is there a secret

Artist : @alliope

For : @sonivegas

Prompt : Flower fields

Artist’s notes : ahhhh unfortunately school kinda caught me this year, but i still had so much fun making this!! I loved all the prompts that I got and I absolutely would’ve made more if I’d had time!! Also I misread the bonus prompt until I’d already finished drawing rip Anyways I hope you like it!! It was such a pleasure making this for you and I’d love to have done more!!!

A Secret Admirer

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy!

Nico opened his locker in a daze on Monday morning, but was surprised to find a single folded note where it was usually empty. He picked it up hesitantly and shoved his backpack inside.

He unfolded the piece of paper carefully, silently praying that it wasn’t anything from Octavian. He’d received notes with the f-slur far too many times. Forcing his fingers to stop shaking, he read the note.

Did it hurt? You know, when you crawled your way up from hell? :) - A Secret Admirer

Nico cracked up, trying and failing to not be seen by any of his friends. Naturally, Percy and Jason approached him that moment, and before Nico could protest, Jason snatched the note and showed it to Percy.

“Ooh, Nico! Who’s this from?” Jason could barely contain his excitement.

“How in Hades would I know, Jace?”

He shrugged. “I bet it’s Will.”

Nico snorted. “Fat chance. He’s… Will freakin’ Solace. Even if he did like me, which he doesn’t, he would just tell me because he could literally do anything.”

“Woah there Neeks, take a deep breath.” Nico hadn’t noticed he’d gotten so red. “You never know these things. It just takes time.”

“Says you, hetero boy.” Nico playfully swatted Percy on the shoulder.

“Stop bi erasing me!” Percy exclaimed before he and Jason erupted into laughter with Nico rolling his eyes behind them. “See you at lunch, nerds,” Nico said as he turned in to geometry class.

Over the next ten school days, Nico accumulated ten more notes- a cheesy pick-up line greeting him every morning. He found himself actually looking forward to school, if only to have a laugh in the morning. As unlikely as it was, he found himself wishing that the admirer was Will Solace. He would be that cheesy, wouldn’t he? Nico tried to shake the thought, but it followed him without fail, making the corners of his mouth turn up every time he zoned out.

The third Friday after Nico started receiving the notes, Nico arrived at school a few minutes early- Hazel had a meeting before school and she was his ride. He was greeted by the captain of the basketball team at his locker, back turned to Nico.


He jumped, dropping the note in the process. Before Will could react, Nico lunged and picked up the note. He was delighted to read the Secret Admirer signature at the bottom.

“It’s you?”

“Yeah,” Will agreed, his facing burning scarlet.

“Yesyesyesyesyesyes,” Nico whispered.

“Really? I figured I wouldn’t be your type.”

“Really, sunshine boy, I’m the one who isn’t his type,” Percy called from behind them.

Nico rolled his eyes. “That was years ago, Perce.” Then, in a whisper, “Please leave.”

Percy winked at Will as he strode away, and the two were alone once again.

“But- why me?” Nico asked after Percy had vanished from earshot.

“What do you mean why you? You’re Nico di Angelo! Brave, smart, and not to mention incredibly attractive. But also very intimidating.”

“But you’re the captain of the basketball team! You could have anyone you want.”

“That doesn’t stop me from wanting you.”

Nico exhaled what might have been an “Oh.” Will stepped forwards and took Nico’s hands in his own. “Will you go out with me?”

“Yes, yes, oh my gods, yes,” Nico stammered, barely able to contain his joy.

Nico felt Will leaning in, but before he could discover where this would lead them, the bell rang, and they jumped apart.

“Well, I’ll see you later, babe.” The word rolled as easily off his tongue as if it had been practiced.

“Bye,” Nico said weakly. He was whisked to geometry on cloud nine. The smile on his lips couldn’t have been erased by the end of the world.


Camp Camp Secret Santa 2018!
We are here for a second year and applications are open! It was so much fun last year, so I’m excited to be running it again this year.

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