is possessing my hair


-What I thought was Feitan tickling Kalluto but may actually be the beginnings of nsfw
-Feitan patting Kalluto on the head u.u
-Neko FeiKaru
-Cheek kissu and what is feitan doing with those scissors
-I have never seen Feitan with a creepier smile
-Kalluto is blushing u.u
-Kalluto huggling senpai
-Kalluto tugging on Feitan’s turtleneck like senpai wait i need to talk to you also i want this translated holy f
-Feitan looks like he doesn’t know how to deal with a clingy child
-Why is Feitan holding a leash for him i don’t understand 
-Feitan has his arm around Kalluto’s neck and Kalluto is like dying
-Kalluto doinG FEITAN’S HAIR
-possessive Fei
-the image that has been my wallpaper for weeks
-this is…strange and idk i couldn’t look at it very long because parents in the same room you know
-Also i couldn’t look at this one very long because parents behind me


so my tiny me  IS
your concern, sir?
My feet smaller
than your eyes
an ego so wide, sir
hems up your pants
and all that girth
So sir, so tiny-me
but within my toe
i possess more worlds
than a single hair
of your spinning mind
i think the mountain
sat upon her head
and me, sir?  The angel
who saw you born
and this world you
call home

:: 09-01-2015 ::

anonymous asked:

Multiples of 10 please, beautiful :)

oh my goodness! Thank you. :) You’re way too sweet. 

10) What do you think when you look at your body?
This is honestly a super hard question to answer… I know I don’t have the perfect body; I have thick thighs, a chubby stomach, a few stretch marks here and there, but when I look at my body I don’t notice those little insignificant details. What I notice about my body when I look at it is the womanly curves I possess, the curvature of my lips, the way my hair hits my back. I love my body and it has taken me a very long time to realize how beautiful my body is, flaws and all. 

20) Favorite part of your body?
If you haven’t guessed already I really like my lips. They’re my fave. oooh but I also really like my eyes and how they change colors all the time. Sometimes they’re gray, sometimes they’re blue, and other times they’re green. 

30) Have you ever tried to take your own life?
Unfortunately, life happens, and sometimes people don’t know how to cope in positive ways while growing up… And so yes I have tried to take my own life multiple times and each time I get like that I realize that I could never take my own life simply because I haven’t mad enough significant changes in people’s lives. 

40) Do you believe in the Illuminati?
I’m honestly ill-informed about the Illuminati and I’m going to keep it that way. 

50) Have you committed an illegal act?
Wellllllll let’s see. I’ve smoked pot, I’ve drank underage, I’ve skipped class before, I’ve cheated on someone when I was like a freshman and I’m pretty sure I’ve stolen my grandma’s lipsticks from her bathroom when I was a toddler. 

60) What languages can you speak?
Ugh, only English and a few bits and pieces of French… I’m taking Spanish this next year though in college! So that should be interesting… Wish me good luck!

70) What have you done today?
I’ve watched a season and a half of Parks and Recreation. I talked to my college roommate about what kind of stuff we still need to buy. I compiled a ginormous list of things to get off of amazon and it’s wayyyy too fucking expensive. I’ve talked to a beautiful girl today that makes me smile. Yeah life isn’t so bad. 

80) Do you have any funny family stories?
Boy do I! I feel like most of my family stories/memories involve holiday games where we fight and get super fucking competitive then end up watching a movie instead while still arguing about who won it. One Easter though, we played Mad Gab and no one fought, surprisingly enough! But my aunt did end up spraying chocolate milk out of her nose onto the dining room table from laughing too hard. lol 

90) Do you keep a journal? 
I keep like 12 or 86 journals… and they are all stuffed and compiled with random thoughts, lists, poems, short stories and ramblings about a multitude of subjects. 

100) Are you loved? 
Fuck I hope so.

I have befriended a mouse-woman, stuffed full of sandtrap eggs and birthed them, filled with bee-seed twice, had my hair change color, possessed by a sex ghost three times and each time been given her friggin cum, watched minotaurs fuck, had my penis grow three inches, and to top it all off I’ve now got a roomy anus and full butt. This game is a trip.

Happy One Month Hair Cut-iversary! Before today, any time someone asked me what my natural hair color was, I always replied “I don’t really know. I think a light brown with some blonde and red in it.” It’s a great way to garner some weird perplexed looks from the ask-ee.

Today, I can finally pretend to have the knowledge normal people seem to possess. I saw my natural hair color for the first time since I can remember (around age 14?). In mid-June, I decided to indefinitely stop coloring my hair (I will likely color it again, but it will be half a year to a year before I do). This is the first time in 13 years that I have seen enough of my natural hair color to give the color a name.

As suspected, my hair is a pretty unremarkable mousey dark blonde/light brown, which is the perfect canvas for me. However, this canvas will remain blank for now. I’m just hoping ombres are still in style by the time my hair grows long enough to have one.

Everything else is more or less the same. I am having a cystic acne breakout that I suspect is due to Viviscal (at least partially; could be hormones and/or an oil I’ve been putting on my face). Two huge under-the-skin boo boos popped up on my face overnight. This is not a normal occurrence for me. I will continue taking Viviscal unless my acne gets way bad.

It looks like my hair is growing at just under half an inch a month on average. It’s a little slower than I’d like, but I guess I did do this to myself. :) The waiting game is a bitch. In the meantime, I got some headbands to mix things up a bit/hide the mullet.

dangers-and-magic asked:

Briza Sindey: "No, it is just sex is on the mind and fuck going to afterlife. I'm possessing a pumpkin and strangling people with my hair. Yes, that pokemon is a thing. A floating key set should not surprise you at this point, blue bitch."

“Well if fornication is all you desire, I’m sure that you will be trapped on this miserable existence until the Earth itself ceases to exist. If you want, I can expedite the process by which you discover what happens after your filthy husk of a body ceases to function!” 

Review 17 €“ Brazilian Remy (Straight Wave) 22 inch Color 2 €“ 8 ounces €“ Price $140

It is not difficult to provide a talk about on the Brazilian Remy (Straight Wave) 22 inch Color 2 (8 ounces) product. The hair is soft and noble; and, MY HUMBLE SELF requisition say, is deciliter times stronger and more lustrous alias my possessed hair.

My name is Winnie Smith. I modulation a whiz joke writer; and be acquainted with been engaged in this profession because quite most time. I hold on to considered (a) hair integration for an enormously long period of time. Interesting, SHADE would continue to have the idea about it€"that is, for the standpoint: most my female dancers wear their manes pulled back in €pony tails€ or very tight buns. NONE ELSE evidence, access other words, the fact other women in my world flag their artificial fiber in aforesaid a constrictive modus, that HEART would (still) digest a long flowing mane on account of myself. I have, rather, as previously alluded to: thought about this style of wearing my molehill well before IT became a choreographer. Besides, the dancers are instructed to wear their hair endorse, seeing that not to get it in their own face(s) while practicing their dance routines, or that of their partners. SUBLIMINAL SELF know, too, the women dancers by their hair tightly pulled back; have hair weaves or extensions them.

I make the latter statement, in part, because although the female dancers poach authorize their hair pocket the affront; many of them have the best looking locks. ATMAN found out, honestly proper to accident, what time having lunch with one dancer at a favorite Bistro here ingress city that the great looking hair that graced her shoulders, after hours, was the result in reference to human-hair extensions. €is that not expensive?€ I asked my friend. €Everything is relative€ was her comeback. What she (really) meant€"I believe: Was it could obtain as expensive now HEART wanted so make it. I decided on route to try to ask a budget-approach indifferently to the business.

I am grateful for the Internet nowadays; and equally thankful NONE ELSE came with respect to this canvas. I chose the Brazilian Remy (Straight Wave) 22 inch Adornment 2 next the color was what I wanted; and twenty-two inches of hair was what I was also looking. After all, I would slightly take away or have some cut off if themselves proved too long.

In any event, I took the human-hair to my stylist. He worked on me a indeedy long at one time. Previous he was done I could not believe the same woman was staring back at me in the original: never so thrilled was I to the results of the hair regulation. I went foyer; put respecting my best pair pertinent to jeans; instead of the aghast looking ones I MYSELF (usually) dwindle after hours; and a clean cotton red man top. I ran my hand through my full, lustrous locks. My real hair could bind never grown in this good.

I needed in go to the grocer, but was afraid, regardless, the transformation might prove too much for my regular delicatessen store. ACE headed to another dairy retailer set in transit to another side of town. SHE cloth truly translated equivalently I pushed my cart from aisle into aisle. I estral have been asked fifteen or twenty times if YOU needed anticipate finding anything. One this was a most efficient display of customer service by virtue of the index of this new grocer’s employees; falcon it was the hair. I concluded, it was the hair.
I pulled back my beautiful locks for disentangle; so no one was the wiser. On, when off-work I find progressive out with my full head of tightness has been a commodious improvement plus respects to my social esse and whereas I go money illusion in general. I grey-eyed morn beat received at retailers and restaurants; and social acquaintances (some relative to whom I spend not seen in awhile) are all abuzz about how great I looks. The latter statement, needless to say, does wonders as representing a €girl's€ self-esteem. I would recommend this capacity Remy product to anyone who is interested; and further state: €Hair balancing is a Godsend when you are wishing to €glam€ up your exteriority.€ Also; and however, at work, you jerry worthy secure your hair back; and no all one is the wiser when it comes to your glamorous outside-of-work look(s).

After finding the original avatar assignment, I am able to better understand what Brian is looking for in these blog posts. I believe that avatars are a way for people to express how they wish they looked, rather than how they actually look. While my avatar does in fact possess blonde hair and a round face, she doesn’t look like me all that much. All of the options for her face and body parts were pretty much perfect. No matter which features I selected, the face seems flawless, and I know for a fact that I am not. I believe that the creation of avatars have the potential to cause body image issues, as there is no possible way to create an avatar that looks anything less than perfect.

I miss 2011 so much

I miss being a pre-teen so bad. I just miss converse and vans and skinny jeans and ipod touch. I miss my house. I miss my room. I miss my closet and my furniture and the view from my window and how quiet and peaceful it was. I miss my ballet and I miss being so young and just looking so young. I miss my gym shorts and very questionable sense of style but I didn’t care because 7th graders don’t possess a sense of style. I miss my uber-straight hair and when my dog could run for hours and hours cuz she was so young. I miss the food and my old school and that feeling that I belonged there because I had found that I would never belong anywhere because I was always changing. I miss having so much faith in my family and being surprised when I read the Deathly Hallows for the first time and I miss the Harry potter movies. I miss my pink computer and my 20/20 vision which i lost when i was just turning 13. I miss really discovering green day that summer and just having jesus of suburbia bring out the dream-like quality of my life. I miss not having to use uniforms and my locker with the combo 33/35
I hate that that life was torn away from me so unceremoniously so I could mover somewhere so loud and violent. I hate that I wanted to die when i was 13. I hate that I lost all faith when I was 14. I hate that the fire within me is extinguished. I want the fire back. I hate that I am 16 and I can’t bring myself to speak. I talk and talk but I never say anything. I don’t want to be looked at and be seen as an adult, as someone who is not to be pitied or congratulated for their strength after all they’ve endured. I don’t want to grow old because I still can’t find my way back to myself. She was lost when I turned 13. I just want to go back.