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2018 InkTober 18 - Beach Day

Favorite Hannor Tropes: Traveling together so Connor can experience new things.

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Hi, I love your writing! I was just wondering if you could do an EddiexMale Reader where there reader has an asthma attack during the night and Venom gets really worried? Thank you!

Of course, Anon! 

Stolen Breath

Pairing: Eddie x Male Reader

Words: 570

Every time you turn on the news, the first thing you see are the fires.

You’ve been lucky so far; your family is far enough away that they probably won’t have to worry. And the bay hasn’t been threatened by any of the Northern California blazes.

But here’s the part most people don’t consider when they think about forest fires: the danger doesn’t stop with the flames.

There’s been a thick haze through the city for nearly a week. Air currents have blown the ashes and smoke from a western fire into the bay, and it seems to have settled.

You can feel the burn in your lungs every time you walk outside. It’s a hitch in your throat, and while other people might find it irritating, for you it’s dangerous.

Your inhaler is in your back pocket at all times, tucked alongside your old wallet. Eddie once joked he could have it attached to a little silver chain, so it would look like an antique pocket watch. “Dapper,” he said, smiling.

The inhaler is still in your back pocket when you wake up, coughing hard.

The only thing is, you’re in bed. And your jeans are across the room.

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Metal of the Undying, Chapt02

Read now.

If you were left wondering just what happens to our dear protagonist after the end of the first chapter, I present to you Chapter 02! This one is going to get more attention in the editing stages, but for now, I’m comfortable sharing it.

I hope you enjoy!
Mild warnings: sex is implied, a moment of panic is briefly described.

Find Chapter 01 here, and the main info page for Metal of the Undying here.
There is no mobile-friendly Chapter 02 at this point.

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I keep hearing that Bohemian Rhapsody is a bad movie and I’m so disappointed because I grew up listening to Queen and I wanted so badly for them to do Freddie justice

If you don’t think Rami prancing around with his titties out and kissing men will save this movie, you are DEAD wrong.

I always kind of side eye people who exclude Nancy from the Byers-Hopper family equation. Sorry but after the cabin scene and all she’s elevated way past normal in-law status. She’s in it and she’s integral.

Me : laying on my bed for 5 mins

My parents : You keep laying on the bed, you don’t study, you won’t pass your exams

Me : eating

My parents : You always keep eating why don’t you study

Me : studying

My parents : *doesn’t pay attention* she must be on her phone talking to her boyfriend


i got this lil lap table thing from best buy that randomly has a built in pillow underneath and i love it so much

ima marry this pillow table

cuz i kept using a textbook and wire basket before

cuz im broke and ignore the dust throughout my room the desert does that to everything

my dad wanted to scoff at how best buy didn’t have the cable i wanted but instead accidentally spat on my face in the middle of best buy while the employees stared worried and wondering what the hell was happening


Electricity almost fully working again <3 the process of making the outlets work made the ceiling lights not work. ya ur guess is as good as mine

dad said my ribs hurting is probably cuz i maybe bruised them. Said it will take a couple weeks. idk why they hurt tbh just feels like someone hit me with a bat several times. i was planning to just man it out anyways. 


after commissions r done idk what to draw so ya can throw me a suggestion if ya want

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(For the honesty hour) I feel like we all want to know the origin of #witcher, aka how and when you guys met, when it got more than a friendly thing, how you got together, what makes her so special in your eyes, what are the plans for the future and all that jazz. Spill the tea my friend, I'm ready to get sappy ☕

oh dear, this is going to be one hell of a post,, get ready!

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when you thought your love for a character was just a crush but now it’s been a while and you realize how you love them and how much they mean to you

lmao I heard there is ‘jealousy’ dialogue from the spouse can be triggered by giving a gift to another NPC.
(except it’s their birthday)
I always gave their favored items in my inventory whenever I get the chance and It never happened before and I didn’t even know that kind of dialogue even exists until now.

so I thought 'hm… it says the chance isn’t very high. but what would happen If I just….’
then I gave a iridium star duck feather to Elliott The Disney Prince™(for science of course), came back home, honestly I wasn’t expecting it to happen this soon, but

b u s t e d

(and how come is it ‘secretly’ when I gave it in the open. at the market.)

jeez hon it was just this one time and it’s just a damn feather calm down