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who's your favorite silm character? or lotr character.

Good news! I just finished crunching the numbers (tagging characters for my ENTIRE SILM TAG, plus as many untagged text posts as I could find), and according to that, it’s Lúthien, with an incredible 17 pages of fanart and wittering attached to her name! … That’s probably not the best measure though she gets a lot of professional fanart. Um, silm is still Finrod. LOTR is probably Frodo. Yet my favorite Silm-or-LOTR character is far and away Galadriel

So um. Got the Buildaboy today, but the shop didn’t have the Team Rocket hoodie for some reason

So I got the next best thing.

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Team Mosk/Eran, because they have BOTH suffered and experienced colossally traumatic experiences already.We don't really KNOW them yet.Right now we're seeing all of the things that make them different from one another but Eran & Mosk have BOTH lost their people due to whatever Davix and Olphix are up to.They have that in common.Theyre just dealing differently. Mosk with self destruction and Eran with throwing himself into finding who is responsible and bringing them to justice.Love for both.

While I am all for people picking sides / teams, this ask made me really happy.

And yeah, it’s easy to focus more on what Mosk has lost because that’s the mystery, and Eran - we know from like the first few paragraphs and his mystery is done. He also doesn’t really show grief or post-trauma in the same ways, and for the most part, is just a very tired but mostly stable fae.

But…I’m looking forward to sort of…showing the places where Eran isn’t okay, and for it to become more Team Mosk/Eran vs. Team ‘one side only.’ We’ll see what happens. Mosk has been through a lot of stuff Eran hasn’t been through, but trauma isn’t a competition.

And yeah you hit the nail on the head. Mosk is dealing with his stuff via self-destruction, but Eran is dealing with his stuff via giving himself jobs to do. When he runs out of things to do…well, we’ll see what happens then in a few chapters. :)


happy late birthday to @vulpes–vulpes


i’m gonna take a minute to be that angry rude gay all the cishet fanfic writers hate and just come right out and say this – the majority of your portrayals of homophobia are disgusting and disrespectful. a homophobic family/job/school/etc is NOT a plot device to get two sexy gay men to have sexy gay sex, and it sure as hell isn’t an excuse to have one character baby another and take care of them uwuuu or whatever you freaks get off on. homophobia (especially internalized homophobia) shouldn’t be leading to sex in your stories, and if you’re using it as a way to make two character hook up and everything is perfect and wonderful once they fuck, you need to take a step back and actually figure out what homophobia is.

So um,,,

This one actually goes for @nellos12

I just wanted to draw something nice for u, so,,,

i’m not sure why, but the scene where lup and barry become liches always gave me like, a wedding vibe. an extremely quiet and small wedding, like they eloped and taako was the only one they wanted to bring along. 

it’d be funny if that’s actually how they got married too. Griffin says they probably don’t tell the rest of the crew about the lich thing for a few cycles even, so what if that’s like, a reoccurring thing with them. Lup and Barry making these monumental life choices off on their own and just not telling anyone until years later. 
It’s just 

Davenport: wait, what do you mean you became liches? Back on the magic world? That was three cycles ago! 

Lup: guys, has anyone seen my wedding ring, I took it off to cook and I can’t find it
Magnus: Lup, why do you have a wedding ring?
Lup: uh, me and barry got married like, six cycles ago, that’s why? Did we forget to tell you guys? 
Magnus: yes you forgot to tell us!

Lucretia: Taako, you’re not bothered at all that lup and barry go off and do these things on their own?
Taako: What do you mean on their own? You think I wasn’t there for my sister’s and best friend’s wedding? Or when they ripped their souls out of their still living bodies? what kind of person do you think i am?