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Dancing on the Highway - Part 2

Dancing on the Highway Chapter 2

Word Count: 3,194

Summary: Reader and Sam realize that something is amiss when Dean doesn’t come back to the motel. Returning to where Dean had defended her from Lex, they split up, only for Reader to discover that foul play was involved. She’s recklessly determined to not only find out what happened, but where Dean is as well.

Warnings: Sorry for the fluff and the honey nut feelios.

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Part 2

Wallowing in self-pity was surprisingly easy to do in a cheap, dank motel room. Even with Sam watching you with curious eyes, you let yourself sink into misery. The date with Lex had turned out to be a major bust and your subconscious apparently wanted to torture you with dreams of what happiness looked like. The dream had hurt you deeply, showing you exactly what you wanted out of this life, only to have reality make you see just how much of a fool you actually were to think you could have it. Why would Dean have chosen you when he had so many beautiful waitresses and randoms to hook up with for an easy one night stand?

That’s when it struck you.

“Sam… how often does Dean stay the night with a girl he picked up at the bar?” you asked, rolling over to sit up on the bed.

Sam smirked for a moment like it was a joke and his face suddenly fell. “Never… he never does.”

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boy you came in like a hurricane (ft. namjoon)

First rapmon scenario! I’m pretty proud of this one. I used this as motivation to study biology by writing one scene after each chapter. So yes, to the anon who wanted the rapmon-mysterious-dude-in-the-park. I kinda changed the prompt a bit, but i hope that’s okay? Happy reading and I hope you like it!



You see him for the first time on a rainy day. He’s somehow managed to curl up under a bush – looking incredibly silly – and is staring at a small plant in front of him very intently. He’s soaking wet, but doesn’t seem to mind, and doesn’t acknowledge you when you stop in front of him. Your toes are kinda sticking out from under the umbrella, getting wet, but you’re too bewildered by this boy to actually take notice of that.

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