is what that face is saying

ryan: that needs a festival crowd right now! that’s the first of we don’t know how many songs they’re working on but hopefully many.

the lyric in there louis.. it’s not over until it’s all been said/it’s not over until your dying breath/so what do you want them to say when you’re gone.. i know just before you performed this louis, you lost your mom to leukemia.. was that your intention?

louis: that’s the spooky part.. that was written before, it wasn’t the original intention. so obviously that turned the lyrics on its face, made the performance more personal.

ryan: how do you do it?

louis: i was motivated by my mum, i told her i wasn’t sure i was able to do it, she told me i had to do it.

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I remember you saying once that Naboo tradition is that a child's name is a wish for their future. In that vein, what does Padme mean?

I have been pondering this for a while, actually, and I think that the name Padmé means “serenity” or “tranquility.”

For most of her childhood and even into adulthood, this was a running joke in her family, because as it turned out Padmé was never still or tranquil. She always seemed to have a fire lit in her, a need to be up and out and doing, a constant fury in the face of complacency.

Nobody in the Naberrie family had ever really been too involved in civic life, beyond the responsibilities of voting in elections and maybe occasionally attending town hall meetings or demonstrations. But Padmé showed a keen interest in politics from an early age and her parents were never entirely sure what to do with it.

They were proud of her, of course, and they always supported her, but, especially after the blockade crisis of TPM, they were also clearly more and more uncomfortable with her political (and dangerous) life. But they were proud, too, and after all there was a royal term limit and so they thought (though of course they’d never say it) that Padmé would get it all out of her system and then settle down to live a nice, quiet, tranquil life.

Instead she became Senator.

Padmé and her parents loved each other, but they had fundamentally different ideas of what her life should look like and by the time of AOTC there was a lot of strain in that relationship. Mostly strain, if we’re being completely honest.

But Padmé did remain a lot closer with her sister Sola. She and Sola had very different approaches to and goals in life, and they definitely teased one another about their differences, but in the end they respected and supported one another’s life choices. Padmé felt she could share herself much more genuinely with Sola than with her parents. (As one example: I don’t think Ruwee and Jobal ever knew about Padmé’s marriage. But Sola did.)

When Padmé died, far too young and under terrifyingly mysterious circumstances, her parents buried her in blue, the color of hope. That was the Naboo tradition and as a former Queen and Senator she would have a state funeral, so it was the proper thing to do. Jobal and Ruwee looked down at their daughter’s still face and wept and told each other, desperately, that at least she was now at peace.

Sola wore that same mask of serene grief throughout the funeral, but in her heart she raged. No, she thought. She’s not at peace. Padmé was never at peace. She loved the ideal of democracy even though she knew it only existed in a flawed, imperfect system, and she spent her life angry and fighting, and that’s what I’m going to honor. In this time, in this place, we don’t need peace. We don’t need tranquility. We need Padmé’s fire. We need her refusal to accept the safe option. We need to fight back.

Sola was not her sister. She was not a politician. But she could fight in other ways. She worked as a data technician and she could get access to Imperial information. She could pass it on.

And she and Darred could raise their daughters to hate empire and to hold onto the things they loved with their teeth and to hide rebellion behind a perfect mask of serenity.

And years later, when Senator Pooja Naberrie appears in the Imperial Senate, the name she’ll use to communicate with the Rebellion will be Kiné. Fire.

Encounter with Antisepticeye

Imagine this: you’re sitting in your very messy room, minding your own business watching YouTube when your computer starts to freak out and glitch. You try figuring out what the problem is but before you can start investigating the issue the glitching stops. You feel a dark presence behind you, you turn around to face…him…Anti, the one that you had thought was fictional all along. But he wasn’t, no, he was real as could be. You tried to scream but before you could Anti cut you off. “WHAT THE FUCK DO YA THINK YER DOIN’?!? YOUR ROOM IS A DISASTER AND I JUST CANNOT STAND IT! I HAVE LOST TRACK OF HOW MANY DAYS IT’S BEEN!!” He lectures. You sit there shocked and wide eyed, were you really getting lectured about the cleanliness of your own room…by a demon?!?

“I-I-I…” you stammered, trying to say something. “I NOTHIN’ WHERE THE FUCK IS THE LYSOL DO YA HAVE ANY LYSOL FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLY DO YA HAVE LYSOL IT’S KILLIN’ ME IT SMELLS LIKE A BLOODY LOCKER ROOM IN HERE!!!” Anti roared. You were interested by this, but scared as your hand shakily pointed to the can of Lysol. Anti grabbed the can of Lysol and started spraying everything, the smell was getting nearly suffocating. He then began to clean up everything and organize your room and once his job had been done, he disappeared not to be seen again.


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When Kara overhears Maggie call her sister Ally, Kara teases but it's also the exact moment Kara knows she's going to be sharing her sister with Maggie Sawyer for the rest of their lives. Yes yes and yes.

(This piece follows/references this minific.)

She teases Alex when she hears it, and she teases her almost mercilessly.

Maggie whispering to her big sister in the kitchen, kissing her all over her face, her fingers rubbing that spot at the small of Alex’s back where she feels fear, holding the bourbon away from her, talking softly to her, talking tenderly to her, because Alex is almost hyperventilating at Eliza’s impending arrival for dinner, because Alex is shaking, and Maggie’s eyes are as soft as her voice: “You’re gonna be just fine, babe, I’m here and I’ve got you. You’re perfect, Ally, alright, no matter what your mom says.”

Kara hears – of course Kara hears, because she doesn’t mean to be intrusive but she always tries to pay special attention to Alex’s state of mind when Eliza is in town – and Kara teases Alex until she’s red in the face and flustered, and Kara plays it off, and she lets it go, but she can’t stop staring at her sister and her sister’s girlfriend throughout dinner.

The way Maggie uses only her fork and no knife because one of her hands is constantly rubbing circles on Alex’s shaking knee under the table.

The way Maggie makes sure she refills Alex’s water glass more often than she refills her wine glass.

The way Alex’s entire body relaxes, the way her lips twitch upward, the way she leans almost imperceptibly closer to her, whenever her eyes catch Maggie’s.

The way Alex has an almost normal conversation with Eliza, because every time she starts to get scared, every time she starts to get defensive, every time she starts to get triggered, she glances at Maggie, and Maggie gives her this little smile, this little stare, and Alex just… relaxes.

And Kara thinks she knows what Maggie’s eyes are reminding her sister: you’re perfect, Ally.

Because there’s something about Alex letting Maggie call her that, call her a nickname that’s all her own, call her a pet name that’s private, call her a promise that she can be Maggie’s girl and also her own woman.

There’s an intimacy in the name that Kara’s never seen Alex accept; that Kara’s never seen Alex want; and that’s how she knows that Maggie Sawyer is sticking around. For good.

And, watching Maggie kiss Alex’s temple casually as she insists on the others sitting and enjoying while she clears away the plates and gets the dessert she made just for Kara, she couldn’t be happier about it.

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Okay so i’m going to let you in on a lil secret. And this may very well be my most secret secret so you better not tell anyone.

I don’t actually know what a shih tzu is.

It’s just one of those breeds where I’ll see a smallish fuzzy drop-eared thing and put my Knowing Face™ on and go “So a shih tzu, right?” And there’s about a 30% chance I’ll be at least partially right and they’ll say “wow you got that?” and I’ll be like “lol yeah ofc that was easy” but I’ll know, and now you’ll know, that I’m a filthy liar because I have no clue what a shih tzu is. I just don’t fucking know. I can’t tell the difference between a shih tzu and a not-a-shih-tzu.

So it’s entirely possibly that I know several of them and I love them and for all I know maybe even own one of them, because I just can’t tell.
But yeah they’re cool!

5 Kisses:  You May Now Kiss the Bride

“Psst, Felicity.” Oliver sidles up to Felicity.  She sits relaxed in her chair in the Arrow Lair watching as the rest of the crew leave.  

“Hmm.”  She answers distractedly.

“What are you doing?” Oliver asks playfully.

Felicity eyes him curiously, “Nothing.”  Her eyes narrow in suspicion, “Why?”

He grabs her hand, pulling her up out of the chair, and says lightly, “Come with me.”

“Wait—where are we going?” She asks willingly being dragged along by him, her voice light and carefree for the first time in a while.

He smirks at her, “You’ll see.”  But, then he stops abruptly.  “Wait.” He grabs a nearby cloth folding it hurriedly, and then turning her around to face away from him, he whispers in her ear, “Trust me?”

She looks over her shoulder at him for a moment doubtfully, and then smiles, “always.”  Smiling back, Oliver ties the cloth around her head, blindfolding her.  Then carefully, he guides her along, saying “I got you.”

Felicity can feel a cool breeze ruffling her hair.  They pause for a moment and Oliver bends down removing her shoes.  She wiggles her toes; sand she notes.  Still blindfolded, but growing impatient by the moment, Felicity asks, “How long do I have to wear this?”

Oliver has a hand placed on hers and he’s walking slowly beside her.  His voice is a low rumble, “just a few more steps.”

A moment later they halt and Oliver reaches behind her to untie her makeshift blindfold.

As soon as the fabric slides away, Felicity opens her eyes.  At first, she sees nothing, the light momentarily blinding her.  But, soon her vision clears and she gasps.

They stand on the shores of a beach, the Starling City skyline stretching away behind them. Rows of white folding chairs flank an aisle way strewn with white and pink rose petals all leading to a simple wood trellis arch.  White and Pink roses adorn it.  All around them are their friends and family, the team, their friends from Central City, and Oliver flanked by Diggle.

Tears spring to Felicity’s eyes.  She has so many questions, but she’s bursting with happiness.  “How?  When did you–?”  Donna approaches, hands her a small posy of roses.

“He had a little help.” Donna says her voice catching slightly.

Felicity doesn’t remember the walk up the aisle, just that she felt surrounded by love.  Everywhere she looks she was met with smiles and tears of happiness.

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And they fumbled through the words, even though they had a dry run a year ago, under vastly different circumstances.  This time, it was just for them, they laughed through the words nervously giddy.

And she didn’t care that she was in a simple dress barefoot on a beach because she was marrying him with all the people in the world she cared about watching them. 

They just gazed at each other, smiling and emotional, like they did once upon a time on a beach half a world away with their hearts in their eyes.

But this time was different.

And when the ceremony ended Ray said, “You may now kiss the bride.”

And Oliver kissed Felicity, a soft sweet kiss full of promise, and laughter, and love, and forever.

To johnlockers and sherlollians, mostly sherlollians

 I have some opinions and theories, that I read in Tumblr some times, but now it seems very possible…

I’m thinking about Molly and her living at 221B Baker Street and, of course, about John’s living there.

Well, i read many times, that John has moved to Baker Street again, but it can’t be truth!


Becouse of the jacket.

If he lives there, why is he going to the room with jacket? Why is he still there with his jacket?

2. THE COAT!!!

I mean Lestrade’s coat.

If he and John wear something, so why isn’t Molly wearing any coats ?

I have one deduction and I think you know what it is… She could move in Sherlock’s flat…

And look at her face. Many johnlockers (or something like they want to be called) say, that Molly has broken heart, but it can’t be truth!

Remembering my first deduction, this is obvious…

Now we can go to scene, which I haven’t seen in anyone’s theory
let’s see it:

Oh, yes! He’s smiling! And we know, that he with his sister are playing about his emotions and feelings, so I think these few tunes are about feelings to Molly…

Now I can say about the second theory

Oh, yes! It’s about Eurus! About very, very, very CLEVER Eurus, which could organize everything!

“Emotional context ,Sherlock. It destroys you every time.”

Now johnlockers say: what context!? We didn’t see any context! Maybe apart from killing Sherlock’s brother, but nothing else!

Molly was that context.


In this episode: always, when it’s about Molly.

Eurus has been playing with Sherlock for a long time before this episode,

Before they played together.

a quick kortopi screenshot analysis (by a professional)

look at this soft boy. so friendly. he is waving to you bc he genuinely cares about you and wants you to have a good morning. i will pick him up and carry him with me everywhere i go. would take a bullet for 10/10 blessed image

classic kortopi pose. he looks v wise and knows what hes talking about rn. slight upturned camera angle for emphasis. please listen to what he has to say

looked at this pic for about 10 mins and still not entirely sure whats going on. strange angle. not sure how feel. good hair tho

cursed image. why is his face so flat. is he wearing a mask???? is it just a black paper plate with a googly eye drawn on???? got hit in the face and has no nose left??? the eye should be round like a sphere??? raises too many questions. avoid



Me and a good friend of mine were talking about it recently and we ended up wondering about FFXV if it had Mermaids. You wouldn’t get a whole lot of mean or harmful ones in it just due to the fact you can’t work your way into the ocean. (Not to say there wouldn’t be at all but it’d be harder since the boys are touching the sea much)
So what about Altissia having mermaids?

The ones who live there already know about them. But the chocobros really don’t.
They ride the Gondola and the people running it just know they are tourists, they haven’t seen these boys before and face it the clothes kind of show they are, and are like “keep hands and arms and everything inside the boat at all times. If you have a wallet with a chain do not let your chain hang out” and so on and they all think it’s just standard safety procedures. But then the people who run it are like “Don’t even sit on the edge just in case of a rare occurrence of a mermaid” and they get that warning for if you’re anywhere near the water don’t even look over and they all just kind of laugh it off because that must be one of those weird legends they tell to the non-locals just to pull their leg.
until it finally happens…

Maybe it was Gladio who was sitting on the side edge, and one suddenly peeks up and grabs him by the hips and pulls him in.
Or maybe Noctis had a good-luck charm that was partly dangling down and he later finds out that it’s gone, but he doesn’t know who(what) snatched it and now he’s on a wild goose chase for it.
Perhaps Ignis was cleaning his glasses and he held it out over the water, he was trying to get the sun to reflect on it to see if he missed a spot and there’s just a sudden SPLASH- it’s gone and now he’s soaked.
Or Prompto got bored and was leaning over, and he just happened to be leaning down and getting too close to the water… And suddenly there are hands at his face and something looking him directly in the eye. (maybe if the mermaid was a bold and wily one, they could pull him in for a smooch before throwing him back)
But could you imagine though? In a grand place like that, that’s already full of wonderful scenic shots just waiting to be taken, if every now and then one of them snuck their way into a picture? Or every now and then surfacing to interact with people just to sate their own curiosity. Wily mermaids who nab something off of you whenever you aren’t looking- heck some of the vendors who are set on boats are paranoid and watch over their goods like a hawk just to make sure them sneaky little mermaids didn’t snitch anything.

Hell imagine if there was some that ventured out to Galden Quey. They become somewhat of an urban legend because no one manages to get a good look at them and never has there been a clear picture, so everyone’s like “It’s just a fish. You saw only just a fish why did you show me this picture of fish tail?”
The waters near Cape Caem? Now that’s where you got to watch out. Get too close to the shore when the mermaids hang around there and someone is bound to become lost treasure.

NCT 127 as things my family has said or done:

Taeil: *grandma talking about her childhood* I would just grab a stick of butter out of the fridge and eat it *giggle* I love butter

Mark: My sister asking if I washed my face by saying “Have you soaped your brows today?”

Taeyong: My mom waking us up literally every morning with “Rise and shine every one!! Go brush your face and wash your teeth.”

Yuta: That one time Not Your Mama by Jennifer Lopez came on and my mom yelled from her room “IF SHE DOESNT WANT TO BE CALLED SOMEONE’S MAMA THEN SHE SHOULD DATE MEN HER AGE”

Johnny: My brother when he was getting ready for college and came up to me and said “What if they laugh at me because I wear skinny pants and they think I’m a hoochie Papa?”

Doyoung: My sister that cried for a good 10 minutes after watching a romcom bc it was cute

Winwin: My grandma that had a hard time opening her automatic garage door so while she pressed the button the last time before it opened she said “Open up ol Sesame”

Jaehyun: That one time my dad was supposed to be a diet and he was eating cake and I caught him and said “Dad aren’t you on a diet??” And he just shoved the rest of the cake in his mouth and said “yes”

Haechan: My sister that asked about my soaped brows came up to me once to air kiss both of my cheeks and then caress my face with a flourish while she looked at me in the eyes and spoke complete gibberish but made it sound like Italian

Needle and Thread

A/N: For @riversong-sam‘s challenge :) my song was Angel by Aerosmith (yes, I know Gabriel is an archangel, but until I figure out how to write Cas better enjoy some Gabriel because how can you not)

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: Angst, torture, minor language, character death

Word Count: 1283

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Hazes of dark grey shuddered in front of your eyes, your vision having been wrecked by numerous, unrelenting blows to the face. It was safe to say that you were in trouble, big trouble. As in, you were probably about die, kind of trouble. Lucifer had risen, Sam and Dean were scrambling to acquire the Four Horsemen’s rings, and you had been snatched up by Lucifer’s demon squad for intense questioning on what the Winchesters were up to. They were stirring things up, creating commotion, and Lucifer wanted answers. So, there you were, suspended from an old warehouse’s ceiling by heavy chains, thick cuffs pressing deeply into your wrists.

You were about done for, your strength on its last legs, a cringe-worthy amount of blood pooling beneath your feet. You were sure that whenever Lucifer’s loyalists returned for another round of questioning, it would be the last. And you were okay with that. Sam and Dean were close friends, and you’d die for them every day of the week because you loved them, and being a hunter meant not really having any attachments. Except … you did have one attachment, one thread holding your broken self together.

There was a certain archangel … no, not Lucifer. His name was Gabriel, and he was the needle and thread keeping you together. Basically, he was nearly your everything. You had come across him when he was known as the Trickster, and you had a very strong love/hate relationship with one another. You were bitter that he killed Dean countless times, and he retaliated with human-related insults, even though he liked humans. Eventually the insults lost their heat, and they changed into something more … playful, flirty. The two of you weren’t aware that you were falling for the other until you landed yourself in a near death experience.

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Hired by BigHit: Bittersweet- Part 7

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Summary: You’ve always had respect for Min Yoongi’s musical talent. As one of BigHit’s new producers, you now get to experience both the bitter and sweet sides of him.

Parts: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // ?

Hired by BigHit Series: Taehyung // Hoseok // Yoongi // Seokjin // Namjoon // Jungkook // Jimin

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