So, I really didn’t like my old home under a loading dog near the Royals’ stadium in Kansas City. Now I’m in the shelter, but I’ve been checking out sites on the Internet with my secret kitty wifi connection, and I think I can do better!

Hi, I’m Reese, and my mom and littermates were all adopted, but I’m a little shy and so far no one has picked me here at Purrfect Pets Cat Adoptions in Overland Park, Kansas.

I like to chat with people and get belly rubs. I like a quiet home, and can do okay with dogs and other cats as long as they’re low-key like me. 

I would especially like a house with chairs, because I like to sit at them and watch what’s going on. My favorite thing would be to watch you, because you had adopted me and we could spend the holidays together!!!

You can find all about me, or set up a meeting, by emailing or calling 913-652-6677.

And if you, like Toto, are not in Kansas anymore, sharing is caring!