is your hair normal or dry

ok this my list of hoe tips and life tips in general

- can’t get ur pussy smooth?? always prickly?? shave diagonally and horizontally instead of up and down, and always use a new blade

- can’t get ur pussy soft?? shave with hair conditioner and massage it in for like 30 seconds before. after u shave, massage with baby oil, and lotion after a shower

- EXFOLIATE. exfoliating is the key to life. mix used coffee grounds with a moisturizing oil (olive or coconut is best). rub that shit all over your legs before you shave until ur hands start to feel funny

- dry feet?? bih me too. rub a fuck ton of regular lotion (or foot cream if u fancy, even Vaseline works) all over your feet and put double socks (or fuzzy socks) on before bed. yass

- this one is the most basic but pls drink water. it’ll clear ur skin, flush out your kidneys to prevent bladder infections, and ur pussy gonna be wet asf

- salt, fat, caffeine, dairy, etc. r gonna make u taste all funky down there. fruits, veggies, and anything w high water content is gonna make u taste fresh/sweet

- smoking and drinking also gonna make u taste funky. and smoking is especially bad for u, so put out the cig babe

- using soap on ur pussy gonna fuck up ur pH bad. the vagina is a self cleaning device, and all u need is a really soft washcloth (or even a cotton shirt) and some water, let ur body do ur thing

- if ur used to wearing tampons and that’s what u find comfortable, use a menstrual cup! very sanitary and will save u a TON of money in the long run

- want a natural lip plumper?? mix a lil bit of cinnamon and honey, and gently rub it into your lips w a soft toothbrush n leave it on for a min. slather on some chapstick n ur plump n soft

- BUY A VIBRATOR. please do it. it will save ur fucking life

- cotton panties or no panties sis. ur kitty needs to breathe and cotton/no panties will prevent bacterial and fungal infection

- got hair on ur face? got rough skin? GURL SHAVE IT! wash your face as normal and pat dry, gently run a clean razor over any areas (cheeks, chin, neck). tone and moisturize like a motherfucker. smooth!

- pubic hair is healthy and good and keeps ur vag clean! don’t shave it unless YOU want to, don’t leave that decision up to ur nasty man

- allow urself junk in moderation. it’ll make making healthy choices easier if u allow urself a little treat every once in a while

- a simple equation for a good meal: vegetable + grain/carb, protein

- do ur fucking homework and do it on time

- rubbing a little bit of petroleum jelly on ur pressure points before spraying perfume will make it last longer

- hair holds onto scents v easily. wanna smell like a goddess????,,, spritz that hair

- kat von d everlasting liquid lipstick is blowjob proof. get messy n be on point!

- urban decay all nighter setting spray is gonna save ur life. it’ll keep ur shit in place when u getting dicked, if u cryin, chokin on dick, w/e u like to do

- if ur having trouble getting wet even after sufficient foreplay, a little bit of water based lube does WONDERS. also won’t deteriorate condoms (oil) or get gritty (silicone)

- need to stretch out ur shoes?? fill two ziploc bags with water and put them in ur shoes. put shoes in the freezer until water freezes solid, and dethaw with a hairdryer. especially effective on leather!

- having problems deepthroating? make sure ur throat is in line with ur mouth, if it’s not the dick won’t go down

- can’t deepthroat at all? cover ur teeth with ur top lip and press ur tongue to the roof of ur mouth while he thrusts. 10/10!

- communication w ur partner during sex will make it a trillion million times more satisfying

- frizzy hair? put conditioner on the tips of your hair (nape of the neck and down) and shampoo right on ur scalp. volumizes without frizzing!

- this one kinda weird but don’t hold ur pee unless u wanna mean bladder infection/UTI

- pee after u masturbate please. u never know what can shimmy up ur urethra, even when ur playin w the little man in the sailboat

- keep a pair of spare glasses with u for when ur contacts dry out. lifesaver

- always keep extra undies, an extra shirt, makeup remover, moisturizer, and comfy shoes in ur car/bag if u can fit all of it

- apply dry shampoo the night before ur gonna need it. it’ll soak up the oil before it sits on ur hair. reapply in the morning n style accordingly

- apple cider vinegar mixed with water works as a good toner if u ain’t got no moneyyyy

- castor oil on ur brows and lashes every night will make them thicker and longer. even just one day will help (bc they will be shiny and moisturized)

ill probs add onto this when i think of more!

✨Pro Hoe Tips✨

1. Drink water with every meal, and between each meal. Hydration does wonders for your entire body.
2. Get yourself on a proper sleep schedule. Its easier to grind when you’re well rested.
3. Airspun translucent powder (Walgreens, $7) bakes ya makeup to the gods. Your shit won’t move for the entire day. Kiss ya fallout goodbye.
4. Brands like BH Cosmetics, Makeup Revolution, NYX, ELF, Essence, and Maybelline are all relatively cheap, good quality makeup brands for that last-all-night look
5. Dressing in neutrals like nudes, whites, blacks, and greys generally make your outfit choices easier to mix and match, without all the hustle of finding something to wear. Plus you’ll look like a fuckin baddie
6. Let your eyebrows grow, for the love of God. Castor oil and coconut make ya eyebrows and lashes grow thick and long, and ABH Brow Whiz is the shit for long lasting, natural looking brows. Seriously worth every penny.
7. Eat fresh fruit and stay away from processed sweets for a healthy, fresh smelling/tasting pussy
8. Roll non scented deodorant onto your pussy after you shave to avoid any razor bumps or ingrown hairs (DO NOT PUT NEAR YOUR ACTUAL VULVA, JUST THE OUTSIDE PORTION)
9. Make ya blowjobs wet, sloppy, and be sure to make eye contact as ya lick it. He’ll be putty in your hands
10. Coconut oil hoes👏👏👋 good for scars, stretch marks, cellulite, dry skin, you name it
11. Be sure to find your actual skin type, and look up ingredients in products that help according to your skin type. For example, skin products with salicylic acid help normal/oily skin, while glycolic acid helps dryer, aged skin.
12. Products and moisterizers with urea and ammonium lactate can help clear your keratosis pilaris (KP, the little bumps on your arms/legs/ass/cleavage)
13. Exercise regularly, and change up your workouts every couple of months to keep your body challenged
14. Never send your face in nudes. Make your nudes unidentifiable, in case you encounter a fuckboy who leaks them because hes an asshole. Protect yourself girl.
15. Always keep an extra change of clothes in your car, in case of an accident, dress code violation, or fashion emergency
16. Keep ya grades up, get a job, and make your own money so you don’t have to be financially dependent on some fuckboy.
17. Keep your cuticles moisturized for stronger, healthier nails (especially when wearing acrylics)
18. Take biotin pills to boost hair and nail growth, healthy skin, and kickstart metabolism.
19. Take selfies and nudes at all times to boost that body confidence. Snapchat has a password protected “My Eyes Only” option in Memories that you can hide these in if you’re shy.
20. Literally just worry about you babygirl stay unbothered

Thats all for now hoes✨✨

a non-cutesy self care guide, for when you need to bounce back after being really dysfunctional


  1. Wash your hands with warm water and soap. 
  2. Trim, file, and buff your nails and toenails. 
  3. Trim any hangnails. 
  4. Push back your cuticles.
  5. Put hand cream or moisturizer on your hands and/or feet.
  6. If you have any rough skin, buff it off with a pumice stone. 
  7. If it’s your style, give yourself a manicure and/or pedicure. 
  8. Roll out your ankles, flex and point your feet a couple of times. 
  9. Stretch your calves, hamstrings, quads, shoulders, triceps, upper back, lower back, chest, or any other part that feels tight. 
  10. Roll your neck in circles in both directions. 
  11. Shake out your hands and roll your wrists. 
  12. If you want to, shave anywhere you want to shave. 
  13. If you have any sore muscles, massage them with your hands or a foam roller. 
  14. Go through your normal facial care routine. Splash water on your face, put on moisturizer, use a facial cleanser, or put on a nice mask. 
  15. Take a warm bath or shower. Warm, not scalding hot. 
  16. Take a cutesy, Instagram-worthy bath with a bath bomb, or use this guide for what to put in your bath.
  17. Wash your hair. Shampoo and condition if you want. 
  18. Dry yourself off gently with a soft towel.
  19. Put on clothes that make you feel confident. 
  20. Eat something, preferably healthy.
  21. Drink a huge glass of water. 
  22. Use the restroom, if you’ve been holding it for a long time. 
  23. Use a warm washcloth and wipe off the crusty bits around your eyes and nose.
  24. Blow your nose. 
  25. Take any medications or vitamins if you need to do so.
  26. Have a warm drink. Avoid caffeinated drinks if they make you jumpy.
  27. Comb or brush your hair, then style it in a way that makes you feel most confident. 
  28. If you have open cuts, put on bandages; if you have mosquito bites, apply anti-itch cream; etc.


  1. Delete unnecessary photos and apps from your phone.
  2. Close all apps running in the background of your phone.
  3. Close all of the tabs open on your computer.
  4. Delete unnecessary files from your computer.
  5. Organize your files.
  6. Check emails, and clean up your inbox. 
  7. Clear every notification on your phone.
  8. Take everything off your desk and wipe it down. 
  9. Put all papers where they need to go. 
  10. Put all books on your shelf.
  11. Reorganize your shelf by author, series, rainbow colors, or whatever else you prefer. 
  12. Untangle all of your cables.
  13. Make your bed.
  14. Change your sheets, pillowcase, and duvet cover.
  15. Put all scattered clothes in a laundry bin.
  16. Do that laundry. 
  17. Turn off all the lights if it’s daytime, or turn them all on if it’s nighttime.
  18. Put all of the random junk that doesn’t have a place into a box, and hide the box under your bed. 
  19. Hang clean clothes in your closet, or fold them and put into drawers. 
  20. Open your blinds and curtains. 
  21. Straighten everything that is hanging on your walls, unless everything is slanted in a certain way for your ~aesthetic~
  22. Vacuum the floor.
  23. Clean your phone screen, laptop screen, keyboard, etc. 
  24. Put all of your pens in jars. 


  1. Take any medication you need. 
  2. Dump all your thoughts in a journal. 
  3. Make an appointment with a therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist/etc.
  4. Tbh, beyond this I don’t know about each person’s circumstances. You can check out my mental health resource tag and find something to help you.

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Harry X Reader: Smut

In which Harry loves your boobs and hates when you sleep.

Request? Yes:

Omg please write something about harry and his missus boobs I’m dying for it

Harry has been in a mood since the moment he woke up, hands roaming your body under the sheets, cupping the underneath of your breasts, lips sponging over the back of your neck. He woke you up with his feely touches, much to your annoyance.

“Harry, leave me alone,” you mumbled, rolling away from him. The two of you were out late last night and had a long day ahead of you. You needed all the shut eye you could get.

“Jus’ wan’ some cuddles, love,” he complained with a tired whine, fingers snaking over your hip in an effort to pull you back to him.

“No, you don’t. Let me sleep.” You had to shove his hands away twice more before he finally relented, climbing out of bed to get ready for the day. You were thankful for the peace, but no matter how hard you tried, there was no getting back to sleep.

Now, here you are, yawning through the doorway after a busy schedule of meetings and catch-ups, toeing off your shoes in the entryway. Your feet lead you to the couch where you collapse onto your back, eyes resting closed. A wave of relieved bliss washes over you until it’s broken once more.

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Throwback Thursday Styling Tip this week will be focused on how to create custom glued hairline on a wig from scratch. Now, I know there are tons of glued hairline tutorials out there, but I do it a little differently and I found it to produce a pretty realistic result without the hairline “floating” problem. The wig in this pic is a cheap wig I bought to style into a Kurogane (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle) wig. I used the same hairline technique to create extremely unique-shaped hairlines for the Vegeta (DBZ) wig and Yusuke (Yu Yu Hakusho) wig as well. Using this technique is easier to get accurate custom hairline which is very difficult to replicate with a lacefront wig, especially if you don’t know how to hand-ventilate hair.
- On the inside of the wig, glue a strip of clear vinyl fabric on with Fabri-Tac glue. Hold until it completely dries. I chose to use clear vinyl because it’s waterproof and can be shaped with heat from the hairdryer if need to. Since it’s waterproof, when you wear the wig and apply spirit gum to glue down the inside of the hairline to your forehead area, it will stick better and is easier to clean off the residue later.
- Pin the wig on a foam head. Use a marker that’s close in color to your wig and mark the hairline shape you want. You may want to do the marking while trying the wig on to make sure it works for your forehead shape. Cut off the excess vinyl outside the marked area. If you need the vinyl to be larger for more extreme hairline, you can cut in darts and Fabri-Tac glue it so it’s more curved to your forehead shape, and not pointing out straight.
- Mix craft glue and water in a cup. I used Elmer’s clear glue. You can use regular Elmer’s glue or school glue, but I find the clear Elmer’s glue to be best for dark colored wigs. Mixing ratio of glue to water is 3:1. Make sure to not use too much water, you want a syrup-like texture after you mix it with a paint brush.
- Cut a small piece of hair from loose wefts. Point-cut into the tip of the hair piece to create varying points and thin out the tip.
- Brush on the water-downed glue to the tip of the hair piece on both sides. I don’t go above one inch from the tip. Use your finger to squeeze the glue on the hair to help spread it through all layers and to help flatten the piece.
- It should look flat and pointy after it dries. You can make a lot of pieces like this and set them to dry on a big plastic bag. I make about 30-40 of these hair pieces for a normal wig’s hairline. It is time-consuming but the result is worth it!
- Next, put a thin layer of Fabri-Tac glue on the back of the hair piece. Press down the hair piece to the clear vinyl in the center. Fabri-Tac takes longer to dry than hot glue but it’s more permanent and won’t cause the hair piece to be bulky.
- Continue the same step as the last. Make sure to position the hair piece so that the tips go a bit past the clear vinyl. This will help cover the seams and hide the vinyl in the process.
- And you’re done! Enjoy fabulous hairline. Make sure to research how to apply and remove spirit gum before wearing the wig.

My Guide To Cold Showers

So if you’ve like the idea of cold showers but disliked the idea of climbing into icy water, I’ve composed a few tips to help!

First, here’s a couple benefits other than burning a couple extra calories of cold showers:

    -the mirror will not fog up

    -it’s better for your skin because it doesn’t dry it out (plus bathing in too hot of water can cause varicose veins if the water is too hot for too long)

    -your shampoo will rinse out faster and your soap will too

    -it helps your conditioner work better since it doesn’t dry out your hair

    -you can take cold showers everyday as many times a day as you want without worrying about your skin or hair suffering

    -if you pay for your hot water (or the heating of it) this can help reduce your bill a little tiny bit if you take cold showers regularly

Alright, cold showers:

1. When you get in the shower, don’t climb in when the water is freezing, icy, cold. Turn the water to where you normally would and when it gets comfortably warm (but not wonderfully intoxicating hot the way you may like it), climb in.

2. As your shower progresses turn the handle so the water gets colder little by little (every 30 seconds or minute or so, or wash one thing and turn it, etc.), you’ll be surprised at how you get used to it. This is the trick: to gradually adjust the water.

3. For the last 10 seconds of your shower, turn the water to as cold as you can take it and use this time to rinse out your conditioner or just finish up. It’s only 10 seconds, you can handle just 10 seconds.

4. To know if you’re shower was cold enough to be a cold shower, when you get out of the shower and turn the water off the mirror in the bathroom should be clear enough that you can see your entire self clearly (no fog).

Hope this helps! Stay strong, you’ve got this!

“Kiss Me” Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 3,293

Dean Winchester x Reader

Request: Could you do one where you’re not super tomboy but you don’t usually wear “girly things” and to go undercover you have to wear a short black dress, basically what happens is a lot of tight spaces with you and dean and some accidental rubbing against each other here and there and it ends with some good smut where he basically just hikes up the skirt of your dress and you realize how convenient dresses can actually be 

Warnings: Smut, language, lots of sexual tension, unprotected sex

Originally posted by dean-sam-winchesterbros

“There’s no way in hell you’re going.” Dean shakes his head, not even considering the idea of you going on the case with them.

“Come on. You’ve been training me for months now, besides it’s not like we’ll be doing any actual fighting. It’s a goddamn dinner party. All we’ll be doing is socializing and stealing that dumb bracelet.” You argue.

You had been living with Sam and Dean for a few months now. They’ve been training you to be a hunter, but refuse to take you on any actual hunts yet. They keep saying that you just aren’t ready, despite kicking ass in training. Tonight they were supposed to be going to some fancy dinner party/auction at some fancy collector’s house, and you were desperate to go along.

“What if something goes wrong, huh? What are you going to do then?” Dean questions, obviously getting frustrated.

“Then I can be a helpful asset to the team! I know what I’m doing. I’m getting training from the best hunters in the country.” You beg.

“Dean, she has a good point. She’s going to have to start somewhere, and this is probably the best place to do that. The chances of anything going wrong are slim.” Sam defended you.

“What, both of you are going to gang up on me now?” Dean rolled his eyes. “Fine, you can go. But if you get hurt, I get to tell you that I told you so.”

“Ah!” You say in excitement. “Thank you!”

You’re not sure why Dean is so protective over you. You’re only a few years younger than Sam, not too big of a deal. You can take care of yourself. But ever since you moved in with them, Dean has been overly-protective of you, and honestly, it could be a bit much. You feel like he treats you like a little, helpless girl instead of the woman you are.

“But, those clothes are a no. You’re going to have to wear a dress.” Dean pointed to your outfit.

“I hate dresses. What’s wrong with my clothes?” You frown. You were wearing ripped skinny jeans and a flannel, nothing too fancy, but you wouldn’t consider it ugly. You like your clothing, even if it’s not the girliest.

“There’s nothing wrong with them,” Sam interjected, staring down Dean. “This event is just really fancy and we have to fit in.”

“I don’t even own a dress.” You realize. “Or heels. Or anything fancy, for that matter.”

“Guess you can’t go on the case then.” Dean sighed dramatically.

“You wish, Winchester.” You roll your eyes. “What time is the event?”


“I’ll be back later.” You glance at the clock, seeing that it was almost one in the afternoon. You definitely had time to run to the mall and grab some stuff before tonight.


A few hours later, you returned to the bunker with a few shopping bags in each hand. It had been a successful trip- you managed to find a relatively cute but not expensive dress that had matching heels, and also some earrings.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you carry shopping bags in your life.” Dean commented as you walked past them to go to your room.

“There’s a first for everything, right?” You shoved a couple bags in his arms, making him help you bring them to your room.

“You know, I’m not trying to be mean. I just don’t want to risk you getting hurt.”

“Dean.” You set the bags on your bed, turning around and looking at him in the eye. “You don’t have to act like my big brother. I’m okay. I can take care of myself.”

Dean looks at you, seeming like he wanted to say something, but he kept his mouth shut.

“I’ve got to start getting ready, so…” You trail off, implying that he needed to leave.

“It’s only four. It starts at seven.” He raises his eyebrows.

“Uh, trust me, girls take a long time to get ready. Now, get out.” You laugh, playfully shoving him out the door. He raises his hands in surrender, and closes the door behind him.

You are determined to look good tonight, to go all out. You rarely ever dressed up, hence why you didn’t have any nice clothing. This was probably the last time you’ll ever dress up as well, you hate dresses, so why not make the most of it?

You started out by taking a shower and making sure that you used your favorite body wash that left a good scent on you for hours. You normally only used it for when you were going on a date, but this is a special occasion.

You then blow-dryed your hair and curled it, which was a nice change from your usual ponytail you typically threw it in. Next you applied makeup, which was also a nice change from the bare face you normally sported. You have clear skin and decent eyelashes, so you didn’t think you needed makeup on a day to day basis. Tonight, you were rocking a smoky eye and red lip combo, thanks to the YouTube tutorials you had watched. You attempted to put on fake eyelashes, but they were a complete fail so you just went without them.

The last thing you did was put on your dress. You looked in the mirror and admired yourself once it was on. Man, is that dress sexy. It was a tight, bodycon style that stopped just below your butt, showing off all the right curves of your boy. Paired with the black heels, you looked good.

You were about to grab your purse when you hear a knocking on your door.

“Y/N? It’s almost seven, we’ve got to-“

You interrupt them by opening the door, revealing both Sam and Dean standing there. The reactions of both of their faces are priceless. Sam raised his eyebrows and glanced away, doing his signature nervous gulp. Dean, oh poor Dean, he didn’t know what had hit him. He couldn’t look away. He had never seen you look so… Good.

“You can take a picture if you want.” You tease, walking past them. They both cleared their throats and watched as you walked past them, not moving a muscle.

“You know, boys, we’re going to be late if you don’t get a move on it.” You say.

“Yeah yeah.” Dean mumbled, rushing to get to the impala.

The ride there was uncomfortable, to say the least. You couldn’t sit in the backseat since Dean hadn’t cleaned it, and you didn’t want to get anything on your dress. Sam was entirely too tall to sit back there, and there was no way in hell that Dean was letting either of you drive. So, that left you to be in your current predicament- squished between the both of them in the front seat.

Sam was polite enough to try and scoot over as far to the door as possible, which was nice. You had some room, but you were still basically attached to Dean on the hip. Your thighs were touching and your shoulders were bumping into each other, and no one said a word the entire ride there.

When you finally reached the house, you couldn’t be more happy to get out of that car. You stepped outside of the impala, enjoying the feeling of the warm summer air hitting your skin.

“How are we going to go about this?” You asked them, leaning against the impala. You couldn’t exactly go inside without a plan.

“The bracelet is inside one of the upstairs bedroom, inside the top drawer of one of the dressers. We’ll socialize for a little bit, whatever, and then I’ll excuse myself to the bathroom and go find the bracelet upstairs. You and Sam can keep watch downstairs.” Dean directed.

“Okay, sounds like a plan.” You say. You link arms with the both of them and walk inside the house, which was absolutely beautiful. You’re enchanted by architecture and all of the collections spread about the house. It was something out of a movie.

“Grab a glass of champagne. Fit in.” Dean whispered to you, not looking at you as he waved to a person across the room. You took a glass from the table behind you, taking a small sip as the person Dean waved to came over to the three of you.

“Hello! What brings you guests here today?” The man asks, all smiles. He must be the owner of the house.

“Just very interested in seeing what you have up for auction today, Sir. You have lovely collections.” You tell him, putting your charm on.

“Why, thank you!” He smiles.

“So, why don’t you tell me about some of these pieces? I’d love to know more.” You lie, hoping to keep the man’s interest long enough for Dean to sneak upstairs. It wasn’t exactly the plan, but it would work. You shoot Dean a look, and he gives you a thumbs up, and you can see him dash away upstairs.

“This piece of art work I got from Venice, isn’t it lovely?” He pointed to a painting.

“Yes, it certainly is.” You pretend to admire it.

He keeps on talking, and at some point you zone out. You look back over to where Sam was standing, hoping to see Dean standing there, but he wasn’t back yet. Odd.

You glance over to the other side of the room, and two men in bodyguard suits are talking, grabbing your attention. They keep glancing over to the stairs and over to Sam, and your heart drops. They must be suspicious.

“Excuse me, sir, but I am going to have to get back over to my friend. Thank you so much for telling me about the history of your painting.” You rushed. You didn’t wait for him to respond while you went over to Sam.

“Sam, those men are onto us. I have to go get Dean.” You say from a few feet away so the men don’t think you’re talking to him, so they think you’re just grabbing another glass of champagne.

“I’ll go.”

“No, they are already staring you down. You take one step and they will follow you up there. They haven’t noticed I’m with you yet. I have to go.” You turn around, taking a sip of the champagne.

“Be careful.” Sam whispered, not daring to look at you.

“I will.”

You walk upstairs, making sure the men don’t notice you. They’re still watching Sam, thankfully. When you get up to the top, you see Dean standing in the hallway, closing one of the doors to the rooms.

“Did you get it yet?” You asked, running over to him, which is difficult in heels.

“No, there are so many goddamn rooms in this house, I’ve still got like five more rooms to check.” He says. “Why are you up here?” He questions.

“People are onto us. You need to hurry.”

Just as you say that, you can hear people walking up the stairs. You grab Dean and pull him behind one of the columns, just to where you two were out of sight to anyone walking in the hallway. You admit, the two of you were in a compromising position. He was leaned up against the column and you were pressed up against him, your head against his chest.

He goes to say something, but you press you hand against his mouth and raise a finger to your lips, indicating that he needs to be quiet.

“I don’t see anybody up here. You’re just being paranoid, Seb.” You hear a man’s voice booming from down the hallway. The voices trail away as well as their footsteps, and you peek your head around the corner.

“We’re clear.” You whisper. Your bodies are still pressed together, and Dean looks down at you, you feeling his hot breath against your skin. His eyes are sparkling and his arms are wrapped your waist- you admit, he looked really good.

“We, uh, we need to find the bracelet.” You say nervously, pushing yourself away from him.

“Right. The bracelet.” He nods, following you back into the hallway.

“I haven’t checked this room yet.” Dean points to a door, and you follow him inside. Just like the rest of the house, the room is absolutely beautiful.

You walk over to the dresser, pulling open the top drawer. A shiny bracelet with a blue stone in the center of it was set on top of a pillow, almost begging to be taken.

“This it?” You hold it up to Dean.

“Yes, thank god.” Dean shoves it in his tuxedo pocket.

You footsteps approaching the room, along with the same man’s voice from earlier. Panic fills your chest and you freeze. How are you supposed to explain this if they walk in? You can’t exactly just be like, ‘Hey, yeah we were stealing your jewelry. Excuse us.’

“Dean, kiss me.” You say.

“Wh-“ He begins, but you cut him off by pressing your mouth to his. He kisses you back immediately, sneaking his arms around your waist and bringing you into the same position you were in at the column. The door to the room opens, and you and Dean pull apart.

“Oh, we’re terribly sorry-“ The man apologizes, blush filling his cheeks.

“Yeah, you should be.” Dean snaps, and the door closes. The two men outside start mumbling and then they walk away.

“That was-“ Dean looks at you, an expression you can’t quite read.

“Yeah, fuck, that was close. Good thing I was here to save the day.” You joke.

“Yeah. Close.” He breathes heavily.

“We should leave now. Before someone realizes its missing.” You start to walk out the door. Dean is silent as he follows you back downstairs. Sam has a relieved look on his face when he sees the two of you coming back unharmed.

“I thought you were both screwed when I saw them go upstairs.” Sam says, the three of you walking back to the impala.

“Yeah, we came close to getting caught. They opened the door while we were in the room grabbing it.” You slide into the car, back into your uncomfortable middle seat.

“How’d you manage to get out of that one?” Sam looks shocked. Dean grunts, and sits down to your left to start the car. His hand landing on your thigh doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Said we were looking for the bathroom.” You lie. You’re not sure why you just lied to Sam, but the feeling of Dean’s hand inching up your thigh was not a feeling you ever thought you’d get from Dean. Sure, he’s attractive, but you had never really thought of him that way before… Not until tonight.

The drive back to the bunker was ten times more uncomfortable than the drive there. Dean’s hand never left your thigh, but the minute it would get to the hem your dress, he would bring his hand back down to your knee, repeating the process. Your breath was hitching and you were sure that you were soaking through your underwear. If Sam noticed what was going on, he never said anything. He just kept his eyes focused on the window the entire time.

The minute you got to the bunker, Sam shot out of the car and went to his room, looking uncomfortable. Oh, he knew.

“Y/N, we have to talk…” Dean sets the keys down on the kitchen table.

“Look, it was just purely for business-“

“No, it wasn’t. You felt it, too. And I could tell how turned on you were in the car.” Dean walked up closer to you, pinning you up against the kitchen counter. “Remember earlier today when you told me that I think of you as a little sister?” He fiddled with the hem of your dress.

You nodded, unable to form any words.

“You couldn’t be any further from the truth.”

He smashed his lips against yours, his kiss full of lust and need. He lifts you onto the counter, not breaking the kiss as he lifts your dress up past your hips, revealing your black lace thong.

“This is pretty.” He says, and he brings his head down to your lower area. He takes your thong between his teeth, bringing the lacy material down your legs and onto the floor.

It was the most erotic thing you’d probably ever seen.

Dean starts planting kisses up your legs, starting from your calves and stopping right at your upper thigh.

“Dean, please, stop teasing.” You breathe out, desperate for more.

“Be patient, baby girl.” He mumbled against your skin, and finally his lips pressed to your clit. You moan, the feeling of his tongue on you radiating throughout your body. He enters a finger inside of you, making you moan even louder. You clamp your hand over your mouth, but Dean reached up and moved your hand.

“Don’t. I want to hear you.” He smirked, entering a second finger. With the rate he was going, you weren’t going to last very long.

“Fuck, Dean, I’m going to cum.” You’re a moaning mess, and he picks up his pace. You clench around his fingers, coming around him. Dean removes his fingers and puts them in his mouth, licking them clean.

“You taste so sweet.” He gets up, giving you a deep kiss. You’d never had a man kiss you after eating you out, but man, did it turn you on even more. Or maybe it was just Dean.

You brought your hand to his pants, palming his hard erection through the clothing. He groaned, and you started to fumble with his belt. Sliding it off, you pulled down his pants and his boxers in one motion, leaving his hard member in your hands.

“Damn, Dean.” You commented. He was perfect. He positioned himself with your entrance, and entered himself slowly.

“Fuck,” Dean hisses, throwing his head back in pleasure. He starts to move at a faster pace, the only sounds in the room being both of your moans and skin slapping together.

“I’m going to cum again,” You tell him, the pleasure you’re experiencing being more than any you ever had. The man knows what he’s doing.

“Cum, Y/N, cum on my cock.” Dean says, and this brings you to your second orgasm. The feeling of your walls clenching around him made Dean reach his orgasm as well, his warm spurts filling your insides.

“Holy fuck.” Dean breathes out, pulling out of you. He grabs a towel from the drawer beside you, wiping the two of you off.

“That was…” You trail off, unable to find words.

“You were great.” Dean tosses the towel across the room, it landing right in front of the laundry room. You hop off the kitchen counter, and Dean hands you your thong.

“Sam’s gonna be pissed you just used a nice towel.” You laugh. You slide your underwear back on, and you pull your dress back down your body.

“Worth it.” Dean smiles at you, kissing you once more.

“You know,” you pull away. “Dresses are way more convenient than I remember.”

A new start - Hybrid!Au

Originally posted by sosjimin

Pairing: Jimin x reader

Genre/Warnings: Fluff, tiny bit of angst. Smut, Hybrid!au Panther!Jimin

Summary: You were looking for a change in your life and all he wanted was a clean slate. A new Start someplace where even if it were for a brief moment in time he could feel human.

(credit to original owner of gif)

My feet hurt.
My feet really hurt.
Like holy shit someone please cut off my feet it’ll be less painful.

These were your thoughts as you made what felt like the millionth trip around your office for different little jobs.
You wanted to be a vet, your mother was one and you were desperate to follow in her footsteps life didn’t always through opportunities your way. So you kept Vet school to the back of your mind, more focussed on living life than living a dream.

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Hakyeon :

★such a gentleman
★he’ll run you a bath
★has special bubble bath that he only uses for this occasion
★lavender to relax your muscles and calm you
★he’ll sit with you in the bath, holding you to his chest and kissing all over your shoulders
★won’t actually talk about what happened until the morning after
★he wants all of his focus on making you feel loved and happy
★let’s just say you’d be rich if you got paid for every ‘i love you’ he said to you
★washes your hair
★if you’ve long hair, he’ll dry it for you and put it out of the way so you can sleep well
★you’d normally drift off into dreamland after this sort of activity
★but on the rare occasion you two still have energy
★he’ll put on your favourite movie, get snackies and you’ll just have a real cozy time in eachother’s arms


★not much gets done after he’s pounded into you at a million miles an hour
★if you’ve got energy left he gets offended
★and takes you again to make sure you’re properly fucked out
★if you’re gonna do it, do it right right~
★for real, he can’t just leave you with one orgasm
★he needs to see you destroyed
★only then will he know he’s done good
★he’ll rap you in the bed covers and push any hair out of your face
★his eyes will stay on your face
★he’s so confused with your sexed out look
★you glow???
★doesn’t verbally tell you he loves you
★he’ll stroke your skin
★your hair
★your lips
★and whisper about how he’ll always be there for you
★and that he’ll protect you from everything


he’s my bias so don’t mind while i go ham
★this bub has your aftercare routine down
★he’ll have everything already prepared and ready to go
★imo he goes hard or goes home
★so you’re going to be s o r e
★your lower region is numb in the most incredible way
★he’ll rub cream all over you
★and smother each area in 'healing kisses’
★don’t laugh at him for doing this
★it’ll make him go into the 20 minute talk on how his kisses actually help you heal
★he’s memorized your face cleaning routine
★he’ll sit you on the bathroom sink and clean you
★then he’ll bust out our favourite shirt of his and lets you wear it
★once back in bed and he knows you’re comfy
★he’ll go get food
★10/10 it’s fruit
★'it’s healthy and it’ll get your energy back’
★you can’t complain
★because he lays you in his lap and feeds you
★while his other hand plays with your hair
★this is the time when you discuss the most important things
★and by that i mean he’ll tell you ever little detail of their comeback plans
★most of the time you fall asleep half way through him talking
★who wouldn’t
★his voice is beautiful
★like he could read the phonebook and i’d listen


★another member that goes hard or goes home
★so after he’s done you’re kinda just a shaking, moaning mess
★he won’t move from atop of you until your breathing has returned to normal
★i think it’ll take him a while to get out of his dom mode
★meaning even though you were sore as fuck, his praise got you aroused all over again
★devil man
★'your hole always makes daddy feel so good’
★'you look so delicious when you’ve been destroyed by my cock’
★w o n s i k s t o p
★ you teasing little fuck
★once he’s out of his dom mode prepare for nuzzles
★his deep voice will just send you right off to sleep


★fucking you into the sheets makes this guy hungry
★'you have to eat lots for energy after such aggressive exercise’
★so while you’re in the bathroom cleaning yourself up
★he’ll order so much food for the two of you
★seriously, it’s like a banquet
★he’ll lay it out on the bed and he’ll feed you
★this precious bean
★he’ll try to be sexy to turn you on again so you can go another round
★but he looks like an idiot
★he’ll be weird with his praise to you
★with a mouthful of noodles he’ll tell you that you’ve made Daddy proud
★which causes you to laugh
★after you’ve eaten all you can
★you’ll both settle down in bed and cuddle
★he’ll hum your favourite song to you to help you get off to sleep


★like wonsik he’ll stay over you as your body spasms in pleasure
★won’t pull out
★he fucking loves cock warming
★his cock buried in you and his face pressed to your neck is his fave position to sleep in
★he’ll lock your fingers together and rub his thumb over your skin
★the softest 'i love yous’ will be spoken
★pls don’t try move because he needs to stay close to you
★if you do need to move for the toilet or to swap your position he’ll just whine until he can get close to you again

William Nylander - Missed Connections

Originally posted by mapleleafstrash

Request from @teenwolfgirl88 : Can you do a William nylander imagine where you can’t make it to his game because of work and he’s mad about it. But fluff in the end.

Stepping out of the fortress of boxes you’d been surrounded by you searched for your phone. As you looked out of the museum window you noticed how dark the sky had turned, “shit,” you sighed.

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Bugging Out

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Description:  Can I please request a Bucky x reader. Where the reader and Bucky don’t like each other very much, but one night everyone else is on like a mission or something and the reader gets scared of a water bug in her room. Bucky hears her and makes fun of her for being scared but then notices she’s like really upset and crying and he comforts her. Really fluffy pls. Sry it’s a pretty detailed request I have a phobia of bugs. (requested by anon)

Word count: 1,187

Warnings: Swearing, bugs (if those bother you)

A/N: I am the absolute WORST person in the world, I literally haven’t posted an imagine on here in a year. A whole year. I’m so so so sorry you guys, I really don’t have any excuse other than being preoccupied with other things, but that’s still no reason to have left you all for that long. I hope you guys can forgive me, and that some of you are still with me despite my extended absence! School is almost over (only 3 weeks left!) so I’m hoping that I’ll be a lot more on top of this blog when that time comes. Again, I’m so sorry and requests are open if you wanna send those in!

“Can you clean up after yourself for once in your life?” you shouted, your voice echoing across the empty room. Everyone - except for you and Bucky, that is - had left to go on some apparently super important mission, and to be honest you were getting quite annoyed with Mr. Barnes. 

The two of you had never gotten along very well. It wasn’t like you hated each other or anything, you’d both just much rather spend time with other people. You thought that everyone knew of your mutual dislike for each other, so you were confused and pretty annoyed to find out that everyone was going on this mission, leaving you and Bucky alone in the tower. 

“Hello?!” you called out, huffing when you didn’t get a reply. Bucky had, yet again, left his dinner dishes all over the kitchen, and didn’t even bother putting them in the sink. You didn’t mind cleaning up after people most of the time, but Bucky was getting on your last nerve with his constant messiness that he seemed to leave just for you to pick up. 

You realized that Bucky probably wasn’t even in the tower at the moment. Either that or he was purposely ignoring you just to make you mad. Whatever the case, you were ready to punch something, preferably his face. You cursed under your breath the entire time you washed his dishes, and when you were done, you slammed the dish washer shut (just in case he was still in the tower; you wanted him to know how upset you were). 

It was pretty early in the evening, only around 7:00. Wanting to get your mind off of how pissed you were with your sole companion for the night, you decided to take a shower. After going to your room and into the bathroom that was connected to it, you quickly undressed and let the water run until the room got nice and steamy. 

You washed your hair with your favorite shampoo and let the warm water soothe your aching bones and tired mind. Too soon, the water started to get cold, so you reluctantly turned the faucet off and stepped out of the shower. You’d prepared ahead of time and set out a fluffy white towel to dry yourself with, and once you’d wrapped it around your body, you opened the bathroom door and stepped into your room. 

Everything was going perfectly normally. You looked in your dressers for some pajamas, before laying them out on your bed and getting ready to change into them. Your routine was interrupted, though, when you saw a huge water bug climbing the wall right next to your head. 

You screamed probably louder than necessary, but you couldn’t help it. You’d always been terrified of bugs. You could handle fire and assassins and people shooting at you on a daily basis, but bugs were the one thing you absolutely couldn’t handle. 

Just then, the door to your room burst open, and a frantic Bucky swiveled his head, seemingly looking for danger, holding a gun. “What’s wrong?” he asked when he couldn’t find any immediate threat. “Why did you scream?”

“Th-There’s a bug,” you stammered, pointing at the wall where you had previously been standing. “Right there.”

Bucky walked to where you were showing him, and when he saw the bug, he broke into laughter. “Seriously?” he choked out through his hysterics. “A bug?”

“It’s not funny,” you grumbled, crossing your arms and just now becoming aware that you were still in a towel. 

“I mean, I’m sorry to say it doll, but it kinda is,” he chuckled. “The fearless y/n, able to knock out men twice her size and barely blink an eye doing it, reduced to tears by a silly bug.”

“Don’t make fun of me,” you mumbled, backing into the wall across the room to further the distance between you and the bug in case it could fly or something. “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m still in a towel here, and any other time I would have told you to get the fuck out of my room and let me change, but I’m terrified right now and really would appreciate it if you’d kill that thing for me. Then as soon as you’re done you can leave and make fun of me all you want and we’ll go back to hating each other just like before,” you said, your voice wavering as you tried to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill over. 

Bucky didn’t say anything for a few seconds before saying quietly, “Shit, you really are scared, aren’t you?” He grabbed a tissue from beside your bed and wrapped it around the bug before going into your bathroom and flushing it down the toilet. 

“Thank you,” you whispered, moving to the side so that he could leave. He didn’t walk away, though. 

“I don’t hate you,” he said suddenly, and you blinked in surprise. Had you heard him right? 

“You…You don’t?” you asked, furrowing your eyebrows in confusion. Then why did he try to make your life a living hell every second of every day? Were you just overreacting?

He sighed and shook his head as he sat down on your bed. “I know it probably seems like I do sometimes, but I really don’t. I just thought you hated me, so in my mind it was easier to annoy you as much as possible.”

You laughed dryly at his reasoning, sitting down next to him. “I don’t hate you either,” you told him, shrugging. “I dunno what made us act so hostile towards each other in the first place, but I, at least, want that to be over.”

“So do I,” Bucky agreed. “And I’m sorry for laughing at you about the bug.” At the mention of what had just happened, you cringed, and Bucky quickly apologized again for bringing it up. “I didn’t realize how scared you actually were until you pointed out that you weren’t kicking me out while you’re still in a towel.”

In that moment, you realized you were still basically naked, and you gasped. “Oh my God, get out!” you shrieked, pulling your towel up as far as it would go over your chest. 

Bucky laughed heartily. “There we go, back to normal,” he stated, standing up. “Again, I’m really sorry, y/n, I’ll see you later?”

You nodded, just wanting him to leave so that you could change. You realized, though, that you were acting somewhat rudely to the guy who’d just come to your rescue, so before he walked away completely, you called out, “Hey Buck?”

He turned around, seeming surprised at the nickname, and said, “Yeah, doll?”

“Do you, uh, maybe want to…watch a movie with me or something?” you wondered, suddenly shy. “After I finish changing, I mean.”

Bucky smiled and nodded, saying, “Yeah, I’d like that.”

“Awesome,” you grinned, before making a straight face again and saying, “Now get out.”

Bucky laughed and turned around, closing the door behind him as he said, “I’ll see you in a few minutes, y/n.”

A/N: I might start tagging some of you guys in my imagines whenever I post one if that’s something any of you are interested in. So if you wanna be a part of my tag list, either comment on this or shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to add you! :)

Request here

Dear Calvin (Leafy)

Here are a list of demands from your tumblr fandom

  1. Post on snapchat more we need to hear your stupid 5 am rambles. It energizes us.

  2. Facecam? We need new pictures to spam we’re about as dry as California was. We need you to give us a rain storm. (bring back the glasses)

  3. when you get a hair cut please post a picture before it grows out to the homeless man mess that it normally is. Please and thank you.

  4. Add me on overwatch cunt

  5. We wanna know if Dylan doing alright? You haven’t mentioned him in forever. did he ditch you?

  6. Another video of random thoughts would be dope we need more audio to masturbate to <3 (this is a joke, but still random thoughts videos are dope)

  7. and lastly go the fuck to sleep and do that stream you’ve been promising

sincerely PaPa and the rest of your dead and tired fandom <3

BTS Reacts: Your Bratty Attitude in Public but Shy Demeanor When Alone

Request: Bts reaction to their s/o acting bratty in public but turns super shy when they’re alone together (love your blog btw <3)

A/N: I really hope this was okay Anon! I kind of took the idea and ran away with it OTL

Originally posted by jiyoongis

Seokjin (Jin)

“Yah!” Seokjin shrieked but laughter quickly spilling out over his dinner in front of him. He lowered his chopsticks piled with noodles and grinned at you. He caught you mid reach towards Noodles, quietly watching from the floor, chopsticks flinching open at his screech. You watched happily as your puppy made quick work of the noodles, small tail wagging away.

“Oh, no you don’t. You were so set on having ramen tonight, you begged me and then practically threw them at me in the store, and now you’re feeding it to the puppy. I swear, kids these days don’t appreciate a thing. When I was your age-,”

You pursed your lips and scrunched your nose as he continued on with his rant, shaking his head from side to side, but smiling none the less.

Originally posted by nnochu

Yoongi (Suga)

You could feel the heat radiating from Yoongi’s body, his hand perched against the wall, precariously close to your burning red neck. You leaned more against the cool wall of his bedroom, heart stampeding through your chest. You licked your dry lips, Yoongi’s eyes darting to trace the motion, a crooked smile playing on his lips. “What happened to the girl back at the party? You were quite full of yourself there, teasing me with that mouth of yours.”

Originally posted by goldseok

Hoseok (J-Hope)

“All right guys, one more time and then we’ll call it quits.” Hoseok called out, motioning for the music to cue one more time. A chorus of groans sounded from the dance studio as you stretched and tried, but failed to stifle a yawn.

“(Y/N), would you like to show us the routine since I can’t seem to keep you awake?” Hoseok called you out as a lop-sided smiled appeared on his face. You immediately straightened your posture as 14 other pairs of eyes landed on you.

“Only if you join me,” You challenged, angling your chin up and smiling. He quirked his eyebrow, a sly smile playing at the corner of his lips.

The music cued and your body moved easily with Hobi beside you, hours of sweat and practice noticeable in your movements, your attention to every detail; just the way he had taught you. 

You watched as your classmates left for their next class, and quickly finished packing up your jacket and water bottle. You felt your face heat up as you caught Hoseok watching you from across the now empty studio. You averted your gaze and quickly slinging your backpack over your shoulder, you made a beeline for the door. You inwardly cursed as you felt Hoseok grab hold of your small wrist and turn you around.

“You are going to be the death of me, little girl, I swear,” he chuckled deeply.

Originally posted by sugutie

Namjoon (Rapmon)

“(Y/N)! Stop!” Namjoon’s deep laugh couldn’t stop from bubbling over in his throat as you continuously splashed water on him. You grinned in triumph, wanting nothing more than to hear the sound again.

“Make me!” you laughed as you kept splashing, eyes shut tight when you felt the force of your body being tackled into the water.

You lunged yourself to the surface, coughing at the intake of water and glared as Namjoon laughed harder, standing in the stomach-high water, his hair and face dripping, just like you.

You didn’t think twice and leaped in his direction, latching your arms around his neck, your weight causing him to tumble backwards, and fall back into the water. You quickly waddled as fast as you could away from the still submerged Namjoon, and made your way over to one of the many large tunnels the waterpark offered.

Namjoon followed seconds later, grabbing your wrist and lightly pushing you against the wall. Something like regret immediately filled your chest and you couldn’t seem to meet his eyes. You felt your face fill with color at the thought of him so close to you in public and you quickly patted your cheeks with your wet hands in hopes of calming them down.

“Make you? Is that a challenge?” he smirked, voice low, his face just inches from yours.

Originally posted by cake-p0p

Taehyung (V)

“Come on Tae! I wanna see the giraffes~” You whined, dragging out the last word and throwing yours arms around dramatically. Your fussing earned one of his boxy smiles and a low chuckle.

Tae quickly downed the rest of his cola and threw away the can. “Okayyyyyyyy~” he mimicked your whining, smiling once more when your lip jutted out in a pout. You lightly swatted at his arm, earning you an over-exaggerated yell from Tae and a full blown show of him on his knees, holding onto his upper arm where you had hit him.

You giggled at his antics and whined more. “Come ON Tae!” You bounced on your toes in place, excitement running through you.

Aish, you’re cute Jagi,” Tae exclaimed as he pulled himself up from the walkway.  You half bounced, half pulled Taehyung along as you saw the sign for the African animal exhibit.

“Look Tae! There they are!” You announced loudly, pointing in the animals direction and looked back at the boy you had called. He smiled fondly at you, and watched as you ran the rest of the way to the ledge and handrail that led out to the large open field.

You bounced more in excitement, holding onto the rail and looked around for any sign of the wildlife. “Jagi,” Tae called softly, lips brushing your ear, his arms snaking around your waist. You stiffened at the public display of affection, a deep blush crawling up your neck and onto your cheeks. “I swear, you’re too cute for your own good.”

Originally posted by amsimaria


“Jimin-ah, I just styled your hair. Do you have to ruffle it already?” You questioned the idol as he sat in your styling chair, shaking his head and running a hand through his bangs. “Don’t make me ask you to sit on your hands like I do my niece.”

“I’m sorry Noona, its just a nervous habit.” he apologized, setting his hands down neatly in his lap. You watched as he played with his thumb and forefinger, another nervous habit you knew he had.

“(Y/N), hurry up, they’re on in five,” another member of the styling team chided you and you sighed in frustration. You eyed the other members as they exited out into the hall and turned your gaze back onto Jimin.

He was looking up at you, while you watched him through the mirror, deciding on how to fix his hair quickly. “You’re really pretty, Noona,” you barely heard him mumble. Color immediately shot to your face as you tried to focus on anything other than him and how his eyes fell on your lips.

You naturally licked your now dry lips, his eyes following the motion intently. You cleared your throat, willing your voice to sound normal as you spoke. “I need to fix your hair,” you mumbled more to yourself to alleviate some of the tension that was now filling the room. The stare he was giving you was enough to melt you to the floor. You could feel his gaze on you as he traced your features with his eyes while you blow-dried the front of his bangs.

“I’ll see you later, Noona,” He smiled softly minutes later, as he exited the room.  

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A/N: Guys I can’t this gif is too f*cking cute

“Alright, come on you guys! Time to get up!” you yelled, hoping your voice would carry to all 4 rooms as you walked down the hallway of their dorm. You heard groaning from multiple rooms, which meant you were doing your job properly. You had just started maybe a month ago as one of the managers for BTS, and being the new kid, you got the short end of the stick on jobs. Which meant you were usually the one to wake them up, go on coffee runs, and even grocery shop if they didn’t have time.

You greeted the boys cheerfully as they filed out from their shared rooms, either them mumbling a “Hello” in return or eyes still closed in hopes of sleep and completely missing your presence. You silently counted heads as they made their way towards the living room to be notified of today’s schedule, and in the end, only counting 6.

You peeked in to the rooms to see bed covers half-hazardly thrown to the side or completely off the bed, your eyes finally landing on a still sleeping mass of blankets you could only assume to be Jungkook.

A soft sigh escaped your lips as you walked over towards the sleeping form and gently shook what you assumed to be his shoulder. “Kookie, come on. You need to get up so we can get today started.”

Jungkook gave a lack-luster groan and a barely recognizable “Five more minutes”. You contemplated your options; Dumping water on him would probably be too harsh, but you also really needed to get him up before the other boys started falling asleep in the living room.

You blinked, your eyes focusing back on the lump in front of you. You watched as the blankets were slowly pulled down from his head to reveal just the top of his eyes.

“I’m still here Jungkook,” you deadpanned.

The maknae pulled the covers down from his face and gave a toothy grin, a small giggle escaping. You pulled your arms across your chest, a hand resting over your mouth in an attempt to hide your smile and your slight blush. This kid is really too cute. You tried to push away the invading thought, but it just wouldn’t leave. An exasperated sigh left you and you ruffled his hair in fondness, letting your full smile fill your features.


request:  Could u do one where y/n is dancing around the kitchen to like jazz/big band style music and harry comes home/downstairs whatever and joins in and just thinks it’s the cutest thing? Tysm

hello loves! hope the americans had a lovely fourth of july yesterday. i decided to change up this request just a tad, but still to the main idea of it. anyways, keep sending in requests from my NEW writing list, because i like to switch things up, or whatever you want. but don’t worry, if you requested from the other writing list, then i will still be doing those. hope you enjoy!

You had never been as proud of someone in your life as you had been of Harry. He was accomplishing everything that he had set out to do, and you couldn’t have been more proud of your husband or your heart could burst. With his first solo album doing astonishingly well, along with his first tour, he had set out to put another single into the world. After releasing it, you loved every part of it. How raw his voice sounded in it, how the instruments truly worked with the piece, how the lyrics just rolled off of his tongue. You fell in love with him all over again, just by a song. He hadn’t been home when it was released, he was off in America while you were at your London home. While you did love to travel with him, you had a deadline that you wouldn’t be able to turn in while in a different country. But you still stayed up on the night it was released to hear it for the first time. You called him around 3 am, when you knew he would be up for the day to congratulate him. He was of course bashful about all of it, but you knew he was proud of himself as well. He was returning home in a couple of days to be on Radio One with Nick, so you were more than happy to see your husband after a long two months. 

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One and Only pt. 2

Prompt: You need a little bit of T.L.C. after being shot on a mission and that includes a new roommate. You have a massive crush on him and he’s clueless.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 2,071

Warnings: none? painkillers (i guess? not drug abuse though.)

A/N: some more fluffy stuff. still in love with bearded steve nice. let me know if you want to be tagged.

Tagged: @defendors @marvelfandom-stuff @cchrriissuuu @katexbishopx @all-around-geek @thorne93 @brittanymcsharry 

Part 1


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It took some major convincing, and a bit of pulling of his limbs on Bucky’s part, but Steve agreed to leave the apartment and take a break. Bucky explained to all of you he planned to take him out to a bar and see some live music. It just didn’t feel right to see him walk out of the door. Even with Nat and Wanda, both of whom you considered to be your best friends, something felt like it was missing as soon as Steve walked out the door.

“Rogers just needs a lover.” Natasha said once you were all settled. She shrugged before she took a sip of her drink. The conversation somehow traveled to Steve. Why did it always travel to Steve? “Like, someone needs to just really…” She bit her lip and started laughing.

“Or the easier and less gross solution: he could, you know, get a hobby.” Wanda tilted her head, opening the bottle of nail polish.

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Day off

Title: Day off

Anonymous asked: “Sherlock x reader. The reader is sherlocks wife and is home alone when Anderson dose a drugs bust with out permission from Greg. Anderson walks in on her while she is changing. Sherlock finds out and he’s fuming. As is Greg.”

Characters: Sherlock, John, Greg, Anderson and you

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 727


It was just the quiet Saturday you needed. Helping John and your husband Sherlock out on cases took a lot of time and effort, so you were grateful John and Sherlock went on a case without you for once. You had stayed in bed longer than normal and you had prepared yourself a nice breakfast. Knowing the boys wouldn’t be home for quite some time you decided it was time for an extra long shower.

You had stayed in the shower until your hands had started to wrinkle and it had felt amazing. You had been more stressed than you thought and a day off was just what you needed. Putting your hair in a towel and wrapping one around your body as well. You walked to your shared bedroom, drying your body. Letting the towels fall to the floor you felt cold breeze hit your body. Even though it was already summer in London it was still too cold for a dress so you decided to grab a pair of comfortable joggings, knowing it would be a while before you got the chance to wear them again. You put your outfit on the bed, quickly putting your hair up in a ponytail. “hello Y/N, I wasn’t expecting to see you here” you heard behind you. You yelped and quickly grabbed a towel from the floor to cover yourself. Full of shock you turned around to see who the intruder was. “Anderson what the hell are you doing here?!” you yelled, feeling sick he had seen you changing. “well, I came for a drugs bust but it seems like I really did find the jackpot” he smirked. “get out” you hissed. “I’ll be in the living room” he said, leaving the door open as he left. You quickly closed the door and slumped against it. Of course this had to happen to you, you felt so stupid that you didn’t even noticed that he had entered your apartment. You quickly snatched your phone from your nightstand, texting the only number you knew that would help you.

“hello again” Anderson said, as you walked into the living room, fully clothed by now. “why are you still here?” you demanded furiously. “I’m still here for the drugs bust remember? How about you help me out with the search and I’ll help you with something else” he smirked, his eyes scanning your body. “you are making me feel sick” you said, unable to ignore the innuendo. Suddenly your door bell rang. You practically ran downstairs to open the door and let Greg step inside. “I came as fast as I could, what’s wrong?” he said panting. “why did you assign Anderson to a drug bust when you knew I would be home alone?” you whispered, anger boiling inside of you. “what are you talking about?” Greg responded. “don’t play coy with me. I know that you knew that Sherlock and John were on a case without me” you said. “yeah, I did know that but why in hell would I send Anderson for a drugs bust? He’s supposed to work on the Johnson’s murder” Greg said. “you didn’t send him?” you asked astonished. Greg shook his head. “then why is he in my living room?” you fumed.

“Anderson what the hell are you doing here?” Greg yelled as he entered the living room. “you called Lestrade?” Anderson questioned you. “you watched me as I changed!” you yelled. “why are all these people in my living room” you suddenly heard behind you. “we got a call from Greg, what’s going on?” John said. “Anderson is just about to be fired” Greg raged. “he faked a drug bust and saw Y/N changing” Greg explained after his outburst. Sherlock didn’t hesitate once as he crossed the room and punched Anderson in the face, making him fall back into his chair. “I’m sure your acting captain will take care of this” he said to Greg. “I’ll make sure he will” Greg said, leaving with Anderson.

“are you alright? Did he touch you?” Sherlock asked you as the two men were gone. “I’m fine, just a bit shaken that’s all” you admitted. “I’m never letting you out of my sight again Y/N, from now on we’ll do every case together” Sherlock said as he kissed you. Great, you thought, today really was your last day off. ____________________________________________


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Star-crossed lovers

ANON REQUESTED: Hello! Could you write a one shot with jon snow please? Where the reader is the daughter of the winterfell maid and when she dies Nedd gets y/n to care, she grows along with the Starks and gets very close to them, y/n and jon end up falling in love but jon leaves for castle black and she stays “Depressive”, like, she don’t smile anymore. After the war between jon and ramsey they meet again and you can make a super fluffy final, please? i just found you blog and i love it ❤️

Jon Snow x fem!Reader

Words: 1712
Notes: Y/N = your name; f/c = favorite color.

Lord Eddard and Lady Catelyn had always been kind to your family, especially in the rough times they supported your parents in every possible way. Your house was not important like house Stark, but it was respected and your castle led over rich domains. Sadly, you seemed to be born under a bad sign as the first years of your life were scarred by tragedies: first, your land started to dry out and the crops had been poor; shortly afterwards you father fell ill and even maester Luwin couldn’t do anything to save him. As a widow who was no longer of marriageable age, with nothing but unfertile lands for dowry, your mother accepted lady Catelyn’s offer to stay in Winterfell and she became one of her maids; anyway, a few months later, she died too, leaving you alone. That was when Eddard and Catelyn Stark decided to take care of you, welcoming you in their castle as their own child.

You were tutored by septa Mordane with Sansa, but you also liked to play with Robb and Jon with wooden swords and mud in the courtyard. Those days of your childhood, spent with the Stark children who were roughly the same age as you, were quite happy indeed. The three of you got along fine, but when Theon arrived in Winterfell, Robb unattached himself a little from Jon and you, bonding with the Greyjoy as they were brothers. Theon, moreover, seemed to despise Jon: they were always quarreling, dragging you and Robb in, and that regularly resulted in fistfights and punishments for everyone.

So, in a way or another, you grew up with the Starks and became a pretty, young northerner lady. To return the kindness of their parents, you took care of Bran, Rickon and Arya, especially Arya, and because of it you often ended up with her and Jon in the backyard shooting arrows at a wooden target, just like that day.

Arya stood in front of the both of you, stretching the bowstring and taking aim; you seated on the low wall just ten feet further, humming and kicking the air, while Jon leant against the bricks right next to you.

– Are those new shoes? – he asked suddenly.

You looked at him at first and then you lowered your eyes to the f/c slippers and nodded.

– Such attention to detail – you kidded stealing one of his rare smiles.

– Just thought they were pretty.

– I agree, – you stated clicking the shoes’ tips, – that Greyjoy can be a prick, but when it comes to this kind of things he really knows his stuff.

– Theon? – Jon asked with wide eyes.

– A-Aye… – you stuttered timidly noticing his gaze souring.

At that moment, Arya yelled from across the yard, – It would be nice if my teachers looked at me hitting the bull’s eye! –, and she unstuck the arrow from the target.

– Well done! – Jon shouted back, then he left without saying more or even giving you the time of day.

You gave a quick and worried look to the little girl, waved her a short bye, and followed him inside.

– Why are you angry? What did I say? – you exclaimed walking briskly at his back. At those words, he stopped and turned to face you.

– Are you serious, Y/n? Are you really taking presents from Theon?

– Is that the problem? Theon buying me a pair of shoes?

You didn’t expect a reaction like that, but the look he had on his face was quite troubled. You sighed, searching for the right words to explain him the situation.

– He bought me a new pair of shoes because he ruined my old ones making me falling in the muck, two days ago.

Jon’s frown soothed a little, but not enough. You groaned and took one of your feet.

– Y/n…? – he said confused watching as you put off the slippers. You then pounded them on his chest.

– Here. Take them, Jon.

The two of you remained quiet and so close you could feel your breaths on the skin. Your lips were just few inches apart. That day, with your new shoes pressed on his chest, bare feet on the cold stone floor, you gave your first kiss to the Stark bastard Jon.

Because of Lady Catelyn opinion about him and because you felt so in debt to her, you and Jon agreed to keep your love affair a secret for just you and him two. Even if you found it hard not to sink your fingers in his hair when he was seating beside you at the dinner table, or not to rest your head on his shoulder when you were watching Arya and Bran practicing, you held on for the sake of your love. Jon was struggling too for the same identical reasons, not to mention the great effort he had to make to stay calm every time Robb, or worse Theon, got too close to you. Besides, you were the only good thing happened to him in a whole life and the only thought that helped him getting through Lady Catelyn bitterness day after day. He didn’t talk to you about it, he didn’t want to be a burden or made you sad, but he could not consider Winterfell his home anymore, and the night he heard by mistake Lord Stark and his wife discussing about a possible suitor for you from the riverlands, he made his decision, alone.

The night of the celebration in honor of the royal family’s arrival, when you joined him outside in the cold night air, you felt something was wrong. Then Jon stretched out a hand and took you by the wrist, keeping you close to him. Resting his forehead on yours he told he was leaving for the Wall and you knew deep down inside there was nothing you could do to make him stay: if you forced him to do that, he would eventually hate you too. So, the next day you let him go away with his uncle; when his figure disappeared over the distance, he took all your love, joy and laughs away with him. No one never heard your laugh once since that farewell.

There is not much to tell about the following years: you spent your days out of apathy, sharing fake smile cold as the north winds. During the Ironborns’ possession of Winterfell, you helped Bran and Rickon to escape, but were not able to run away with them; free or caged, you had nothing to lose anyway.

Speaking about Ramsey Bolton, the things were different. Under his captivity, you really were frightened. You saw what he did with Theon and what your poor childhood friend had become because of his twisted mind. Twice you implored the bastard to have mercy, and twice his men beat you senseless; by the time you restored consciousness, you found yourself in the courtyard, with rain and blood all over your dress, hands and face. Servants had orders to ignore you, on pain of death. After that, Ramsay ordered you to serve as a kitchen maid, and so you did. Once Sansa came back and became his wife, he humiliated you in front of her more than one occasion, dressing you with rags, keeping you locked up in the kennels for the night, or cutting your hair short with a knife in the middle of the hall threatening to skin you.

It was an endless nightmare.

Everything that happened after Theon and Sansa ran away was fast and terrifying. In a blink of an eye, Rickon was brought to Ramsey and a second later Winterfell was at war carrying the red flayed man banners. And when, in the silence of the castle walls, the sound of the distant battlefield was overcome by the main gate blown to pieces, your heart started to beat in your chest again: Jon was standing there, strong and alive, and he was defeating Ramsey who now laid exhausted on the ground. Every punch hit the Bolton’s face you took a step towards Jon, until his eyes finally met yours.

Jon closed the door behind his back as you stood still ahead and never once did he averted his gaze from yours. Neither of you had said a word yet, but your fingers were tenderly caressing the palm of his hand, sensing the earthy and bloody smell from all his body. Just like he did years before, he took you by the wrist and held you against his chest, embracing your bruised body in his sored arms.

– I never should have left – he said in a hoarse whisper.

The tightness in your throat cut off your breath and you started to sob softly.

– I never should’ve let you go! – you cried out holding Jon as hard as you could.

You both remained there in each other’s arms, without paying attention to the flow of time. Tears were falling quietly down the cheeks and hands were firmly gripping fabric and leather. Only when your heartbeats were back to their calm normal rate, Jon pushes a little away from you; even so, he did not let go of you.

– I’m afraid I’ve soiled your hair – he smiled looking at the hair that was falling on your forehead, now a little muddy. You giggled, sniffling and drying the trickles on his face with your thumbs.

– Don’t worry, Jon, it wasn’t my best hairdo anyway – you kidded gesturing to your short locks. Then he rested his head against yours and closed his eyes.

– You still look ravishing, Y/n – he said softly, – You can’t imagine how amazing it is to see your face again, after being all these years away.

You raised your chin and laid a gentle kiss on his lips being careful not to touch any bruise or cut the battle left on his skin.

– I was rather surprised to see your hair up… – but you were not able to go on because, in the heat of passion, Jon wrapped you up in his strong arms and deepened the kiss you both longed for so long. You’d never divide again, and now you knew that, after all, you were not star-crossed lovers, because that kiss was just the first of many to come.

Friday Night-Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Title: Friday Night

Word count: 2620

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Warnings: There’s typos here, but they’re supposed to be there. It physically hurt to write them, and I planned on not including them, but I did anyway. Also, I don’t know anything about romance or alcohol or anything like that, so, probably inaccuracies.

A/N: I don’t know why, but I keep writing about drunk!Lin. I guess I just enjoy writing him more. Here’s another imagine, a little longer and better than the last one. At least I’m more happy with it. 



You had been looking forward to this all week. Friday night. A silent night where you could go home after performing in Hamilton, shower, take a nice bubble bath and read a book or binge watch a TV-series. Your mouth were already watering at the thought of the chocolate you would eat when you came home, before you got on stage.

“Hey, Y/N, we’re going out to get some drinks, you want to come?” Renee asked you after the show, just after you had changed out of your costume to your regular clothes.

Your muscles felt like jelly and your blood-sugar was on a low, and you tried to plaster on the nicest smile you could, while trying not to mind the growing frustration inside you.

“Uhm, no, I’m exhausted, so I think I’m just gonna get home and sleep.” 

You think she noticed how tired and irritated you were, because she left with a smile and ‘maybe next time’. Usually she would put up a bigger fight.

You gathered your things and managed to slip out of the theatre without being noticed, not up to talking with any more people, and soon you were in the backseat of a taxi, trying not to fall asleep. Usually you would just walk home, but today your feet were hurting and your muscles were so sore, you weren’t sure you would make it home.


You sighed a breath of relief as you walked into your apartment, the familiar smell of vanilla candles, old books and dust immediately enveloping you in a fuzzy feeling of home. You went straight to the shower so you could rinse the sweat off your body and then you filled the bathtub with hot water and coconut smelling bubble soap.

After thirty minutes of relaxing in the bath, trying to ignore the pings on your phone, you finally stepped out, wrapping a fluffy, white towel around you and sighing in delight. Your aching muscles didn’t hurt that much anymore. You went through the normal procedure; wring out water from your hair gently, dry your body, moisturise your face and body and then stepping into your soft cotton pyjamas. You put your hair up in a ponytail and put your glasses on, and padded out to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of tea. While you waited for the water to boil, you went through your phone to see the messages you had received. Some were from Jasmine and Pippa, telling how much you were missing out on. Apparently Daveed and Anthony had a contest of who could down more shots. Daveed won big time, and now Ant was wasted. You also had a few from Lin, with him telling you how much he missed you there, and missed singing karaoke with you. Each text he sent had more and more typos, telling you just how drunk he was. Usually he would never have a typo.

You blushed and smiled as Lin sent you a selfie where he pouted, the rest of the squad in the background.

>U shold b her. Its not the sme withot u :(

You giggled and shook your head before typing out a reply.

<Sorry, but a girl needs her beauty sleep ;)

His response was immediate.

>U dont ned beaty slep, youre alredy so beutiful ;*)

Your stomach fluttered and you blushed even more. You were going to reply, but then your boiler stopped, signalling the water was done, so you put the phone down and poured yourself a cup. You started humming on Helpless as you poured the sugar and milk in, then walked over to the couch to binge watch Reign. You were too tired to read.

You had seen two episodes when a knocking on your door forced you to pause the TV. Groaning, you managed to get up from the comfortable couch and blanket you had put over yourself and walk over to the door. The knocking never stopped and you were afraid you would end up getting a noise complaint, but the scowl on your face disappeared when you saw who stood outside your door.

Of all the unexpected things that could happen tonight, Lin showing up drunk and giggling outside your door was the most unexpected one. How he had even managed to get in without you buzzing him in was beyond you.

“Lin? What are you doing here? Why aren’t you at the club?” You asked as you let him stumble into your apartment.

“It was no fun without you, so I came to get you,” He looked you over, and you suddenly felt very conscious of the pyjamas short you were wearing. “But it seems like you already has gone to bed.”

“Well, no, I was watching TV, but I’m not coming out.”

He stared at you for a while, trying to think what he should do now, which gave you plenty of time to study him. His long hair was tousled and taken out of its regular bun, his clothes was a little disheveled and his eyes were shining from happiness and the alcohol.

“Oh, okay. Well, I guess I should go back then.” He said with a sad frown on his face.

He tried to walk to the door, but he stumbled in his feet and landed on his knees and hands on the ground.

“Yeah, okay, no. You’ll stay here and sleep off the alcohol. You’re in no condition to go anywhere right now.” You said as you helped him up.

“But I told the others I would be right back.” He mumbled.

You led him to your kitchen so he could get a glass of water and maybe sober up a little bit. At least enough so he could walk without stumbling.

“I’ll tell them you’re here.” You promised.

Lin sat down, after a bit of a struggle, at the bar stools by the kitchen island, giggling for some unknown reason as you poured the water into the glass.
“Here, drink up. I’m gonna get ready the couch and tell the others you’re here.” 

You whipped out your phone and shot the others a text on your group chat, then you started to set up the couch with a pillow and a duvet. It didn’t take long before Lin followed you out to the living room, grinning.

“Okay, here. I don’t have any clothes you can sleep in, so you’ll have to use the ones you wear.” You told him.

“Thank you.” He said right before he engulfed you in a hug.

You tensed up at first, but then you relaxed as you breathed in his scent. A mix of alcohol and peppermint. You shuddered as he nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck, feeling his breath on the thin skin on your neck and his lips barely touching.

“Okay, go to bed before you fall asleep on me now.” You said as your head started going light headed, gently pushing him off you.

He pouted and looked at you with those puppy dog eyes which always made you melt.

“Fine.” He grumbled when you pointed at the couch. 

“I’m going to bed too. If you need me, I’m in my bedroom, but I should warn you, I’m not happy when I get woken up. If you need water, it’s in the fridge, painkillers are in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and if you get cold, there’s more blankets there,” You pointed at the basket you had laying beside the couch, “Okay?” 

He nodded, although you weren’t sure he had actually gotten all of it.

“Good night.”

“Night.” He said as he started to pull off his clothes.

You grabbed your laptop from the coffee table, then walked to the hallway where your bedroom laid. You could feel Lin’s eyes on you the whole way.


You were exhausted and ready for bed, but as you sank down in your bed you couldn’t help think about Lin just in the other room. It was weird for you, to have him in your apartment. You almost never had anyone over, and at least not anyone drunk. You also had an irrational fear that Lin would somehow find out about your crush on him just from being in your apartment. It was silly, you knew, but you were still slightly worried.

You started to feel the sleep sink in, and soon your fears and thoughts of Lin slipped from your mind. You were just on the brink of full sleep when you were awakened by the door to your bedroom creaking open. The next thing you heard where the padding of feet over to your bed.

“Y/N. The couch’s uncomfortable. Can I sleep here?”

You were still half asleep and in no way able to register what he had said, so you just grunted out something that he interpreted as a ‘yes’. 

The next thing you know, your bed is dipping beside you, and something warm pulls you to its chest. Too tired and comfortable to think about it, you fall asleep, with Lin’s arm draped securely around your waist and his chest against your back. Right before you fell completely asleep you could hear Lin mutter ‘you smell like coconut’ into your hair.


Something felt wrong when you woke up. Or, something felt right, but it wasn’t like it used to be. You open your eyes in panic, but you were still in your room and still in your bed. Then you noticed it. You’re were wrapped around a warm body. And then you realised that your pillow was harder, warmer and smelled different. And it was moving. Suddenly you remembered yesterday. Lin had come to you, drunk, and had ended up in your bed.

You were laying on Lin’s chest.

You should’ve panicked even more at that, but you didn’t. Your stomach started to flutter and all you wanted was to lay there, Lin’s arm still around your waist and your head on his chest, forever.

Maybe you could just lay there a little bit longer. But then Lin grunted and moved, at the same time tightening his grip on you and you were very aware of him. You were best friends. And sure, Lin was very affectionate, but it had never been to this degree. You’d never been cuddling in the same bed before. And so you gently pried yourself off Lin and walked into the kitchen, your heart racing.

Trying to distract yourself from thinking about the fact that Lin was sleeping in your bed, that you had just been curled around him, you started to make breakfast. First coffee, then french toast. While you waited for the toast to cool down a bit, you walked into the bathroom and got the painkillers for Lin when he woke up. You put that, together with a glass of water on your nightstand. 

You couldn’t help but stare a little bit at Lin. He looked so peaceful when sleeping. His hair was tousled, some strands going over his face, and his body was relaxed, his lips pulled up in a little smile. The dark circles under his eyes weren’t so evident as they were when he was awake, and for once he wasn’t fidgeting. He looked beautiful.

Shaking your head, you pushed that thought away and forced yourself to look away, before walking out of the room. What was going on with you today?


It wasn’t long after that Lin woke up. You were sitting, watching Reign on your TV when you heard shuffling from your room. It didn’t take long before that shuffling was heard in your hallway, and then in the same room as you.

“Coffee’s in the kitchen!” You spoke louder than you necessarily needed.

Lin just groaned and walked over to the kitchen.  

Some minutes later he sat down beside you. It weird to see him so quiet and relaxed. He who was always a ball of energy. But there he sat, right beside you, sipping his coffee and being completely calm.

“So, my couch wasn’t good enough?”

He let out a whimper and a hand flew to his head.

“Can you please not talk so loud. I’m sporting a giant headache.”

“Nah,” You shrugged. “I don’t think so.”

Lin just groaned before taking another sip of his coffee. You sat in complete silence for about ten minutes, the only sound coming from the TV, before Lin spoke up.

“Y/N?” He whispered, his head probably still aching.

You turned around to face him, taking in his serious look. “Yeah?”

“I’m sorry for coming to you like that yesterday. It was totally out of line, and very unprofessional of me.”

You had to suppress a little giggle. “It’s okay Lin. I’d rather you come to me then having to get home alone. You could barely walk.” You frowned, remembering something. “Why did you drink so much anyway? You usually don’t drink so you get that drunk.”

You took in Lin’s blushing face as he scratched the back of his neck.

“I, I was dealing with something. 

You wanted to ask him what it was. You wanted to be there for him, and help him through this, like he had helped you through so many things. Like he had helped everyone through so many things, but he had a look on his face that clearly stated he didn’t want to talk about it.

“So,” you opted to change the subject instead. “How are you gonna get through rehearsal and the show when you’re as hungover as you are?”

He blushed and hid a little embarrassed smile. “I’ll ask Javier to play today instead of me.”

“That’s probably the best thing to do.” You smiled and patted his back. Lin nodded.

The rest of the day, Lin stayed at yours, watching TV with you, sleeping and going on Twitter. When night came, and it was time for him to go home, he lingered in the doorway.


You walked over to him. “Yes?”

“Thank you for letting me stay.” He looked down at his shoes, his feet shifting a bit. “I-I need to tell you something. Just, let me finish talking before you talk, okay?”

Lin was a lot better now than he was this morning, but his eyes were still a little bit dull. But now they started to shine more, excited and nervous by what he was going to tell you. 

You nodded, letting him start talking. 

“Okay, so, I’ve been feeling these things. Towards you, and, I don’t know how to say it,” Your heartbeat raced, seeing him struggling to get his words out, as your body filled with hope. Maybe he felt the same as you? He pinched the bridge of his nose, before letting out one final sight and looking up with a nervous, yet hopeful shine in his eyes. They mirrored yours. 

“Y/N, I like you. A lot. And not like a friend. I like you more than a friend, and I know you might not feel the same as me, and I’ve made this incredibly awkward, but I hope we can still be friends-“ You cut him off right there by pulling his face to yours. With a smile you put your lips on his.

The kiss was small, and since Lin was too shocked, it was mostly you who did the action, but it was sweet and sent sparks up your spine. When you pulled away, you still had a smile on your face, this time mirrored with Lin.

“I guess that means you like me back.” He whispered, his breath fanning your lips.

You laughed and nodded, before pecking his lips again.


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Ooh alright! How about 3 or 21? (prompts)

21. Hey, have you seen the…..oh

A/N: For my dear dear friend Christina who attacked me with this image while I was trying to do a five hour drive home in a rain storm.  @dibsonthat1d

The past two weeks had been out of control.  Ever since Niall had released “Slow Hands” your life had been turned upside down.  From the moment you first heard it you knew it would be a hit for him - a departure from “This Town”, but still distinctly “Niall”.  After the initial furor had died down Niall jumped immediately into promo.  Suitcases were packed.  Guitars were in their cases.  Itineraries were printed out.  You’d known this was going to happen, Niall’s team had his schedule planned months ago.  But knowing something is coming doesn’t necessarily take the sting out the actual event when it finally happens.

The day had finally arrived.  Niall had finished his California shows and was headed out for another round of radio shows across the country.  Even though the weeks would go by quickly, you’d gotten used to having him home.  Even if he was doing ten or twelve hour days in the studio he was still waking up next to you and that made all the difference. Instead of dwelling on the empty feeling in the pit of your stomach as the front door clicked behind him, you decided to treat yourself to a hot bath and maybe a mani-pedi.  Anything to take your mind off how quiet the huge house had suddenly become.

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