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Okay, first of all, I’ve never done a selfie tag or posted a selfie on tumblr before, so thank you to my bby Joey @cutiepatoodie for tagging me! 💖

This was an old and by old I mean like 20 days old selfie, it’s the only decent selfie I have that’s recent unless you’re counting my half faced selfies on snapchat.   I’m sorry for my awkward face and I’m such an unorganized person I don’t have a theme(?) for this am I supposed to have a them for this idek.  And yes I’m shamelessly throwing in the Seventeen group selfie which has me right in front in the middle and without my son Vernon blocking me this time lol 

So yeah, now you guys know what I look like 🌚

 am I cute enough for my bias(es)?! *gets slapped in the face*

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Dakota: Where’s the birthday girl, Russet?
Russet: She’s sleeping. Em didn’t want to wake her while she’s peaceful. 
Dakota: We have all day to celebrate, so that’s probably a good idea.
Dakota: Are you okay? You should probably cover your face when you sneeze. You don’t want to make your daughter sick on her birthday do you?
Russet: Mother, please. I’m fine. 


The first one is my old bun, 2nd is when I cut it and 3rd is it’s current length. The first photo I sent in of myself was the length before I cut it. This is so embarrassing my face is so bleh! (/n\) I’m sorry for spamming you with this thing.


garrett-hawke-defense-squad  asked:

Hey there! I just really wanted to say I really really love your art. This whole week has been really depressing for me to the point where I really don't want to get out of bed. But your art always brings a smile to my face. Is it okay to ask for a quick sketch of Lance getting all cuddly and kissing Keith's neck while Keith is just straight up, over the top blushing and smiling? I hope you have a really nice day. <3

hi im really glad my art can make you smile, it means a lot to me and i really know what it feels like to go through depressive times, so hearing that makes me feel so honored! I felt you deserved something more than a quick sketch, so i made some line art instead. I hope you like it and thank you so much! :) 💙❤

anonymous asked:

I just looked at the wall and I literally cracked the wall with the impact of my face I'm still on the ground and I just refuse to get up I'm going to trip again and probably break my cat with my face I don't want to move omg

stay where you are and tell yyour mom to build a bubble around you


I’m kinda obsessed with my ukulele and can’t stop playing it. I’m driving everyone here at home insane. I never thought it would be so much fun playing it! I’m still learning and sometimes it sounds like shit but hey, you gotta start somehwere. I’m also having a lot of fun lately with using my dad’s old camera so I took these photo’s with it.

Genius - Peter Parker x Reader

Requested by anon

(Platonic (ish) Peter x reader)

“Show me what you got then.” You laughed, watching Peter, your best friend, pull his mask over face.

“Okay Cap’n!” He teased, saluting you.

“Is the mask necessary?”

“Oh, sorry. You want to see my gorgeous face?” He put a hand under his chin, smirking at you under the mask.

“You’re such an ass.” You laughed, tucking the bottom of his mask up so you could see his mouth. “There. Compromise.”

“Well aren’t you a genius.” Peter said sarcastically, a smile pulling at his lips.

He flipped away, leaping off the apartment building and grabbing onto the next one. You watched as he swung around the rooftop you stood on, whoops of joy coming from his lips.

When he was done he landed next to you, sitting on the edge of the building.

“You know, this is great and all, but there’s so much responsibility that comes with it.” He said.

You glanced sideways at him, “What do you mean?”

“Well, I can’t be everywhere at once. I can’t make sure everyone’s safe.”

“Ever considered cloning yourself?” You teased.

“Ha ha. Very funny. You’re such a genius.” Peter rolled his eyes, tilting his head.

“Hey, well I guess you could always get a sidekick? Form like a super team so you can work together and make sure all areas of the city are safe?” You pondered, gazing over the streets, feet dangling off the edge of the building.

“(Y/n)….” Peter said, whining slightly. “Actually. That is a good idea.” He decided.


“Sure, I just need a super team. Just get some people bitten by radioactive spiders and we should be fine.” 

“You ass.”

He laughed as you punched him on the arm, “You don’t really think I’m an ass do you?”

“No, not really. You’re my best friend.” 

“Okay good. I do think you’re actually a genius by the way.” Peter said, leaning his head against your shoulder as he looked at you with teasing puppy eyes.

“Well, sometimes you’re an ass.”

Practice Makes Perfect

Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: G, Word Count: 754
Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, POV Stiles

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For @sterekwriters​ Summer Bingo prompt: State/County Fairs

‘Don’t say it,’ Stiles groans. ‘I can hear you thinking it.’

‘What? That I told you not to go on that ride right after eating three hotdogs?’

Stiles turns his head to glare at Derek. That was exactly what he meant. A wave of nausea comes over him again and he quickly turns his head back to the trashcan. Thankfully, nothing comes up. Derek goes back to rubbing the hand that’s not holding Stiles up soothingly over Stiles’ back. It feels great, though Stiles wishes it was happening under very different circumstances.

‘Here.’ Derek shoves a bottle of water in front of his face. ‘Rinse your mouth, then drink up the rest. You okay on your own for a little while?’

Stiles nods. Using the trashcan as a support, he pushes himself upright and takes the bottle.

‘Okay. I’ll be right back.’

Stiles rinses his mouth, then drops to the ground to drink his water. It’s not a pleasant thing to with the taste of regurgitated hotdog still in his mouth.

He’s starting to wonder where Derek’s gone—and if he’s ever coming back—when Derek steps out of the crowd on the main path. There’s a plastic bag in his hand, out of which he pulls a small stack of paper napkins and another bottle of water.

‘Feeling better?’ Derek asks, sitting down next to Stiles.



Derek douses the napkins with water, then dabs them all over Stiles’ face and neck. It feels amazing. Stiles closes his eyes and sighs.

‘I’m sorry,’ he says.

‘For what?’

‘For throwing up. This is not something you should have to deal with until at least the fifth date. Or until we’re boyfriends, because then you’d have to take care of me. It’s one of the rules.’ Stiles looks at Derek, who is looking back at him with a soft, if still slightly worried, expression. ‘I can’t believe you’re being so nice to me after I almost threw up on your shoes.’

‘You missed.’

‘Barely,’ Stiles snorts. ‘And I’m sorry I ruined our date.’

‘I wouldn’t say it’s ruined. It’s definitely memorable, though,’ Derek grins.

Stiles groans and buries his head in his hand. ‘Oh god, this is not a good reason for a date to memorable. It should be because we had a spectacular kiss or because I made you laugh so hard your stomach hurts.’

‘I’m not gonna kiss you right now,’ Derek says, pulling a face Stiles can’t hold against him. He wouldn’t want to kiss himself either. ‘And trust me, I’m laughing,’ Derek adds.

‘Asshole,’ Stiles grumbles, but he smiles around the top of the bottle as he takes another sip.

‘Are you okay to go? Because I should probably take you home,’ Derek says.

‘Yeah. I’m good.’

They throw away the empty bottles and wet napkins and make their way to the parking lot. Derek is still holding the plastic bag, and Stiles figures it’s an emergency vomit holder for the ride home, but at the car Derek stops and pulls something out of it. It’s a small plush fox.

‘I was planning on winning you something bigger, but I didn’t have much time,’ Derek says, handing the little fox to Stiles.

Stiles stares at it, then looks back up at Derek.

‘But I thought maybe I could try again? The fair will be here for a couple more days so…’

Stiles nods. ‘That would be awesome. I think I owe you like a thousand teddy bears for being so nice to me.’

‘I really didn’t mind,’ Derek assures him. ‘Besides, I figure it was practice, for, you know, when we do become boyfriends. Since taking care of you is one of the rules.’

‘Can we start being boyfriends now?’ Stiles grins, hugging the little fox to his chest.

‘Yeah,’ Derek says, nodding eagerly.

Stiles doesn’t think he’s ever seen anyone smile that wide, and it’s all for him.

‘I can’t blame you for not wanting to kiss me right now, but, dude, you’re making it really hard not to throw myself at you,’ he points out.

Derek’s smile softens as he steps closer and cradles Stiles’ face. He tips Stiles’ head forward so he can place a kiss on top of his head.

‘How’s that?’ Derek asks.

‘It’ll do for now. But tomorrow, we’re gonna make out for at least ten minutes before even entering the fair.’

Stiles has never seen anything cuter than Derek’s blush as he tries, and fails, to find a way to respond to that.

Harry Styles - Helps You Through Childbirth Imagine

[All the love!!]

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I Care About You

Title: I Care About You

Pairing: Hotch x reader

Based off of this request from @elizabethdt, one of my dedicated followers:

Could you pretty please write a hotch x reader imagine where the reader works @ the BAU and gets sick on a case and hotch takes care of her and confesses his feelings for her?!?! thank youuuuu 💙 I love your writing!

Thanks for requesting! XOXOXO

Originally posted by lilygarlands

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Solangelo One-Shot: Shower Fight

Written by: @the-mockingjay-hufflepuff

He showed up at the door of Will’s cabin, soaking wet, covered in sparkles and his hair dyed pink. Will let out a laugh.

“What happened. Trying out a new look?” Will snorted.

“Yes, I chose to get doused in glitter and have my hair colored magenta,” Nico growled.

“Come on, no one can be grumpy when they look like a fairy princess,” Will teased.

“Solace, fix me or my fist will meet your face.”

“Okay, okay. Get in here, Sunshine.”

Nico trudged into the Apollo cabin, leaving a trail of sparkles behind him, “Where is everyone?”

“They’re all at dinner. And may I ask why you look like a rainbow unicorn?”

“The Stolls brother.”

“Ahhhhh,” Will said with realization, “Say no more.” Will walked around Nico, looking at the predicament, “It’s the only way… Nico, strip.”

“Excuse me?”

“Take off all the clothes down to your underwear, I’m gonna hose you off.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Are you self conscious Nico?”


“Then strip, darlin’.”

Nico only obeyed because his boyfriend’s accent was so freakin’ cute. He quickly changed out of everything except his boxers as Will pulled him into the bathroom.

“Get in the shower.”

Will grabbed the shower head, pulling it off the wall along with the short hose and began running the water over Nico. He used soap and scrubbed all the glitter off as Nico stood there, silently gazing at Will while he worked. It seemed to take Will longer to get the glitter off of Nico’s biceps and his chest. His hands would linger in these places for a moment to long, then he would glance up at a smirking Nico, blush, and move on.

“Okay, all the glitter should be gone. Let’s get your hair next.”

Will washed and washed and washed, but the dye wouldn’t come out. Or lessen. It seemed to get brighter the more he washed it until it was hot pink.

“Nico…” Will started, wondering how Nico was going to handle pink hair.

“Hmmm?” Nico looked up at Will from where he was sitting in the tub.

Will lost the ability to use words, seeing as his and Nico’s faces were so close that Will could smell the shadows radiating off Nico’s skin. Nico smiled seductively, which was completely out of character, but Will didn’t care. He bent over, smashing his lips to Nico’s. Will was throughly enjoying himself until Nico grabbed his shirt, pulling Will into the tub with him and causing bubbles to fly up around them,

“Hello there,” Nico laughed, throwing foam in Will’s face. Will ended up stripping down to his boxers too. Both boys ran around the bathroom, splashing each other with water and pouring shampoo in the other’s hair, coming up with crazy hair styles.

Will stopped putting Nico’s hair in a mullet. He had completely forgotten.

“Nico…” Nico opened his eyes and peeked at Will, who hesitated, “Your hair is still pink.”

Nico dropped his rare smile, “What?”

“I couldn’t get it out. No matter how hard I rubbed.”

“Oh, I thought you just liked touching my hair,” Nico smirked.

“Are you mad?” Will looked at Nico suspiciously.

“Nah, we were having a such a good time. I don’t want to ruin it.”

Will smiled, “And just to be clear. I love touching your hair.”

Nico chuckled and stood up, “Want to dry off?”


Both boys hopped out of the bathtub and dried off. Will found a hair dryer that was one of his sister’s. He first dried Nico’s hair. When he was finished, Nico’s hair was almost as messy as Percy’s. But nothing rivaled Will’s hair. He looked like a blond poodle, with his natural spiral curls and frizziness.

“What is this?” Nico asked, touching the tips of Will’s hair.

“I usually wear gel,” Will confessed.

“I love it,” Nico whispered in his ear, making Will dizzy and red.

Nico knew that he could distract Will when he whispered in his ear or they had some sort of physical contact. Nico got flustered when Will hugged him or played with his hair. Will grabbed Nico’s hand and led him to his bed. They laid down and snuggles, both worn out from the bathroom war.

Nico kissed from the bottom of Will’s chest to his ear then said softly, “Goodnight, William.”

Will, being tired and dizzy from the affection, looked down at Nico, wrapped his arms around the other boy’s small frame and said sleepily, “Goodnight, sunshine. I love you.”

Nico froze, “What did you say?”

But Will was already asleep, his soft breath tickling Nico’s neck. Nico leaned up and kissed Will’s lips, “I… I love you too.” With the comfort of Will’s arms and the thought of love, Nico drifted into a dreamless sleep. And that is how we find Will Solace the poodle and a pink-haired Nico Di Angelo cuddling in only their underwear, both of the boys looking happier then they have in a long time. :)