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can u believe there’s an au where tony stark single-handedly raised the next generation of avengers

A very carefully curated list of Star Trek: TOS for my friend to watch.

 I have some faith that—if she was going to get into Star Trek:TOS—the following episodes will be her gateway drug. Posting it here so everyone can see my thought process.

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Me: I fucking love Vaas he’s the best character ever fuck me up pls no one will ever compare I never want him to die 

Jason: *kills Vaas halfway through the game* 


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chasingthehero  asked:

So, as far as Kevin in riverdale, do you think they'll continue the Joaquin/Kevin story or do you think they'll go for the Moose/Kevin storyline?

Maybe they’ll do both. I mean, the Moose/Kevin storyline has that “closeted guy falls for someone but is scared” potential, but the Joaquin/Kevin storyline has that whole Romeo and Juliet thing going, so…

me when hayi does lit anything ever SKFSDLFS memekook ur me ,, has there ever been a cuter person than her …… hello dis is pip nd im rly sorry abt dropping my Boo sunny, i lub her i do, nd i lub all the Connections i had w y’all but my muse was just runnin a lil low ! so i bring 2 u all .. seo yerin !

tw: eating disorder, bullying, me cryin uglie

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This fandom can find secret files, can speak using codes, can discover the whole history from the day someone is born to they they are connected to the boys, but we can't for the sake of our lives recognize faces at all. Like, you put two person next two each other and we can't say if the are the same or not. How is that even possible? It happens with everyone! Every single stunt girl, every single business man/woman, everyone! Why are we so lacking in this department?

We also missed this: 

a big thank you to everyone who participated in the poll to decide the ike/ranulf ship name, in case you haven’t already checked the results for yourself, here they are:

the clear winner with more than 50% of the votes is ikeranulf! I suppose most people just wanted to keep it simple and have the ike/ranulf ship name follow a similar pattern to other ike ships like ikesoren and ikemarth. 

if you have any ike/ranulf content, if you could go and tag it with #ikeranulf that’d be a big help in filling out the tag (be sure to make it one of the first 5 tags on the post, in case you didn’t know only the first 5 tags will show up in a search!). Also if you know anyone who posts ike/ranulf content, let them know too!

and if you’re still attached to an old name you don’t have to stop using it, just make sure to use the #ikeranulf tag when posting content. 

hopefully having everything under one tag will make content and fellow ikeranulf shippers a bit easier to find!

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ya’ll i had peanut butter on bread after 11 years today bc my mom is away and I worked up the nerve to buy it even tho it’s possible I’m allergic and that’s why we weren’t allowed peanut butter at my house since we were kids??? anyway IT’S GOOD 

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your post about the girl that left hob got me thinkin and not to be Dramatique™ but like I've always kind of had this theory that maybe she's one of the reasons hob always mentions someone who "only loves me" as his ideal type and how in his singles interview he said love should make you someone who "only knows that one person" like he said he really did like her and she left him for some other dude and like that must have hurt wow I wanna kiss his face and tell him how much I love him and :/

akjdksf please to be all Dramatique™ i really am tearing up and a second from crying gooshshsh just the thought of hob getting hurt makes me wanna puke i don’t even want that word to be in a sentence w his name sjkhfdskj but yeah :( probably? but honestly if u ask me, hob would be the type of guy that would be so infatuated w his s/o even if that breakup didn’t happen w the girl :( like that sweetheart has so much love in him the oceans couldn’t contain it even if they try :( like i remember that one interview when he was asked what would u do if u’re not in bangtan and his answer was “in a relationship. bcs im a passionate guy” pleasenjdh hes the most precious thing? and he said he loves melodrama and his favourite movies are pained and if only and he cries when watching them and that honestly speaks volume of how soft and gentle and loving he is tbh :( he’s so affectionate too like? he really kisses his members like it is the most normal thing to do imagine if he is in love jkashd and!! even his sleeping habits is him touching himself hes so touchy im gonna d*e aksjdhsjf but yeah he’s sensitive and very loving so that breakup must have hurt like a b*tch i hope that girl ch*ke and the thought of her hurting hob haunts her for the rest of her life and afterlife too