is coming to a halt


A/N: This was supposed to be a oneshot, but it’s too long for that. There’s too much story to tell and it’s far too important to me for it to told in anything less than three parts. I’m not sure how it’s going to be recieved and so I’m not certain if I’ll be uploading this onto Ao3 or FFN just yet. Maybe when it’s all done. 

This first part is gifted to @itssoweirdyoureher on her birthday. Happy birthday, Rachel.

I’m so incredibility lucky to call you my friend and honorary co-parent to our castle kids. 

The first time she spots him is actually because he spots her first.

It’s a Tuesday afternoon and she’s sitting in the back of a nearly empty classroom, chewing nervously on the end of her pen, when her nerves over public speaking are interrupted by a stupidly fit bloke coming to a full halt in the doorway.

And, really, the whole thing is terribly odd. but what she finds the most difficult to believe is that the boy has stopped apparently at the sight of her.

Which is difficult to understand. Unless of course she’s burst through her pen and managed to get ink all over her face which, honestly, would be just her dumb luck.

But he’s not looking at her as though she’s got ink dribbling from her mouth.

Instead he’s looking at her as though she’s the top of a Ferris wheel. As though she’s the brightest thing in the room.

And she feels it then, there in the moment her emerald eyes lock with his hazel in question. The jolt of electricity that shoots through her body. As though she’s been held underwater for so long and brought up for air. As though her heart is about to burst out of her chest. As though something within the universe has shifted. Clicked. Formed together.

And it takes the clearing of her professor’s throat, the unashamed smirk of the boy in the doorway flashing in her direction, and the trickling of time for her to realize what it could possibly mean.

Love, she thinks. Fucking hell. I’m in love.

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.the light shall shine anew

Originally posted by gaeillis

Her hand fits into his own easily, the glove creaks when his fingers wrapped around it. She needed very little assistance when dismounting, though he believed that such chivalry does not simply come to a halt when it comes to his sibling. She follows the motions a proper lady and slips away from the saddle placed upon Avenger’s back and lands on the earth lightly, toes first, then heel. His golden eyes soften as they sought her own, though her lashes shroud her eyes from view, and a shadow is cast upon her face.

Where she lands isn’t home, the earth as isn’t welcoming to her presence, the flowers do not lean to her ankles and nor does the grass dance around her boots. This was a desert, with heat far too torrid, near oppressive. The cliffs and terrain offered some shade for reprieve, but if she disliked what they endured, she made little showing of it.

They had traveled mostly in silence, and he respects such, even as he watched darkness creep over the light within her heart. His own rugged features were sullen, and neither offered the other a smile, as if they shared the same, one forlorn thought. Rivienne wasn’t herself, since that moment, when she had to say farewell to the woman who trained her, mentored her.

..she played the role of a maternal figure she missed. Warm. Strict. Loving. Stable.

She wept as jasmines wilted in the loose curls of her golden crown, and what life the wind gave to them diminished. Ruby lips offered little in the way of smiles, and her broken spirit was visible in her crestfallen gaze when they parted. He held her hand then, a little firmer than he did now, as Marbella stood at the edge of the forest, holding on to Rivienne’s hand as she manipulated the winds and shifted their direction, pushing back the siblings out of the woodlands.

He heard her then in a voice he did not recognize. It was soft, weak, pleading. The voice of a girl he remembers leaving behind when her brothers went to war for a world that would not accept them. She was a young girl again, with eyes wet from tears, hanging on to something precious to her. This was what love was – and he played a part in taking it away.

“Lance, you take care of her, do not let her fail. Forged the weapon fitted for both of you, find that balance and end this tragedy from repeating.” Her star-streaked hair danced in the wind as she turned to Rivienne and a melancholic smile was drawn upon her tired visage. “We will see each other again, my dear Rivienne, I promise this.”

Promises were often empty gifts given, tied with the frail ribbon of hope, for Rivienne.

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[Jinki / Minho] Conditioned

To Jinki’s eyes, he looked like a man who’d stepped off of a train that hadn’t come to a complete halt yet. He had an urgency about his actions, but also a fear for his life. He looked unsure, but his sweat told stories of I have no choice, I had to come.

“H-hi,” he approached the counter, bringing forth the neatly wrapped square-shaped package that stuck out of his undersized bag. “T-this is…” he said with a bobble of his head, and left it at that. As if that was all the explanation required for this transaction. His eyes were like that of a giraffe’s: kind, gentle in their gaze, but dreamy. Inattentive. A predator could’ve snuck out and bitten his pretty long neck out, and he’d have gone down quietly, without a sliver of fight in him.

At least, that’s what Jinki thought.

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ten truths you will learn growing up

i. when someone leaves this earth forever, the world will come to a halt for you but two years later the waves will break at the shore just the same and you will wonder how the moon can care so little that he’s gone.

ii. the only way home will never leave you is if you find it inside of you. you will learn eventually not to build it out of bricks, you will learn eventually not to build it out of people, either.

iii. you will outgrow the dreams you thought were all you ever wanted. you must understand that this is different from giving up.

iv. i know you always think you are the exception but when your friends move across the country, your hearts will grow apart. that does not mean they have any less of a place in it, but it will hurt.

v. no one is invincible and everyone you put on a pedestal is just skin and heart and bleeds as red as you.

vi. you will not always remember that you were born good enough.

vii. there will come a time - when you are twenty, when you are thirty, when you are forty-three - where it will hit you at 2 am that the years you have lived are gone. that sixteen-year-old you lives inside of you but her skin is made from paper and photographs. you will scream and rage against time but 2014 will not come back. you will learn to live with that ache like you always do.

viii. you will keep on marking down dreams and wishes and plans as “i want to do that someday”, and one day you are twenty-five and you realize that “someday” has passed a hundred times in the form of yesterday. you will promise to do better next time, but you will not always keep it.

ix. people will keep telling you that it gets better but they will never say when.

x. you are so filled with kindness, and others will not be kind to you. if you do not let that harden you, it will be a blessing, not a curse.

How to Spot an “Info-dump”

I got a great question in my Ask recently from someone wanting to know how to identify an info-dump in their writing. Here’s my response!

For those who don’t know, an info-dump refers to areas of a story where a writer gives a long expository description, either in narrative or in dialogue, where they are basically “dumping” a bunch of information on the reader all at once, as opposed to revealing it naturally throughout the story.

Signs of an info-dump:

  • Read your passage out loud. Do you get bored? You might be info-dumping.
  • Has all conflict in your story come to a screeching halt while you spend more than 1-2 paragraphs explaining something to the reader? You might be info-dumping.
  • Are two characters telling each other things they already know for, like, a long time? You might be info-dumping.
  • If invited to read your work publicly, would you definitely NOT read that passage, because “nothing really happens” and you worry the audience would get bored listening to it? It could be an info-dump.

Signs that you are probably not info-dumping:

  • Have you woven in necessary backstory and information in 1-3 sentence bursts throughout your story? Not an info dump.
  • Does a character spend a short paragraph or two explaining something to another character that they didn’t already know, for a good story reason? Not an info dump.
  • Do you keep the story going and keep conflict and tension alive while you gradually show your reader what’s going on? Not an info dump.
  • Do you have just a few sections where you spend 200-300 words or less explaining something to the reader? As long as your story is on the longer side, you’re probably not doing too much info-dumping.

Again, these are just general guidelines. After you finish your story, though, you might want to give it to a friend or fellow writer to give you feedback and let you know if they spot any areas that are too thick with exposition.

Also keep in mind that whether or not a writer is info-dumping can be subjective as well as genre-sensitive: Not everyone will agree about what makes a passage an info-dump or not, and if you’re writing a complicated fantasy with a lot of world-building and history, giving your reader a ton of info can be necessary at some stages. Also, readers of fantasy tend to be more tolerant of it because it comes with the territory sometimes. But these general guidelines should help.

The real punch to the gut is how the narrative uses to that to reduce her from hero to sounding board for the men around her. Rey spends the entirety of The Last Jedi as a surrogate mother to men: first Luke, then Ben. She is there to be an emotional sherpa, a plot device with a lightsaber and good listening skills[…]

You could wipe Rey from Episode IX with little fallout to the narrative. Another Force user could step in to take her place; either another lost Jedi such as Mace Windu or Ahsoka Tano or another “nobody” with Force powers. Had Luke died during the original trilogy, the story would’ve hit a wall from which it could not recover. The same with Anakin in the prequel trilogy. So who is the main character of The Last Jedi? Whose removal would cause the wheels to come off and the narrative to grind to a halt? Kylo. Fucking. Ren.

When Ben says Rey has no place in this story; he’s kind of right. The Last Jedi made Rey superfluous in her own hero’s journey. She deserved better than that.

boston gothic

- there is no grid system in boston. every street is a circle. you miss your turn and try to double back, but the asphalt is giving way to cobblestone. you can hear muskets just ahead.

- boston common always closes at 9pm. it locks from the inside.

- you walk out of mike’s pastry in the north end and the streets are deserted. there’s a rumbling beneath your feet. it smells like molasses.

- every time you crane your head to peek down the dark subway tunnel for the train, you can see two bright pinpricks of light in the distance. they’ve been there for 30 years, watching. you look away and try not to breathe.

- they’re always trying to fill the pot holes and the cracks in the sidewalks. it’s from the ice, they say. come morning, the holes always return. bigger. deeper.

- the next train will arrive in 5 minutes. days have passed; winter is setting in. the next train will arrive in 5 minutes.

- you arrive at logan airport and it’s empty. the intercom crackles, “this is the final boarding call.” no flight is specified. it’s time to go.

- the red line train pulls up, empty. you get on and it comes to a sudden halt in the tunnel. the lights go off. you hear the muffled sounds of ‘sweet caroline’ in the distance. it’s getting closer.

- the citgo sign looms above the brownstones. no matter how far you walk, it is always there. 

- you hear rustling. it’s just the turkeys, you say. you hear screams echo in harvard square. it’s just the turkeys.

complaints and communicate

in which Y/N overhears Harry complaining about her.

Originally posted by harrysimpact


requested by: anon

warnings: angst ???

word count: 1,480

a/n: hope everyone enjoys this ! feedback is always welcome !

Harry always wanted the best for Y/N.

So when Y/N said she wanted to go out with her friends for dinner, Harry couldn’t say no. Harry knew that ever since they got into a relationship, they spent almost every day and every hour together, so he had to say yes.

Harry himself also wanted a night out with the boys.

While Y/N was out for dinner, Harry and his friends simply stayed at the couples shared flat.

When everyone was done eating and ending a few conversations, everyone decided it was time to go. One of Y/N’s friends offered her a ride knowing that Harry was the one who dropped her off anyway. She kindly agreed and was soon on her way back to Harry.

When Y/N got home, she heard hushed voices in the living room. Y/n went towards it taking small strides as she was already planning out everything in her head as what she’s going to say to Harry about her eventful night, ready to hear his.

But before she came into view for any of Harry’s friends or himself to see, a question made her come to a halt.

“How’s yours and Y/N’s relationship going out, mate?” Niall asked, as she heard his voice before since he’s been to their shared flat a handful of times.

“Mean it’s gon’ great, jus’ can’t do anything on my own ‘nmorealways by m’side,” Harry responds, in result of her frowning. Y/N had no idea that this is how Harry felt. She had thought that every time she requested to do something,that he was actually up for the idea and was happy during the time they spent together. Although Harry never said that, she couldn’t help but think that this is what he was hinting at. During the first few months of their relationship, Harry made it clear that if something was wrong or something was bothering her, to come to him about the problem immediately as he believed that communication was key in a relationship.

Know she couldn’t help but feel as he betrayed her – as he was the one who said it.

“So she’s clingy? That what you’re trying to say?”

“Yeah, that’s what – she’s clingy. Maybe a little bit too much.”


After Y/N’s discovery, she simply went up the stairs, took her makeup off and got ready for bed. She scrolled through her phone to distract herself from the laughter downstairs. It was around 11pm when finally she heard no more noise downstairs despite their television running though it was soon turned off.

She heard Harry’s footsteps get louder as he got closer to their bedroom. the doorknob turned and to say that Harry was surprised to see his loved one on their bed scrolling through her phone was an understanding.

“When didya’ get home, love?” Harry asked as he undressed himself leaving him in his sweats.

“Not long ago,” She replied curtly. Harry frowned as he was expecting her to say more about her day. But his frown was more evident when he lied down and she turned her back towards him. Never in their relationship has anyone one of them turned their back towards the other in this matter – not including when they spooned. Harry sighed and ran a hand threw his hair.

“Did something go wrong while yeh were out?” Harry asked, not letting go the fact that she was in such a mood.

Y/N sighed, annoyed, just wanting to sleep already. “No,” She replied.

“Now please I just want to go to bed already, Harry.”

Harry wanted to hold Y/N in his arms that night. Oh so badly did he want to. After spending a long night with his friends, Harry just wanted to hold is lover in his arms. Harry never dealt this situation with Y/N before. Y/N was always bubbly and happy. Harry couldn’t help but think that this was his fault as to why she was acting like this.

Harry simply sighed as he took one last glance at her clothed back and Harry slowly faded away to sleep.


It’s been a week.

One long week without having a proper conversation with Harry.  

Y/N started to pick up more shifts at the cafe she worked at – specifically shifts around the time Harry came home as she thought that this will help her avoid him more easily. Y/n knew as what she was doing was childish. However she dreaded the conversation that they were going to have when Harry will start to notice her actions.

So when she came home, she was expecting to see Harry in their bedroom as that’s where he’s been whenever she came home, he instead was on the couch with his head in his hands that was propped against his knees. Harrys head snapped towards her as he sensed her presence in the room. Before he was able to open his mouth, she beat him to it.

“Going to be in the bedroom.” She spoke softly, not looking Harry in the eyes as she was already headed up the stairs. She felt is eyes watching her every move as she did so. Harry winced at the tone of her voice, still not used to it.

At 9pm, Y/N was already sat on the bed reading a book but she felt as she was just reading, but not thinking. She didn’t care that protagonist was going to get a glass of water. But she did what she did to get her mind off of Harry.

She felt a sense of déjà vu as she heard the footsteps of Harry near as he walked towards their bedroom. Y/N didn’t budge as she felt him lie down beside her and spoon her. Oh those hands, as she has no felt them on her in such a long time. Although it’s only been a week, it felt like an eternity since the last time she felt his welcoming touch on her.

“Haven’t talked with you quite in quite a bit, love,” Harry murmured against her bare shoulder as he peppered kisses all over. Y/N tensed as his soft cold lips came in contact with her warm skin. Harry felt her tense against him and stopped his actions. “What’s wrong, Y/N?” He asked as she faced towards him. Although she could have worded in better, all the pent up feelings that shes’ been dealing with came to the best of her. Y/N ignored his question as she got up and headed towards the connected bathroom and grabbed her toothbrush – rather brushing her teeth quite aggressively. Harry was taken a back as when she had done so. He has never seen her take such heavy steps when he was used to seeing her once graceful steps. Harry brushed it off knowing that if he said something back, this problem would become bigger than it already was.

“Love, please tell me what I have done to make you act this way,” Harry practically begged.

“Look whose clingy now,” She said under her breath. Although she thought that she said it too quiet for Harry to hear, he heard every word that came out of her mouth. Harry then realised what she had meant.

She heard. Harry thought to himself. Y/N has heard every word that came out of his mouth a week ago. Harry couldn’t help but feel guilty that it was his fault that his lover, his other half, his future, was distancing herself away from him. All because of a simple conversation that wasn’t supposed to happen.

“Love – I –,” Harry didn’t know how to apologise. He simply didn’t know how.

“I’m sorry Harry if you felt that you had no choice in the plans that I made in the past but Harry, you could’ve just told me you just wanted some you time,” Y/N said softly choosing her words wisely as she knows that if she said something in particular that Harry didn’t like, their relationship could simply end. “But Harry please, the next time you have a problem you want to solve with me, please tell me.”

Harry looked deeply into her eyes knowing that the girl he loves was slowly making its way back to him. “I’m sorry Y/N that I didn’t come to you when I felt that way at first but I promise that now on, that I will come to you first.” Harry said not breaking I contact with her.

Y/N simply took large strides towards Harry and hugged him.

The couple soon felt their heartbeat slow down in sync as they both calmed down. Y/N breathed out, not knowing she was holding in her breath the whole time they were having that conversation.

“Oh, how I missed you Harry,” She mumbled against the material of his shirt. That only made Harrys hold on her tighten.

“I missed you too darling. So much.”

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Safe with me (1)

Summary: When an unknown threat enters your life, protection is offered at the highest level. As Bucky Barnes comes into your life, the game changes, and you realise falling for the man tasked with keeping you safe is the last thing you expected.    

Characters: Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Nothing major. Bad language, descriptions of stalking.

A/N: Guess who’s trying to write an actual multi-chapter series. *pew pew, finger guns aggressively*

This is written for @a-splash-of-stucky​ ‘s 1k follower celebration (yay Elsa), and is based off the song ‘Run to You’. Lyrics will be interspersed as we go. Fair warning, some of this will be explicit. Violence, mentions of torture, lots of bad language, and smut, so heed the warnings each chapter. What else is included? My shoddy attempts at writing mystery and intrigue, and possibly some made up swear words because I’m feeling creative.


[…] and while Stern is the last of the accused Senators to be indicted, there appears no end in sight to the ensuing media circus. Political players and pundits from around the globe will be watching carefully, analysing evidence and public sentiment surrounding the trial, eager for the opportunity to scrutinise the US government’s handling of –

Article cont’d on Page A10; “Former Pennsylvania Senator Stern to stand trial for Hydra crimes”    

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River Run (m)

It is well-known that within the village, one must always beware of the serpent who roams the sea. You just never knew how pesky he truly was until it was your boat laying in ruin along the shore - but, when you go to confront him, you end up with more than you could have imagined.

pairing: sea serpent!yoongi x nymph!reader 

genre: smut, fantasy 

warnings: explicit sex, praise kink, dirty talk, light breath play, light scratching, dry humping, oral (f. and m. receiving), fingering, marking kink, sex in a tree?, unprotected sex, creampie, multiple orgasms, basically sea serpent!yoongi has a big d**k + extra stamina and strength 

word count: 10k+

index: river run - myg | divenire - kth | rose gold - jhs firelight - knj | crimson love - pjm vanilla twilight - ksj | wonderwall - jjk ⇢ series masterlist

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Let’s Pretend (NSFW) - Tony finds a website of two shape shifting mutant pornstars who make their living impersonating the Avengers on their website and decides to show the team. - FINISHED

Delta (NSFW) [A/B/O] - Reader is a rare being in the a/b/o cycle and finds herself along side the Avengers. She manages to hide her true nature successfully until she catches the eye of a certain blue eyed super soldier. -FINISHED

Alpha (Delta Sequel) (NSFW) - After the events of Delta, Reader and Bucky’s comfortable life is put to an halt when an unknown threat comes to New York. (If you haven’t read Delta, please read that first.)

Panic Cord - Reader is a blind person living in New York, when one day she’s saved by a mysterious man with a metal arm who shows her that seeing isn’t always believing.*This story is currently on hiatus until further notice*

All American Asphyxiation (NSFW) - Reader convinces Bucky into a Dom/Sub relationship in order to help each other form stability in their lives. - FINISHED

Haunting Me (NSFW) - Reader is a normal young adult living in New York, but little does she know that she’s a reincarnation of the long lost Bucky Barnes’ fiance from the 1940′s. What happens when she runs into Steve in 2012? Most importantly, what happens when she runs into The Winter Soldier? (Bucky x POC Reader)

Siniy - Reader is an Avenger, but unlike them, she’s not a demi god, millionaire, super soldier, or a science experiment. She’s got a whole other dilemma: she’s not of this world. Things happen, and she finds herself on the run with Team Cap in Bucharest, along with catching the eye of Bucky Barnes. *This story is currently on hiatus until further notice*

Baby Blues - Eleven months after a one night stand, Bucky is faced with raising his daughter and things are getting tough. That is, until he meets you, his extremely introverted neighbor. - FINISHED


Nicknames (NSFW) - Reader tells the team of her cute little nickname for a certain super soldier.

Demonstrate (NSFW) Part 1|Part 2 - Reader is a newbie pornstar, about to take on her first gig at Stark Industries. When she learns she’s working with porn legend Bucky Barnes, she’s in for a wild ride.

It’ll Last Longer (NSFW) - After being gifted a Polaroid camera, Bucky becomes infatuated with taking pictures. Reader finds out that Bucky likes to take pictures of her, leading them to discovering Bucky’s camera kink.

Pursuit of Happiness - After witnessing your boyfriend Bucky’s struggle with anxiety, you take it upon yourself to help him by any means necessary.

Dazed and Confused - Reader suffers a traumatic event that leads to her having insomnia. Tony offers her a certain “herbal solution” which leads to a very unexpected result.

Reminisce - Bucky and his son reminisce about your relationship, which leads your son to revealing a big secret to his father.

Bad Things (NSFW) - For her twenty first birthday, Reader’s friends take her to a male strip club in hopes of giving her a good time. When the most famous dancer there, The Winter Soldier offers her a private dance, things get heated.

Daddy’s Girl (NSFW) - Reader brings Bucky back home to her hometown for Christmas to take the next big step in their relationship: meeting your family. After arriving early, you decide to have some fun with your boyfriend. What happens when you guys realize you’re not the only ones home?  

Or Nah (NSFW) - Reader and Bucky are doing their routine workout before an extremely important mission, which doesn’t go as planned when Bucky shows her his own little playlist he made.

Crowd Pleaser - At one of Tony’s fabulous parties, you get drunk as a skunk and decide to twerk on Bucky Barnes after being persuaded by the team.

Promiscuous Boy - Reader and Bucky share a very heated dance after consuming way too many drinks at Tony’s party, which leads to a very surprising ending.

I Miss You (NSFW) - After weeks of being apart from your boyfriend, Bucky, the distance become a bit too much for you to handle.

Toxic (NSFW) - After growing tied of you an Bucky’s reluctance to ask each other out, Nat takes measures into her own hands. (Reader x Bucky x Natasha)

Shiver (NSFW) - After a mission goes bad, Reader and Bucky are forced to take shelter during a snowy night. What happens when you show symptoms of hypothermia?

Prey (NSFW) - “Since you’ve been so good to us, we’re going to give you something in return. You’re going to give our asset here his reward for another successful mission.”

Sylvia (NSFW) - Bucky introduces you into the world of knifeplay after an unexpected turn of events.

It’s Always The Quiet Ones (NSFW) - Bucky discovers something that you and he have in common and that the little innocent Y/N might not be as innocent as everyone thinks. (Based off of this post.)

Wavy (NSFW) - Reader likes to swim in the late hours of the night and one night, Bucky stumbles upon her secret.   

God Is A Woman (NSFW) - Ever wonder what Bucky did for money in Bucharest? (Plus Size!Reader) 


Beggin’ For Thread (NSFW) - Reader steals some of Bucky’s boxers during laundry day. But when he goes to her for comfort from a thunderstorm, he gets a pleasant surprise.

Beware (NSFW) - Reader is a failed test subject of the Winter Soldier project. After Alexander Pierce orders him to be given to Asset One, Reader is forced to share a cell with the Winter Soldier himself. (Male Reader x Bucky Barnes)

And I Drove You Crazy (NSFW) - Reader’s bike needs to be repaired asap, leading her to come across an insanely gorgeous mechanic whom she may or may not want to bang the second she lays eyes on him.

Sweet Like Candy (NSFW) - After planning an entire day to spend with you (and confess his feelings towards you) Bucky’s plans are disrupted when Sam steals all of his clothes.

Fire (NSFW) - Reader and Bucky Barnes just don’t get along at all. She thinks hes too brooding and a total try hard, and he thinks shes a pampered bitch. After one heated fight on the quinjet that ends up going way too far.

Cherry Bomb (NSFW) - Reader takes Bucky out for milkshakes, which leads to some very naughtiness when she shows him she can tie a cherry stem with her tongue.

Body Language (NSFW) - Reader and Bucky have been in a relationship for a while, and she’s ready to take the relationship to the next level. But Reader has a small problem: she’s deaf.

Into You - Reader discovers Bucky’s insecurities.


REQUEST: Can I ask for a fluff scenario with yoongi being sick and in need of lots of cuddles and kisses ?

PAIRING: min yoongi x reader

GENRE: flufffff, sick yoongi au




SUMMARY: “If you weren’t so stubborn you wouldn’t be sick in the first place!”




The sudden, shaky voice that called you belonged to no one other than your beloved boyfriend. You lazily sat up in the bed you shared, noticing his absence while reaching for your glasses that somehow fell onto the floor. Stretching as you stood up, your vision cleared quickly and your gaze focused on Yoongi who found himself hunched over the toilet, his white shirt drenched in sweat. It took a few moments for your brain to register what was occurring, but once it did you quickly rushed over searching for a hand towel. You groaned out of frustration when you failed to find one, Yoongi’s vomiting coming to a halt. You pushed the hair that had fallen from your bun out of your face, leaning against the sink while wondering what you could possibly do. You had never helped someone who was ill, and the thought honestly terrified you.

“Take off your shirt; it is covered in sweat,” you instructed quietly while you stood on your toes to reach the hand towels that rested on the top shelf in the cabinet above the toilet. Yoongi shakily took his shirt off and tossed it to the corner of the bathroom, allowing an exhausted sigh to escape his lips. Once you barely grabbed ahold of the hand towel, you turned towards the sink and drenched it in cold water. Yoongi didn’t speak another word as you rang it out then sat by his side, placing the cold cloth on the back of his neck to lower his temperature. You felt your heart aching at the sight, not really knowing what else to do being that you were the one primarily getting sick. Yoongi faced you with tired eyes, breathing heavily as he almost appeared dumbfounded. That was when you realized what you should have been doing.

You stood up speedily and once again reached up into the cabinet above the toilet; this time the medicine was closer in reach. You bit your lip while not knowing what any of them were, recalling that Yoongi simply brought you a pill or two and not the box or container itself. You felt yourself sweating, and you wondered if everything was just a dream. Yoongi did not get sick often, and the last time he was Jin took care of him while you simply stayed by his side for company. This was different, and you understood that Jin would only help if you called him. Your gut told you to be independent, so you did not hesitate to grab the first bottle in sight.

“Yoongi? Are you experiencing back pain, sweaty palms, aching of mus—“

“That medicine is for tension, Y/N. There’s another one—“

“Ah! What about nausea, vomiting, and aching of muscles?” You asked, watching as Yoongi nodded as if he had been defeated. You sat the box beside your boyfriend before locating a glass in the kitchen, pouring water into it and carefully walking back into the bathroom, trying your hardest to not accidentally spill the water. You sat down beside Yoongi, whose expression revealed that he was truly not feeling well, and you instantly looked away once you saw him gagging before throwing up once more. You adjusted the hand towel on his neck that had fallen, rubbing the cold cloth over his upper back and neck to hopefully aid in his health. You desperately wanted to cuddle his illness away, but you understood that he would begin to feel better with medicine and not your love. You read the back of the medicine before pouring two pills into your hand. “Yoongi~?”

He slowly took the two tablets from your small hand, placing them in his mouth before taking a drink of the water you had provided. Yoongi then rested his head on the palm of his hand, sweat drenching the hair that cascaded across his forehead. You moved his hair off of his forehead, his eyes squinting open to see you. Yoongi gulped as you reached for his dirty shirt, finding a dry spot and wiping his forehead as he relaxed to your touch. You smiled faintly while feeling oddly accomplished, understanding that the next step is to help Yoongi get back to bed. You flushed the toilet before taking the towel and drenching it in more cold water before ringing it out once more. Yoongi’s hand clutched onto your leg as you did so, almost begging for you to help which was a rarity in itself.

You helped Yoongi to his feet, his arm wrapping around your shoulders for stability. You placed the hand towel on his forehead this time, and he did not hesitate to hold it up himself so you did not have to. You allowed Yoongi to apply his weight on you, begging that you could use the smallest bit of strength you possessed to help him return to bed. Yoongi sat down on the bed once you were both close enough, almost collapsing then into a deep slumber. You helped by lifting his legs onto the bed and covering his body up with the thin sheet so he would not be cold or too hot. Yoongi reached for your arm as you adjusted the hand towel on his forehead to ensure that it wouldn’t slip off, his eyes asking for you to join him despite being sick. You bit your tongue before crawling into bed beside him, knowing that the consequences would surely creep up.



“Right here,” you peeked your head into your bedroom to see a sleepy Yoongi who clearly slept better than you. You had spent the majority of your night paranoid, scared that Yoongi would wake up and begin throwing up in places that would be difficult to clean. When you woke up a few hours ago, you decided to contact Jin and ask for his advice on how to help a sick Yoongi, which only resulted in the older boy to bring you his specialty illness soup, multiple servings for both you and Yoongi. Yoongi smiled as he yawned, watching closely as you located the medicine he took last night and refilled his glass of water. The medicine appeared to be helping, but things could change in a blink of the eye, and you weren’t taking any chances.

“Jin brought you soup,” you stated as you took a seat beside your boyfriend. Yoongi nodded while taking his medicine without any problems, laying his head on your shoulder which you knew was his way of expressing his gratitude. Yoongi sighed as he closed his eyes again, clearly still being tired and willing to go back to bed despite the time being early afternoon. “Eat first before you go back to sleep. That’s what Jin told me to tell you.”

“Jin can s—“

“You need to eat,” You interrupted before he was given the chance to complete his statement. Yoongi chuckled lightly as he weakly followed you into the kitchen where the soup was located, taking a seat on one of the barstools across from you. Yoongi sighed lightly at the sight, clearly appreciating Jin’s gesture more than he could put to words. “Once you eat you can go back to bed.”

“Will you join me?” Yoongi asked, glancing up to meet your eyes. You bit your tongue, knowing that you had to study for an upcoming exam, but his offer seemed so tempting. You were exhausted, and the idea of cuddling up to Yoongi and forgetting about all of your problems seemed like the most fun thing in the world. Yoongi began pouting, knowing that you were trying to come up with a decision to his offer. You felt your cheeks reddening at his cute behavior, covering up your face with one of your hands as he tilted his head to the side, anticipating what you had to say. “I won’t get you sick, baby. We can sleep and completely forget that I put you through so much trouble. We don’t have to worry about what we have to do and we can just sleep wrapped in one another’s arms. Doesn’t that sound good?”

“I have an exam in two weeks,” you explained and Yoongi shrugged, acting as if it did not matter. Which it really didn’t being that you had two more weeks to prepare and that he would help you whenever he was given the chance, but still you felt as if wasting the day was not an option being that you are never given the opportunity to do the little chores around the apartment. Yoongi frowned and returned to eating his soup, acting like a disappointed child who was denied a trip to the local amusement park. He pouted while chewing his food, attempting to change your mind with a simple expression. He just so happened to be, and know, your weakness.

“Fine, but you have to help me once we wake up~!” You laughed as Yoongi began cheering gleefully, clearly ecstatic about the situation.


Yoongi was not actually feeling all that tired, he just wanted to ensure that you slept well being that he understood you most likely didn’t the night prior. Yoongi ran his fingers through your hair as you breathed steadily, his eyes locked on you despite feeling slightly exhausted just from laying in bed. Yoongi sighed softly as he watched you closely, taking in the little details about you that he could not help but adore. Yoongi’s mind wandered with thoughts that had no significant value; what were you dreaming about? who were you dreaming about? Various thoughts entered and exited Yoongi’s chaotic mind, and soon he was feeling his eyes grow more and more heavy with every blink they made. Yoongi allowed a yawn to escape his lips as his eyelids drooped down for a few seconds only to be suddenly wide awake.

You sneezed.


“Yoongi~! If you weren’t so stubborn you wouldn’t be sick in the first place, and now we’re both sick!”

“Call Jin~!”


All I’ve got II pt. 5

Jungkook x reader

genre: ANGST, fluff, hints of smut, bestfriend!jungkook and tattooed!jungkook

word count: 11.6k

happy birthday to me

Jeon Jungkook was a tall guy, handsome with all those ethereal artwork tattooed on his arms..and your best friend. He was by your side whereas you faced a painful heartbreak, caressing your hurt soul for as long as you needed him. But how much can a friendship withstand if one of the two develops feelings?

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yellow calf ; jjk | 01

→pairing: jeon jungkook x reader

→themes: action; comedy; thriller; smut / spy!jungkook au

→warnings: language; smut; descriptions of violence

→parts: 01 | 02 | 03

→word count: 19.451

“Juh-Jungkook?” You ask breathlessly, an excruciating pain beading itself along the sides of your head.

Your eyes attempt to adjust to the dim lighting offered by a single light bulb dangling over a washing machine that sits idly in the far corner of the room…the basement.

Your head shifts around frantically as your gaze begins to wander over the familiar basement you had once payed a visit to not too far into the week and as you do so, you wince when a sharp pain stems from your neck. You decide to pay closer attention to yourself, rubbing your lower lip against your upper to find that they are sticky with blood and that your left shoe has also slid off of your foot. Panic is quick to envelope you as you struggle to move your hands that are securely tied to rest behind your back.

Everything is painstakingly silent and it causes the throbbing pain that dances on your temple to slowly aggravate. When you analyse your surroundings more carefully, your eyes land on the damned washing machine once again and you immediately start yelling the only name that sits on your tongue.

“Jungkook! Jungkook, where are you?!” You cry out in utter panic.

You fall face down onto the dirty black floor as you attempt to move towards the staircase and when your cheek meets the dirt in a deep impact kiss, the door leading down to the basement creaks open.

You stay glued to the floor and make no attempt to move as undoubted footsteps pad along the unsteady staircase. You’re breathing so uneasily that your putrid breath manages to infiltrate your sore nostrils and you bite your lip hopelessly as the footsteps come to a halt.

“Yay!” A familiar voice cheers, sarcastically. “Finally, you’re awake.”

Goosebumps develop across your exposed arms all thanks to the sadistic tone of his voice and your eyes flutter closed as all your hopes of you merely harbouring a misunderstanding are crushed underneath his dark, shiny shoes.

You bite your tongue in burning anger and struggle to remain calm as your instincts urge you to retaliate. Soon enough you lose control and turn yourself over to lay arched on your back, your wrists digging into your backbone.

The list of profanities you had been eager to spit at the traitor in front you silently makes a u-turn and your breath gets hitched in your throat, for the Jungkook you see now isn’t quite…Jungkook.

His formal grey trouser has been replaced by tight black jeans that latch onto the skin of his thighs. He still dawns the usual button up shirt he arrives to work in but the first two buttons are undone and the sleeves have been folded to expose his elbows and several tattoos that you hadn’t noticed before.

What the fuck? You think hysterically, squinting at the black ink embedded into his milky skin. Those hadn’t been there the last time you both had…And his hair! What the fuck has he done to his coconut hairstyle?!

You seem to be too stuck in mourning the loss of the coconut and despising the appearance of an exposed forehead to notice that Jungkook’s usually warm, chocolate eyes have now been replaced by a pair of grey irises that dig into your soul in the most menacing way possible.

Your continuous silence seems to fuel the asshole incentive within him as he brings himself to stand on top of you, a satisfied smirk plummeting to the ground before it punches you in the face.

“Who-Who are you?” You stammer, unable to grip onto your crumbling anger as you shamefully fall victim to your vulnerable emotions.

He hasn’t layed a finger on you so far, and you’re uncertain as to whether it was him who had knocked you out cold or not, but the destructive glint that reflects off his body has you wondering if you’ve subconsciously been living in a delusion for the past month. Had your mind cooked up Jungkook’s fluffy personality? Or were you currently just having a crazy dream where Jungkook was the filthy, horny bastard you always fantasized of him as? You hope you are dreaming. You pray you are dreaming.

The person now in front of you is most certainly not, certified housewife and proud kitten groomer, Jeon Jungkook. He just wasn’t.

The cocky man leans down over you, his ass cheeks seconds away from pressing into your thighs as the smile on his face informs you that he’s well aware of your every thought.

He brings his icy, rough fingers that were once warm and tender to slowly caress the side of your slightly bruised cheek. You want to flinch at the feeling of his disgusting touch but you’re too captivated by the gravity of his explosive eyes to even move a brow.

“Oh come on, flower plum,” he teases, using the nickname he designated for no one else other than you. Your breathing amplifies as he leans in closer, his perfect lips - that were already familiar with the creases in your body - ghosting along the surface of your closed mouth. His hands find their way to rub along your sides in a soothing manner and you have to remind yourself that it should be anything other than soothing to you.

He pulls back from you slightly, a small frown forming along his striking features. You look at him expectantly, in hope that he’ll endure a change of heart and untie you, but instead you helplessly spectate as the frown is wiped off of his face and replaced by the boastful smirk you were sadly not well acquainted with. When he leans back down, it is the first time genuine fear installs itself within you.

“I’m Jungkook,” he simply answers, then adding, in an agonizingly attractive whisper, “just not the Jungkook you had assumed.”

one month earlier

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