is what makes the show worthwhile

For all who have been asking me, desperate to know about the future of the show… it’s official! We’re coming back for SEASON 2!

And to be frank, the fans have been wonderful. Thank you for your art, your passion, your theories, your trollsonas, and your genuine love for our little animated series. It has truly made these last few years laboring away in total darkness a worthwhile endeavor, and the reception has far surpassed what any of us expected. While working in secrecy, we could only hope that what we were making, something odd and unique, would be embraced by total strangers in a world that many told us wanted the exact opposite of what we were creating. But you all proved them wrong.

From all of us at Team Trollhunters… thanks.

Okay, so I got this fic idea that I know I’m not able to write, so I’m going to throw it out for anyone who wants to use the idea.

So basically, a lot of times, with Nursey and Dex, when we imagine one of them visiting the other over the summer, it’s usually Nursey going to Dex, right?  It’s tough for Dex to go to NYC because of his job and family and yes, finances. But I’m thinking, what if, after they start dating, Dex gets the idea that it might be nice to surprise Nursey in NYC, so he starts saving with the intention being that if their relationship lasts until summer, he’s going to take some time and do it (he’s pretty sure the look on Nursey’s dumb face when he shows up unannounced alone will make the trip worthwhile).  And he has some ideas about what they might do, except that when he gets there, Nursey just excitedly starts rattling off the kinds of things and places that only New Yorkers would know about that he wants to take Dex to.  And who is Dex to say no to excited Nursey? And they have all sorts of cute moments around the city.

So, can y’all see my problem? I’m just a Michigan boy who’s never set foot in NYC, so I can’t possibly write this. But I really want a fic of it! Can I interest any NYC-area fic writers to do it for me? Please???

How to Discuss Allowance With Your Sugar Daddy

Ah, the sugar baby allowance. Even the most experienced of us can find ourselves getting squeamish when it comes to talking money with a potential sugar daddy.

Here are our top 10 allowance tips to help you get what you want gracefully and effortlessly.

1. Get Comfortable Asking

The most important step to getting what you want is asking for it. We all know this, but hey, it can be so uncomfortable to ask for money.

If the thought of asking for what you want makes you a little queasy, take the time to make yourself comfortable with it before you begin talking allowance with potential sugar daddies.

We recommend this little exercise. Practice makes perfect, so rinse and repeat ’til you can state what you want without so much as an eyelid bat.

2. Allowance Après Date

This is such a simple, yet effective, means of negotiating allowance: Don’t discuss it on your first date with a potential sugar daddy. Concentrate all your first date efforts solely on impressing him wildly.

A genuine, interested sugar daddy will bring up the allowance on his own. If he mentions it during the date, take it as a sign that he’s definitely interested, smile and tell him that you’d like the first date to be focused on simply getting to know each other.

Suggest that if he’s interested in an arrangement with you, he could call you to talk about the allowance after the date.

This simple move immediately does a few things for you:

Sends the potential sugar daddy the message that you’re more interested in a suitable arrangement than money. And that little message also sends another message: that he cannot control you or gain your interest with his money alone. This makes it easier for you to discuss the terms of the relationship, set boundaries, and negotiate your allowance.
Makes it clear that you are nowhere near desperate and while you are interested in him, not overly so. This lack of overt interest gives you more control of the sugar relationship from the get-go.
Plus, utilizing this tip lets you take advantage of the next allowance tip…

3. Take Advantage of the Phone

Unless you’re really, really comfortable asking for what you want – you might prefer the distance of the telephone over a face-to-face discussion.

As they say, 93% of communication is non-verbal. If you’re not completely confident in what you’re asking for, the potential sugar daddy might be able to glean that through your expression, your hand gestures, your body language.

On the phone, however, all you need to control is your voice. Inject it with confidence and prepare to discuss allowance.

4. Know Your Options

Your sugar daddy might already have his preferences on how to give you your allowance, but it’s still a good idea to get to know your options.

How often do you want to receive your allowance? Weekly? Monthly?

How do you want to receive your allowance? Cash? Pre-paid credit card? Monthly bills paid? Read more about popular methods to receive a sugar baby allowance here.

There is no right or wrong answer to these questions – it’s just important that you know your options and go with what is most comfortable for you.

5. Do Your Research and Know His Range

Sugar daddies hail from various professions and income brackets. Before discussing allowance with your sugar daddy, do your part by researching what his range might be.

What’s the average income for someone in his profession in the city you’re living in? Is he an employee or does he own his own company? Does he have a family to support or is he single? Does he own his home or does he rent?

You can often find all this out by actively listening to the things he says as well as putting Google to good use.

Based on what you estimate to be his earning potential, you will know the reasonable range he can afford. Plus, you can weed out the men who are promising certain allowance amounts but clearly cannot afford it.

According to Seeking Arrangement, the average sugar daddy in 2013 earned a little over $270,000 and the average sugar baby allowance in 2013 was a little over $60,000.  That comes to sugar daddies paying a little over 20% of their income toward their sugar babies (hey, we’re actually cheaper than US taxes). That’s a reasonable estimate of what you’re sugar daddy should be able to provide you and what you can expect from a sugar daddy.

Calculate his reasonable range and then negotiate.

6. Forget Ladies First

A genuine, interested sugar daddy will usually bring up the topic of allowance by asking you what you want.

If you’re not totally comfortable with stating your amount first, forget the whole “ladies first” thing and ask him for his range first (‘though you’ll already have an idea based on your research). The easiest way to do so is to approach the topic indirectly by asking if he’s had previous arrangements. Ask how they went, what the terms were, how the relationship was, and what the allowance arrangement had been.

If he hasn’t had previous arrangements, keep in mind that people are more inclined to answer an uncomfortable question after being asked a range of more comfortable questions so start out the discussion by asking your potential sugar daddy questions like, “What does your ideal arrangement look like?” “How often do you want to meet me?”Continue asking questions about the arrangement and then pop in the question of what allowance range he’d be comfortable with.

If he low-balls you, when you know his range can very reasonably be higher, rebut with something like, “Oh, I was thinking more like $x,xxx.”

7. A “Yes” is a Given

When negotiating allowance, assume that he’ll give it to you.

When he asks you for the allowance you want, tell him simply and matter-of-factly: “I’m thinking $x,xxx.”

Keep a smile on your face, maintain eye contact, and say it as naturally as you would tell him what you’re ordering off the menu. Your amount might seem high to you, but remember that SDs have probably heard it all: girls asking for $10,000+, cars, etc., so you reasonable allowance range is probably not that surprising.

Don’t low ball yourself. Ask for what you want.

8. Remember: You’re Just Getting Your Due

This is a key point that all sugar babies must remember at all times: Asking for allowance is NOT asking for a handout.

You’re negotiating an allowance for a number of services being rendered to your sugar daddy.

And sugar daddies may be a lot of things, but they are not financially stupid. Your potential sugar daddy is not giving you an allowance out of the kindness of his heart. He is getting something valuable out of it. He knows it. You should too.

You listen to him talk about work. You make him laugh. You remind him of his youth. You are there for him physically, emotionally, mentally. He’s not doing you a favor by giving you allowance – he’s reciprocating for how you make him feel. This is no small service – people spend the majority of their money to be made to feel a certain way. It’s a considerable service so don’t ever spend any of your energy feeling bad about asking for whatyou want.9. Your Allowance = Your Money

Some sugar daddies might express shock or surprise when you state your allowance range. Some will even ask you what you plan on doing with all that money, as if you need to justify your allowance to them.

You don’t have to.

An allowance is not a handout. You’ve earned it.

Can you imagine a potential employer asking you what you’re going to do with all that income you’re earning at their company? Of course not. That’d be preposterous – once the company pays you for your services, it’s your money. Not theirs.

Same thing with the sugar allowance. You don’t need to justify the amount you’re asking for. Don’t talk about your debt, your bills, etc. – there’s no need for all that. He’s asking you how much you require and that’s all you need to say.

If he asks – don’t tabulate anything, don’t justify anything. Say something simple and sensible like, “A girl’s gotta save, you know…” and end it with a smile.

In our experience, if a potential sugar daddy keeps on asking why you would needall that money – chances are, he’s not going to make a great sugar daddy to begin with as he simply doesn’t understand that by providing him a service, you have every right to spend the allowance that you earn any way you want.

10. Prepare to Say “Next”

Some sugar babies may disagree with us on this one, but we have this rule: If a potential sugar daddy does not agree to the allowance asked for (which is reasonable and within what we know is possible with his income range) – politely end the dinner and cross him off the potentials list.


In our experience, men who understand your value as a sugar baby are willing to pay for it. They know you’re worth it. They want what you have to offer. And like companies who want to recruit the best talent, these sugar daddies are prepared to give you what you’re asking for.

These men make better investments in the long run because they already know you’re worthwhile.

We don’t recommend ever begging or trying to convince any sugar daddy to give you what you want. If he doesn’t already see you as a worthwhile investment, he’s not going to be a great sugar daddy anyway.

And by settling for less than what you want – you’re not going to be happy enough to keep him happy. It’s a two-way street. Your needs must be met. The good sugar daddies know this. They show it by giving you what you want.

Bonus Tip: 11. There are Exceptions

At the same time, sometimes you’ll run into a potential sugar daddy who you have a great dynamic with…but he does not make enough to give you the ideal allowance.

In those cases, we’d say: go with the sugar daddy you like even if his allowance is a little bit lower than ideal. An enjoyable arrangement comes from more than just allowance.

sugar baby allowance guide II

What This Family Does

My own fix-it fic - written before 6x17, but I didn’t publish it before. Slightly canon divergent, but not much… Killian comes back from Neverland, and Snowing are awake already. I felt Killian deserved a little more than just being forgiven.

title: What This Family Does

summary: Killian comes back from Neverland, and some things should not be swept under the rug.

rating: a very tame T - and F for lots and lots of forgiveness… because that’s what this family does, after all.

also on and ao3

When he’s finally back in their home, weariness settles into his bones as he sinks on the couch.

Staring into the fire that’s crackling against the crispy cold outside, his mind starts to drift, and he thinks back to the moment he was about to burn the dreamcatcher with his awful memories. Without even noticing, Killian runs his hand over his face and sighs.

David didn’t murder him, not even punch him in the face, on the contrary – he showed what looked like genuine relief, maybe even joy when he finally managed to return to Storybrooke, the bloody Crocodile’s offspring’s curse broken. But he knows there will come the moment – sooner than later, probably – when they’ll have to have a serious talk about the disastrous events that took place all those years ago, in that night he ran his vicious blade through a completely innocent man and destroyed yet another family.  In fact, destroying families and orphaning guiltless children seems to be his specialty.

But… he reminds himself that this is in the past, and he has finally made his peace with the fact that his past doesn’t define him. What does define him are his actions and his choices, the man he is now: the man who managed to defy the darkness of Excalibur, the man who stands up for his loved ones, the man who helps justice to be done, curses to be broken and families and lovers to find each other again. The man he is now – he knows and accepts it, that man deserves love, he deserves trust and he deserves a happy ending. And if he has to work a little harder for that, then he’ll do it. He’ll do whatever it takes to set things right with David, his best friend aside from Emma, and he’ll do what he must to prove himself to her, show her that he does have trust in her and their love. He can only hope that it is enough to make her believe in him again and trust in their relationship enough to make her want to be his wife.

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I can’t even begin to explain how satisfied I am with 4:47 “explanation”. Seriously.

IDK how Hart wanted to explain, but I’m 100% okay with this one. 

It has a meaning, a real and powerful meaning. Brennan already taught us that there’s no unique event in this universe. So, 4:47 being every turning page in Booth and Brennan’s lives, just speaks to my heart in so many ways.

4x26 - Brennan almost lost Booth. He survived. He had that dream, of the life she wrote in an alternative universe for them. Everything almost ended, but he survived and that beautiful shared dream opened all the doors they were trying to close about what they feel for each other.

5x22 - They literally went away. Were separated. He could have not come back She could have not come back. Something had to change, according to Booth. But, as beautifully well the episode title says, there’s a beginning in the end. Everything almost ended for them. But it was that “almost” that brought them back. It could have ended. But it didn’t. And as much as it hurt for everyone, was the step they needed to take to both understand what they had.

6x22 - Vincent was shot instead of Booth. Booth could have given that phone to Brennan. Booth could have been the one picking up that phone. And it’d be the end for them as we know them. It could have been the end when they gave that step into their relationship - because they couldn’t have erased it if things didn’t work out. In every single aspect, everything almost ended for them. But it’s all about that step, that climb - but what if it doesn’t? What if this is just the beginning of something beautiful, like it was?

7x07 - I can’t think of anything that changed more those two forever than the birth of their own daughter. There’s no bigger turning page for them. Having a baby? That changes you forever. And as Angela beautifully told in S5, you’re bound to that person forever because you have a human life in common. So yeah. It was the end in a way. B&B are forever partners in everything but in that moment they were SO MUCH MORE than that. they had their miracle.

7x13 and 9x01  - Well I’m putting these two together because we always interpreted it as Pelant’s being a little shit again and trying to harm our babies. (probably their idea back then not even going to deny) but looking now with the meaning they gave us? Brennan ran away with Christine from Booth. She did to him what her parents did to her. She let him baptize her, and disappeared with her. For 3 months, EVERYTHING changed. Everything could have ended. Booth lost them both. Brennan was living with that weight, knowing how much it hurt, but also trying to do the right, rational thing. They were never the same. He had to deal of losing part of his daughter growing up, of being left “out” of her plan, even though he doesn’t condone it - he knows it was necessary. And she had to deal with the fact that even being the same strong, independent human being that she always was, she is in fact bound to her partner and her daughter, in ways she didn’t expected it. Things could have not work out like they did - they do because it’s them. It’s always Booth and Brennan and their love will always be enough to survive anything life throws it - another case of almost being the end, but it wasn’t. 9x01 is in the same line of thought. Things could have ended so differently. It was Brennan’s faith in Booth, in what he always did for her, her love and trust in him. They were thrown such a big burden - FUCK YOU PELANT I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU - that made them question everything around both of them and inside themselves Yet, they pulled through. It didn’t end. Again.

(about 11x15, 7x13 and 11x01 you see the number but it’s not a moment nor an hour. It’s just there so yeah skipping those. Also. it’s just a number. Pffff do you think someone loses 30minutes in writing about 447? NOT ME. clearly. )

12x12 - I don’t think I even need to discuss this one. He almost lost her. She almost lost the thing that, in her mind, made her who she is. Both of them almost died, and they would leave their kids. their life. 30, 40, 50 years of years left full of things waiting for them. Everything almost ended, but it didn’t. And it doesn’t make them weaker, or more damaged. Makes them… Them. Booth and Brennan. As always, since the day 1, fighting for what’s right in the world, loving just a little bit too much in so many different ways, yet so similar in the end.

It almost ended. But it didn’t. And they’re rising again like they’re a phoenix. Not giving up on everything that united them on the first place. Fighting for the same things, working for the same ends, with the love and dedication they always have. Following their hearts.

This was B&B last 12 years. Pushing forward, loving, for all the reasons that really mattered, even when’s scary and you have so much to lose.

It almost ended. But it didn’t, not in even one time that 4:47 appeared. It’s scary sometimes because you have things to lose. But when you’re fighting for what’s right, for what/who you love, it’s worth it to push forward. It’s worth it to give that step. And sometimes, it’s good to remind yourself of that, of those moments where you could have lost. To never forget why it’s worth it. 

What makes life worthwhile. 

Bless this show.

anonymous asked:

Is welcome to nhk an anime? Is it a good anime?

Is not only an anime, is one of the best animes created ever imo. 

We’re talking about an anime that touches on issues such as depression, desolation, relationships, love, disappointment, dependency, anxiety and even existentialism. It’s a black comedy, so sometimes it gets very depressing from time to time, and even if you don’t trust me, it’s also a drama.

One of the strongest points of this anime, of course, are the characters. All are either (1) Very funny and charismatic. Or (2) Very interesting. OR (3) Both things at the same time. We talk about characters suffering from severe cases of anxiety and paranoia, how to deal with these issues may surprise us coming from a comedy with sexual references but done in a way that isn’t superficial, making much emphasis on them and deepening each time the anime can do it

Sound smart? Well, the truth is that is not. The first episodes are full of humor and sexual references, and at first glance the characters look like your typical Japanese stereotypes reused to exhaustion, but don’t make the tone of the anime fool you, I can assure you that every subject raised in this is done in a very mature way.

What I liked the most is how the scriptwriter managed to make all the issues end up important for me. In addition he knew how to delve into each of the characters, what they like, dislike, their way of seeing life and sometimes their questionable behavior in front of some occasions. 

It’s a great balance between history and characters. It’s because for these characters and their charisma that it’s worthwhile to follow these issues that could be uncomfortable to watch, although it’s true that many times they can be quite exaggerated, I love how realistic the characters and their actions are.

They show you the otakus as they are.

It doesn’t insult them or degrade them and in fact it’s quite positive with them, plus it shows you that even the worst being on earth is capable of doing something that everyone appreciates without cheap speeches, without stupid solutions or miracles.

Being the only bad thing about this anime, the animation. Because regardless if you have problems with it or not, it tends to lower the quality in a rather bad way in certain episodes, the movement looks awkward and the drawing loses all kinds of detail. And that’s basically the only bad thing about the anime, because in everything else it’s certainly perfect.

It’s an almost perfect anime but outside for the small detail of the animation. Graceful, depressing and even touching in the least expected moments.

Besides that it has the best anime ending ever, and if you don’t think so it’s because you’re simply being harmed by the work of a great conspiracy. ;^)

Goodbye Gravity Falls

Hey internet. I’ve got some tough news I have to deliver. Are you sitting down? Do you have a minute? Here, have this picture of a dachshund dressed as a crayon to relax:

Everyone good? Okay here goes.

There’s no easy way to say it so I’m just going to say it: Gravity Falls is coming to an end. There are two more episodes left: “Weirdmageddon II: Escape from Reality” and “Weirdmageddon III” which will be our hour long series finale. After that, Gravity Falls as we know it will be over.

I know how tough this will be for many fans, and I feel you guys. But before you start sending me .GIF’s of pitchforks and torches let me explain.

The first thing to know is that the show isn’t being cancelled- it’s being finished. This is 100% my choice, and its something I decided on a very long time ago. I always designed Gravity Falls to be a finite series about one epic summer- a series with a beginning, middle, and end. There are so many shows that go on endlessly until they lose their original spark, or mysteries that are cancelled before they ever get a chance to payoff.

But I wanted Gravity Falls to have a mystery that had a real answer, an adventure that had a real climax, and an ending that had a real conclusion for the characters I care so much about. This is very unusual in television and a pretty big experiment, and Disney for their part has been enormously supportive. I know that hits are rare in this business, and its hard to let one of them go, so I’m so grateful that this company has had the vision to let me start (and end) the show the way I always wanted to.

Why did we wait so long to announce that this was the last season? The truth is, it wasn’t up to me. Before we started Season 2, my writers and I decided that this season would be the last. I wanted to announce this to the world at large then, but I was restricted from doing so, mainly because I think a lot of people were hoping I’d change my mind.

But Gravity Falls was never meant to be a series that goes on and on forever. It’s meant to be an exploration of the experience of summer, and in a larger sense a story about childhood itself. The fact that childhood ends is exactly what makes it so precious- and why you should cherish it while it lasts.  

No words can describe how grateful I am for the millions of fans who have cherished Gravity Falls for the time that it’s been on air. Running a TV show, especially one where you write, direct, supervise, and co-star, can be an incredibly grueling experience. But every hand-written letter, tweet, tattoo, piece of art, costume and creation from the fans made this enormous undertaking worthwhile. To the Gravity Falls fandom- I love you guys. You’re weird and clever and smart and curious and have been a constant inspiration to me and the crew. You’ve picked us up when we felt down and pushed and inspired us to do the best work we possibly could. I hope you enjoy watching our finale as much as we enjoyed dreaming it up.

And if you don’t, keep it to yourself, pal! Yeesh!

Anyway, I know this will still be hard for a lot of fans to digest, so here’s a few FAQ’s for you guys.


Is this a prank? You’re a real prankster, you are!

Nah man, this is real. The first stage of grief is “denial”- that’s why there are people out there who think that Andy Kauffman and Tupac are hiding in the woods waiting to drop 2016′s sickest album. But this is the truth. Besides, just bumming out millions of people for no reason would be a pretty lame prank. My pranks are a lot better than that, give me some credit!

This sucks! I want to be mad at someone! Is there someone I can be mad at?

Being mad is easier than being sad, I get it! But there really are no villains here. My team and I set out to do something and we did it, and the network supported our crazy vision. If you wanna be mad at someone, blame…I don’t know… the goat. With his shifty eyes. This is all his fault. 

Are they going to make a third season without you? Will it be called “Gravity Falls Babies: The New Class: Generations?”

While that is an amazing idea, and you would make an amazing executive, there are no plans to create another full season.

What’s next for you? Are you going to ride the rails with your belongings in a sack, playing the harmonica, going wherever the wind takes you like some kind of tragic folk hero, perhaps named “Johnny Flannel-Britches?”

These questions are getting weirdly specific, guys. The truth is- I don’t know! I’ve spent the last 4 years living & breathing Gravity Falls. I’ve pulled more all-nighters than anyone I’ve ever known who didn’t work at NASA and basically holed myself up in my office to the exclusion of any sort of actual life. I already have some very exciting opportunities lining up on the horizon after I take a good vacation. We’ll see!

How can we continue to stalk follow your exploits?

You can continue to find me on twitter @_AlexHirsch. I’ll be tweeting all sorts of GF goodies leading up to the finale!

Will the last episode be exactly like my head canon?  If not, can I firebomb your house?

The jokes on you, because I don’t have a house! I live in a “shire.” But seriously- my team works insanely hard to make the best series we can.  Of course there’s no way to satisfy every single fan’s personal theories. But our show reflects a genuine sincere effort by some really talented folks to make the coolest thing we can (with the time and budget available.) Will every single conceivable question ever thought of about Gravity Falls be answered in the end? Of course not. But that just leaves some material for any potential Gravity Falls projects in the future…(including the canon Journal #3 that goes on sale in 2016)

Are you SURE you’ll never make more Gravity Falls?

I know that there will be many fans who will be sad to see the Pines family go, but just because I’ve finished the story I wanted to tell doesn’t necessarily mean we will never see Dipper, Mabel, & Stan again. It means that this chapter is closed, and that I, at least for now, am personally done telling their story.

I want to thank Disney, my amazing cast and crew, and most of all our fans for taking this unforgettable road trip with me through the redwoods into a place called Gravity Falls. I look forward to seeing what adventure we go on next.
Your pal,

Alex Hirsch

PS: pqxv tbfoa

PPS: Want to thank the cast and crew for the awesome job they’ve done? Feel free to use the #GravityFinale

Monsta X Reaction: Their girlfriend only having kissed girls before

||| Anon asked:  Monsta x reaction to their girlfriend only ever having kissed girls before? 💖💖💖 |||

Lee Minhyuk

Originally posted by chaehugwon

Is actually happy as your first kiss with a man was with him.

Wonho/Shin Hoseok

Originally posted by wonhontology

“Is that so? Then let me show you a brand new experience.”

Shownu/Son Hyunwoo

Originally posted by wonhontology

Doesn’t really say anything because thinking about you kissing another person makes him kind of jealous.

Chae Hyungwon

Originally posted by kihn

Upon hearing this he immediately wants to hear the background story and why did she choose him.

I.M/Lim Changkyun

Originally posted by changkyuh

Surprised as he suddenly realizes: 

“So that’s why you’re such a good kisser!" 

Yoo Kihyun

Originally posted by wonhontology

Happy you shared this with him. 

“So I’m her first, better make this worthwhile.” 

Lee Jooheon 

Originally posted by garisanee

Didn’t know what to say as he didn’t really care, he’s just happy that you’re with him now.

A/N: Feel free to request for more scenarios,reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female. 😃


What was a bath good for? - relaxation, peace and quiet, soothing sore muscles, the list is endless. Why were you taking a bath? All of the reasons above. Candles, bubbles, soft music, a glass of wine and your favourite bath salts made the bathroom calm.

Taking a sip, you titled your head back. Mac was still at work, which was a shame, he was missing out. The idea shouldn’t of popped in your head, but who could blame a girlfriend who wanted to relax with her boyfriend?. Drying your hands, you took a photo and sent it to Mac, captioning it: Hurry home, this bath tub is getting lonely. x

Setting the phone down, you closed your eyes. Relishing in the tranquil state the candles and music were providing. Minutes later the bathroom door opened.

“My girlfriend sending me a sexy photo while I’m work, for the sole purpose to taunt me makes it very hard to concentrate”. Mac removed his shoes and leather jacket.

It wasn’t easy to catch Mac off guard, him being a secret agent and all. He always had a strong composure. But a cheeky photo was something you knew would throw him off balance. “Riley told me you’d finished the mission. Besides I figured I’d give you something to look forward once you got home”. Lifting your leg up, the water ran down. Mac gulped. “Are you going to get in?”.

Discarding his clothes, Mac slipped into the warm water, you leaning against his chest as he massaged your shoulders. “This is perfect, exactly what I needed”.

“I thought you might, after all saving the world must get tiring”. Making the water splash a little as you straightened up. You grabbed both Mac’s hands and crossed them over your chest, fingers still intertwined.

“At times, but knowing I have you to come home too makes it worthwhile”. He kissed your cheek.

“Angus Macgyver getting all romantic, you’re full of surprises”. Giggling. Mac’s hands detached from yours and rested now on your stomach. “Stick with me long enough and I’ll show you some more surprises I have up my sleeve”.

Talking indirectly about the future always made your heart skip. Mac never promised anything concrete, due to his job. But here he was, hinting that he wanted a future with you.

Standing up, you let the water drip off your body before stepping out on the towel placed at the base of the tub. Grabbing Mac’s leather jacket, you put it on. Mac’s jaw nearly hitting the floor as you did so.

“Care to surprise me in our bedroom, Macgyver”. You only ever just called him Macgyver when you were flirting with him, or teasing. In this case it was both. He leaped from the tub and wrapped a towel around his waist. “You, Y/N are going to be the death of me”. He chuckled, bringing you closer to his body.

“Right back at you. Now surprise me, Angus Macgyver”.

He lifted you up bridal style and proceeded to the bedroom. Surprising you over and over again.


A (Somewhat) In Depth Analysis On Why (And How) Danny Phantom Should Go Ghost Again

Part One - Three Possibilities

There are three possibilities as to what is going on with all the hype surrounding the return of Danny Phantom, and these can be simplified as the “good,” the “bad,” and the “ugly.”

The good option, which I personally believe is the least likely, is that Nickelodeon HAS greenlit a fourth season, and we just don’t know about it yet because it’s so early in production. If this is the case then we probably won’t see any news or promos until at least 2018, seeing as how the hype train really got its start around August 24, 2016, when Butch uploaded a video called “Danny Phantom 10 Years Later” and the green light would have happened not long after that. Again, this seems extremely unlikely, but if it’s true, then Butch has been doing a good job building up hype while keeping it a secret.

The bad option, which will be the main focus of this post (and also isn’t so bad), is that as much as Butch wants to bring the show back, Nickelodeon isn’t so keen on the idea, and that’s why he’s turned to the fandom to build up hype, and THEN maybe Nick will listen.

The ugly option is… Well, it’s ugly. I hate that this is even a possibility, but as I’ve stated before, the good option is the least likely, making this one a decent possibility. Maybe there are no plans to #goghostagain at all, and the hype is all just a ploy to rake in the views and attention. Maybe it’s all just one big promotion for Bunsen Is A Beast (which by the way I think is a sub-par show, but I’ll get to that later). It’s disappointing to think about, but if it is the case, then here’s what I have to say: Butch, you are better than this. If you aren’t serious about this, then don’t go around trying to get people excited for something that doesn’t exist. Please and thank you.

Part Two - Forget The Hype

I wouldn’t be surprised or upset if nothing ever came out of all this hype, but since we’ve come this far we might as well take the extra step to convince Nickelodeon this is a good idea. Of course, there’s not a whole lot the fans can do to sway the opinions of the executives, and at this rate we’re DEFINITELY not going anywhere. Most of what I’ve seen has been “I love this show so you should bring it back” with no other reasoning. It’s all based on pathos with little to no logos or ethos, and that’s what I’m hoping to make up for with this analysis. There are plenty of reasons for Danny Phantom to get a fourth season, it’s just a matter of letting them be heard through the multitude of YouTube videos saying “Look, Butch said this one thing this one time!! Season 4 confirmed!!!! I am so HYYYPE!!!1!!!!1!”

Part Three - The Passage Of Time

Like many good shows, it ended too early. Apparently the ratings were a bit too low for Nick’s liking, so they told Butch to find a way to end it. (I don’t have a very good source, so if you can find one with real numbers and add it in, that would be great.) This is a common trend. Good shows don’t get the advertising and promotion they deserve because the network wants to spend more time on their cash cows like SpongeBob and Teen Titans Go, and then the good shows get cancelled because, “Well no one was watching it, so it’s not worth keeping, right?” Then, as the years go by, more and more people find the show and say “Why was it cancelled? It’s so good!” The good news here is that if an old show comes back with a much larger and stronger fanbase, it will do really well! Unfortunately there is one problem with the way the fans will probably watch it, and that is the internet. After watching the original episodes online, that’s the way they’re probably going to expect to continue watching them. This was a HUGE problem with The Legend Of Korra! (Again, source needed) So I guess this is more of a message to the fans than the executives: Watch the show on the TV, or AT LEAST set it to record!

Another problem that The Legend Of Korra had (it’s really only a problem in the eyes of the execs) is that the audience was mostly adults and older teens. You know, the people who either 1) Where the same people who originally watched The Last Airbender and are now a bit older, 2) Were old enough to use the internet in a way that allowed them to find ATLA in the first place, or 3) Are the type of people who enjoy more in-depth, plot-driven, mature-themed shows. I think that the third option is what networks like Nick, CN, and Disney are most afraid of when it comes to choosing which shows to pick up and air. These channels are supposed to be for kids, right? Well, first of all, these networks are wrong to think that kids can’t enjoy more complex shows than SpongeBob or that the most important thing in determining a show’s worth is how much money it brings in, but I digress. Instead, I’d like to talk about how Nickelodeon SHOULDN’T worry about having a repeat of TLOK if they were to continue Danny Phantom.

Part Four - Plot And Audience

Unlike the Avatar series, which were extremely plot-driven and weren’t afraid to get a bit dark, Danny Phantom is a lot more episodic in nature. Now, if it were too episodic, then I probably wouldn’t be arguing for it to come back. I mean, I love My Life As A Teenage Robot, but there’s no real reason for it to come back other than the usual “This is one of my favorite childhood shows! Why did it have to end?” You see, Danny Phantom had a nice balance of episodic plot vs overall plot that made for a great show for kids and teens alike. If it were to come back using the original formula, it would probably do really well with the “intended” audience of preteens. Hardcore fans (the ones who have been begging for a fourth season ever since it ended) might have mixed reactions, though. It all depends on the direction the show goes.

Again, the original formula will work, but what exactly should the plot be? Should there be a time skip or not? These are all questions that I’ll talk a little bit more about later, but ultimately can not answer. The biggest question that I CAN answer, though, is should it cater more towards the new preteens audience or the older, hardcore fans? The answer is a resounding “HARDCORE FANS!!!” We KNOW there are plenty of things that were planned that didn’t make it in, and we want to see them happen in a way that satisfies our nostalgia and our (slightly) older tastes. I personally think that even though the episodic nature works from a business standpoint, this continuation should have just a little bit more of an overarching plot. Just a little bit.

Part Five - Butch’s Other Shows

I don’t want to dwell on this topic too long, but it’s important enough that it’s worth mentioning.

Fairly Odd Parents: To put it bluntly, it’s dying. We could talk about how Sparky and Chloe are terrible characters, but there’s no point because the whole show has been moved to NickToons. It’s the channel where Nickelodeon shows go to die, and as unfortunate as it is that FOP has been drawn out to the point that the original fans don’t like it anymore, soon enough it will get low enough ratings that it will finally be cancelled. Rip

TUFF Puppy: I didn’t really watch this show, but from what I’ve seen and heard, it’s not that great. I mean, it’s not horrible, but it just doesn’t have a whole lot going for it that makes it worthwhile to talk about. It ended in 2015, so whatever.

Bunsen Is A Beast: This is another show that I haven’t seen a whole lot of, and I don’t really want to. I feel that even though it has a good message of being inclusive and stuff, it doesn’t really go about it in a unique way. You know what show has a similar setup of a character from another dimension going to a human school but is actually good? Star vs the Forces of Evil. I know I’m not the intended audience for Bunsen, so I’m not really in a position to complain, but between it’s obnoxious loudness, ugly characters, and seemingly random-for-the-sake-of-random humor, it isn’t as good as it could be. Don’t get me wrong, I respect Butch for trying new character styles and whatnot, but it just isn’t working.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that there IS room for Danny Phantom to return. FOP is dying and it wouldn’t hurt for Bunsen to die off as well. Good programing is what we should be after, not money makers.

Part Six - Questions And Suggestions

This is the part where I re-introduce the hype and fangirling. It’s not part of the main message that the show should come back, but it is important for the follow up question of how. So here are some important questions for Butch. *Takes a deep breath*

How will season 4 go? What’s the plot? Is it gonna pick up where it left off or will there be a time skip? How big of a time skip will it be? Will the intro be the same or will it be something new? What, if anything, will be retconned? What new characters will be introduced? When and how will Vlad return from space? Did Vlad meet Wheatley? Will Dark Danny make a return? Is Danielle gonna be adopted by the Fentons like you said? How are you gonna make up for the fact that the technology is so outdated? What about the Unworld and the Elsewhereness? What is the meaning of the universe??? *Incoherent screaming*

…I might have gotten a bit carried away just then.

Well, time to answer some of my own questions. I think that a decent sized time skip would be a great way to have the characters age with the show’s original audience, and it would also avoid any weirdness with the outdated technology. I’m not sure how big it should be, but 10 years does seem like a good benchmark number. If there is a time skip, this could also be a convenient excuse to brush over a lot of nothingness and say “It took Vlad [this long] to find a way to return, and now, after a long time of peace and quiet, the main antagonist is back to wreak some havoc.” Maybe the first episode of the new season could be a recap and summary of everything that happened between seasons 3 and 4, including an introduction to the new plot. There should be little to no retconning because this is a continuation, not a reboot. If something small needs to be changed to help the overall flow of the story, then so be it, but don’t go erasing the entire last episode just so Danny’s powers are still a secret or something like that. There should definitely be a new intro and theme song that are more related to the new story, even if there isn’t a time skip. The overarching plot should heavily focus on that Elsewhereness stuff mentioned in the video “Secrets of the Ghost Zone Revealed” and somehow include the conflict of ending up in the Unworld. As far as new characters go, I would much prefer to see older characters more in depth, but a few new villains couldn’t hurt. Dark Danny NEEDS to return because he’s my favorite character of all the one-off villains, he’s the only one with an entire two-part episode dedicated to him that basically ended with the promise of his return that never got the chance to happen. I only mention this guy above all the other villains because he’s my fave he is literally an alternate version of the main character. And if there is a 10 year time skip, then that would make Danny the same age as his evil counterpart and–

You know what? I could go on about this hours, but this post is already long enough as is, and I don’t want to turn it into a fanfiction. I think I’m going to leave this here for now and allow all of you to add on to it as you wish.

Part Seven - Sources???

    I’m really bad at including sources, so if any of you can find good and relevant ones for me, that’d be great. Just reblog this post and add them along with any other comments or theories you have related to the return of Danny Phantom. Let’s make this one big cluster of ideas, and hopefully we will one day see that our efforts have paid off.

Cracked Article Starters:
  • “Tarzan is almost definitely banging some gorillas.”
  • “When the most well-adjusted person in your family is the cat, it’s time to rethink things.”
  • “Pinocchio’s sexuality is never explored.”
  • “I’m going to go out on a limb and say that blowjobs do not exist in Disney fairy tale kingdoms.”
  • “Roughly 80 percent of all food items fit in your butt if you try hard enough.”
  • “I promised myself I wouldn’t type that.”
  • “Wait, what the fuck?”
  • “My therapist says this is ‘manipulation’ and 'a twisted power play’ that could 'destroy my marriage’.”
  • “Surely this epic dance of seduction cannot be ruined by the addition of footie pajamas.”
  • “If you can see only one Chipmunk adventure, let it be this one.”
  • “That little dog has seen some shit.”
  • “The only reason to stroll pantsless into your sibling’s room is to lay a window-rattling fart and bolt.”
  • “What is the upside of holding a spider?”
  • “No, you can’t quit school to be in a band!”
  • “I shit you not, he really said that.”
  • “His jabs are literal and done with his penis, which he waves around.”
  • “I can feel everyone judging my [NAME] body pillow from across the room.”
  • “[NAME] wants to see the picture that you just took of him, then he squees and asks you to tag him on Facebook.”
  • “His brain could beat up your brain without breaking a sweat.”
  • “This is a picture of me taken last week.”
  • “What do you do when you’re looking for your spirit animal hat and your spirit animal is yourself?”
  • “Can’t go wrong with a llama.”
  • “On a scale of 'not one bit’ to 'desperately,’ how badly do you need a llama right now?”
  • “Cats are assholes.”
  • “No, you’re still not allowed to wear flip-flops with your tux.”
  • “It will only set you back by $41, 995.95!”
  • “My life is great, but it would be better if I owned a giant rock of dinosaur poop.”
  • “Few drugs have captured the hearts and minds of Americans like crack.”
  • “Want to help your kids keep up with the Kardashians?”
  • “Oops! Leaked another nude.”  
  • “That’ll show her who’s pro-violence!”
  • “Of course I’m talking about porn.”
  • “Honestly, if living in shit was good enough for our cavemen-ancestors what makes us so high and mighty?”
  • “Need to stuff your crotch to impress the neighbors?”
  • “We call those people vegans, and we speak of them in hushed tone.”
  • “I’m not touching you; you can’t get mad.”
  • “Really it’s a worthwhile exercise as long as your time is worth absolutely nothing.”
  • “How dare you enjoy something that I have deemed inferior?”
  • “Classic sex offender technique: leaving a trail of candy on the filthy ground.”  
  • “Ah, bagpipes; the beloved sound of Scotland and aquatic mammals in labor.”
  • “She looks like you’d have to pry the can out of her fingers to get her into rehab.”
  • “The man lost a lot of blood.. dick blood.”
  • “If you tell anyone you have a concussion, your parents won’t love you anymore.”
5/4/17 recs

1.  The Ties That Bind by QueBae   |   Rated T, 31.8k (WIP)

Summary: The first time Viktor saw Yuri Plisetsky was by pure chance at a private rink in Moscow, skating for his dedushka. He thought they would never meet again but it seemed he was lucky in life.

“Papochka!” Yuri called out and Viktor swore his heart stopped beating. Yuri hadn’t addressed him as atsets, heck, he didn’t even call him papa! Yuri said papochka. Papochka! It was a more affectionate, almost cutesy way of calling your papa and it was quickly turning to be Viktor’s favourite word. Did Yuri know that Viktor was somehow his father?

Then Yuri started dashing towards Viktor and all his earlier doubts regarding Yuri had been wiped clean from his mind. Viktor immediately darted off and all that was running through his mind at the time was Yuri, Yuri, my son, Yuri! Viktor had waited to hold this boy in his arms, wanting to tell him how proud he was and how much he had grown. Viktor decided he didn’t want to waste any more time being separated from his Yuri.

His little boy, Yuri.

Or the single dad feat. ballet AU I’ve always wanted to write that no one asked for.

  • Comment: I fuckin love this fic. The summary is deceiving, but in the best way possible. Victor is so very over his head that it’s obvious, and little child Yuri is a great mix of spitfire and cute that other fics don’t balance out well. Yuuri as a character interests me as well, and the latest update was just so sickeningly cute ugh *clutches chest*

2.  The Selection by Galloping_Monroe

Returning home on the tail end of an injury that ends his dancing career, Yuri Katsuki is trying to find his future again. As a Five, he knows his options are limited, but when he finds an invitation to Crown Prince Victor Nikiforov’s Selection, he is convinced by a friend to apply.

He never thought he’d be Selected.

When he is, he finds that his world is changed forever, and that the Crown Prince is not exactly what he’d expected.

  • Comment: Off to an interesting, if predictable, start, the author’s done a great job setting up the worldbuilding in the first chapter. Since I’m unfamiliar with the book that the author uses elements/plot from, I’m intrigued by the system that has been set up. I look forward to how it continues. 

3.  one-eighty degree turnaround by glissendo

“Why don’t you just sleep in here, too?” Leo asks, deadpan. They’re passing around a tray of flan, and Leo watches Seunggil with a critical eye as Seunggil robotically raises the spoon to his mouth the three allotted times. Maybe the spoonfuls are generous. That’s not for Leo to judge him on.

He passes the tray to Phichit, who ignores the three bites rule altogether.

Phichit smiles into the tray of flan. “Wouldn’t want to abuse your hospitality.”

Leo sighs. “You already have.” It’s true. Signs of Phichit are scattered all around their room- the eyeliner pencil on a bedside table, the strawberry lotion on their sink- it’s not just his and Leo’s dorm anymore.

A college AU that spans one-hundred and eighty days, in which Phichit parks himself in Seunggil’s life and then refuses to budge.

  • Comment: I love how Seung-gil’s character has been interpreted in this! Introspective and hilarious in his attitude, Seung-gil in this ascribes to the expectations of people around him (what with him refraining to show outward care and tamping down on reactions), but eventually manages to eventually find his place. The disjointed timeline does get a little confusing, but reading through more than once makes it worthwhile. Phichit has the great balance of outgoing and thoughtful, and Leo’s role as prime enchilada supplier is great as well. Contains vicyuu on the side, and Leo/Guang-Hong with a bonus formula for unrequited love. If you like the ship read it.

4.  Bottle Me Your Smile by Ncj700   |   Unrated, 17k (WIP)

In a tiny village on the edge of the kingdom, Yuuri Katsuki – common as mud Apothecary owner – embarks on a goal to achieve a childhood goal. With the help of the world’s greatest magical, he will achieve it. Apothecary AU for @banacotta. 

  • Comment: *YELLS FROM THE TOP OF A SKYSCRAPER* I love fantasy and worldbuilding and this fic starts off with great worldbuilding. The first chapter begins with Yuuri’s beginnings, and introduces us to the setting, and the narration does wonderfully in giving information in a way that it’s never infodump. We’re also given glimpses at other characters too, and Yuuri’s personality is distinctly shaped during the childhood that the first chapter tells. Plus there’s already foreshadowing of future events/goals/dreams of Yuuri, and basically if you like fantasy/magic aus with solid worldbuilding, read iiiiiit.

5.  eros, by nature by c0rnfl0wer   |   Rated G, 34.5k 

At the fringes, no one knows what to expect of anyone else. Yet, Yuuri felt he knew Viktor better than others. Chance incidences had given him the appreciated chance to meet Viktor, the tsar of his land, and strengthen the relationship. But trust does not always work both ways, and a bad reputation of the fringes can damage more than thoughts.

A historical/fantasy AU based off of Slavic mythology and history. Yuuri is a Vila - an elf-like spirit known for its liveliness… and temporarily malicious nature. Viktor is tsar over Yuuri’s home.

  • Comment: Vasya has struck again with a great fic related to Russian mythology. While his writing style can be hard for me sometimes, the story is great. There are small touches that round out the whole thing — the dogs, the meetings, the premonitions, so on and so forth. The characterizations are wonderfully adapted for this au. It’s complete, so if you’re into fics based off of mythos, this is a great read. 

me, who has seen sv an ungodly number of times now and is starting it all over again: i love lex and clark’s relationship. i love how they’re both so molded by their insanely specific upbringings that they don’t see how strange and surreal their coming together was. i love that their connection is borne of a genuine need to connect with someone who is an outsider trying to fit in, and in the process they validate each other and make the other feel worthwhile. i love that lex sees absolutely no problem in showing his affections with gifts because that is one of the only ways he can express himself. and i love that clark is ride or die for lex regardless of what anyone thinks, that he defends him vehemently and always sees the good in lex. i love that lex tries just a little harder to impress clark. i love that they want to be in each others lives and they fight to be in each others lives. i hope it lasts.

How Scorpio Gets Along With Others.

People you can teach: Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. 

Compatible similar signs: Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Compatible complementary signs: Earth Signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

People you can learn from: Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. 

Once you solve a mystery or uncover the truth, you want to enlighten those who will benefit from this knowledge. The people who need your insight most of all are the air signs. These people understand virtually nothing about feelings or emotions, let alone the unconscious. Because the air signs are elusive and flit about on the surface like Persephone picking flowers, you want to abduct them and take them into your underworld. You want to show them that there is much more to life than what is on the surface. But frankly air signs are terrified of anything deep and meaningful and therefore avoid getting close to you, for they prefer to keep things light and breezy. Because air signs live in their heads, not their hearts, they run a mile whenever you try to get close to them. They’re totally out of their depth. In spite of the fact that air signs are, to your way of thinking, superficial, flighty and elusive, you make an extra effort to connect with them. You want them to reveal themselves to you, but this is unlikely to ever happen. Air and water is the most challenging of all relationship combinations, partly why you find them so alluring. 

When your water sign friends need a shoulder to cry on, they usually turn to you. Although you don’t usually show other signs how vulnerable you are, you’re more likely to open up to your water sign friends than anyone else. You know your secrets are safe here. Cancer and Pisces are sensitive souls, just like you. They are seeking an emotional and spiritual connection, a real soul union. Water signs provide you with emotional support when you need it most, but sometimes it can all get a bit too emotional. For when there is too much water, there is always the risk that someone might drown. Relationships with other Scorpios can be intense to say the least. When two Scorpios get together, neither is willing to relinquish their power; and yet that is exactly what is required for growth to occur. In these powerful encounters, one Scorpio might become an eagle, while the other can regress into a scorpion, secretly undermining the power of the other. But in all Scorpio relationships the potential exists for a creative and transforming union where great achievements and profound insights are possible. 

With the probable exception of Taurus, which is your opposite sign, earth signs are an excellent match for you. Both Virgos and Capricorns accept you for who you are. Scorpio, Virgo and Capricorn are the three most maligned signs of the zodiac, in that all have had negative associations of one kind or another thrust upon them. You understand they have secret depths not many people see. Consequently, you share a real feeling of compassion for each other and a deep mutual understanding. Earth and water combine well because earth is able to contain water and gives it a firm base, while water nurtures and nourishes the earth, making it fertile and rich. Taurus, the other earth sign, is a fixed sign like you, and because it’s your opposite sign this relationship can be highly creative, but it can also be destructive and incredibly painful, because neither of you is willing to compromise. 

People born under the fire signs will constantly challenge you, but if you can learn to trust them, they can teach you more about yourself than you ever thought possible. They can even show you how to reach the heights of the eagle. While you are in touch with the underlying forces that sustain life, you often lost sight of the positive experiences that make life worthwhile. You have trouble accepting things on faith. What they have and you don’t is the ability to bounce back and remain positive no matter what. They assume the best while you usually assume the worst. They always look on the bright side. But they can’t possibly be happy all the time can they? Because you don’t trust easily, you’re often suspicious of fire signs. You might question their motives, but these people are here to help you evolve. 

anonymous asked:

How do you grow a social media presence? My follower count stubbornly refuses to increase

I wish that were something I could teach or explain in one simple message. Definitely something that could be interesting for a future periscope Q&A or essay post later when I have the time to really dive into it. But it truly depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, who your audience is, who you are. Everyone’s different. Social media should be personal. It should be social. I actually hate the idea that you can “teach” someone a “how to” when it comes to followers online. My biggest pieces of advice, off the top of my head that I can compress into easy points for tumblr are:

Have something to say.  Bring something to the universe, whatever it is you have. Try not to sit in a wishy washy middle ground of things. Have an opinion.

Be personal. Talk about your life. Tell people who you are. If you’re someone who wants to be a writer or an activist or even a comedian, you want people to come for the things you have to say but stay for who you are as a person. Good bad and 2 am tweets about the show you’re watching and still thinking about. 

Support other people. @geekdawson wrote a really great twitter thread the other day about how as a generation we exist to support one another. Do that. encourage others. Be a fan of things unabashedly. There is no shame in saying “I like this thing” or “go support this person who I think is cool.” We run into this a lot in TV. Just because you make TV doesn’t mean you can’t be a fangirl for someone else’s show. As a creator, support other creators. Rally loudly behind what you like.

Be patient. Unless you’re a household name for some reason or another, you won’t just suddenly spring up followers over night. Focus more on making your voice and your space worthwhile. Build a foundation before you build the walls. And then – 

Fuck the follower count. The numbers do matter for some things and they’re going to feel like they matter all the time. But at the end of the day, they’re numbers. And I can give you advice on how to make those numbers go up but that’s not the advice I just gave you. The advice above is, in my opinion, the best way to actually get something out of your experience on social media. It’s how to find your people, to make friends, to build relationships, to find new shit, to show others your taste, talk about what’s bugging you. Treat it like a home, a journal, a community, the bar with your friends. And that’s what it will become. The more your social media feels like you’re having a sleepover with your best friends, the better, in my opinion. Whether you’re in the phase of raiding the fridge, watching bad movies, showering each other in compliments, arguing, or getting fake deep after midnight. The rest will follow. 20,000 followers won’t mean anything if they’re shallow numbers. Don’t treat it like followers can be bought or earned or tricked. Don’t treat it like you need to find the key or manipulate people into following you. Just be a person. There’s a huge, huge difference between building a presence and building a follower count. The first is the key. 

on being an asshole's exception

So this guy hates EVERYONE… except for you. He’s a broody, arrogant misanthrope who just can’t stand people… except for you. You alone are the special, interesting, unique person worth his time, attention, and respect. Everyone else, as far as he’s concerned, is a tedious waste of time because they just don’t get it. They don’t get him!

Sure, his general misanthropy is kind of a character flaw, but it makes you feel sort of special that someone who hates everyone actually likes you. And maybe you can work on those rough edges! He’s nice to you, and that’s what matters, right?

Don’t buy into it, Jane Eyre. This kind of person may make you the exception for awhile, but why? Sure, you’re interesting and unique and you have a lot to offer, but so do some of the people he summarily dismisses. What’s the difference between you and them?

When someone is an asshole to literally everyone but you, he’s not an interesting, brooding soul. He’s an asshole. He wants something from you, so he’s willing to bend a little; he doesn’t think it’s worthwhile to show respect or courtesy to anyone he doesn’t want something from. And all that arrogance doesn’t mean he actually has anything to be arrogant about.

Don’t settle for someone with the personality of a rotten fish. You’re not being let into some exclusive club; you’ve just met an asshole who wants something from you. Pay attention to how a potential partner treats people he doesn’t have to be nice to. It’s a pretty important clue to whether he’s fit company for human beings.


Okay, this is a mini rant about YouTube because something is ticking me off hardcore. (Please reblog to spread the word!)

So, as many YouTube viewers, such as myself, have seen within the past couple of months, is that a lot of content creators (more specifically in the gaming and vlogs-ish sections) have started to upload much longer videos/live streams that they’ve done straight to their channel.

And there’s been a lot of hate about it.

But it’s not logical hate, it’s just “you’re inconveniencing me” hate. It’s “Re-upload this now because it’s too long for me” and “why are you re-uploading this if you live streamed it you twat” hate. It’s stupid hate, and it needs to be addressed.

An example of this “longer video” is Markiplier’s video of “Oxygen Not Included”, which is 3-4 hours long. I know that can seem like a long video, but you can do what you want with it.

Personally, I love these sorts of videos because I’m of the group that likes to put on a video while I’m doing other stuff, and not have to mess with it. It’s like background noise, yet I can still enjoy stuff I want to.

But then there’s the “too long” viewers.

They come onto the channel, see the video, see that it’s longer than an hour, and instead of just clicking back out of it, they decide to attack the creator and “make them re-upload it for my convenience”.

If you are one of those people; please leave until you can figure yourself out.

The creator you are watching
A.) Doesn’t have to do what they do. They willingly put videos up on their channel for us to enjoy. Yes, feedback and CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM are wanted, but MEANINGLESS CRITICISM is the opposite. If you want the creator to know that you don’t like the longer videos, then say “hey, I love you and your channel and your content, but I’m not sure how I can deal with longer episodes. Maybe ____?” Instead of shouting useless nonsense at them, hoping that they’ll fix it to your liking.

B.) They do this stuff for you, the viewer. The creator loves what they do, and they do it for you, the viewer. Reason? Because they love you. They love that you love what they love to do (if that makes any sense). If they decide “hey, I’m going to try something new” DO NOT lash out at them angrily. Try to be somewhat considerate (I know that’s hard for a lot of you, but please, do try). A creator will respond to that much quicker than unintelligible screaming.

And if you’re one of those people that are “but I don’t know what to do?”, then hear me out.

1.) Cut the video up into smaller sections. Longer videos can seem like a lot to take in at once, quickly deterring you. But hear me out; all you have to do is say “okay, this is a two hour long video, so I’ll watch 20 minutes of it every day.”, and you’ll be through it a lot quicker than you’d think.

2.) Test it out; that’s what the creator wants. The reason they’re doing this is because they’re experimenting with their channel. Why not join the experimentation? If you like the longer video, great! Give it a like, showing the creator how you feel, and move on with your day. If you don’t? DO NOT go to the comments just to babble on about how a long video “inconvenienced you”. If you’re going to comment about that, make it actually worthwhile to read, and say why you didn’t like it.

3.) Just don’t watch it. I’ve had my fair share of videos that I’ve seen on some of my favorite YouTuber’s channel, like Markiplier, JackSepticEye, or even DanIsNotOnFire and Game Grumps that I just didn’t watch because I wasn’t feeling it. And that’s OK. That’s 1000x better to do than go and scream in the comments about how “bad” it was. Be a decent human being.

If you’re still with me here, thanks for taking your time to read this, I really needed to get it off my chest, and hope you feel the same way about this.

Please, just be a decent human. We’re all in the same boat here, there’s no need to try go out of your way to make something worse.


When Sparks Fly (Poe Dameron x Reader)

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Poe isn’t used to getting jealous.

WARNING: One semi-NSFW part

You had a weakness for strong men. He had an ego that needed to be fueled, so it was no surprise that you were immediately drawn to each other. There were sparks in the air when you met. Literally. Poe had been fumbling around with some damaged wires in his fighter, but became immediately distracted when you walked past. So much so, that he didn’t notice the wires he was attempting to reconnect had begun spewing bright electrical bits to the point that a few shocks of energy landed on his sleeve, causing it to catch fire.

You, on the other hand, hadn’t noticed him upon first passing, as your nose was buried in some intercepted messages that you were trying to decipher, but his surprised yelp quickly caught your attention. A surge of adrenaline helped you think quickly, and soon enough, you’d tackled him to the ground while smothering the small flames with your jacket. It was a bit heartbreaking, losing a part of your wardrobe that you’d only had for a week, but his sheepish smile and cheesy joke made it all worthwhile.  

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I’m perfectly fine with doing this! It was actually a really cool and very unexpected request and I had a lot of fun doing this! I hope you’ll enjoy the mix, my lovely anon!

FEELS LIKE HOME - a disney-based khr fanmix

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