is was like this scene has to be gifed !


sometimes i forget how much of a dramatic hoe reiji is


Right. We’ll always be together. So, Sho…Find Kan this time.

He’s just like I was back then. Lost. You’re the only one who can stop him. Please find his heart. Kan thinks he’s all alone in the world. He’s crying inside.


What just completely shatters my mind about this episode is that I vividly recall seeing it on first run. It wasn’t just some guest spot that I blinked and missed and totally forgot about until I discovered she had been in it, years later.

I had actual thoughts about this character from the moment she appeared on screen, that immediately came flooding back to me as soon as I put it together that that was Melissa. They weren’t entirely positive, admittedly. I remember being kind of put off by the way they styled her hair and makeup and wardrobe and thinking it it didn’t seem to suit her. But I find it interestingly odd that I should have cared at ALL about this one-scene guest character.

GIFing that one scene, however, made me realize why I couldn’t help being drawn to her face back then. She has this almost subliminal way of managing to insert dozens of little tiny facial expressions, that totally disarm you and melt your heart, into just a few seconds of screen time. Even if you never consciously realize why you feel that way.

And why by the end of the scene, I kind of liked her even though she was intruding on my OTP (of that season) and was essentially the Tobin of that episode.

She just came across so sweet and genuine that she made you kind of wish he had taken her up on the offer to come over to her place and fall asleep watching tv. I may be rewriting my memories here but I think I had that actual thought at the time.

But you know, even though it was brief it still makes me giddy with joy to know that that sad feeling I’ve always had about her - that I never got to know her when she was “Baby Mel”; that I missed decades of her life, wasn’t entirely true. Because she was there in my mind all along.


Has anyone talked about Ivy in this scene yet? Because I think we should 

Like, initially I thought it was weird she was there in the first place but kind of justified it because she’s been with Oswald the whole time so I guess it makes sense? But really, Oswald only needed to bring Freeze with him cause all he wanted to do was make an icicle out of Ed and Ivy doesn’t offer anything to this scene but moody glances. I can’t really wrap my head around why she’s here other than the fact that she is there for Oswald as moral support 90% of the time (they’re such best friends and it’s my favorite thing). And obviously it’s not a ‘lets bring the entire freakshow crew to witness this’ thing because Firefly isn’t there, (but really, where is Firefly? Did she decide she’d done her part and went home??). 

But besides being there for Oswald I think she was more there for herself. From the moment she and Oswald had scenes together and they introduced her perfume I, like most of the fandom, theorized that she would see the relationship between the two men (similar to the whole Selina and Bruce thing ‘are you guys dating?’) and she’d use the perfume to get Ed to confess his real feelings. But that didn’t happen (not that I was all that surprised, this is Gotham after all), but her perfume wasn’t even used after that one episode- but that is an entirely different thing that still bugs me and I’m getting off subject now. 

Ivy and Os bonded because they had the shared experience of being bullied and having bad interactions with other people. So Ivy being here in this moment, watching Oswald stand in front of the man who shot him, and having no fear as he turns the tables and gets his revenge, is huge for her. She’s not only watching Oswald becoming triumphant, she’s seeing that it’s possible for her to stand up to abusers or bullies and win. And I really like that. 


Jo bheji thi dua
Woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa 

Thank You, Amazing Gif Makers

It seems like, as much as the Mythical Beasts are loving and kind and all around a happy safe place, for us all, sometimes we get a little out of shape. And sometimes the gif makers of the fandom suffer. I know there’s always gonna be rude peeps going on anon to ruin someone’s day and I know there’s always someone calling someone out on something they don’t like, either privately or directly. But who’s to say there can’t be someone to cheer things up a bit?

In lieu of this post, regarding the mean anons that gif makers get, let’s take a moment to celebrate our gifers, shall we? Reblog and spread the love!

@feliznavidang thank you for making such lovely gifs. I know you get a lotta hate and I don’t know why. You don’t deserve any. Your gifs are simply so nice that the anon haters are jealous, I suppose. I know they’re mean, but please don’t pay them mind! They don’t speak for the majority of us.

@graveyard-whistler speed! omg the speed! and the variety of moments you gif! If there is a moment I saw in the episode, I can bet a cookie you have gif’d it or are about to. Your tags are awesome. You have such outreach and you really care about your work.

@rhettlinks Your gifs are gorgeous and you pick such interesting moments to gif! They’re so pleasing to look at and the speed is perfect for the coloring too. I think you’re newer to gifing in this fandom? Or at least it was only in the last few months I noticed your gifs all over my dash. Either way, keep up the awesome!

@rhettmcbabe Goodness! Your coloring is so pleasing to look at and your gifsets are so large and all-encompassing. I always look forward to seeing your daily giant gifset of GMM amazingness. Thank you for sharing your lovely art with us! Also IDK how you do those animated emoji thingies as your source links but I adore them.

@chiasquatch some of you may still know them as mythicallove, but chiasquatch is where it’s at now! So many gifs of more than just GMM! Commercial kings, rhett and link kasts, main channel vids.. thank you for your variation! And you have such a lovely tagging system!

@randlerandbelvedere such unique gifs! The moments the others don’t have a chance to gif, you do! I always look forward to seeing the content you produce!

@hasretmythical Goodness gracious, your photoshop skillz are unmatched! From your gifs to your edits/art/whatever those giffy-things I tag ‘art’ are, I can’t wait to see what you have up your creative sleeves next! The things you do are unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. Keep on being fabulous, girl!

@jadeneal There’s something different about the coloring of your gifs and I don’t know what it is, but I love it. I can’t wait to see which moments you gif in the future! You always pick some great ones :D

@goodmythicalmore Such pretty gifs! Your black and white gifs are stunning and your color gifs are beautiful. When you do those slowed-way-down B&W gifs it makes my brain stop working to stare at them for a minute. Keep up the amazing!

@yourmythicalbest Can we preface this by saying I adore your captions- they very often make me laugh aloud- your tags are gold, and I so look forward to your gifs! I love the coloring + speed combo they have, I’m always ready to see more!

@lilablackbird I love the blue tones (are they blue tones? Sorry, I know little about colors lol) in your gifs, and I love how you handle text on your gifs, because I always know who’s speaking.

@mythical-shippings There’s something about your gifs that has a soft quality to it, and I like it very, very much. I’m not sure how to describe it but I always know it when I see it. It’s amazing. ^-^ You make so many unique compilation gifsets too! also RHETT&LINKAST GIFS

@goodmythicalyann you make some awesome gifs too, often times of moments that no one else gifs, and I always love to see them. Keep up the good work!

@goodmythicalmeltdown I know you’re newer to the gifing scene, but hang in there! Your gifs are so pretty and your text is so elegant, and yeah, those people who take the credits off are jerks. Ignore them and keep doing you!

@mclaughlinrhett I don’t see your gifs very often. I’m not sure if it’s due to time zones or what, but I am going to start seeking out the loveliness that is your gifs. Because they are very lovely. Don’t stop!

@rhincoln In contrast to the darker red tones or blue tones in many gifs, the lighter, sort of pastel coloring and overall softer look of your gifs is refreshing! Always adore seeing your gif sets! =]

@the420gal Your gifs are fab and unique, and I know a lot of mythical beasts who thank you profoundly for the chest gifset XD Y’all know the one. Thank you bunches for being awesome!

@mythical-rhink It’s very rare, but every once in a blue moon, you make a gif or two, Isra. And we love to see them!

@tragica it seems like you can do everything! Like legit EVERYTHING OMG and you mail has been on a GMMore which is !! ?? amazing!  Gifs are one of your many talents and we love you for ‘em, girl! Keep on making ‘em!

@rhinkster I love your gifs! They’re as stellar as you (which is very, by the way). Appreciate your contributions to the fandom bunches here! Keep on being awesome!

@ianhecoxhasabowlhaircut you don’t just make gifs for the mythical beast fandom, but your gifs are stunning and colored very well! I’m always happy when you decide to gif our mythical dads. :D

If I didn’t mention you, I apologize. Feel free to reblog and add yourselves! There are so many wonderful people in this fandom that sometimes even I have trouble keeping track- and I make it my mission to keep track of this stuff! :p

You guys make this fandom 1000% better and I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for being you.
Are you getting hate? Feeling down? Maybe your gifs don’t get the attention you’d like? Hit me up. I’m your new #1 fan. I love all of you guys so much. Keep rockin’. <3


Malec Appreciation Fortnight

Day 5

What you love most about their first kiss

Yep, i’ve changed my fortnight style, but only for one day (or not).

I love Alexander has made right decision. I was hoping it would be his choise, otherwise this scene wouldn’t be so perfect (i’m lying, it would be perfect anyway). And that moment when Alec pulled away and Magnus folowed his lips, like he was afraid and then Alexander kissed hin again. Also, i saw a video without music and damn it was so hot, I heard their breath…deep breath. 

Guess what I just watched?
“He’s a crazy smeg who eats schlanger!” - The Dag, MM:FR

Someone (I don’t remember who, sorry; my brain is a pit of fail) called this the ‘only moment of homophobia in the film’. And, well, I was watching it again and I had some Thoughts. Bear with me.

1. We should definitely interrogate instances of this kind of language in our media.

2. It’s possible this instance of homophobia can be explained in universe.

2a. One possible explanation is that the Dag, being a victim of repeated sexual assault, views all sexual interactions with men as inherently degrading.

2b. She might well have heard bits of this from the guards at the Vault, from other Wives, or even from the Immortan himself.

2c. This might be compounded if - as many of us have read/headcanoned - she is not heteronormative.

3. To what extent this explanation is just a fangirl mopping up a mess (as so often happens with our media, see: all of HP ever), or whether there is any basis in 'fact’, is in the eye of the beholder and/or George Miller’s brain.

(Unrelated, but Capable first reaches out in sympathy to Nux when he’s self-harming, which is something she has experience with before vis-a-vis Angharad. So Nux takes over the role of Angharad in Capable’s life, in as much as she needs to nurture someone.)

(More unrelated: when Dag says “I thought you weren’t insane anymore”, it implies that she’s seen his insanity up close and personal like. Where is the deleted scene? Where is the fic? Also also Dag’s Maradonna costuming on the bike gives me Ideas about her kid, like omg.)

(Has anyone GIFed People Eater saying “Bollocks”? Cos I feel that would be applicable to a lot of my life.)

(Watching the final road chase, and can I just say that the vehicular ballet going on here is a feast for the eyes. It really is gorgeous. I’m in love with the War Rig.)

TBL Mako Tanida: post-episode feels

I already posted this over at Lizzington shippers on facebook, but I decided to leave the thought here as well…

Thanks to a post by the wonderful Jazillia007, I finally figured out what bothered me about the last episode. It’s the writing, or better the writer. I loved Anslo Garrick pt.1 and was therefore delighted that Carnahan had done a second script for The Blacklist with this episode. However, if you have the chance to compare both pieces of his work for TBL, one thing becomes obvious. He can’t write female characters or more precisely, he doesn’t care about them. He reduces their role/screen time (like Liz’s in Anslo and Tanida) in favor of male friendship/bonding time or uses them as plot device by killing them off (Audrey, Luli) and increasing by that the man pain for the male portagonists of the ep (Red, Ressler). His writing and plot are brilliant in other regards. Don’t get me started on the ocean monolgue, now the darkness line. But still, here we have a pattern in both eps. That’s why there weren’t any real Lizzington scenes/vibes…