is you rollin

depressed kids in the media: I don’t wanna go to therapy! I don’t need help! I’m not some specimen for you to dissect!

me, rollin up to my therapist’s office and collapsing in relief: what is UP my homeboy I fuckin missed you,, hope ur ready to hear some Bull Shit that fuckin happened to me this week


times have changed


I want to take a moment to thank Magnus Bane for destroying, with just some lines, one of the biggest prejudices against bisexuality.

I didn’t know that falling in love with him more was even possible. This man loves to prove me wrong, and I absolutely love him (yeah, more) for that.


I can’t decide what was the most heart-wrenching part of this match… Was it Cesaro and Sheamus forcing Seth to be part of hurting Dean? Was it Seth desperately, helplessly grabbing at Sheamus’ shoe, trying to protect Dean? Or maybe Cesaro forcing Seth to watch a wobbly Dean about to take a boot to the face.