is possessing my hair

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If you could only keep five possessions, what would they be?

“My mother’s gold hair brush, Charles’ christening dress, a tiara that my father bought me upon my birth, a painting of me and Charles and I suppose my sister’s silver hand mirror.”

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if i my ask jadesprite what kind of powers do you have?

thank you for asking

have you ever heard of the first guardians?

i… kind of have their powers

i was possessed as a kid, during a hunting trip. its why my hair is like this too, some demons can change the physical characteristics of those they possess, the first guardians usually do, and this one left some of itself behind in my hair as well as its powers.

i dont really have much control over them, but they sure are there.

What possessed me to start braiding my hair at 9pm 😑😑😑 I’m doing Havana twists and I’m not even half way done with my big ass head

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i think youd be really cool w some sort of undercut thing? keep the rest of your hair pretty long but make it shaggier and shave a little bit. also mayb go a little lighter? you could pull off a really cool-toned sandy blonde if you wanted!!

not doing the undercut because I am very possessive about my hair now that it’s getting longer. Might do more shaggy layers to get some texture. Trying not to go blonde again (I’ve had a lot of hair colors…) but might lighten it thus the highlights idea??

Pronouns: Co

co, co, co’s (cos), co’s, coself.

Mary Orovan created these in 1970, derived from the Indo-European *ko.


  • Nominative: When I tell someone a joke co laughs.
  • Accusative: When I greet a friend I hug co.
  • Pronominal possessive: When someone does not get a haircut, co’s hair grows long. (Or cos hair grows.)
  • Predicative possessive: If I need a phone, my friend lets me borrow co’s.
  • Reflexive: Each child feeds coself.

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Can you guess my sign? I'm sarcastic, I dye my hair a lot and I'm kinda possessive over my best friends like, they're my best friends no one else. I'm the person in the group that always takes pictures and I also have to have like everything organised. I live for aesthetics and I spend most of my time binging TV shows. I can get very emotional

water dominated cap???


Now, don’t ask me what the hell possessed me to do this, but I am dying my hair red. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out cherry red…