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So I’ve been reading time travel fics recently, and I completely fell in love with the idea of young!Victor being thrown into the future and meeting older!Yuuri, but it also made me think.

But what if young!Victor (I’ll call him Vitya from now on) is thrown into a world where Yuuri and Victor have kids already?

For some reason, Vitya wakes up in a big bed in a room he’s never seen before, and he’s really confused but also half convinced he’s still dreaming.

But he can hear the quiet drone of a television from the other room, and he can smell bacon, so he follows his nose.

He knows he’s not in St. Petersburg anymore because the scenery outside looks completely different from what he’s used to, and also, he seems to be in a Japanese styled inn. Perhaps he’s here for a competition? Or maybe Yakov decided to give him a long deserved vacation? He’s always wanted to visit Japan.

As he’s walking down the hall, a door up ahead opens, and a sleepy twenty-year-old walks out, blond hair dishevelled and eyes still droopy with sleep.

The second he sees Vitya, he starts screaming bloody murder.

Vitya jumps back, startled, and the blond guy is still screaming and gesturing wildly and looking as if he’s seen a ghost.

Two seconds later, there’s a loud thump from one of the other rooms, and the sound of a baby crying from somewhere else in the inn.

An angry blond slams open a door and comes out into the hallway.

“The fuck are you screaming for this early in the morning, Kenjirou!?” he asks in English.

The screaming one, Kenjirou, keeps screaming and points at Vitya.

The new blond turns and sees Vitya, and promptly starts screaming as well.

Vitya almost feels amused.

Then, finally, an adult comes running in. He looks to be maybe in his late twenties, with messy black hair and big brown eyes hidden behind a pair of blue-rimmed glasses. He has a baby on one hip and an exasperated expression, as if the screaming is something he’s used to.

The two screaming ones immediately shut up when they see him.

What the hell is going on with you two?” he asks. “I’d only just gotten Katyusha back to sleep and you’ve already woken her!”

The two screaming ones, now quiet, don’t say anything and instead point imperiously at Vitya.

The man turns to look at Vitya, and there’s a moment of shock as his eyes land on the sixteen-year-old, before he groans and breathes out through his nose, raising a hand to rub his temples.

“Victor warned me about this. I thought he was just joking.”

Vitya perks up at hearing his name.

“Kenjirou, take him to the living room - we’ll sort this out there. Yura, go wake up Beka and the others.”

Ten minutes later, Vitya is sitting on a cushion in the living room, in front of a low table surrounded by five other young people. One of the previously screaming ones, Kenjirou, is sitting next to him and is still gaping.

The other previously screaming one, Yura, is sitting across the table from him, now holding the baby (Katyusha) and rocking her slowly back and forth so she doesn’t start crying again.

The three guys that Vitya hadn’t yet met had also started screaming when they’d seen him.

They’re all quiet now.

The group sits in awkward silence for several minutes until the man from before (Katyusha’s father, probably?) calls for Beka to help him bring breakfast to the table. Vitya watches a black-haired guy (probably the next oldest after the guy who seems to be in charge) get up and walk into the kitchen.

Soon, everyone is seated and has food in front of them, and Katyusha is back in her father’s lap and everyone is watching him expectantly.

Vitya listens on in interest as the man (who introduces himself as Yuuri Katsuki-Nikiforov) explains that he, Vitya, has somehow been transported to the future.

A future where he’s married and has a daughter.

He and his supposed future husband, Yuuri, are figure skating coaches, and Yura and the others are their skaters. They have three others, but since it’s currently the off-season, they’re off visiting family.

The inn they’re currently in is owned by Yuuri and Victor, and serves as a boarding house for their skaters.

Victor accepts the explanation pretty easily.

(The other skaters…not so much. There is more screaming.)

More than the time travelling, the thing Vitya finds most unbelievable is that he ends up marrying someone as ordinary and unspectacular as Yuuri.

He doesn’t voice these thoughts, of course. 

(He’s not suicidal after all, and it’s obvious how much the skaters adore their coach.)

But over the course of the three days he’s stuck in the future, Vitya comes to realize how utterly wrong his initial impression was.

And by the time he returns home, he is horrendously jealous of his older self, and impatiently looking forward to the day he gets to meet his Yuuri.


Really long list of prompts for your Grimoire/Book of Shadows

This is my personal list of prompts for things to write about in your Grimoire/BoS/BoM/whatever you call it. Feel free to reblog and add on!

  • Angels
  • Demons
  • Deities
  • Ghosts
  • Poppets/dolls
  • Zodiac signs
  • Celestial bodies
  • Crystals
  • Plants
  • Colors
  • The elements
  • The afterlife
  • Write a page backwards, that you need a mirror to read
  • Write a page with your non-dominant hand
  • Special symbols to you
  • Pendulums
  • Tarot
  • Tea reading
  • Dice reading
  • Scrying
  • Servitors/thoughtforms/tulpas
  • Sigils
  • Animals
  • Seasons
  • Holidays
  • How to summon your spirit after you die
  • Altars
  • Music
  • Art
  • Types of water (e.g. well water, river water, lake water, etc.)
  • Types of rocks (e.g. hagstones, pebbles, fossils, etc.)
  • Crystal shapes
  • General symbolism
  • Symbolism that is personal for you
  • Numerology/number correspondences
  • Trees
  • The fae
  • Your beliefs on what life, the universe, and everything is
  • Knot magick
  • Dreams
  • Make a map (of a real place or an astral place or just a made up place)
  • Familiars
  • Dark magick
  • Death magick
  • Sea/water magick
  • Earth magick
  • Fire magick
  • Air magick
  • Write a letter to your book
  • Staffs/wands
  • Write a page where the words start in the middle and spiral outward
  • Psychic abilities
  • Oils/essences
  • Astral travel/the astral planes
  • Crystal grids
  • Your genealogy
  • Enchanting
  • Cleansing
  • Protection
  • Magickal places
  • Meditation
  • Write a page that rhymes
  • Palmistry
  • Moon cycles
  • Prayer beads
  • Runes

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I had this weird dream where the biggest news was that Kishimoto made NG just to tease SK fans. Why would I dream that

Well, is it really that far off from the reality? I mean, think of it this way…

Anti Extremists After Chapter 700:

“Sarada is definitely Karin’s daughter! I mean just look at the resemblance! Firstly, their glasses look the same. Secondly, can you see how similar their glasses are? Thirdly, they both wear glasses! Sakura’s just their maid!”.

Gaiden Chapter 7:

Antis/SasuKarin fans:

“See! We knew it all along. What have we said since chapter 700? And this is irrefutable evidence, DNA tests don’t lie! And it even said at the end of the chapter that reality is the cruellest of all! So it’s been confirmed now, Sarada is Karin’s daughter! Besides it’s so much better this way; Now Sarada has the potential to unlock the Rinnegan since she has Uchiha/Uzumaki genes (completely false), instead of having Sakura’s useless Haruno genes!”.

Gaiden Chapter 10:

Kishi To The Extremists:

So yeah, Gaiden can definitely be seen as just a very elaborate way for Kishi to give a huge proverbial middle finger to all of the extremists who bothered him and his assistants over an ending they should have seen a mile away.

Ok, another person just reblogged one of my posts saying Wanda didn’t help create Ultron.

Here’s an easy way to tell:

-Wanda gives Tony vision, Tony panics and takes the scepter to protect the team. Later states before then, Ultron was just a dream-

-Wanda DOESNT give Tony vision, he hands the scepter over to Thor, Maximoff twins try to fight Avengers, probably lose, movie is over. Ultron is still a dream-

“But Tony would have made Ultron eventually!” You yell.

Sure, I mean he is Tony Stark. Except, this time the scepter isn’t involved. Which the move literally tells us is what went wrong. And Tony creates Ultron. A program similar to Jarvis, except this time, instead of protecting Tony, this one protects the planet. Of course, this is hypothetical; but look at Vision. Created by just adding destroyed Jarvis’ schematics to what Ultron was doing.

So yeah, it was a team effort. Get off my dick


You were going crazy, you couldn’t explain what was happening to you otherwise. The last think you could remember was a sick guy you had wanted to help but who had attacking you instead.
Then you had woken up under earth and somehow you managed to get out, just the urge of wanting blood keeping you from panicking.

But these urges and all the new sensations made you want scream in agony. It was all too much and you didn’t understand it. You couldn’t even do anything against the guy who had given you blood first and then took you with him into a… hotel.

Others were there too, looking at you, but nobody talked.
Now, after a shower and dressed in new clothes without blood stains and dirt all over, it became clear that you weren’t dreaming.
This was real. You had drunken blood!

“What is happening to me?”, you asked, still in agony, pressing your hands agianst your head.
They guy was looking at you and he seemed sorry for you.

“What is your name?”, he asked calmly and gave you time to answer.
“(y/n). My name is (y/n).”

“Everything will be fine, (y/n). It is a lot to take in right now but I promise you will understand. And you are safe here.” 

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from a writing standpoint i like that justice strauss is like, pretty much a very kind and friendly person, but she still puts her own acting dream above the welfare of the Baudelaire children? like she does this selfish thing and she ignores the warning signs that these kids are not in a good place, at all, because it is easier to do so, because it furthers what she wants to do so. and this is acknowledged by sunny, and she says goodbye to the Baudelaires on good terms, but it’s made very clear that she made a big mistake in her actions that led to the play. 

i really like it when characters have genuinely good and genuinely bad qualities, because that’s how people are. justice strauss doesn’t get an excuse for what she did, but nor does she immediately become an Evil person. she’s a person who was both caring in some ways to the Baudelaires and neglectful in others, the world isn’t split up into good people and death eaters, etc. we all are complicated people who do good and bad things throughout our lives, throughout the day. it’s disappointing how she acted and it should be, because we want to like her for her earlier moments of gentleness and friendship. But people are complicated, and really all we can do to make sense of this complexity is battle our own demons, try to help each other, and recognize when we have done wrong and can do better.


In loving memory of Jim Moriarty. 

I had hope (I know that is stupid), that he will be back in this episode. Like, alive. With “Did you miss me?”, it was possible… Anyway, he’s my favorite character with Sherlock, and I love him so much ! All his scenes are incredible. His apparence in The Final Problem was intense. I’m sad about the truth but, thanks to Gatiss and Moffat for this end.

And, thank you so much Andrew Scott. For what you’ve done with the character. For everything. You made us dream. You’re a f****** great actor and you’ll always be. We Owe You. <3

Taggity Tag

I was tagged via Facebook. Doing this shit on Tumblr instead. Here we go. 

Name: Jenna

Gender: Female

Star sign: Aquarius

Height: 5’9”

Sexual orientation: Hetero, demi

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

Favorite color: Red

Favorite animal: Foxes

Average hours of sleep: Maybe 6?

Cat or dog person: Doggies 

Favorite fictional characters: Tobias and Leila from The Savior’s Champion - because shameless self-plug is shameless. Also because I can’t decide on any actual favorite fictional characters. 

Dream trip: So long as there’s good weather, comfortable conditions, and Cliff, I’m square.

Dream job: Author :) Living the dream!

When this blog was created: About 4 years ago, I think?

When your blog reached its peak: I don’t pay attention to my follow count. I have no idea what it is.

What made you decide to make a tumblr?: I wanted to start a blog so I could promote myself as a writer. My friend recommended tumblr over other platforms due to reach and demographic. 

Fictional character I’d date: This would’ve been easier to answer 15 years ago. I’m just going to go back into my childhood and choose Char from Ella Enchanted so I can make 12 year old Jenna happy. I really can’t remember much about him except that I thought he was a dreamboat. 

How many blogs do I follow: I don’t know, I really only pay attention to 5 or so. 

What do I post about: I answer your writing questions. And do these tags sometimes. 

Last movie I watched: I honestly can’t remember. I never watch movies. 

Last book I read: I don’t want to say, because it sucked, and I don’t want to a) give publicity where it isn’t deserved, or b) shame an author who probably genuinely tried to write a good story. There’s a reason I don’t do booktube; well, many reasons, but one of them is the fact that I just don’t have the disposition for it. I’m not comfortable being anything but honest, but I feel guilty (with a few exceptions*) shitting all over authors when I know firsthand how hard they work.

* Exceptions being authors who copy/plagiarize or who I feel seriously disrespected their audience.

Where would you want to time travel to: Omg nowhere. Are you kidding? I’m female. 

Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: FIA FROM FLAME IN THE WIND BY @skasse 

Rules: put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. no skipping!

1) Tattered and Torn - Slipknot

2) TKO - Le Tigre

3) Head Like a Hole - Nine Inch Nails

4) Affliction - AFI

5) Heartbeats - The Knife

6) Join Me in Death - HIM

7) Let Out the Beast - EXO

8) Damaged People - Depeche Mode

9) Demons - Sleigh Bells

10) I Want You to Want Me - Letters to Cleo

Tagging whoever the hell wants to do this. Also @chriskarlyle because I wanna see his music shuffle :P

it’s just sad that when you dream about your fave characters for the first time:

he cursed at you :’(

if u’re interested abt my dream, keep reading :p

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Name- Dillinger 
Age- Twenty four
Occupation- Chef and owner of A Taco stand and A Taco Food truck, also a new trendy restaurant in New City
Background Notes- When he was ten his mom and dad split and he moved to Old City. His neighbors were Peaches and Tennessee and they became fast friends. He has always known what he’s wanted in life and once his mind is made up there is no stopping him. He is hopelessly in love with Brighton and would do anything in his power to make all her dreams come true. 
Character song- DO it
Inspo board - Dillinger 

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Honey Cake is one of my absolute dream prints, but none of the pieces it was made in will fit me. Do you know of any similar ones? Also, if it's ever a possibility, would it be okay for me to get two skirts and frankenstein them together? Since it's brand I'm a little hesitant about it

What exactly is it about the print that you like? There are a lot of offbrand prints that I can think of that sort of fit the overall aesthetic of  Honey Cake (a lot of sweets and a lot of bears) but nothing I can think of with the exact same theme.
As for taking two pieces and putting them together, that is perfectly okay! If you have a fair amount of experience with sewing and you can afford to buy both pieces I say go for it! So what if it’s brand? You bought them, they belong to you, do whatever you have to in order to make them fit you comfortably and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Other Lolitas have certainly done this like  totodedum on Deviant Art who has done a few brand alterations including this Innocent World reconstruction.

@ceeblathers tagged me in a meme thing so here goes NOTHIN

I. How old?: I can drank

II. Current job?: 2D FX Animator for Copernicus Studios

III. Dream job?: somewhere higher up on the production line in animation!  like… storyboarding… holy shit

IV. What are you talented at?: uhhh drawing?  Animating?? I guess? and I can ALMOST hit the highest note in Phantom of the Opera

V. What is a big goal you are working towards/ have achieved already?: I’M IN THE TELEVISION ANIMATION INDUSTRY BOYEE.  i MADE IT

VI. What’s your aesthetic?: skeletons

VII. Do you collect anything?: I used to collect hats worn by my favorite fictional characters.  Now it’s just reallly obscure trinkets for equally obscure franchises.

VIII. What’s a topic you always bring up in conversations?: /slams fists on table/ lemme tell you about Ghost Rider

IX. What’s a pet peeve of yours?: cell phones in movie theaters is all that’s coming to mind

X. Good advice to give?: SAVE.  SERIOUSLY SAVE.  Everything you earn, try to put 15% or more into savings, right away.  DON’T TOUCH IT ONCE IT’S THERE

XI. Recommend three songs or more: oh God you really don’t want me to do this

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Theme

The Last Guardian Trailer Theme

The Girl in Byakkoya

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Name: a man has no name
Nickname: a man has no nickname
Gender: bloke
Star Sign: no idea 
Height: the height your mcm has
Sexual Orientation: what’s that 
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Favorite Color: it changes tbh
Favorite Animal: all of them
Time Right Now: 21:26
Cat or Dog Person: cats
Favorite Fictional Character: at one time in my life I would’ve said The Doctor in a heartbeat but I’ve watched so many shows since then so idek
Number of Blankets I Sleep With: none? (but one duvet)
Favorite Singer/ Band: loads lmao
Dream Trip: in my dreams
When was your blog created: 5/6 years ago???
When did your blog reach its peak: idek it’s just slowly been gaining momentum
What made you decide to make a tumblr: @nargisra back when I was in college

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Gender: Female

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5′1"

Sexual Orientation: questioning

Hogwarts House: hufflepuff

Favourite Color: purple & red

Favourite Animal: lions & penguins

Average hours of sleep: 5 to 6. I get more on the weekends.

Cat or dog person: dogs. Cats are cute but I prefer dogs.

Favorite fictional characters: Santana Lopez, Robin Scherbatsky, Lorelai Gilmore, Hedwig Robinson, Whizzer Brown….I could go on.

Number of blankets: usually one, sometimes two

Favorite singer/band: Lady Gaga

Dream trip: New York City

Dream job: being on broadway

When was this blog made: January 2013

Number of followers: 2,259

What made you decide to create this blog?: my friends made me one during study hall 

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Name: Jina

Nickname: None really

Gender: Female

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat I think?

Favorite color: I love blue and teal

Favorite Animal: Doggos

Average hours of sleep: Like 10… lol

Favorite Fictional Character: AH THERES SO MANY? Rn I’ll just go with Dana Scully, Daisy Johnson, Allison Dubois

Favorite Singer/Band: Foo Fighters, Bear Hands

Number of blankets I sleep with: 3

Dream Trip: Spain, Belgium, Amsterdam 

Dream Job: Film production!

When this blog was made: Almost exactly 4 years ago

What stuff do I post: Hockey, tv shows, music, whatever i see

Do I get asks regularly: No not really 

Number of followers: 1300

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Name: Lindsay
Nickname: Liz
Gender: girl
Star Sign: Gemini
Height: 5′2″
Sexual Orientation: straight
Hogwarts house: raven claw
Favorite Color: purple
Favorite animal: wolf
Time right now: 6:16 pm
Cat or Dog person: I love both but dogs
Favorite Fictional Character: Merida from Brave
Favorite Singer/Band: Bring Me The Horizon
Dream Trip: Italy to see my relatives
Dream Job: singer 
When was this blog created: Nov. 22, 2016
What made you decide to make a Tumblr: I really like WATIC and I wanted a blog dedicated to 1 band instead of my main (@wintersweatherr) which is all over the place
Why did you pick your URL: because Jordan Eckes
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Name: Alessia
Nickname(s): A^2, the Sultan
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 160cm or 5′3″
Sexual Orientation: I honestly don’t even know
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Favorite Color: Periwinkle blue? It’s pretty and is fun to say haha
Favorite Animal: DOGS, horses, mantis shrimp
Time Right Now: 19:41:02
Average Hours of Sleep: 4 hours
Cat or Dog Person: DOGS
Lucky Number(s): probably 7
Favorite Fictional Characters: Ahhhh Magnus Bane, Levi Ackerman, Roronoa Zoro, Daniel Altan Wing, Yoshioka Futaba, and MANY OTHERS
Dream Tip: Brasil, Korea, Hong Kong
When Was This Blog Created? Probably November? I think. Fairly recently, I guess.
When did your blog reach its peak? I don’t think is has yet haha everyday’s a peak at my level (I’m a pretty small studyblr) 
What made you decide to make a Tumblr? I had one, I left for a while, I got another, I left for a while, and here I am making my comeback (hopefully a permanent one)
How old are you? I will be 16 this year (yes I know I’m a tiny child)
Current job: STUDENT (what a well-paying job)
Dream job: I would loooove to do genetic research as a career
What are you talented at? Not much to be honest haha. Maybe piano, languages, and drawing.
What is a big goal you are working towards? GETTING INTO UNIVERSITY
What’s your aesthetic? I really love pastel colours. Anything simple, honestly.
Do you collect anything? I collect books, fountain pens, shades, and fragrances (so much for simple, I know)
What is a topic you’re always up to talk about? ANIME, BTS, books, and cultures.
What’s a pet peeve of yours? I think people who just don’t try even when they’re given sooo many opportunities. 
Good advice to give? Hmm… Don’t spend more time decorating your bullet journal than you are actually using it to be productive ;)
Recommend three songs:
The Gorillaz- Clint Eastwood
BTS- Baepsae
GOT7- If You Do (my current obsession)
Last thing googled: Millennium development goals (I had a moment of intense curiosity)

Favorite Music Artists: BTS, the Gorillaz, Panic! at the Disco, Depeche Mode, the Cure, Soft Cell, the Pet Shop Boys, GOT7, Twice, Ennio Morricone

Song Stuck in Your Head: Boy Meets Evil by BTS (I listened to it on replay for basically the entire day)
Last Movie Watched: The Godfather Part III (for the 10000th time)
Last TV Show Watched: Does anime count? Yuri!!! On ICE! then
What are you wearing right now?: A light-green, long-sleeved shirt and jeans
What kind of stuff do you post?: BTS and studyblr stuff along with the occasional pink aesthetic post
Do you have any other blogs?: Nope
Do you get asks regularly?: Nope again
Why did you choose your URL: My attempt at being Shadowhunter Trash and aesthetic at the same time
Pokemon team: Team Light apparently
How many blankets do you sleep with?: Too many haha (3 on a modest day)
Following: 130 blogs
I tag: @csec-studyblr, @hello-everyoneee, @trizstudies, @citrusjedi, @helenccho (you don’t have to do it haha don’t worry)

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Nickname: V
Gender: Female
Star sign: Libra
Height: ~5′5″
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Hogwarts House: Slytherin turned Gryffindor
Favourite colors: Purple, Black, Dark Grey, White, Navy Blue
Favourite animals: Panda, Cat, Dog, Hamster
Time right now: 9.28PM
Cat or dog person: Not sure.
Favourite Fictional Characters: Too many to name. There’s an old list here.
Number of blankets I sleep with: One to two
Favourite singer/band: None, it changes.
Dream trip: To travel freely with no worries for at least three months 
Dream job: Interpreter
When was this blog created: 2014
Current number of followers: 5000+ *waves at inactive blogs*
When did your blog reach its peak: I get notes sometimes.
What made you decide to get a tumblr: My old personal Tumblr? I wanted a place to be a collection of pretty photos by others as well as by me. Current Tumblr - this blog? I want a place to be a collection of Martin-love (as well as to have a sort-of Sherlock blog to fight against Mary hate that I witnessed)
Fictional Character I’d date: None. I do want to hang out with some though.
How many blogs do I follow: 43 (might add one or two soon)
Do I get asks regularly: Not really
Aesthetic: This old post still applies, I think.

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Name: jessi

Nickname: jess, jess jess, jessu

Gender: cis girl

Star Sign: sagittarius

Sexual Orientation: asexual

Hogwarts House: hufflepuff i think

Favorite Color: purple and green !!!

Favorite Animal: cat

Average Hours of Sleep: 6-10

Cat or Dog: cat

Favorite Fictional Character: melia antiqua from xenoblade chronicles

Number of blankets: one

Favorite singer or band: tonight alive, savage garden

Dream Trip: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh no idea sdjkfhskfh maybe just. america to see friends lol

Dream Job: nothing

When was this blog created: august 2016

Current number of followers: 117

When did your blog reach its peak: uh idk it hasnt,,

What made you decide to make a tumblr: boredom i guess; ;;; 

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