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sometimes i forget how much of a dramatic hoe reiji is

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Okay do i love Jonerys but do you think people would notice the chemistry if they didnt know about the leaks?

I absolutely believe they would, anon!!!

Look, I can’t speak for other people but I’ve loved this ship for YEARS without any leaks. Without even being a part of the fandom online.

I have already argued extensively here and here recently that Jon and Dany will be a good couple based on chemistry and compatibility. None of this has anything to do with plot leaks at all. I’ve thought they would work together based on their personalities and past experiences, and I think they were both very in-character for this episode. So there are a lot of things contributing to them working well on screen that have nothing to do with people already knowing the outcome going into it!

But just looking at the scenes themselves, yes! They had chemistry that was immediately noticeable. 

When they first meet, I’m talking the first few seconds, I think they have instant chemistry. When Dany speaks first and just says something nice about appreciating Jon making the journey and hoping it was a good trip, we get that cute ass little smile from Jon. 

She calls him “My Lord” and still this is his initial, instinctive reaction. To smile and let that go and still call her, “Your Grace” and thank her. From the outset, he likes her. (I’m not saying romantically yet of course.) But he is happy that she’s being kind and friendly and she is probably someone younger and prettier than he was expecting haha.

Of course moving forward things start to get heated, but even so I felt chemistry in their frustration. I mean, this camera shot was clearly meant to show a significant moment, the intensity of Dany being drawn to get up from the throne and speak to him face-to-face. 

Just like Jon himself tried to approach the throne right before that speak to her more closely but was threatened by the dothraki. 

And we get the stairs scene. My god, bless the stairs scene.

They are both changing their opinions about one another in an obvious way during this scene. When Dany mentions that they both have two brothers who have died, Jon’s look of sad understanding immediately softens the tensions between them and starts to put them on common footing. 

I also really love the moment when Dany says, “we all enjoy what we’re good at,” and Jon says, “I don’t.” (I gifed it here because I am obsessed :P) The look she gave him in that moment showed me that she was very interested and impressed, and she’s starting to see him as a person who has been through a lot, just like she has. A person who is trying to do right by his people, just like she has–and not because he likes it or wants credit, but because he feels obligated to do what’s right. She obviously respects that.

But my favorite moment comes when she agrees to let Jon mine dragonglass when he clearly wasn’t expecting her to give him one of his demands already. He is so visibly and obviously grateful and I think it’s a big step in the right direction for them :). (I gifed that, too. Again, obsessed lol).

I can even see chemistry in their arguing and anger, anon. How many times have we seen heated arguments turn into passionate makeouts on TV and in movies? It’s a pretty frequent thing. And I could see some serious frustration that I personally found hot when they were arguing in this scene. (Again, here’s a visual reference because I have no life :D)

I think the most obvious signs of chemistry come at the end of their interaction for this episode, though. Here we get Jon about to leave Dany to go and mine the glass. But he seems … a little indecisive for a man that hates this woman as much as the antis claim. He seems pretty torn, to me. Like he doesn’t want to leave her side. Again, I’m not so shippy that I think he is into her yet. But I think he definitely has a higher opinion of her than he did five minutes prior and he wants to get to know her better.

Okay I know these look similar but these are THREE SEPARATE INSTANCES OF JON SNOW STARING WISTFULLY AT DANY AND LINGERING/TURNING BACK BEFORE HE FINALLY FREAKING WALKS AWAY FROM HER. I mean??? That’s chemistry. I’m sorry but it is. He is so drawn to her already it’s insane. This song was playing in my head the entire time hahaha.

And Dany during this scene? She is staring determinedly forward, forcing herself not to look back and to appear aloof but you know deep down girl was dying under the scrutiny of Jon Freaking Snow. And how do you know? Oh, maybe by the fact that she also gave him the lingering stare treatment.

Not to mention that during this scene we get to hear the first bit of a musical theme that appears to be specific to Jon and Dany (here.) Having their own theme in itself suggests a relationship being built, but the sad, romantic sound of the music adds to the tone of the scene as well and helps the audience to see what’s happening here.

Like … this ship has sailed. These two are definitely curious about one another and I can’t wait to see where it goes. I think chemistry is an understatement tbh. I love it so much :’)

Anyway anon, I hope this is the answer you were looking for. I am happy to be a dissenting voice among the people loudly insisting that their meeting was just Dany being rude and Jon shutting her down. Because it was really something else entirely. 

We are so blessed :’)


Right. We’ll always be together. So, Sho…Find Kan this time.

He’s just like I was back then. Lost. You’re the only one who can stop him. Please find his heart. Kan thinks he’s all alone in the world. He’s crying inside.

Alexandra Daddario Gifs

In this pack you will find 091 HQ GIFS of Alexandra Daddario as Kate in The Layover. I’ve just realized @tessrps has finished gifing her in the entire movie, but I figured I’d share what I have since I already made them. There won’t be a second part of this pack.

All of the gifs were made by me for roleplaying purposes. Feel free to use them as sidebars, reaction gifs or include them in your gif hunts, but don’t forget to give credit!

DO NOT repost them or edit in any way.

A like or reblog is always appreciated! ♥

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has anyone gifed the scene with eddie screaming “DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME” yet because I could really use that gif in my daily life and would highly appreciate having it on hand

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Can i ask why you gif a lot more Robert over Aaron?

honestly.. a few reasons

  • I much prefer Ryan’s face to Danny’s lmao so I enjoy gifing him more
  • I feel like Robert has some of the best facial expressions which are always fun to gif.
  • Since I started doing gifs from the episodes Aaron hasn’t been in very many scenes
  • & literally so many people gif Aaron whereas I don’t feel as many gif Robert so I’ve decided that’s become my job ;) 

What just completely shatters my mind about this episode is that I vividly recall seeing it on first run. It wasn’t just some guest spot that I blinked and missed and totally forgot about until I discovered she had been in it, years later.

I had actual thoughts about this character from the moment she appeared on screen, that immediately came flooding back to me as soon as I put it together that that was Melissa. They weren’t entirely positive, admittedly. I remember being kind of put off by the way they styled her hair and makeup and wardrobe and thinking it it didn’t seem to suit her. But I find it interestingly odd that I should have cared at ALL about this one-scene guest character.

GIFing that one scene, however, made me realize why I couldn’t help being drawn to her face back then. She has this almost subliminal way of managing to insert dozens of little tiny facial expressions, that totally disarm you and melt your heart, into just a few seconds of screen time. Even if you never consciously realize why you feel that way.

And why by the end of the scene, I kind of liked her even though she was intruding on my OTP (of that season) and was essentially the Tobin of that episode.

She just came across so sweet and genuine that she made you kind of wish he had taken her up on the offer to come over to her place and fall asleep watching tv. I may be rewriting my memories here but I think I had that actual thought at the time.

But you know, even though it was brief it still makes me giddy with joy to know that that sad feeling I’ve always had about her - that I never got to know her when she was “Baby Mel”; that I missed decades of her life, wasn’t entirely true. Because she was there in my mind all along.


Jo bheji thi dua
Woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa