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So I've been following for a while now and was afraid of asking you but would you like to do (artist?) Grantaire in #61?

Here he is!
hope you like it! thanks for requesting

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1k celebrations!



Wow okay excuse me while I have an emotional breakdown because I literally have NOTHING prepared, ideally I would have loved to organize something awesome to properly give back to y’all but the truth is I reached this milestone while I’m the most busy I’ve been in years probably and I really don’t want to disappoint you all by never tackling the prompts (I mean all I can do is write and I’m a damn slow writer which uhhh doesn’t really work well if you want to please people by writing things for them) BUT this is also the only way I have to do something nice for my followers????????? 

So if y’all don’t mind waiting (AND I MEAN I DON’T KNOW HOW LONG YOU’LL HAVE TO WAIT SO BEAR WITH ME I’M ON MY KNEES HERE) you can send me prompts and I’ll TRY to write as many drabbles as I can but you all have to be super patient with me because as I said not only am I super busy, I also have the shitbang to think about which is gonna be soon and I’m drowning in anxiety so uhh sorry this followers celebration is me being a mess but ?? that’s all I can do now so I hope you understand and please don’t hesitate to send me prompts and don’t get mad at me if I never get to write yours but please understand that sometimes a writer just doesn’t feel a prompt you feel me my dudes/gals/nonbinary people?? 

Okay so!!!

Send me something from these:


  • Please don’t just send me the number, copypaste the prompt sentence THANK YOU. 
  • You must be following me if you send me a prompt!
  • I’ll only be doing OTAYURI for these to make my life slightly easier.

ALTERNATIVELY if you want you can submit something and you can obviously send me nice messages (lbr you can never get enough of those).

THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING and I’ll reblog this a couple of times until this Thursday (August 24th) and then I’ll close my mailbox for a couple of days.

TL;DR: I’ll try to write as many drabbles as I can but I can’t promise when I’ll do it; mbf; only Otayuri soz.

Again, thank you for your support, whether you’re someone I talk to regularly or you’re one of my regular anons or even someone who never interacted with me directly.

i vowed to never do my brows because theyre already dark and thick as shit and like i dont wanna like…..paint over them bc im so proud of how great they are like theyre my legacy BUT i plucked them after not plucking them for awhile and there was just so much fuckin hair that i didnt know where to stop and i ended up overplucking them which made them look scraggly. so i decided to put my pride aside and do them for the first time ever with eyeshadow. idk they look alright like theyre far from perfect bc ive never done this before but idk i look pretty cute!! i might keep doing them like this til my brows look less patchy. stay tuned