is your mind diseased

Did You Hear the Rain? - George Ezra
  • “Did you hear the thunder? Or the rain?”
  • “’Means I’m coming home again”
  • “Did you steal my name?”
  • “You’re the master of none”
  • “Oh, the race has begun”
  • “I was born a champion”
  • “You can try and run and hide”
  • “Oh, Lucifer’s inside”
  • “Did [your siblings] tell you I was wasting up your time?”
  • “Now you’re wasting mine”
  • “I guess you think that’s fine”
  • “Did I send a shiver down your spine?”
  • “Well, I do it all the time - it’s a little trick of mine”
  • “Did I make you shake your knees?”
  • “Lord, I’m spreading like disease”
  • “I’m all up in your mind”

It really sucks how being disabled means constantly having to have conversations where you have to prove to someone that yes, you already know all the options available and YES you have already in fact made the best possible decision for your own health and body.

This can range from diet to mobility aids to just about anything. Abled ppl have this thing in their mind if they just heard about your disease and then later see an ad for a medication for your disease they HAVE to let you know.

Or physical therapy.

Or literally whatever the fuck I just feel like the non disabled folks in my life constantly push me into these conversations. Ill complain about my cane giving me problems in my arms and i gotta hear a 10 min lecture on walking sticks…or crutches or whatever the fuck the point is when you live this shit day in and day out theres not usually much someone that doesn’t live with it can tell you that you didn’t already know.

thread ideas curse u brain

  • Law dying in you muse’s arms
  • your muse is dying in law’s arms
  • Law somehow performing the eternal youth surgery on himself - seeing all his friends die
  • Law hating Cora for leaving him
  • your muse watches helplessly as Law self-destructs
  • law straight up locks your muse away because he doesn’t want the world to hurt them
  • Either your muse A has a body/mind deteriorating disease, muse B decides to end their suffering


Imagine Talking To Vision About Your Suicidal Thoughts

For Anon (This is so late I’m sorry it got lost in my inbox)

“You are troubled,” Vision murmurs. You don’t turn around to face him.

“Yes,” you reply as you gaze over the city. The top of the tower has such a nice view. “It’d be so easy just to jump and have it all end.”

“Why do you have such thoughts? Why would you want to destroy yourself?” Vision asks making you remember he’s not human. With sigh you face him.

“Some humans have these thoughts sometimes or most times. Their caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. These suicidal thoughts come with depression, a human disease,” you explain softy.

“Why would your own mind turn against you?”

“I don’t know. I’ve been told it’s no different than a physical disease like cancer.”

“I see. I’m very sorry you must go through this,” Vision murmurs and pats your shoulder.

“I am too.”

“If there is anyway I can help please do tell me,” Vision says and you smile at him. He’s not human but he never fails to be empathetic.

Imagine Sieglinde getting into troubles because she asks to the Queen about her family blood situation, aka, Victoria giving to many of her descendants hemophilia. But like, imagine her doing it in a very rude right-at-it way. Like they’re just chilling, the Queen came to visit her as usual and she just drops the bomb while they’re taking tea. 

“Hey, I’m researching about blood and your son died five years ago because that disease, mind to tell me about it?”

Imagine the faces of Double Charles. 

Imagine John Brown ready to use the Alfred puppet. 


Today I finally watched The Imitation Game(it’s awesome) and when the movie finished there was this question that lingered in my mind.

What’s the cost of human stupidity? In the past a brilliant man was killed because he was different. He practically saved the freaking world,but he died because he was gay? Seriously? 

Being gay isn’t either a disease nor a choice. Hating people is both a disease and a choice.

Keep that on your mind.

To neurotypicals - stop telling us you can “handle” us and our disease and then changing your mind and abandoning us.

And then stop wondering why we fucking have trust issues!

There is a REASON we keep asking if you really care. If you really want to be with us. If you really love us. Because YOU have conditioned us to expect that you will leave. And, you probably will. Don’t blame us. Look in the fuckin mirror.
Loneliness eats away at you as skin to a flesh-eating disease. It cripples your mind, it cripples your body, it’s isolating.
Thought patterns continually tick away inside your brain. Loneliness is defeating.
But, what does Jesus say? You are never alone.
Come home to Him. Loneliness may pierce the night but Jesus’ love withstands in the morning.
You are never alone.
Potential in the world

Never give up.

Never lose sight of what you are, of who you are, of what you could become.

Never let the fear of looming shadows consume your inner light. 

The brightness that is undeniably you could swiftly vanquish the darkest night with the simplest flickering of your eyes.

The strength of your being could rapture the world into a state of divinity and eternal youth.

The strength of your mind could bolster angels from outer space, diminish war, and eradicate disease.

The strength of your faith could deliver you from evil into the unflinching grasp of love and undiminished gratitude.

Your potential cannot be measured in words.

Your worth is vast and boundless beyond compare.

You are everything that you choose to be, and you can be anything that you choose to be 

if only you know yourself.

Love in life, and live in love.

You are infinite in eternity.

Your potential can align you, 

in spirit and harmony, 

with the calling stars 

that wait for you to reap all there is to bare.

-Jerry Harris III

Pictured: a man who wishes he was blabbering to himself.

5 Things Night Owls Understand That Morning People Never Can

#5. Nighttime Is the Best Time to Get Stuff Done

I do a bit of writing myself, and I can tell you that a key step in the process of writing something good is first writing several things that are awful. It’s the revisions where the magic happens, but you need something, even something awful, to revise in the first place. It’s a lot easier to do this when no one else is around to see what your diseased mind has conjured; I honestly have no idea how people write in busy public places like coffee shops. And that doesn’t even get into the really weird stuff that can be useful during the creative process. Physically talking to yourself is a great way to frame sentences and arguments before setting them down on the page, in much the same way that it’s a great way to get kicked out of coffee shops. Even if you’re in your home, it’s a lot more mentally comfortable beaking at yourself after everyone else has gone to bed. Same deal with getting comfortable, whether it’s sprawling across the couch or wearing your most comfortable, least socially acceptable clothes.

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Darling I hope you never
experience the weight of a thousand voices screaming pounding in your mind
I hope know how lucky you are to have a mind free from a disease that ravages your like
and leaves you abused and broken
heart fluttering dangerously low
a circus act
a tight rope
hovering between life and death

I hope that you never understand how your body is anchored down but a heaviness in your chest and a lake of tears, swelling and ever deeper as the voices get louder
until they spill over, unstoppable now
dripping off the cliffs of your cheekbones

Darling I hope you never know this kind of pain
but I pray that you understand when I can’t talk to you becaus the ache inside is bigger than the world that you know
I pray that you don’t leave when you realise that I’m playing Russian roulette with death
my head telling me to run but my heart telling me to stay

Darling, I hope you don’t experience but I beg you to understand.

The mind is a superb instrument if used rightly. Used wrongly, however, it becomes very destructive. To put it more accurately, it is not so much that you use your mind wrongly — you usually don’t use it at all. It uses you. This is the disease. You believe that you are your mind. This is the delusion. The instrument has taken you over.
—  Eckhart Tolle