is it just me or are there 2 kids in that photo

Things that make me happy

1. Sushi for dinner
2. Tomorrow is Friday
3. It’s December!

I bought Gavin one of those cheap chocolate advent calendars…. Let him try the chocolate and he hated it 😂 definitely Dan’s kid. (I ate it 👍🏼).

My plan this weekend is to finish ALL of my Christmas shopping, take Gavin’s photo for our card, and order the cards! I just want it all done so I can enjoy the rest of the month. I hate that Christmas has become so materialistic. I hate that I have to buy presents for people I see 2x a year. I hate that it’s expected of me to brings gifts to holiday parties. And I don’t need anything either! I’m tired of getting scarves and lotions and filler gifts.


Once Gavin is in bed I will do some yoga and then eat dinner and watch fuller house 🤗

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how would american line react you being a meme lord (lowkey have over 2000 pepe the frog memes on my phone dont look @ me)

im crying did i ghostwrite this and send it in fjkefje

joshua would be so down. holy shit this kid. might not meme with you at first but get to know him a little better and oh my god. fucking memes everywhere. u and him will just like laugh at memes in english in front of the other members and they’ll all be confused af (minus vernon who is trying to understand the context)

vernon would also be hella down. u cant expect memesol to not meme. he will literally send you the most random memes he finds at like 2 in the morning and you’ll probably have an entire album on your phone dedicated to photos of him that you made into memes. will also show you memes in korean most likely lmao

honestly u cant expect american line to not meme like they are the literal biggest memes in seventeen. no doubt

-admin steph

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1, 8, 20, 49, and 60, please!

1. Put your iTunes on shuffle. Give me the first 6 songs that pop up.

1. I Still love U - Perfume

2. Dirty Harry (feat. Bootie Brown) - Gorillaz

3. Laser Beam - Perfume

4. Take Me Take Me - Perfume

5. Murdoc Is God - Gorillaz 

6. Kids With Guns (Hot Chip Remix) - Gorillaz

(Gorillaz and Perfume take up most of the majority of the music on my phone lmao)

8. If you are outside, what are you most likely doing?

Spray painting, or taking photos. Or taking a walk.

20. Do you believe in ghosts? How about aliens?

I believe in both!! :0c

49. Give me the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “heart”.

Love. My girlfriend. idk im gay

60. Give me your top 5 hottest celebrities.


2. just kidding this entire list is Murdoc Niccals

3. Damon and Jamie are kinda cute tho

thank u nonnie!! <3

I was tagged by @wesawbears

1) Favorite form of physical activity when you have to? 

Swimming. Definitely swimming. I was convinced I was Poseidon’s kid for a while.

2) Favorite name?

Oh, that’s hard… I know this isn’t exciting but I have always loved the name John. I also really love Christian for a boy and Adelaide or Amethyst for a girl.

3) Favorite photo of you?

Ha! I hate most pictures of myself but I was a pretty cute like five year old so probably a picture from then.

4) Favorite flower?

I adore green flowers. I don’t know why. Probably the green carnation is my favorite but I also love just your classic lily.

5) Car you learned to drive in? If you don’t drive, a car you like?

Toyota Echo

6) Last impulse buy?

Uh, does food count? No? Um, I think it was a wig for cosplay.

7) Silly quirk you have?

I narrate actions instead of actually doing them. Like I’ll say “sigh” instead of just sighing. Or say “she said sarcastically” after making some comment.

8) Are you a bag person or a pocket person?

Bag all the way. My sister can attest to the fact that I take my purse literally everywhere. Nothing makes me happier (probably) than getting a new purse.

9) Character you think deserves more credit?

Cries because this is so darn hard. I think it is between Jay from Disney’s Decedents and Takashi “Mori-senpai” Morinozuka from Ouran High School Host Club. I just love them both so much and I don’t see enough content or merchandise with them. Jay is so hard to get anything for. If he’s there, it always has the girls more prominently placed. Jay is a main character, they should treat him as such. And Mori is quiet and doesn’t really have too much content in the show and I feel like that makes people think it’s okay completely ignore his existence or make him only appear when Honey is there. Yes, Mori and Honey’s relationship is very important but Mori is still a person and he needs love too. Anyway… I ramble too much about my children.

10) How do you treat yourself?

Do you mean like, do I treat myself well? Probably not. I’m hard on myself. Or do you mean in the “Treat Yo Self” way? Because then I buy things that make me happy like purses or small things. 

11) Favorite seasonal drink?

Hot chocolate even though I drink it year around because I have little to no impulse control

I’m just going to leave this here because I can’t think of any questions so I’m not going to tag anyone (I know. I’m so boring.)

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OGMH I LOVE HOBI 😭😭✨✨😷😷💦💦 top 5 fave hobi pictures??

every picture of hob??? is my fav pictu re ???


2. he looks like that kid off of vine im so in love

3. m’barefaced squish boy mmmmm i lov him so much

4. 👅

5. i would lose a limb to keep him happy look at my baby i just


Things NaruHina Got That SasuSaku Didn't

Before I start this LET ME JUST SAY I LOVE NARUHINA. & I wouldn’t not want them to have all these things. I just wish SasuSaku had a few too, I think they deserve it after everything they’ve been through.

1. An on-screen kiss

2. An episode with a cute/sweet moment or two

3. Naruto’s verbal confession

4. Canon family photos

5. A wedding scene/montage

6. A happy scene with their kids

7. How Naruto fell for Hinata

I could continue but y'all get the point. I love NaruHina. But SasuSaku deserves some love and happiness too and I am forever bitter we won’t get any.



One night we were just sitting around my friends apartment talking about how we wanted to go camping. Then the next day we ended up at Target buying food and camping supplies. We got to the site after the sun was setting and hiked 2 miles through a forest in the dark, while carrying SO MUCH STUFF. And when I say so much stuff, I really mean so much stuff. After pitching the tent, we ate sour gummy worms and other various junk foods for dinner in our cozy tent and talked about life. I remember laying in that tent, hearing the waves crash below us, and feeling so happy. A moment in life that I could never forget.

As a kid, the ocean has always fascinated me. Camping on/above the beach has always been on my bucket-list. This morning we woke up late and it was gloomy. I stepped outside the tent and I remember being so in awe of where we slept last night. These photos give the view zero justice. There were beautiful rock formations all along the beach and it looked like something out of a movie. Then we took some photos, packed up our stuff, got pancakes and headed back to Portland. 

Danganronpa characters at the airport. Part 3.
  • Warning: I haven't been to an airport. Ever.
  • 1. Komaeda- Only came to see the others off. Not because he's not coming, he just doesn't mix well with planes.
  • Komaeda: See you guys there!
  • Hiyoko: How come you're not taking the plane again?
  • Komaeda: They tend to... crash. So I'll be going by boat.
  • 2. Hiyoko- Has trouble with her id. Mostly because she looks like an adult but her ID is that of a child.
  • Security: Er miss you are a lot older than the person in this photo.
  • Hiyoko: Stupid growth spurt not giving me time to get a new passport.
  • 3. Fuyuhiko- Has trouble with his id because he just doesn't look his age.
  • Security: Kid if you're clearly 12 but you're id says your 16 it's not going to work.
  • Fuyuhiko: Who are you calling a kid? Huh?
  • 4. Peko- Is annoyed she can't take her sword on the plane.
  • Peko: It fits in the "does your carry-on luggage fit in this box?" box. What is the problem.
  • Security: It's a sword.
  • Peko: Yes a bamboo sword. I am aware of this.
  • 5. Souda- Get's caught fixing stuff.
  • Security 1: Is that kid supposed to be fiddling with all the machines.
  • Security 2: No, should we stop him?
  • Management: Let him, he just fixed a plane.
  • Security: Why did he fix a plane?
  • Management: Also tighten up security around the broken planes.
  • 6. Teruteru- Is visibly disappointed that security didn't question his luggage. It's all porn.
  • Teruteru: I guess they see some pretty weird stuff.
  • Security 1: Does that guy have a kangaroo?
  • Security 2: Yeah and a bear and- is that a hamster in his scarf?
  • Security 1: He has 4 hamsters in his scarf. What.
  • Teruteru: Or maybe my classmates are weirder than 2 suitcases of porn...
  • 7. Gundam- Security spends more time being confused about his animals than they do actually clearing him for boarding.
  • Security 1: Dude look a hippo!
  • Security 2: Seriously why does he have so many animals.
  • 8. Mahiru- Confuses security with her id.
  • Security 1: It's amazing!
  • Security 2: How did you do it?
  • Mahiru: How did I do what?
  • Security 1+2: You have a good photo on your passport!
  • Mahiru: Oh that.



  • Suga: neighbours (playing the bass beside the room I work in everyday.. noisy)
  • Jin: choding next door (just choding.. 02 liner) (t/n: choding = elementary school kid)
  • J-Hope: town’s babo (heoheoheohehehhhhaheoheohhuhelheolh)
  • Jimin: owl (doesn’t sleep)
  • V: trickster (nowadays in photos he looks taller than me) (but is actually shorter)
  • JK: hindrance (the clothes on the bed always (??)…stop hanging the clothes i want to see sunlight too.. kook-ah…) 

Nekocon 2015 Photo Dump! 

If you want to be tagged, please let me know!

1. @llazuli and @inelegantalligator with the talent. It was great meeting  David Vincent and Erica Mendez. We look forward to seeing them at Katsucon in a few months.

2. I’m thinking this might be @marcosnakebutt. She was a perfect Armin and I couldn’t resist snapping a pic with her and  @upilu

3. I have no idea who these people are but they are gorgeous. In fact, I’ve never seen a more handsome Levi. That Erwin tho. Wow ;)

4. This Onoda Sakamichi stole my heart! With @upilu and @scoochulaziz

5.  @porcelain-fox  and @keeponsmilingitup were delightful as Sapphire and Ruby

6. It’s always a pleasure seeing my friend @oujaakuma

7. This was my first time finding a Sentaro Kawabuchi cosplayer. I’m pretty sure I terrified him with my enthusiasm. Kids on the Slope just might be my favorite anime of all time.

9. I snapped this lovely Holo for my friend @nelfrey

9. There are simply never enough Roy Mustangs in this world. My heart skipped a beat when he put one the gloves and posed for me.

10. I squeed over this beautiful Kuranosuke from Princess Jellyfish.

And a HUGE THANK YOU to @chromemist and @eachainn for spending Friday evening talking snk, headcanons, ships and theories! It is my favorite memory of the con. And to @raiinfaiiry for making me laugh more times than I can count.


“Maddie, would it kill you to get rid of the cigarette for 2 seconds? You’re ruining the picture.”

“Well, excuse me, princess! But I smoke when I’m stressed, and your damn picture is VERY! FUCKIN! STRESSFUL!!!”

“…guys… could we maybe… not fight?… no? okay…”

Have some Ghost Family for the Undertale Human AU, staring Nadine, Mitra, and Maddie! (Naddie and Mitra are known on Youtube as Napstablook and Mettaton respectively.)

The three currently share an apartment in LA, and though Mitra and Maddie have never gotten along particularly well (they got into fist fights as kids that Mitra always won), they manage to band together and coexist for Naddie’s sake.

So about the ages of the cloudbabies:

Tenzin seems a few months old and Kya between 2 and 4 years old here. Bumi looks like he could be as old as 14 to me, particularly if we compare him to other kids in the show (he seems older than Aang was at the end of ATLA and perhaps even Kai in Book 4 - was he just awkwardly tall?). I think I remember one of the Bryke saying he was entering his awkward stage or something, so I’d say 10 is the very minimum.

Tenzin was born when Aang was 32. So if Bumi is 10-14 in the photo, it means Aang would have had him when he was somewhere between 18 (!!!) (*) and 22 years old. Tenzin (kinda) remembers playing with Bumi when he was little though (and it’s hard to believe he was nearly 70 in LoK Book 4), so a 10-12 years age difference may be more likely than a 14 years one?

Headcanon timeline:
107/8 AG: Bumi is born. Katara is 22/23, Aang 20/21.
116 AG: Kya is born. Katara is 31, Aang 29, Bumi 9/8.
119 AG: Tenzin is born. Katara is 34, Aang 32, Bumi 12/11 and Kya 3.

(*) I actually don’t think it’s impossible for Aang (and Katara) to have Bumi this young:

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The new batch of Eulen have arrived from Haru Casting!! I was super excited that they sent me samples of him cast in glow-in-the-dark resin for my sons! So the first 2 owls to be put together had to be those. :) Here are some pictures of them playing with their dolls.  Oliver (in yellow) requested purple eyes for his and has named him Oliver. LOL! David picked out red eyes for his doll because it has laser eyes and has named him Thumpie (after his favorite monster in an app game called Singing Monsters).  I’m sure that at some point that I’ll have to restring or fix one, but they are pretty sturdy. Oliver isn’t a gentle 2 year old and his owl has already hit the ground a couple of times. >.<  David is gentle and picky, he likes to pose his just so. He doesn’t like his feet to turn in, and he likes to make him stand on his own.

I didn’t get a good night photo of them glowing, because they are in the room where the boys are sleeping, and I don’t dare go in there.  I love the resin though its soft and the new casts are fantastic! All the colors are really beautiful and I can’t wait to put more of them together.  I hope to have more pictures tomorrow of some of the other colors that I have. 

Thank you so much Haru Casting!! I really appreciate that you would send me these for my sons! ^_^ You guys are the best!!! <3