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Hi, do you think some sort of abuse can result in a strong desire to have your own possessions? For example, the only person I can even let use my hair stuff is my girlfriend, I can't let even her borrow my clothes unless it's a jacket, I won't let anyone touch my laptop, folders or my school bag at all, it makes me really uncomfortable, even angry sometimes to see people touch them

This is an extremely common symptom anon, in fact so much it happens to be a normal thing for most psycholofical/emotional abuse victims, it’s not uncommon to feel like Only You can have Your things and I suffer from the same effect from the point of view of my experience, it happens with anything I make, even commissions, so yeah. It’s normal anon.

Day 12/100 A prized possession
The hair combs that I got from my grandma that belonged to her mother

I’ve worn them a few times and I think they will always be a classic hair accessory to wear for years to come.

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i got 2 more boxes of wax strips so that’s a total of eighty (80) strips for ripping out my own body hair in my possession right now as i make this post. are you jealous 


HOW MUCH PACKAGING DOES ONE TINY TUBE OF LIPSTICK NEED?!?!??! On the plus side, I finally have a tube of Besame Red Velvet and I am 100% determined to remodel my entire style on Peggy Carter now that this is in my possession. I am YouTubing tutorial videos on 40s hair styling already.

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