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I'm really curious. How did you got the passion for Soul Eater? How did it start?

Story time with khaleesi!! Because I never really talk about this so here goes.

I actually remember it very clearly which means it’s a very important memory to me (surprising to no one). It was March of 2014, and I was going through watching various anime shows that were popular on Netflix and all that good stuff. I don’t remember how I came up to Soul Eater, but somehow I found myself watching it late one night and stayed up until 3am binge watching the show before I finally had to call it a night. Then I spent the next night finishing it because I had to. I also remember googling to find out if Maka died because of that 2nd opening, and my little heart couldn’t take it if she died. 

But, I actually fell in love in that very first episode of Soul Eater because there was just something about Soul and Maka that I found endearing. Their relationship was really wonderful, especially with the whole ‘cool guys don’t cheat on their partners’ but, and from then on, I was sold. Everything about the show was really wonderful and great, and I just fell in love hardcore.

Then it ended, and I needed more!! So I found the SE fandom here on tumblr which was coincidentally around the time that SoMa week was going on back so I read all these great things. And then I kinda just got swarmed with SoMa stuff that it fed into me loving this otp and wanting to get every last bit of them. 

My passion for SE and SoMa, though, didn’t come full force until I picked up writing again and started posting my own stuff for the OTP. And now I’m just in this endless vortex of SoMa trash where I cry about them more than a 24 yr old probably should. 

I also wanna note that I wouldn’t have started writing again if it wasn’t, not only for the wonderful fanfics I read at that time, but also me finishing Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and the finale for HIMYM which made me so angry I felt the need to let my frustration out through fanfic so yea.

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Hello :) Recently I started getting into astrology but I'm finding it extremely confusing at the moment. Do you have any tips or advice for beginners like me who are just getting into astrology? Thank you!

Start with learning some stuff on websites as it is free and easy to do. I would suggest first memorizing and understanding the 4 elements. After the elements move onto the 3 modes and then the difference between active and passive energy. Once you understand all of that, it’s easy to get a hang of what each of the sign’s energy is like and you won’t forget it as easily if you were to just read up on each one of the signs before the elements and modes.
Learning and memorizing the planets is similar.
What really helped me learn how to read birthchart quicker is by actually drawing out my chart on paper. Not a lot of people actually know how to read the circle I find. It’s very important to learn, especially if you wanna learn aspects.
Some good authors once you really start getting the hang of it; Alan Leo, Linda Goodman, Isabel M Hickey, CEO Carter, Robert Hand, and Evangeline Adams. Just keep in mind that every astrologer is bias in their writing in some way so look at their birthchart to get a perspective on how they think.

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Wait, so shadow people can actually be a thing and I'm not just hallucinating? Maybe? I suffer from psychosis and seeing them is a thing that happens but if it's possibly a witchy thing how do I get rid of them? Or try to.

Here’s where we need to make a very important distinction.

Shadow people are indeed an actual phenomenon, but it’s CRUCIAL to remember that if you’re suffering from a known-quantity mental condition that produces visual hallucinations, you should address any such visions in a medical capacity before you try to get of them with magic.

Shadowy apparitions are a common visual hallucination in several mental ailments, as well as sleep paralysis, so there are mundane explanations for them as well as supernatural ones. 

In your case, my recommendation to you is that you assume first and foremost that any such shadow people that you see are likely a visual hallucination, not ghostly interlopers, and that you take whatever steps you must to deal with the situation on that level. If it troubles you overmuch or your existing coping methods aren’t working, please seek the assistance of a mental health professional.

Xicana Surf Rock: An Interview with Bombón

Bombón are a three-piece surf rock band from San Pedro, California. Angela Ramos, Paloma Bañuelos, and Jerico Campbell have been creating the perfect songs for a hot summer day at the beach since 2010. Ramos and Bañuelos are both Mexican-American women who are inspired by riot grrl bands, punk, and xicanisma. Listen to their music on their bandcamp.

ED: I remember when I first heard “¡Xicanista!” I was unbelievably excited. Not only because I had seen you guys live before, and had a feeling you could be Xicana’s, but didn’t feel like it was the right time to ask. Even though if I had known, then it would’ve been even more amazing. Since both of the Burger Festivals I saw you play at were mostly white. Sure Booger a go go was all female, but there was like 3 bands with known Latin@s. I think it’s actually very important to make it known that you are the minority in a scene. Especially because it gives people like me and teenagers like we were, hope. How is it to be involved with a scene like this when you can see a disconnect?

Bombón: (Angela) I feel honored to have been part of Burger-a-Go-go’s line-up for the past two years. I (personally) didn’t feel any separation having played a festival like that, if not, I felt connected to other fellow musicians for being part of an event that celebrates music by female fronted artists. I do believe it is important to be proud of where your roots are based-on, but we also have to remember to appreciate our differences and celebrate not separate them. I’m proud to be Latina I can only be me.

(Paloma) I also felt honored to be apart of Burger-a-Go-go too. I saw it as a melting pot, there were people of all backgrounds there and that’s what I liked about it. I like seeing that at shows. Of course I’m proud of my heritage, but I love seeing people united and celebrating music together. I also think we make a Latina stand with our band name and having a lot of our lyrics in Spanish!

ED: What inspired the song “¡Xicanista!”?

(Angela) Our song ¡Xicanista! Was partly inspired due to Trump’s political campaign brought on by sexist and racial tactics.

I was intrigued with the Xicanista movement after reading Alice Bags book “Violence Girl” a couple years ago, which I connected to a lot. Going through my own experiences as an Immigrant child being raised in the U.S, and finally dealing with all the silly steps of becoming a citizen as an adult, just to have the same rights as all my friends that I grew up with. I was inspired by that and making a stand with our own feminist anthem, when we wrote the song.


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Hey there! Could I just ask what stimming is? I see a lot of autism blogs use the word, and I have autism myself but I've never seen the word before. Thank you :)

Stimming is shorthand for self-stimulatory behavior. Stimming is often repetitive movements that seem purposeless on the outside, but it’s actually serving a very important purpose: regulating our nervous systems! :D 

I stim to create sensation when I feel understimulated, I stim to shut out other stimuli if I’m overstimulated, I stim to help me focus on something, I stim to express myself and sometimes I stim just for the heck of it. Sometimes I start stimming without realizing it and become conscious of myself doing it(semi-voluntary) and sometimes I choose to start doing it(voluntary).

Like right now, I just now realized I’m bouncing my leg like a jackhammer. I don’t remember starting to do it. Then I rocked backwards and forwards twice while waving my arms in the air– I chose to do that.

You might be stimming a lot and not realize it. Any action that’s repetitive can be a stim. Leg jiggling, twirling a pen, tapping your fingers, chewing the erasers off your pencils, looking at things that sparkle or are colorful, rubbing velvet or stucco, sniffing bottles of lotion, sucking on lemon slices, making random noises, listening to music or repeating the same song over and over are all forms of stimming. The list is honestly endless.

Stim toys make stimming even better. They’re made for it.

I can show you what my stimming looks like because I don’t try to hide it. I’m using stim toys by @stimtastic in all but the last one.

This is sensory seeking stimming:

This is sensory avoidance stimming:

This is happy stimming mixed in with sensory seeking stimming. Trust me, you will see the happy stims because the rhythm and “size” of my happy stim movements are different than sensory seeking stim movements: 

And here’s a video of visual stimming from my perspective. I like sparkly things and how moving them can make points of light appear to flow like water. Sometimes I look at it with my eyes unfocused and my imagination goes wild.

(* * * Warning: Video may induce sensory overload if you have issues with sparkle, flicker or shifting light patterns.* * *)

Some important details

OK, I haven’t received any questions about these but I didn’t want people to assume incorrectly. So, here are a few important details you need to know regarding Sundrops:

  • All the fallen children fell and eventually got their souls captured after Toriel secluded herself in the Ruins, and before Flowey was born.
  • The general timeline is a bit confusing, but I am assuming all the main characters have extended lifetimes and are alive and well during these series.
  • Different traits (e.g patience, justice, etc) have different powers. That means none of the fallen humans have the power to save, reload, or reset, which is unique only to those with a high concentration of DETERMINATION.

And some details specifically concerning “A Story of Justice”:

  • Toriel has yet to meet Sans (hence her depressed appearance)
  • The dummies haven’t been created yet (will be explained more later~)

Where is all this good karma coming from?!??

First, I get calls for 3 separate interviews for real adult, grown up jobs. Then I get all these sweet anon msgs from you guys which is so flattering and has never happened. And now I’m being offered a real, adult job which I’ve been trying to do for the last year. Idk what I did for this good karma to come my way, but I’m so happy and grateful that it’s here.

Altean Headcannon Drabbles (Ancient Pidge)

So this is Altean Pidge AU drabbles for the Altean Pidge AU by @jakehercydraws

The Holts’ actually being a very important family on Altea. Like, They aren’t royal, but they are important royal scientists.

Alteans can shape shift their bodies to appear different ages (head cannon), So Pidge could’ve grown up on Altea and fully grown and maybe a Royal scientist alongside their Father and Mother. Matt was an ambassador and scientist.

Pidge actually being older than Allura.

Pidge’s family having to move and change names every few generations to hide the fact they never really age or die.

The Holts’ most common age grouping have Katie being physically 12-18 in human years and Matt being older by 4-7 years in each new family generation.

Pidge was Katie’s real Altean name. 

Matt is very surprised to hear people saying it again.

Altean markings are influenced by genetics, gender, nationality and to some degree shape shifting. Matt’s are a bluey sea-foam green, while Pidge’s are more lime. Mama Holt’s are a deep forest green and Sam’s are a light aqua blue.

The Castle of Lions recognized Pidge and that’s why they let them in.

Pidge wearing their old outfits still lying in one of the castle ‘guestrooms’ given to the Advisors, Scientists and Ambassadors.

Pidge being badgered into attending training by Keith or Lance and they see she can bench press twice their weight with minimal struggle.

Pidge accidentally freaking out in an ancient earth language after a nightmare.

Pidge randomly remarking remembering seeing Historical earth events.

Pidge pretending to be 1600 years old but is actually 160,00 years old.


Pokemon Go causes autism. This is very important and you should boost the hell out of this - do not play Pokemon Go! Pokemons were created by an autistic person and because of that all pokemons cause autism. Pokemon Go hasn’t been checked for safety by any scientists and there are already many reports of people catching autism from this game. Children are especially vulnerable to being infected with autism when playing Pokemon Go.

If you don’t believe me, think about this: before 1990s, there were very few cases of autism. Then Pokemons were invented. Now 1 in 50 kids has autism. Isn’t it obvious? Every child was exposed to Pokemon at some point in life and many have contracted this horrible disorder after that. Now that Pokemons are everywhere we will see a massive rise of autism diagnosis.

Protect your loved ones from autism - don’t play Pokemon Go! You have been warned.

an important PSA about this so-called fun game

This has been bothering me for a while but I honestly don’t understand the Ol*city fans who were calling Ben Percy sexist for not having Felicity in the Green Arrow Rebirth series. Because 1) Felicity Smoak isn’t even a Green Arrow character in the comics. She has never had anything to do with him before the show and 2) the new series includes Black Canary, Shado and Emiko; 2 female characters that were murdered in Arrow and 1 that doesn’t even exist in the show. If Percy is sexist for not including Felicity what are the Arrow writers for getting rid of/never including 3 female characters who are actually very important to Green Arrow’s story?

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The atmosphere of this blog is absolutely adorable! You guys are the greatest. I'm gonna read everything you post - new Se♡kmin Stannin Anon

aww thank you so much. also i’m sorry if you don’t have much to read right now, but i swear we’re working on requests and prompts and a few other moodboards for you guys.

welcome to the family!

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So I’ve seen one or two ‘imagines’ in the peche tag, how well do reader fics actually go for anyone here? I’ve done one in my last fandom and they were pretty popular there, and I’ve had a few idle ideas but don’t want to go through if it’ll make anyone uncomfortable? :V?


Sadly true. And Matt went out of his way to describe that while he was “comfortably jovial”, he was still very much desirable. As someone with a bit of chub it was nice to hear. Just because he isn’t 20 and ripped doesn’t mean he isn’t attractive. If the fandom truly loves Gilmore, they should draw him as described, because even though he isn’t this young fit man, Vax was still very much interested and attracted to him. And it shouldn’t even be about if he’s sexy and attractive, because especially where we are with his character now he’s so much more than “that guy Vax should date” but an actual very important and cared about character in the narrative. 

Okay but

Imagine Tucker actually enjoying Palomo’s company.
so like he’d be pretty beat up in chorus, missing his friends/not used to war and he’d probably find a quiet place to sit and think

then palomo would notice him just kinda sitting with his head buried in his knees and ask him if he’s okay

“shut up palomo”
But he wouldn’t leave and would sit next to him and eventually Tucker just starts spilling his emotions and palomo would give him advice and shit because he’s actually pretty smart okay

this is very important to me,,,

Am I the only person who gets really pissed off when people mention “race” (quotation marks because it doesn’t really exist) when it’s really not necessary? I mean, people are like “A black woman from Team GB just won a medal!” or “I’ve been watching this really nice Asian youtuber recently!”

No, she’s just a woman and they’re just a youtuber. I know it’s not offensive to point it out in small statements and that in some situations it’s important to recognise someone’s “race”, but surely it does more harm than good to point it out all the time.