is your mind clear

- Clean your backpack and organize your books, notebooks, laptop and study materials you will be needing for the week

- Clean your pencil pouch in case you have random things that have ended up there

- Meal prep- if this is something you don’t do at all, maybe see how it works for you for a week. If you are not a meal prepper, try setting aside the food you’ll have for breakfast the next day

- Clean your bedroom and study space- this will help clear your mind. Having a clutter-free space will relax you aswell

- Update your bujo/agenda with the upcoming events of the week- also, remember to re-write any tasks that you haven’t done from the previous week

- Make a to-do-list for Monday- categorize according to priorities. Also, try starting your list with a task you know you will easily accomplish, such as “eat breakfast”, so that you are motivated to keep on crossing tasks

- Work out- maybe go for a walk to breath some fresh air and fuel your brain with oxygen, or do whatever helps you move a little bit more than what you usually do during the weekdays

- Have a set beauty routine- paint your nails if that’s what you like, apply a hair or face mask, exfoliate your skin, have a bubble bath, or do whatever you know that will relax you and set you in a good mood

- Review your goals, short, medium, and long term- if you have not written any, this is a good time. It’s always a good thing to check your accomplishments and remind yourself of your future plans. This will help motivate you and will give you an extra boost of energy for the start of the week to keep yourself focused on working on your dreams

- Check the weather for the next day and prepare the clothes, makeup, perfume, etc, that you’ll be wearing for the week- having some extra time in the morning is always nice, as you don’t end up wasting 30 minutes of your time deciding what to wear (as it has happened to me plenty of times)

- Have a tray dedicated to store all the necessary things you can’t forget before leaving your house- gather all of them, such as your keys, your wallet, a water bottle or anything you know you will be needing and place them on the tray

- Water your plants- if you don’t have a set schedule for watering your plats, Sundays are the perfect days for that

- Empty your binders, notebooks or bag from lose pieces of paper and place them where they should be- this way you’ll make sure you’re not misplacing any important information that you might need in the future

- Check your fridge and pantry, make a grocery list and go shopping- by doing this, you’ll be certain that you won’t be running out of the foods you mostly eat in the middle of the week. If your grocery shop is located at a walking distance, you can take advantage of this and use that opportunity to breath fresh air

- Finally, have some time for yourself!- watch a movie, catch up on your favourite show, watch some youtube videos, read a book, write on your journal, play your favourite instrument, have some tea, or do whatever makes you happy. Taking care of yourself will never not be a productive thing to do.

Hope you have a wonderful week!



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Subtle Magic to Practice Anywhere

Tiny Bits of Energy Work
Work on building up up energy in your palms, fingertips, or the soles of your feet if you’re in one place at a time. It can help pass time by with a little personal productivity if you’re stuck by a register or desk for a while.

Make Small Decisions
Even if it’s only in your inner monologue, making a decision helps you practice focusing your intent and clears your mind for other purposes. If you decided right now that you prefer pie wholeheartedly over cake, as irrelevant as it seems, it would spark a certainty in you. Practicing certainty allows you a confidence in your decisions and intent that can help your magic overall.

Offer Scraps
When a friend offers you the last bit of their food, some french fries or a bit of their cake, doesn’t it make you feel happy? Like a small, “aww, they care” moment? Offer something to your deities, the fae you work with, spirits, or even just the Universe whenever you eat. Treat your witchcraft associates, no matter the tangibility, as friends. Even the smallest gifts can build favor. 

Work on Communication Clarity
The right word choice can make or break a spell. It takes time to word an incantation well or decide on the best way to mentally draw out your message in visualization. Start by talking to a friend or coworker and asking them if there’s anyway you can be better understood when telling a story, asking a question, or giving an answer. How clear you are in communication can benefit you insanely in the long run.

Mentally Shop for Dream Supplies
Visualizing your ideal supplies can bring can you bring you closer to finding them as well as it just being a really good way to practice visualization. Two birds, one stone! 

☀️ Spell for Warmth in Winter ☀️


  • Any stone associated with fire (e.g. amber, sunstone, fire opal).
  • A yellow/gold/orange/red candle.
  • Anything that YOU associate with fire/warmth.


  1. Take several deep, calming breaths and clear your mind before you begin.
  2. Light the candle and hold your hands close, feeling the warmth of the fire. Imagine the warmth spreading through your fingertips, up your arms, and into the rest of your body.
  3. Take a few moments to bask in the warmth. Feel the cold slipping away.
  4. Hold the stone of your choice (or substitute) over your heart. Keep your breathing slow and even as the warmth envelopes your body, fueled by the stone.
  5. Take as long as you’d like to bask in the warmth. Once you’re ready, blow out the candle.
  6. Keep your stone/object of choice with you on cold winter days to bring you some warmth! ☀️🔥🌟

Feel free to substitute any materials or tweak the process. Do whatever works for you!

Fall in love with yourself more and more with each passing day. Have so much respect for yourself that you automatically reject anyone that doesn’t.

Tranquility: Keep your mind and heart clear and peaceful.

Still in the Buddhism / zen mood,
Liyu’s so fun to draw!! Especially since he can spring lotus blossoms or create magical display <3 I love fantasy genre!

Also, maybe he looks like Aang when his robe is half open? kinda good look on him though *v*

I think I’m gonna have this available on my redbubble shop! If you like you could check it out and support your artist here

probablyspider-manoneday  asked:

In the vein of the question answered today, what are some real life examples/situations that someone can use or visualize to determine whether they use Ni or Ne?

When planning something, do you tend to plan in depth and find it difficult to deviate from that plan when life complicates things (Ni) or do you wing it, changing your mind easily when given new information, even redesigning your entire idea at the last minute (Ne)?

When pondering truth, do you revisit an issue from every internal angle, considering all options and gradually excluding information, ideas, and interpretations until you have a single belief, opinion, or truth (Ni), or do you hold one position for awhile, then change it when given additional information, sometimes changing your mind a dozen times or being uncertain that there is an clear truth on this particular issue (Ne)?

When describing your perceptions, do you find it difficult to put your inner symbols and visualizations into words, instead focusing on a single anticipated outcome (Ni), or can you easily articulate connections, parallels, symbolism, and various possible outcomes for others to read or understand (Ne)?

When thinking about the future, are you typically more comfortable having a single fixed idea of what you intend to accomplish and how, having faith in yourself that your inevitable desired outcome will come to pass, and that life will present you with opportunities to step forward (Ni), or do you tend to change your ideas, ambitions, dreams, and thoughts about the future based on your interests at the time, your feelings in the moment, what possibilities lie before you, or the new people, places, and things you encounter (Ne)?

When problem-solving, does the idea sometimes simply “present itself” to you through subconscious pondering (or “sleeping on it”) (Ni), or do you tend to “think-out-loud” through different ideas and possibilities, first trying and then discarding one after another, until you hit upon the idea that works best (Ne)?

When making predictions, are you fairly confident in reading between the lines and asserting someone’s true motives, intentions, what really happened, or where something is likely to go in the future (Ni), or more inclined to state an opinion while nervously considering that you may not have all the evidence, so your conclusion could be wrong, and being open to or frequently changing your opinion based on new ideas, possibilities, or evidence (Ne)?

When your friends get on your case, is it because they see your idea as too narrow, fixated, or unshakable once you’ve made up your mind on this inevitable outcome or prediction (Ni), or because they see you as inconsistent and flighty, since you can reverse your position 180% in the course of a few weeks of pondering and may even contradict yourself in a single paragraph (Ne)?

Finally, this one is a VITAL difference between Ni/Ne-doms:

When everything goes wrong at the last minute, and your original plan, idea, or visualized outcome becomes impossible, do you short-circuit and find yourself unable to adapt, while beating yourself up for not having “foreseen” a way to avoid this inevitable outcome, perhaps even clinging stubbornly to your predetermined course, hoping you can make it happen through sheer force of will (Ni), or do you easily toss aside your earlier idea and adapt, revise, innovate, and go with whatever possibilities are immediately apparent in the environment (Ne)?

- ENFP Mod

When your mind begins to fall off track, handle it delicately. Be careful when it begins to think irrational thoughts, for it is then when we become the most vulnerable to our greatest fears.

Lately I’ve been stressed. Work, grad school, personal life has all been weighing down me this week.
I got back from the gym about 30 minutes ago. I walked in the house, I put down my bag, sat on the couch and closed my eyes. I cleared my mind of the worries, stressors, and deadlines I have coming up. I opened my eyes to a clear mind and a drastically changed attitude.
Point of this post is for those people that feel like they have stress in their life and can’t seem lose the negative feelings that come along with that.


Take 5 minutes to close your eyes, feel your breath, and clear your mind. You literally feel weightless from those worries being lifted off you.

I have neglected this for some while, but I’m definitely meditating few times a week from now.

Till Next Time