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concept: series ends with wedding. after kiss some b-rated disney villain wreaks havoc upon the town. MAJOR eyerolls n shrugs from everyone then emma pulls a sword out from under her dress (magic?) and charges into battle. tired pirate boy just wants to enjoy some cake. camera pans overhead out to the entire group of friends and family watching/cheering/screaming as emma is still charging forward. cut to black. end.

A man enters an office supply store. He was a mere mortal seconds before, but as he passes through the door he becomes a customer. His superior gaze drifts across his domain and settles on the cashier. 

“Do you sell stamps?” he asks.

“Yes,” I say,” However-”

“I want one.”

However, we sell them only in sets of ten.”

“But I want one.”

“I’m sorry, Sir, but I can’t sell you a single stamp.”

“Can’t you just…” He (skillfully) mimicks the act of ripping apart paper. 

Clearly, I have never thought of this. My simple mind grapples with the idea. I realize I am dealing with a genius, and yet, I regretfully inform him, “Sorry. They come on stickersheets, and anyways, the barcode–”

“Well that’s just rubbish,” he informs me. He is right. I realize this now. His genius ignites a spark within me. 

“You are right,” I tell him as I take fifteen sheets of stamps into my hands and begin to tear them apart. I type 0,019 stamps and press a non-existent key on the register. I hold out a quarter of a stamp to the customer (with a smile), but he shakes his head (without a smile). I rip apart all the stamps I can find, desperate to please him, for he has gifted this humble store with his presence. From the pieces, I begin to assemble a perfect, custom-made stamp. It is worth exactly 66,66€. I single-handedly reprogramme not only my cash desk, but the entire system. It can now scan any stamp in (or out of) existence. It is raining stamps. I am smiling.

Two hours later, it is done. Beaming, and convered in the torn remains of hundreds of unfortunate stamps, I hold the perfect stamp out to The Customer. He accepts it. I rejoice. It might just be my high fever and blurry gaze, but I think the right corner of his mouth moved upwards for exactly half a second. I am blessed. 

He licks the stamp and slaps it onto a letter. He wants to lend a pen. I lend him a pen. When he is done, he holds the letter out to me expectantly. He does not say a word, my silent angel, but I can tell what he wants. Thus is our connection. There is nothing, I assure you, nothing I would have rather done than to accept his letter, on my knees, with tears of gratitude streaming down my cheeks… But alas: 

“I want to send the letter,” my dear customer finally says, after the silence has stretched into infinity and back.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Sir,” I say with a polite smile, brushing stamps off my shoulders, “We don’t accept mail. We only sell stamps.” 

After all, you can’t make exceptions to a well-established rule in the workplace. 

The customer doesn’t bat an eyelash. “That’s okay,” he says with a disarming smile. “I wouldn’t ask the impossible of you.” 

As he turns to walk away, a single tear rolls down my cheek. I wipe it off with a stamp that wears his majestic face, hand-stitched by me. 

I don’t tell him there’s a mailbox around the corner.

(That’s not my job.) 

I’ve lived in this house for 6 years and still don’t know any of my neighbors names

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Petted a doggo and a kitty I haven't seen since before winter today, and made a pretty girl laugh. Did anything good happen for you today?

Thank you for asking anon! I actually had a really good day and it wouldn’t have been possible without my friends. So let me take a minute to give them the spotlight they deserve.

This morning (well, afternoon) I woke up to see that @theysangastheyslew posted her Monday piece and did an absolutely fantastic job of capturing a touching moment between Mama!Hawk and Alphonse from a one-shot I wrote a couple weeks ago. I was definitely crying because I feel so blessed that my work inspired Elena’s incredible art. i also saved it as my desktop picture

I got to talk to one of my best friends, @the-heart-alchemist, on the phone today and we basically hung out for a few hours and it was lovely! We watched last night’s episode of LWA together and screamed and it was amazing. It was several hours well-spent and I am blessed to have Robyn in my life.

My friend @controloverwritten wrote a little Royai drabble for me that ended with a VERY SNEAKY use of the Harder, Colonel meme and I’m still yelling about it like it was such a cute and sweet drabble and then SUDDENLY.

The radiant @jouissezduprintemps sent me cute gifs and kind words today, and I am still so floored by the fact that Leah takes time out of her day to think of me and send me positive vibes because she knows I’m having a tough time.

I finally got to hear @ladywiltshire‘s FMA voice tag and promo for her upcoming comic, which I have been given the illustrious honor of beta’ing, and I’m super stoked about it after listening to her talk about her characters with so much passion. Tanya is so lovely when she gets lost talking about things she cares about and it made me smile to hear so much heart and soul in her voice. she also has a really nice voice wtf

I also got to talk to @queenxolivier today and she’s such a gem. There’s honestly never a dull moment talking to Jess. She is the reason why my phone autocorrects my keyboard smashes and I feel like that’s all you need to know about our friendship, haha.

Something that has me hollering is that the ridiculously incredible @wrongnote, upon discovering that she will be meeting All Time Low the day after my birthday, has resolved to try and get a video of them wishing me happy birthday. And I cannot believe how much of a fucking sweetheart Rilie is. She’s honest to god the purest person I’ve ever met like I cannot even describe. I’m so shook.

Also, my sweet and dear friend @toomuchfreetyme2 makes me smile just by existing and even though we didn’t get to talk much today she still kept up our long-standing tradition of her sending me little doodles, and it made my heart melt like it always does.

Shout-out also to @haganenobeato and @snow-wolf13 for sending me pictures of their dogs when I’m sad (as I was all weekend) and to @soli-bear for sending me actual bear hugs!

Anyways, today was a good day in spite of me being in a difficult slump the past few days. I feel leaps and bounds better than I was feeling just two days ago and I wouldn’t be able to say that if not for all of my amazing friends. I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say that I love and cherish each and every one of you. Even if you didn’t play an active role in making my day better today, you are still so important to me and I value your presence in my life.

And thank you anon for giving me an opportunity to gush about my friends, because seeing it all laid out in one place helps remind me that I’m loved, even when I feel unlovable.


Now I‘m mad.

I love being a lesbian

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What do you play Overwatch on? Also who do you main?

i play on pc!! and this might sound silly but i main hanzo (at everybody’s great despair) when i play vs ai, but in quick play i lean towards support (esp. mercy recently!! but lucio is also a fav)

Honestly this blog started out as a joke*, but it’s one of the greatest things in my life. Thank you all for your kind words.

~Mod R

Stick m legy out real far

hey guys i am back!!!! last week was insane bc of the show for dance (which was so fuckin fun!!!!!) but i have Returned, i am done all my midterms (even tho exams are in two weeks haha rip) and im gonna get back to writing for expedition!!!!!! it is so so so close to being done!!!!!!!!! 


alario is kinda new to some people here so i want everyone to see what my son can do (please keep in mind this video is old and only of 2016 and he did a lot more of amazing stuff like this)