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Attachments are everything that the heart gets deeply attached to, besides Allaah and His Messenger, like worldly pleasures, desires, leadership, being in the company of people and loving them.

There is no way at all to cut off or reject these matters except by strong attachment to the highest issue, for verily man does not abandon his beloved or that which he is used to except for the sake of another beloved one who is dearer to him than the former.

— Ibn al Qayyim| Al Fawaa’id Pg.259

Me: so you’re going to serve everyone at the dining room table? Not put a table in the living room like I did last year, right?

Auntmurble: no we* should probably set up a table in here.

(When were you ducking going to think of that??? Black Friday?)

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About Cas's sexual orientation, I feel like it's depends on how much of an angel he is. As a total angel (before and at the beginning of season 4) he's asexual, as he is now and most of the time (angel but not connected to Heaven) he's demipansexual and as a human he's pansexual.

I really do not agree with this nonny sorry.

Imo who he is does not change depending on his level of grace. He is still the same person in his soul/mind/within himself. His personality doesn’t change depending on this so why would his sexuality?

Who he is is within himself, it’s not dependent on his body or grace or anything physical.

This is a huge part of the who we really are theme of season 13.

Truth In Who We Are (100 Suns Trilogy: Chapter 20 - Part 2)

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“Hi J.” Zoë smiled nervously.

Jared watched on in silence as she pushed her long, lighter hair behind her ear and felt his whole body tremble. He knees knocked together at the simplest of actions, one that pushed him over the edge.

The next thing he knew, something crashed to the floor but what, he didn’t know. He was too intoxicated by the sight of her to give a shit. He was couldn’t feel, hear or see anything but Zoë, he was numbed by her presence.

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I’m still so unbelievably proud and elated at all of the fantastic people who will be participating in this zine.

I mean, I’m looking at the list of artists like:

Just the overall incredible amount of quality in this zine. 

And best of all, we have one more artist that we haven’t even listed yet, due to the fact that they want to remain anonymous for the time being.

I’m so excited and elated for this.

So I went to see Les Mis last week. Honestly I never realized how much I love Enjolras. Like look at him!

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I don’t know if someone had the same thoughts but…

South Park Game. The fractured but whole. Fastpass Character Sheet. His Sex/Gender is ‘Yes please’. I’m German so… I first didn’t understand it. In the german we called this part 'Sexuality’ that’s why it took me some time… before I realized… 'Yes please’…is kinda an answer to 'sex’. Sooo… yeah. This cute little precious boy I love probaly wants that… I guess…

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I played in a game where I didn’t die a single time as mercy yesterday so I guess getting her new achievement is not as impossible as I thought. Still pretty hard


             мы друг для друга давно стали, как зеркала -
                 видеть тебя и всё чаще себя узнавать,
               нитью незримой нас намертво сшила игла,
             так больно, когда города нас хотят разорвать…

        дайте мне белые крылья, я утопаю в омуте.. через тернии, провода, в небо, только б не мучиться! тучкой маленькой обернусь и над твоим крохотным домиком разрыдаюсь косым дождем; знаешь, я так соскучился!

guys zoe came out today and she’s the cutest lil shit ever. first time i played her i got 9/4/7 and i’m proud????

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