made it!” Y/N grinned at him over all the music equipment she was currently operating.

“Wouldn’t miss it.” Steve looked at her admiringly. “You look nice.” 

“Thank you! As do you! Careful now though, or my brother might pop up and force us to stand five feet apart from each other.” Y/N rolled her eyes. 

“I think I’m good. I’ve gotten his blessing.” 

“Oh really?” Cocking an eyebrow, Y/N looked genuinely surprised.

“Yeah.” Steve said proudly.

“Well guess what?” 

“What?” Steve asked warily. 

“I don’t have DJ duty anymore! I passed it on to someone else! So I, am free to dance the entire night away.” Y/N beamed, stepping down from the table. “How good are you at dancing Harrington?”

“Oh you mean this?” Doing a wave, he waited for Y/N’s reaction, which was busting out laughing. 

“Honestly, it’s better than what I got.”

“We’ll see about that.” Holding her hand, he led her to the dance floor. 

“So what are we now? I mean, I asked you out last month, but we never did exactly, well, go out. And now we’re, like, hanging out.” Steve stopped abruptly. 

“How about.. starting now, we’re boyfriend and girlfriend. Previous to this, we were.. dating. Sort of. Cool?” Y/N asked calmly. 

“Y-yeah! Cool!” Nodding, Steve flipped her a thumbs up. 

“Cool.” Y/N grinned.

“Boyfriend and girlfriend it is.”

anonymous asked:

HC about the pairings Reddie vs Stenbrough having to raise a bag of flour or a mechanical baby and be parents in a fake family for a Family and Consumer Science class.



-richie would be so adamant on naming the flower baby ‘richie jr’ but eddie is like wtf no we’re good with only one damn richie tozier in the world. richie just shrugs like “okay fine but you know what we do need? another eddie, therefore, eddie jr.”

-the day of getting the damn thing, eddie lets richie take it home and he goes over to his house later on, and richie is in the kitchen and offers eddie a cookie saying saying some shit like “didn’t have any flour so i used some from eddie jr, that’s okay right?” and eddie fucking flips “YOU DID NOT JUST USE OUR BABY TO MAKE COOKIES” and richie is for a minute speechless cause like did eddie just call the flour sack ‘their baby’?

-they take turns having it for the night, though, it doesn’t really matter since they are usually together until midnight anyway doing whatever

-eddie is mortified when one morning he comes over and finds that richie drew glasses on the ‘baby’

-you know damn straight richie will repeatedly trick eddie into thinking he actually baked something with the flour, and eddie falls for it every time

-BUT you also know eddie will trick richie right back. richie will come over to get the ‘baby’ and eddie will be like “um you had it, dipshit.” and richie IS LIKE WHAT NO YOU HAD EDDIE JR. eddie will watch with amusement as richie runs back home to look for it

-richie keeps the ‘baby’ in his basket when they all ride around on their bikes

-eddie goes to richie’s house to find richie playing videogames with the flour baby right next to him with its very own controller. “um our baby is not going to live its short life not knowing how to play mario kart, eds”

-when they finally finish the assignment (they got an A btw which shocked everyone because lets be real everyone thought richie was going to drop it or some shit), they actually do end up going to richie’s house and baking cookies with it


-okay first off the baby would definitely be a girl and her name would be raven

-i can just imagine stan making some sling to hold the ‘baby’ on his chest as he goes out and studies birds??

-they decide to keep the baby at bill’s because georgie actually went out and made a cute, little bed for it, and how could they say no to his cute face?? though stan can’t help but fix up the blankets and pillows but bill doesn’t say anything and he’s happy to tell georgie that’s just how stan is

-also georgie says bill and stan are married now, and stan takes bill’s hand in his and kisses his cheek and bill fucking sputters all over the place

-so now hand holding is a thing, and stan kisses bill on the cheek every time they part ways. they knew they had feelings for each other but this assignment only made it more out in the open.

-also stan keeps the ‘baby’ in his basket because he’s the only one who makes sure his bike is stood still

-alsO bill would definitely whip out a marker and draw curls on the ‘baby’ and stan’s face would get so red oh my god. “i hate you.” “wh..wh-what..” “I’m kidding” and kissing follows

-when the assignment is over, they keep holding hands all the time and pretty much nothing changes and stan officially asks out bill and they go on their first date

doodles (’It’ a.u.)

Author’s Note: so ‘doodles’ is based off a soulmate au idea i saw on an instagram post but it was a screenshot of a tumblr post but the original poster’s url was cropped out so if you know who’s idea it was please let me know my messages r always open n i would love to give credit!! 

Warnings: homophobia, internalized homophobia, swearing

Word Count: 4,935 (haha whoops) 

lil playlist thing: I like to listen to music for inspiration when i write so here’s songs i listened to for this!  Dear No One – Tori Kelly, Daydream – Tori Kelly, Eyelashes – Tori Kelly, Would You Be So Kind – dodie, Plans – Oh Wonder, Love At First Sight – The Brobecks,  Just Don’t Let Go Just Don’t – Hellogoodbye, Here (In Your Arms) – Hellogoodbye, Baby Blue Eyes – A Rocket To The Moon, Meteor Showers – Andy Kong

Summary: ‘doodles’ is probably gonna be a series of a soulmate au in which in this universe anything that you draw on your skin automatically shows up on your soulmate’s skin and im doing this for all the losers and their soulmates! shoutout to the sneet sneet snitchie discord for giving me some ideas, i still have to sift thru to see which i’ll incorporate but i do know this series will include reddie and (obviously) stenbrough for sure! okay and so, without further adieu, i give you…

PART 1: POTTED PLANTS (stenbrough)

Stanley Uris had known his whole life through that he had a soulmate. It was as good as written in stone. Well - written in his skin, at least. 

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None Of Him No More

Word Count: 4.7k

Genre: Smut, Angst

Summary: When Namjoon stands you up on your anniversary dinner, you automatically seek out Jeon Jungkook, your fiancé employee, and your part-time lover, to work your frustrations out. But maybe Jungkook doesn’t feel like being the punching back in your twisted relationship with his boss anymore.

This is part of the 2k request list. You can check out the rest of the stories here.

You slam the door to your car, not caring if you break its hinges from the force, and stomp towards the opening of the garage, your angry and ungraceful gait in complete contrast with the elegant dress you wore and the dainty heels strapped to your feet.

“Namjoon! Namjoon!” You shout, walking in circles around the empty cavernous garage and calling out for your fiance.

“He’s not here.” A familiar voice informs you and you whip around in its direction, seeing Jungkook running a cloth over his shitty, DIYed car. He observes the fancy way you’re dressed, hair in a complex updo and body clad in a little a black dress. Namjoon must have stood you up. Again.

“Well, where is he?” You seethe.

“Fuck if I know,” Jungkook mutters and goes back to polishing his car.

“That bastard left me waiting for him in the restaurant for an hour. My family has been going to that restaurant for years. They all know me there. It’s a busy fucking restaurant and I kept stalling them. Telling them that my fiancé will be there any minute now. That he definitely won’t cancel without telling me. Do you know how humiliating that was? He won’t even answer his fucking phone.”

Jungkook only half-listens to your rant. He’s heard it a dozen times before. It was typical of his careless boss to promise you something and go back on his word. Jungkook just didn’t think he’d go so low as to ditch you on your anniversary. Fucking ungrateful hyung…

Giving up on your futile search, you turn your wrath towards the only victim in sight. “Is that piece of junk done yet?” You ask irritably, indicating the car he was busy polishing.

You can see a muscle pop up in his jaw at your choice of words. He’d spent a lot of time gathering parts and incorporating them into the car and fixing whatever glitches come up. Yet that doesn’t stop you from regarding it with distaste. After all, it was a piece of shit car and you’d offered to buy him a better one before.

No, you did get him another one. You even asked for all the specific things you heard him rave about countless of times before even though you couldn’t understand what they meant to save your life. You customized a car as close to his dream one as possible, and it was fucking expensive. You had to fight tooth and nail with your father to let you buy it because even though your family is filthy rich, that car still cost more than any other your family owned and it wasn’t even for you. But it didn’t matter, it was worth it to make your Jungkookie happy. You had it delivered to his house with you inside it, dressed up in a red dress and being the proverbial bow on top of his gift, knowing he had a thing for car sex and wanting to break in his gift. But what did he do when he saw it?

He rejected it. And He didn’t even fuck you.

Not only that but he got angry with you, striking up a meaningless fight then promptly marching back into his apartment and slamming the door in your face. You ended up with the car, and you made sure to always flaunt it in front of him, taking revenge on him for the way he spoke to you that day and taking delight in the way his eyes shone with longing every time you showed up with it.

“Yes.” He hums, not looking at you and that’s when you notice his weird demeanor. Normally, Jungkook would be all over you by now. With Namjoon absent and having pissed you off, you were all free for the taking. But there he was, polishing off his car for what must be the 3rd time since you got there, the anger and irritation radiating from his body palpable in the stale garage air.

“Well, why don’t we christen it then?” You stalk towards him. Whatever the reason for his gloomy aura is, you are determined to lift both your moods up. Jungkook finally looks at you, immediately feeling weak from the sultry look in your half-lidded eyes that has always brought him to his knees. But now he now steels himself against it, not willing to give in this time. You strut to the side of the car and pull open the backseat door, leaning against it and licking your lips slowly. “Why don’t you get inside, honey, and let me ride your pretty cock until you burst?”

It was tempting, almost too tempting. Jungkook could feel his cock already starting to harden just at the raspy tone you use to adorn your command and his legs ache to follow your order.

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I know we’re all stressing right now over Thomas, Joan, and Talyn getting the sleep they need. I’m stressed too.

But we have to consider that being a YouTuber, full time, is very demanding. You have to constantly put out new content. Your monetization comes from how many minutes of your videos people watch, and if you’re not making new stuff all the time, you stop appearing in notifications, so new people may not find you, and additionally your current followers won’t always be watching your content, over and over, they watch other things too. 

I don’t feel like he just feels pressure to please us; I feel like YouTube isn’t a great corporation for its creators all the time. Film Theory did an entire episode about the creative burnout the demand of being a YouTuber can cause, the pressure to put out new videos all the time, with new ideas, new creations… it’s a lot to ask of anyone.  

So… yes. We should be telling Thomas that we’re going to be patient. We aren’t going anywhere. I mean, I’m dressing up as Logan for Halloween. I put a lot of effort into that costume. I even ordered a custom polo with Logan’s logo on it. I digress. We should also try to understand the position that being a creator on YouTube can put a person in. 

I hope that they all get sleep, and soon. But I understand the pressure to come up with a creation at the cost of my health and sanity. I was once printing a project in an art studio and fainted because I had just been working so hard, and that was just for a grade for one class, not for my income or anything of that nature.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that YouTube can be very tough on its creators, and I kind of get why they all feel a lot of pressure to get this done, even at the cost of sleep. I do hope they all sleep soon, though. Like now would be good.


But seriously though, can I point out how heart breaking this is?? 

I felt like I was watching Ride grow up, I remember feeling happy for him when he got to pilot his first MS, and then feeling proud when he became such a tiny badass when fighting against the mobile armour.

^He was like this, but now he’s like that. I felt my heart break when I saw him make that painful expression after shooting Nobliss…

(All my friends are kinda joking that he has turned into Ride F Seiei now, and he’s going to join Celestial Being soon… So Rustal better watch his back. Ride is coming to get him.)

To Believe in Ghosts

Pairing: Amazing Phil & Daniel Howell (Phan)

Genre: !!Angst!!, Fluff, Light Smut.

Word Count: 12 000

Warnings: Mentions/themes of death. Blood. Ghosts. Supernatural. 

Summary: Dan is not the partying type. So when he is dragged against his will to a friend’s Halloween bash, it really is no surprise that things quickly go astray. But Halloween night is only just the beginning. Sometimes it takes an entire lifetime to learn a lesson…sometimes even a death. 

Author Note: Happy Halloween. -ellie

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Today’s Third-Years! (x)  

Thank you for the last show!!!  All over now~ 
They’ve overcome the typhoon and finished all of their shows.  
Hiroki thanks everyone for coming to see the show both at the theater and at the movie theaters for the live viewing and he’s happy to have finished another show with this cast.  
Justin thanks everyone for their support over their 37 total performances.  
Ken-chan whines a little about not having winter clothes for the cold.  Then he rubs his face on Hiroki and Hiroki complains about his stubble. 
Then they end by saying they want to go out for drinks.  

anonymous asked:

Gime more Roman Godfrey smut

So since this was pretty vague, I decided to use this as an excuse to write one of the prompts @weallhaveadestiny  had sent me awhile ago. So this prompt is “Reader wants a job at the Godfrey tower, but when Roman Interviews here, he’s got something else in mind. Hopefully you enjoy!

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