is winter break over yet


IMAGINE: you and klaus got into a fight and haven’t spoke for a while, but you get kicked out from home due to your sexuality (reader is a girl) and they and their family except you and don’t rehash the fight.

You weren’t really a good Christian similar to the rest of your family from somewhere down in Massachusetts. You liked to push their buttons and strengthen their favoritism toward your older sister. You went through a lot of trouble trying to build up your own life that they themselves went through a lot of trouble to keep you from living. You had a girlfriend for a long time that they assumed was just a friend. But you got sick of them correcting you when you referred to her as your girlfriend, and then hell broke loose between you and your parents. Your smart mouth didn’t stay shut and your dad had no trouble getting the suitcases out of the storage. Your younger sister wanted you to stay and still be the sister that went to watch her volleyball games, and you promised you would—just not as often.

You were friends with the Mikaelsons in one form or another, but you and Klaus had the most in common. A sharp tongue fared well with them all, but the fact you could care less about conforming to other people’s critiques was a huge inspiration for Klaus. Well, that’s what led to the fight you two had had a few weeks ago. You didn’t care for complaints about the older sister Freya winning a lot of respect in the Quarter over Klaus, when he at least had a family who respected him. You told him his family should mean more to him than the people outside his house that didn’t know him as well. He took it the wrong way, of course.

You sat in Rousseau’s now calling a professor from your college in Massachusetts you TA’d for to help you look up flights out for winter semester. The break wasn’t over yet, but you figure you could catch up with your ballet classmates at the cabin you were invited to on Cape Cod. Klaus sat down next to you when you finished calling your professor and bought you a drink. “I’m not drinking. I have to drive to the airport,” you sighed. “I was hoping to get to know what was wrong over one,” he replied. “I got kicked out of my house, thanks for the concern,” you said briefly and bitterly. “I wonder what you could have said this time to provoke your obviously ignorant folk,” he mused. “You want to know what I said? I said ‘Fuck off, I’m a lesbian.’ That’s all it took for my mom to shove a bar of soap down my throat and toss holy water at me,” you scoffed. Klaus felt a bit of sympathy for you, his friend. You still irritated him with your opinionated ways, but he didn’t want you to leave so soon. And if he let you, he’d have definitely disappointed his siblings. 

He offered a spare room in the Compound. You denied it several times before noticing the importance to him that you stay. Nobody touched the subjected of what was said two weeks prior, and no one acknowledged there was ever a problem at all. You could make up for that, you figured, by giving them some appreciation for each other once you showed them what a real sibling was like.

“Hey Derek. I took my break early today so I could answer your call, but I guess you’re busy cos, you didn’t call or answer. [Pause]. I…God Derek I miss you. I miss your voice. I miss your laugh. I miss having a conversation with you. I miss your stupid face. I miss being with you. I *sigh*…I can’t wait to be with you again Dere. Love you.


"Will I’m so sorry I lost my phone and I had to go to my dad’s house, and you know what he’s like. I wanted to ring you earlier but by the time I got home and found my phone and charged it because OF COURSE the battery died because isn’t that just typical of - . I’m rambling. Sorry. Anyway. [Pause]. I miss you too Will. I can’t wait until we’re back at Samwell together. It won’t be long more okay? I love you Will. I’ll call tomorrow.