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Hey, I happened upon your blog and saw that you believe that Sherlock is trans. How come? This is the first head cannon I've heard of this and I'm truly curious about your answer. What's your thought process? Thanks!

WOW BOY okay this is my first time actually being asked this question so here we fucking go!?!??! (edit upon actually having typed this all out: HOLY FUCK; read more:)

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Hey :) love love love your blog! I was wondering about the graphics you mentioned.. I would love it if you did a whole post on how to make them, I'm so lost in that area haha.. thanks a million

oh man oh man oh man okay. first, thank you so much for the compliment, it means so much to me that you like my blog, thank you bby <3 and okayyy let’s do this. oh boy. alright anon, i’m not a professional or all that good by any means and there are other amazing graphists that make amazing graphics but i got you, so welcome to-

let’s begin:

okay i use photoshop to edit my graphics but you don’t need to ok??


  • so when you make a graphic, you need to specify your image size.
  • tumblr photos (like the one i have above) has a horizontal length of 500 pixels 
  • so your image should be 500 x a number. the one i have above is 500 x 200 pixels. you can make it 500 x 300, 500 x 700, whatever your heart desires.
  • facebook timeline covers are 815 x 315 pixels, instagram photos are 500 x 500 (but they’ve changed so you can have any size)


  • so anon! i’m assuming you want to make graphics like the ones i’ve made before, right? (bc i dabble in lots of different graphic editing there’s a lot more different types of graphics but i think the one we want rn is like the one above)
  • so you should just start with a solid colored background
    • usually, light, pastel colors look the best. 
    • when you go dark, unless you go navy blue dark or some variant of gray or black, the background usually looks hard to look at and is less pleasing to the eye.
  • so yeah! solid, light colored backgrounds work just fine.
  • but you can hit that up with some Patterns
    • yah so you can add patterns to your background if you wanna spice things up a bit ey (waggles eyebrows)
    • either go black, white, lgiht gray or go home when you do patterns. don’t try and mix up colors for patterns for backgrounds 
      • unless you’re super super sure that your pattern will look ok
    • you can make horizontal lines, vertical lines, diagonal lines, crossed, etc. for your patterns and add them to your background!
    • do not make the patterns too bold or complicated or put too much, because the patterns on your background should be subtle. 
    • so yup, you can do things like i did in the header for this post! gray diagonal dotted lines. 

Text / Fonts

  • so next step is fonts or your text or whatever it is that you want to say in your graphic
  • typography and text is a whole thing in itself and you could write like, two hundred posts about it and not be done, but i’ll try my best to pass on a quick tuto for this
  • so first choose a text color that compliments your background. here this usually involves color coordination, but you can go by a few rules
    • and you can make cool text effects. for example make a few copies of your text and change the color just a shade lighter or change the color just a tad and kinda move the texts behind each other so they diagonally overlap to get a hella cool bg.
    • if you have a light / pastel bg
      • you can either do colors that are right next to what your bg color is (pink and white and orange, red and purple, remember the rainbow: ROY G BIV)
      • go with white. white is always an option. always looks hella good.
      • you can go opposite the color of your bg, so pink and blue, purple and yellow, etc.)
    • if you have a white bg:
      • you can work with any color, really, and it’ll look really nice!
      • go gray or black to get a more clean and crisp look.
        • special tip: to make your text pop but not look tacky, don’t go complete black. go very dark gray or just gray and the color makes a world of difference!
      • if you’re going to work with multiple colors, just remember to follow the color rules and u know what if u don’t know the color rules or just are too lazy just eyeball it
      • (no that’s not what i do with every. single. graphic i make hahaahaa h  aa (laughs nervously))
    • if you have a darker bg:
      • once again use white as ur text color
      • or just super light colors like sakura-color pink or something
  • then you’re going to choose a font
    • fonts are so darned complicated ugh ugh ug H
    • but okay. you can go on google and look up font tutorials to really get into the whole font thing but here’s a super basic rundown on fonts
    • use the basic, common fonts (but not comic sans please or i will poke you in the eyeball om g). here are the basics I use
      • vijaya, times new roman, arial (u can go all caps and get a super aesthetic thing)
    • use uniform, clean fonts (idk what to call these, i should know but wtv)
      • slim joe, big john, basic title font, brain flower, bebas, znikomit
      • whaTEVER idk these are the ones i can think of off the top of my head ok
    • use cool handwritten fonts
      • selima, levibrush, peach sundress, satisfaction
      • you can look on creativemarket in fonts to find more free pretty handwritten fonts
    • use weird but amazing fonts
      • fyi: never go overboard with the more complicated fonts never ever bc it only makes your graphic look yucky 
      • wolf in the city, men in black, franks, easy going stroke, a series of unfortunate events, romangridcaps
    • once again, there are rules to making different fonts and different styles go together, but once again, i say just eyeball it if it gets too complicated. 
    • i usually just slap a handwritten or cool font and add a preinstalled normal font to go w/ it in a smaller sized font

Shapes and Other Things 

  • you can then add different things and shapes to add extra dazzle to your edit
  • just add stuff
  • i don’t really know what to say for these shapes bc um honestly i don’t have a guide for doing this. i usually just randomly do whatever looks good to me.
  • squares, circles, and triangles are super cool though. you can experiment and play around and see what looks good to you.
  • also look on google for images that end with .png because those will have transparent bgs and are easy to use as shapes and stuff

Color Schemes / Palettes

  • i am way too lazy to explain all the color things but in general
    • go either similar or go opposite
    • light shades or colors go with light shades (pastel yellow with pstel orange) or color or light shades go with dark shades (dark dark gray with pastel pink)
    • colors go with colors right next to them on the spectrum (orange and yellow, purple and red, blue and green) or else opposite (red or orange with blue, purple and yellow)
    • and of course, white, gray, or black go with anything!
    • to look for nice color palettes to choose colors that go well together

umm so i don’t know what else to put on here. i’ll add stuff if i remember though. this was a super basic rundown on making a graphic, so sorry about not being able to answer your question more thoroughly, anon!!! 

but please, message me again if you have a more specific question like how i made my header for this post or how i made my minimalist edit, my ‘drink water’ edit, or my iphone wallpapers because i can answer your question if i know what type of graphic you want!!!

happy editing!! xoxo


more of my stuff: 

Sometimes I feel like theme makers have no rights.

Why? Let’s see, theme makers generally have to:

  • answer things in their inbox politely on a regular basis
  • fix bugs on their coding as soon as possible
  • post codes on a regular basis (before people start going into the inbox and demand that they do so)
  • do all of this, as well as juggling whatever commitments they have in real life, such as studying, or having a job, or actually having a life.

In addition, here is a general process that goes behind making a theme:

  1. Plan the theme. Draw inspiration from various places, make sure you’re original enough, or just whack it and sketch something out.
  2. Open the tumblr customiser, and start translating the idea into code.
  3. Fuck something up, then spend ages trying to fix it, only to then break something else and end up having to fix that, too.
  4. Debug the code and add your credits, trying to make sure that people can’t delete them too easily.
  5. Code meta options into the theme and painstakingly design a colour scheme that works, while making sure that your booleans are all properly coded, that your colour options all work, and that common add-ons (music player, updates tab, freehostedscripts, etc) don’t fuck up when you install them.
  6. Make previews. Find appropriate posts of each post type to reblog, look for suitable header/sidebar/background images, photoshop accordingly if needed, test dimensions.
  7. Write feature lists and options, customisation notes, theme documentation, etc.
  8. Post the theme, ensure that your screenshot shows off the best parts of the theme, tag it appropriately, submit it to relevant places, etc.

And yet, many theme makers also have to:

  • deal with things like people removing the credit and other people stealing their coding
  • deal with customisation questions that they don’t want to respond to, or questions about things that have been asked over and over again and are written on the FAQ
  • deal with rude people demanding that their answer their message and/or fix their bug right now, at once, immediately
  • deal with even ruder people telling them off for being rude when the question was on their FAQ or in the theme documentation
  • deal with people demanding that they re-publish ______ theme that has already been revamped/deleted

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Black Tumblr/ Black people. We need to do better man. I love all races and all forms of life and it’s important to realize that every human is an individual, and there are a lot of White/Asian/Hispanic etc. people with good hearts. If you’re one of them reading this, it’s all love. I didn’t write this to promote hatred or cause division.

With that said, it needs to become a known fact that we as black people are the original human race. There’s a lot evidence to support this, and it is an idea which definitely resonates with me. I feel the reason why we are so heavily persecuted and hated across the world is because other races are aware of this and fear our potential.

Understand who you are. Before we were slaves, we occupied the entire planet. There were no other races. Heaven and Earth were one entity, and we were one with our creator. As an extension of ‘himself’, we would directly manifest his will for all creation on Earth. There were highly developed/technological civilizations in ‘Kemet’, now known as ‘Egypt’ (Africa), long before there were ‘cavemen’ in Europe. A lot of what I’m about to say is speculation, but then again, so are all other creation accounts, considering no one around today was alive back then. From what I could piece together from religious & historical texts/allegories/spiritual insight; we collectively manifested exactly what our creator wanted, before we turned against ‘him’ by seeking spiritual knowledge we weren’t supposed to have and learning how to sin (’spiritual knowledge’ represented by the Apple in the bible). Those who had sinned were banished from Kemet/Africa (represented as the Garden of Eden) and moved away from the equator (areas now known as USA, Europe, Asia) and, over time, genetically mutated into the other races we see today (most died off having spent so much time away from their natural habitat sun/climate of Kemet. Those who were able to evolve/adapt to the new colder climate of the other areas survived by growing thicker skin, thinner lips, pineal gland calcified etc, they became what we now know as Caucasian/white). The new white race (Ancient Aryans & Assyrians), had now hated/severed contact with the creator, came back years later to kill/capture the creator’s original people from Kemet & Nubia. Its been documented by Ancient Roman (white) scholars that Blacks back then were ‘wise’, ‘sagacious’ (meaning ‘sage’ like), and more spiritually inclined. They were so physically & tropically adapted to their habitat that they were termed ‘Super- Negroid’; leading others to believe that they did not fight back, as they understood the karmic consequences of sin/killing. They allowed themselves to be killed, then ascended directly into heaven having committed no sin (The Bible says turn the other cheek). These genetically mutated humans then enslaved the women and children of the fallen kings/prophets/teachers, brought them back to the western world and stole their identity along with their knowledge and teachings; later developing the Ancient Greek/ Roman civilizations with this new knowledge/people they had stolen. This brings us to present day… we are the children of the original people, lost and confused with no identity, still serving the new white race/oppressors/ mutations of ourselves. Our spiritual texts have been copied; every single religion in the world is based on the original allegories created by our parents thousands of years ago to teach us spiritual lessons… just edited slightly (‘Horus’, a black man, was the first messiah documented before Jesus and all others). The white oppressors have completely turned against God by developing a system which counteracts nature, killing and destroying eco-systems/animals after terrorizing the planet with war/ nuclear technology. After enslaving lynching, persecuting, killing… They still imprison, shoot, torment the direct descendants of Earth’s original people (Trayvon Martin, Eric Gardner, Sandra Bland etc).

Change begins with self-image and the perception of self. DO NOT allow parents, teachers, other races, to compartmentalize your existence into this idea of slaves picking cotton. You are nature’s original, with an ancestry of 30+ dynasties stretching over 5000 years, ruled by Black kings & queens. To compare, the U.S.has only been around for 200+ years (July 4th, 2015 marked the 239th anniversary of when the original thirteen colonies declared their independence). The history books in schools do not tell the full story, your past has purposely been hidden from you and is much deeper than what is documented in mainstream schools. We as black people are direct descendants of the first civilization…

We’ve fallen off…  ancient empires, historical monuments, social and mathematical sciences, illustrative arts, martial arts, inventions, even the United States of America (via slavery), were established off of the strength and collective life force of our black mothers and fathers. Evidence suggests that Kemet’s black people even developed ‘Chemistry’ (or ‘Kemet-mystery’) thousands of years ago. Yes, your parents developed chemistry. The very same blood, skin & melanin that flowed through them, is in us, but what do we as a generation have to show for ourselves? A couple rappers and basketball players? Fair enough we’re recovering from 200+ years of mental, physical and institutionalized slavery but I still very much feel that we have fallen off, especially when black people struggle to congregate in one area without there being some type of violence. We’ve fallen off a lot, and to me, it’s embarrassing…

Many of us are still slaves!  Truth is, you are not a sovereign being; we all need to labour/earn money to live, and therefore belong to the system. There’s not much that many of us can do to change this, but all of us can liberate our minds.  Unfortunately, the majority of people who are living happily oppressed are mental slaves. The fruits of mental slavery today include self-hate, emasculation of our males, division among our people and more. Harriet Tubman said she ‘freed 1000 slaves, and  could’ve freed 1000 more if they knew they were slaves’ which means, despite being raped, whipped, and forced to pick cotton they still didn’t realize that they were slaves. Let that sink in. This goes to show how powerful a tool mental slavery is, and why your oppressor uses it against you.

The black race is the only collection of people on the planet that doesn’t have their own mainstream religion. I understand the white oppressor robbed our inherent spirituality from us, but on a common-sense level, I rarely see Asian people worshiping a white deity, and I definitely haven’t seen white people worshiping images of a deity who isn’t white, so why are black people so quick to worship images of Cesare Borgia (the Italian pope’s son that most people associate with Jesus - google that). If we’re not worshiping ‘white Jesus’ we’re worshiping celebrities who promote pure ignorance. Your oppressor is now aided by celebrity black ‘coons’/’house niggas’ who are supposed to be setting an example for us; but have chosen to ‘sell out’ on their people and continue to perpetuate destruction and self-hate, in return for the devil’s riches. ‘Get money’,’Twerk’, ‘Fuck bitches’, ‘Kill that nigga’, ‘No Love’; it’s very easy to get caught up in these ideals even for myself, and it’s no wonder why these ideals have permeated our culture, our society, our minds, and collectively our reality. What kind of environment are we creating for our children? We no longer trust and support each other. We lack unity.

What you can do starting today is think about the effect these negative influences are having on your mind, and how they impact you every day.

No one person can fix an entire race on their own, but each of us can affect our two closest friends, with positive and constructive thinking by discussing these issues and elevating our mind-set, spreading knowledge and then taking action. It’s a bit idealistic, but if everyone did this on a small scale, you may eventually reach a whole community/town/city/state/coast/country/race.

Too often parents try to influence us with their slave-driven mentality but they’ve had their time. It’s a new age, arguably we’re more educated, and have greater access to sound information (i.e. at one time it was illegal for black people to read). With the use of social media now pretty much everybody has a voice. Change should start with us. It starts within our homes. We need to stop looking for handouts from the same people who enslaved us and accept that nobody wants us to win. They hate you, if you’re not profiting them in some way your oppressor wants you dead. This system is engineered for you, as a black person, to lose. Remember that. We need to learn to start thinking for ourselves. We need to start thinking militantly, creatively and economically, for our survival.

Promote any positive information which uplifts us as a people. All of that ignorance and self-hate shit needs to be deleted, and we need to start checking people living in ignorance. Try to educate yourself. Question everything. Be skeptical of anything you hear/read, do your research, even this post could have distorted information.

If you get your hands on some money; try not to fuck it all off on designer clothes, or popping bottles at the strip club. Invest in yourself. Take an educational course, start a business, pool your money together and start a youth outreach program, a small-medium sized corner store which can create jobs. If you sell drugs; look to invest in resources that will get you OUT the game, instead of a re-up. These are the things we should be thinking about.

I don’t have all the answers but if you take anything away from this, let it be the fact that our ancestors who died must be ‘rolling in their graves’ watching us piss away our inheritance.

They’re not pleased. It’s time to wake up. Our creator loves you and is with you…

Elijah Kaizen

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Note: This post was intended to make you think & discover your own answers. If anyone would like to debate/discuss/critique anything that I’ve said, or would like to provide additional information; feel free to message me and I’ll try to respond when I can. General comments are welcomed. Thanks

(A table of contents is available. It will be kept updated throughout the series. This series will remain open for additional posts.)

Part Four: Critique Over Long Distances

When you’re part of a class where you can just hand each other the work, or you live close-by, critique isn’t a big deal. You receive the work, you grab a pen or a highlighter that’s a different color than the font, and you write away on that piece of paper. Highlight, underline, cross out, insert, make comments in the margin, put little exclamations next to awesome things you love. When you’re dealing with long-distance critique partners (as I almost exclusively am right now), you have to become more inventive.


The most basic way to put your critique into a piece is basically the equivalent of grabbing another colored pen. As far as I’ve been able to find, Evernote has about the most rudimentary tools for collaborating. Sharing the document isn’t a problem, but the other person needs to have an Evernote account themselves to be able to participate. When the person you’ve shared the document with receives it, their edits become permanent without being able to see they’ve done anything. I suggest you let your critique partner know your preference for how they should work. Changing the color of font and putting comments and changes in that color works on a basic level, and Evernote does have a chat function to facilitate further discussion about the work.

Microsoft Word:

Word is built to allow for preservation of the original work. The Track Changes feature is a dream when working on projects collaboratively, and it’s actually the function we used at the press I worked at (although preferences in houses across the world differ). Turning on Track Changes and making sure it’s set to “All Markup” will allow you to delete, change, add commas and remove extra spaces without changing the original text. In the below image, the red strike through and underlined insertion were done with Track Changes on. It will change the color of the font and format appropriately for you.

Word also has a Comment feature that assigns a new color to each person who comments (usually pulling a name, too, but I don’t have that set up on this computer), making it easy to keep track of who’s saying what. Simply highlight what you want to comment about and click the “New Comment” button on the taskbar, and bam there it is.

If you’re the author, then when you receive it back, you want to make sure that your Track Changes is also set to “All Markup.” If not, you won’t see any of the original, just the changes, and that can be disconcerting and unhelpful! You can choose to accept or reject changes by right-clicking on them. Accepting a Track Change will insert it permanently, making it black text just like the rest. Rejecting a change will remove the change completely, putting the original back. A comment can be removed by right-clicking as well. All of this put together allows for a smooth critique that allows for multiple critique partners, and allows you to make your decisions all in one document with a couple clicks of the mouse instead of typing them in yourself.

Google Docs:

Gdocs are the other option for critiquing that I utilize, which is created with very similar options as Microsoft Word. Of course, this requires you to have a Google account, but it’s free?? That’s nice. As part of the sharing options, Google Docs allows you to choose how much editing you want to allow the person you share it with, so make sure you choose appropriately. There’s also a comment feature like Word that functions the same way: highlight, hit the button and type.

Comments are put in the side margin beside the highlighted part the comment pertains to, just like Word, with a name and the option to “resolve” which will remove the comment if you feel you’ve tended to it. Changes appear in red like Track Changes, and a comment put on the side with a check and an x. To accept a change, you click the check mark; to reject it and keep your original, click the x. It’s all very similar to Word, making the transition to a digital cloudspace for critiquing really easy.

I know there are other platforms out there, but these are my preference. If you haven’t checked out Track Changes in Word, or checked your platform for options like these, make sure you do. Utilizing your writing platform to its full potential and understanding all the features (whether you later use them or not) will help you be a more efficient user. Always check in with your critique partner to see if they have a platform preference and try to be open-minded if it’s something other than what you use. You want this to be as easy for them as possible, but don’t forget you have final say. If you only have access to GDocs, then you better stand up for yourself and say so. There’s no shame in not having a certain technology or needing help figuring one out. Find what works best for you and your partners, and get some nicely formatted feedback.

Next up: More about beta readers!

How To Mobile Rp.

So many people are on the move today that rping mobile is becoming more popular. The problem is not many people know how to do it. This tutorial was inspired by that fact and I may have also seen an anon ask someone else how to do it or if their was a guide and the person couldn’t help them. I also haven’t done anything rp related in awhile (I’m not counting graphics) so I’m helping you and myself. Look how professional I sounded at the beginning, what happened? Anyway omg look at my graphics, jk jk don’t look at them but I like them. Made them myself gotta toot my own horn. toot toot. So anyway, whether you need this or not… you should still read it! Or Like or Reblog. Do whatever, I hope you like it or something. Yup… Moving on up to the east side to a deluxe apartment in the sky. Btw yes this will help you reblog even with Tumblr’s new reblog thing. Its a long tutorial ahead so please be patient and if you neeed any questions answered or clarification, feel free to message me.

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So after another case of ‘manip maker​ has to discover again that their work has been robbed alongside 2.3k notes and counting’, this feels like a good time to talk about please taking a second to look at watermarks before we reblog fanworks because note counts mean jack-shit as to whether something is the OP’s original content or not.

It’s been happening a lot lately in particular because twitter users have started making tumblr blogs specifically to steal posts, edits, manips and fanart directly from twitter - without credit - just so they can gain followers simultaneously across multiple platforms without having to invest any extra thought.

Jokes can be made about having to become numb to theft in order to ‘survive’ online, but it’s a very real possibility that any creator can suddenly just decide they’ve had enough when it becomes one instance of theft too many. No matter what type of fan you are or blog you run, the ‘creative’ aspect of fandom impacts everyone: fic, manips, fanart, edits, music videos and gifs have kept our fandom experience full of the life and vibrancy that it’s always been known for, and a couple of extra seconds is all it takes to preserve it. 

So, a PSA about visual works in particular - if the watermark and the OP URL is exactly/pretty much the same, then go ahead as per usual! But please, if the watermark doesn’t match the OP’s URL:

  • do the obvious thing and just tumblr-search the name in the watermark to reblog directly from the actual source’s blog
  • OR check OP’s blog description/bio because if OP actually is the source but just under a different tumblr pen-name (like a different spelling on a different platform, etc.) they will make it obvious
  • OR check OP’s blog to see if they have the post tagged with something like ‘my art’ or ‘mine’ - if they don’t, it’s probably because it’s not
  • OR check OP’s blog and if there’s just a bunch of uploads all with coincidentally different watermarks, well… I’m sure you can put two-and-two together (and the person who accidentally reblogged it onto your dash would probably appreciate knowing, too).

There’re always other methods of finding true sources (like doing quick reverse-image searches on Google), but if you’re really still unsure about the OP, leave it. I promise that one reblog missed is better than the five steps back taken for every note ‘rewarded’ to something stolen.

vvvileplume  asked:

hey I'm an independent artist and I've wanted to sell my art for a while now. I really admire what you've done for yourself and your art and I wanted to see if I could get some advice. would you suggest selling prints or originals? also I was wondering if you could give me some advice on publicizing artwork.

Um… This ended up ridiculously long but I still have more to share I didn’t get to. Please ask me if there are any other art business questions you have so I can throw more walls of text at you ;)

Thanks so much! I honestly wouldn’t call myself successful yet, but we always have someone better to compare ourselves if we choose to compare ourselves at all… Maybe I should stop doing that.

I remember how long it took me to learn all this stuff (I’ve been in this career for 8 years wtf) and I’m still in the stage where I’m trying really hard to get more exposure as an artist, so I can share some stuff that helped me a lot that I’m still doing. I’m super involved with art in general (my full time job is at an art supply store) so I do different things IRL and online that help.

1. Get involved in your local art community! Make friends!

Artists love to help each other and you can find a lot of opportunities to sell and show work by making friends with people. You can offer to volunteer at a nonprofit gallery show for an easy “in” that makes them really like you for helping out, and the people that go to those shows are often artists and gallery owners and they’ll remember you. I used to be on staff at a nonprofit gallery and made tons of great connections with people… Now that I work at the only art store in town I literally know everyone who uses art supplies at all, and just knowing that many people means I have lots of conversations with people about their work and my work and we swap business cards and become active followers of each other.

This ties into online, because all those people generally have social media and will follow and promote you if you help them out and post their stuff too! This is more Facebook than Tumblr for me since I actually don’t know a lot of people who use Tumblr IRL. Facebook is really helpful because people post calls for art in local artist group pages, so look for and join some of those. Also on Instagram, see if there’s a hashtag for your local art community, visit it and try to connect with the people that use it by following, liking and commenting on their work. They will likely return the favor and you could start a long lasting friendship!

I know I’m speaking out of privilege about the IRL stuff; I specifically moved to Charleston, SC because of the art community here and it’s special to have so many galleries and artists in one place. But everywhere else I lived, the places with just a few galleries meant that it was even more important for artists to try go to those gallery openings and meet people.

People are the backbone of the art world, not the art, I’m sorry to say. This is how people like Damien Hirst become millionaires. You can skip the salesperson aspect of the job if you outsource it by putting work in a gallery- but getting into a gallery also requires an interpersonal connection. Galleries generally don’t accept random submissions if they’ve never met the person, in my experience. So if you live in rural Alaska, it’s going to be pretty hard to get into a gallery- your best bet would actually be in somewhere more like Juneau. I moved to start my career…

2. Get your shit together!
This should be 1 but since 1 is so encompassing they can kinda be done at once… I’m currently guilty of this too because I took my site down to redo it a few weeks ago… And it’s still down, since I need to finish it. It’s super important to have a professional looking portfolio (the URL doesn’t matter, but make sure your site iseasy to navigate and minimalist enough that your work can stand out- don’t make it too fun with colors and patterns and banners, use another site for that. Black and white are perfect) as well as social media pages where your work is represented, at least a Facebook or a tumblr… I have them all. The more accounts you make to share your work that link back to your portfolio site, the more Google will love you ;)

You need to have good, clear pictures of your work- iPhone quality is actually good enough as long as it’s at a straight angle and isn’t blurry and is appropriately cropped. Try to have the highest quality image you can because you don’t want people to misjudge your work from a bad photo. You might want to borrow a camera if you don’t have one- it only takes a few minutes to photograph work if you do it all at once. I usually do it on a cloudy day outside when the light is strong but diffused so my photos turn out really clear.

Once you have good photos, and you’ve cropped them and edited the contrast or white balance or whatever to make them look as close to the real thing as possible, put them in a folder with all the info for it in the title of the image.

Also make a document with all your work listed in the same format, like the one below. Medium is what you used to make it (acrylic), a substrate is the thing you did it on (canvas). This is a standard format that many galleries and museums use.

[Medium] on [Substrate], Size (standard is width x height)

Believe me, doing that and having the document in a folder with all the images in it will save you SO much time!! You will inevitably forget how big something is or when you did it or even the title eventually, believe me, and you need that recorded somewhere you can easily copy and paste it any time you want to put it in a proposal or online as a picture caption. Having your pics together makes it so easy to use print on demand sites because you can just upload, copy and paste, adjust your settings and you’ve got something up for sale.

Also, make a non personal email for your art. Put it on your business card and website. Now people can contact you without stalking you, and you can keep all your inquiries in one place!

Make a business card with your name portfolio and social media links and leave it around local businesses like little bookstores and cafes where bored people are sitting around looking for cool stuff to Google! You can try making it yourself, getting it printed, or go halfway to save on cost by getting one side printed and painting or block printing the other side with an image that represents your work.

3. Originals or Prints?
Definitely try to sell your originals if you can. Art is usually priced by how much you were able to sell a similar piece for in the past… Which means it’s totally arbitrary and defined by your self worth. That makes it tough to price your own work as an artist. I usually come up with a number that accounts for the size, complexity, material cost and the time it took and ask friends if that sounds reasonable… Don’t forget about weight if you’re shipping it, I’ve met losses before by charging too little for shipping heavy work that turned out to be a lot to ship. Also, international shipping is a lot!

I used to have a store on Etsy but I prefer BigCartel because you can edit your own web store and it’s much nicer looking, honestly.

Prints are much easier to sell because they’re going to be cheaper. (I consider handmade prints by printmakers in a seperate tier, closer to originals; here I’m referring to giclee and other factory printing techniques)

There are some options for prints here: you can order a bunch of prints online for yourself from a printshop in bulk, and sell them on your own at a markup (better return, but more work since you ship or sell them yourself) or you can go to a PoD (print on demand) site and upload your work. PoDs host your work as products (some will let you put prints on hats, phone cases, clocks, dildos etc) and let you set the markup you want to recieve, which changes the price accordingly from the base price. Keep in mind there are lots of other products on those sites so you are competing with similar things.

I’m too lazy to get links because I’m typing all this fucking shit, but here are the print on demand sites I currently have work up on:
Redbubble, Zazzle, Society 6, Cafepress

I haven’t had a lot of sales on PoD sites this year because all my work on there is outdated (like, 4-5 years old…) and I haven’t marketed it at all. Still, I occasionally sell posters which are a nice source of regular income without really doing much. If you post links to your products regularly on your social media and website you should see a steady little stream of sales.

I usually price my prints at right around double what I’d pay for a Justin Beiber poster that size. I mean… I guess I consider my art to be twice as good as a picture of the Beibz that some factory spat out a million of.

3. Market your work!
Oh boy this is so much shit that I’ll just make it pretty brief and promise to go in depth in another post if someone asks me to later ;)
Get on all the sites. Just… All of them. All the social media you can, make a profile or page for your art and schedule up posts all of your work and links to your store. Even if you have a portfolio, make a portfolio tumblr that links to your site. Just get out there as much as you can, use a watermark if you have to. Google up other art sites and blogs where you can submit your work- niche sites are great! You’ll get way more exposure as a horse painter from people who like horses if you submit to an art blog dedicated to horses.
Don’t post all your stuff at once on any site! You’ll annoy people with a flood of pics, if they see them at all- you want to give people time to react to one piece before you post another. Try to schedule it out so you post once or twice a day. Obviously you can queue stuff on Tumblr and Facebook; on Instagram I just post around noon and around 5…

Wow that was a lot but I hope this is a good reference for people who are hoping to make art their business!

Please feel free to ask me again if you want me to go more in depth on anything. I’m in wall of text mode.