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Hi! I already sent an ask yesterday so I hope you don't mind... Can you give us a few short prompts about Tachihara and Chuuya making Dazai jealous whether they mean to or not? I don't really ship TaChuu but I really loved the comic you linked..!

Just send as many asks whenever you want! I always love when a ‘1′ pops up on the envelope! 

A future Imagine Soukoku (#39) will be about this topic. It’s already in the queue for a while, so may keep that in mind! 

Imagine, Chuuya is talking with Tachihara. It’s just a bit small talk what they were up over the weekend and nothing special. Then Tachihara asks him if he wants to hang out next Friday to go out shopping like they talked last week already. But before Chuuya can answer, he gets dragged away from Dazai who only heard something about ‘going out’. “Sorry, he is busy that day~” 

Or imagine Tachihara invited Chuuya for a movie in the theatre and Chuuya agreed because he wanted to see that movie anyway and Dazai was already out with Oda that weekend so he was free. If Dazai could go out with someone else for an evening, Chuuya could that too. Happens they are in the same movie and their seats are behind each other. Chuuya tries to ignore them but Tachihara only feels that murderous aura and can’t concentrate on the movie at all. 

You know this one meme art where Person A and B kiss and behind Person B they high five with Person C like “Mission complete”? I kind of imagine this if the “Make Dazai jealous”-Plan succeeded. 

I love jealous Dazai, especially if Dazai doesn’t quite get why. Chuuya always was next to his side since they knew each other but suddenly he hangs out with others and doesn’t have as much time as Dazai is used to and Chuuya just wants to prove that yes, he has other friends, too. 


ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 7

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hello darlings i am sorry i have been gone so long, only two days now until im free from second year physics and can bring you the stuff that i have been planning!

i have been doing a lot of destress sketches in between revision and and doing comission work that i need to finish up, and here is one of them!

i’m getting back into the mchanzone in preparation for mchanzo week, and if you follow me on snapchat you might have seen peeks of the merman au ive been creating (if you wanna follow my username is morrowkei). there is gonna be lots of art to come, soon <3

So I know there are a couple fics out there about this already but: hero conventions!

  • One Friday in late August, class is cancelled because it’s the weekend of hero con and a lot of the professors are guests and panelists.
  • UA students are lucky bastards who get half-price admission!
  • All Might is surprised that, even though he’s retired already, he’s still invited as a quest of honor at the con!
    • Izuku volunteers to help at All Might’s panel
    • He goes in cosplay as Sir Nighteye, and he’s basically there to keep things on schedule, cut people off if their questions are getting rambly, get All Might water if he needs it, that kind of stuff
    • But then All Might gets a question about some obscure fight that happened forever ago, and he can’t quite remember all the details, but Izuku, with his encyclopedic knowledge of all things All Might is able to answer easily! This is when people take notice of him. They start asking his opinions on answers All Might has given
    • Before anyone knows it, Izuku has completely stolen the show, fanboying over All Might with all the guests, the discussion so lively and energetic
    • All Might is just sitting to the side with tears in his eyes because he’s so proud? He’s so happy that his fans love his student??? Izuku is on his way to becoming a fabulous hero!!!
    • Then Izuku offhandedly mentions one of his online handles and everyone just starts shrieking in excitement because he’s pretty popular on the forums and is widely known as the number one all might fan and is basically an internet celebrity in his own right, but somehow he doesn’t actually know this??
    • And then, near the end of the panel, All Might calls Izuku by name, and everyone freaks out AGAIN because??? He’s?? One of the class A students??? He got to the best 8 in his first sports festival!!! No one had recognized him because he was in cosplay and his distinctive curls were smoothed flat with some extra strength hair gel, and he had foundation to cover his freckles
    • (After that, Izuku gains a small but dedicated following of fans that only grows larger as time goes on. When the next Hero Con rolls around, the con organizers specifically invite him as a co-panelist for All Might)
  • some poor thorsty fan tabling in artist alley tweets a picture of todoroki in front of their booth, holding what is obviously an r18 print, the picture blurred out. he looks straight at the camera with an expression of utter disappointment
    • artist: He stared at me like that for ten seconds before quietly saying, “that is my father.”
    • another user: @artist i thought you hated endeavor???
  • present mic is holding some kind of live show with a huge audience. he spends a good ten minutes talking about how much he loves his students.
    • he invites one member of the audience onto the stage because they’re cosplaying as Tokoyami (who currently has one of the biggest fanbases among his classmates, having interned with the now number 2 hero Hawks) and they gush about him for like five minutes
    • the class a girls pass by at one point on their way to somewhere else and he puts the show on pause to say hi to them and ask them how they’re enjoying the show so far
  • all the vendors selling eraserhead merch (and there’s not many of them, given how much of an underground hero he is to the point not many people have heard of him) completely sell out by the end of the first day because all of it is bought up by the class a kids (except for the nsfw ones, which the kids obviously find squicky)
  • the wild wild pussycats are running a panel and kouta tags along with them even though he’s still not all that big on heroes but he’s hoping that maybe someone somewhere will have some deku merch
    • he finds three vendors in the whole convention that sell any class a stuff, and he buys up anything he can find with deku on it
    • dekusquad attends the pussycats’ panel and hangs back afterwards to chat with them for a bit. after only a little bit of pleading with his aunt, kouta manages to convince her to let him walk around with izuku and his friends
    • izuku and the others are absolutely delighted because they find kouta adorable and they don’t get to see him as often as they like
  • eri explores the con with mirio and his friends (Aizawa didn’t bother attending - too loud, too crowded, too much trouble)
    • mirio’s group bumps into izuku’s group and they get lunch together and spend a while together. kouta gets lowkey possessive of izuku when he sees how affectionate eri is with him
    • kouta gets especially jealous and super clingy when he finds out that eri lives at ua and gets to see izuku every day

A: Honestly, after everything that’s happened the past few months, I could use a vacation.
K: Let’s do it. Let’s go on a vacation, just the two of us, anywhere you want.
A: Really? Okay. I’ve always wanted to see what the Spirit World’s like.
K: Sounds perfect.

Happy Two Year Anniversary, Korrasami fandom! (Dec 19th) °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

Pre-Wayward Sisters Rewatch Notes


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