is very shy

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oh okay for that YOI character thing i feel like you might be phichit??? like originally i was thinking christophe but then i changed my mind bc ur honestly so cute and sweet and soft but also one of those people who will YELL IN CAPS WHEN U R EXCITED. for me, i would think maybe minami or yuuri bc i have traits from both of them and i get get very excitable but also shy and quiet it just depends (p.s. i want to befriend u but i dnt know how ?? D:)

things that i love abt this

  1. that u first thought i was christophe im gonna cry am i that much of a sinner
  2. that i was described “cute and sweet and soft” aaaaaAAAAAAA

but aaaAAAA who can be as pure as phichit i yell dshkfjhdfa thank u!! i only wish i had his selfie skills smh @ myself


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OMG!!!! Tell us about hazel pleasssseeeeeeee!

I needed to whip out some notes for this…

Hazel is the youngest of the group, 17 years old and the sister of Damien. Both of them are witches that specialize in magic that effects life and death. They found out that was the type of magic they could do when Damien “solidified” Paul’s soul after he died, and he’s like an adopted brother to them.

An accident caused by Hazel when she was young resulted their parents deaths, caused her hair to grow back white afterwards. 

She’s very shy, but charming and well liked by everyone, and totally in love with Charlie. They were both best friends as kids and they just naturally grew to love eachother and she was the one who revived him when he and his twin sister were killed.

Her best friends besides Charlie are his twin Sammy who is a real extrovert and Bláithín, who is quite similar to Hazel in personality.

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Sex life with Henry Mills would involve?

Sex life with Henry Mills would involve…

  • Henry being very shy when it came to anything sexual.
  • At first, he would be very hesitant.
  • Over time, he would grow very comfortable with you.
  • He would always take things slow and careful.
  • “Is this ok Y/N?”
  • “Can I do this Y/N?”
  • He would always make sure you felt comfortable and still happy.
  • Surprisingly, Henry would learn how to please your body like no one else would.
  • His touch would be magical, it would always linger over your skin and you’d want more and more.
  • Henry would kiss you EVERYWHERE!
  • You’d be giggly, he’d laugh at you.
  • Compliments would be of abundance.
  • Sex would be very relaxing and stress free, you two would find yourself’s laughing often.
  • You would always cuddle and have deep conversations after.

My oldest oc still in use is Ventura. I noticed that a lot of my ocs were pretty much the same person, so Ventura was my attempt at something unique. He’s a seraph satyr, meaning that he has six fluffy white legs and goat goat legs. He’s a sweet little nervous bean that cares about every little creature and he’s very shy but will be a total mom.

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You asked what you are and what I am as a character from YOI. Well, I don't know you that well (I'd love to change that, but yeah, I'm very shy), so my guess will be kind of wrong, ok? I saw that other opinion about you being pichit and that's actually pretty accurate. I am not following you for so long, but just when I visit your blog right now, there are so many fanarts and pictures of the characters. It kinda reminds me of the way pichit posts everything that concerns his friends.

I just had to do a second ask, there were too many words. For me, I am a bit of many characters. I see myself certainly as Yuuri, because of his insecurity. And with that Fangirl-thing he has for victor… I can relate to him, too. I’m not sportive but I am the best girl in class. I just can relate to victors “depression”. But I’m not as happy as Victor and I don’t forget things that easy and I think Im not the same kind of dork he is. And then there is Yuri. He’s just so much like me.            

I’m sorry for writing so much! But i just really wanted to finish it. About Yuri I wanted to say, that i am the same kind of rebellious and everything. I just can relate so much with him. The difference between him and me is just that I have this depression like Victor and this insecurity Iike Yuuri. Well now sorry for bothering you with so much stuff about me. Just one last question: What do you consider yourself as? (Is this even correct English?)        

aaaaaa im not pure enough to be phichit and the only reason i have this bloge in the first place is bc i hold so much love for ota/yuri and yoi itself that i cant keep it contained in my main blog HAHAHA so yes i’ll post anything n everything abt them here no shame BUT THANK U BEING COMPARED TO PHICHIT IS A BLESSING

tho best thing abt viktor, yuuri and yuri is that theyre all so relatable??? so its easy to find connections between urself and the characters c’: i’m definitely with u on ur point on yuuri and his insecurities although not so much with viktor and yuri lmao

i got no idea who i would be tho!! maybe leo bc it’s a popular headcanon that he’s trash for musicals and that is so me lmao

Princess looking for CG❣️

Name: Princess Grey 💮
Role: Little / Switch
Age: 18
Little age: 8🙊
Pronouns/Gender: She/Her
Preferred role of partner: Daddy / Mommy Or Switch 😊
Preferred gender of partner: honestly doesn’t matter ❣️
Mono or Poly: Definitely Mono , I don’t like sharing 😝
General area you live in: New Jersey
Appearance : Ask for pic (I’ll gladly send)
Interests/hobby’s: Big me : Literature,Art,Exploring new Cultures,Military ,Poetry .
Little me : Disney movies✨ playing dress up , going to museums/parks/aquariums, Cuddles❣️Making my significant other happy 💕
Other info: I am honestly very easy going , I am very shy at first and a bit awkward but it just takes me a bit to open up 🙈. I am open to anything BUT I do want something serious ❣️
Ways to contact you:
Kik - Stormynightss ⛈
Tumblr - Lvstprincessx ☃️


My only regrets are the moments when i doubted myself and took the safe route. Life is too short to waste time being unhappy.

Why the signs are problematic

Aries : oblivious to the obvious

Taurus : too hard on themselves

Gemini : quickly switch from cheerful irritable

Cancer: extremely stubborn

Leo : will fight you

Virgo: P R O C R A S T I N A T O R

Libra : do not handle criticism well

Scorpio : can be not considerate of others

Sagittarius : overly blunt

Capricorn : can’t admit to being wrong

Aquarius: can’t express feeling properly

Pisces : very shy


ARIES: friendly & easy-going/dislikes most people 

TAURUS: serious, down to earth/a crazy dreamer 

GEMINI: very fun & open minded/secretive, has a lot to hide 

CANCER: easily damaged, distressed/a strong personality hard to break 

LEO: self-absorbed/has a huge heart full of love 

VIRGO: innocent & useless/very intelligent, secretly ruling the situation 

LIBRA: calm, balanced/emotionally unstable 

SCORPIO: arrogant/insecure, self-doubting 

SAGITTARIUS: cool & confident/ really awkward 

CAPRICORN: cold hearted/sensitive & deeply feeling 

AQUARIUS: relaxed, phlegmatic/ very shy 

PISCES: weak & sensible/dangerously vindictive

BANGTAN reacting to you playing with their hair.

Hi! Can you do a BTS reaction where the boys react to you playing with their hair?


Would ask what you were doing, but doesn’t tell you to stop though.

“Y/n? What are you doing?”

“Can’t you feel what I’m doing?”

“Okay, just don’t ruin my hair”

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Wouldn’t even mind or notice, I think, because he likes it. Even when you would stop he’d tell you to continue, except for when he fell asleep.

“No y/n, where are you going?”

“To grab a drink. Why? Do you want something?”

You ain’t going no where.” *pulls you back*

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He would be very very flustered and shy, but he will definetly find it so so cute.

“Omg, y/n stop.”

“Do you really want me to stop?”

*shyly shakes his head* “No.” *would smile the rest of the time*

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Rap Monster:

He’d be okay with it, but shy. Eventually he’ll fall asleep and mutter sweet words about you.

“Joonie? I’m going to get a drink do you want anything?”

“No, please continue for five minutes. I love you, jagi.”

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He would already be asleep when you wake up and start playing with his hair. When you accidently woke him up, he blushed and rested his hand on yours, and talk to you with a raspy voice.

“I love you y/n, you know that right?”

“ Myeah, I know. I love you too.”

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He would giggle so much when he woke up and would want to do the same thing to you, so you let him but he definetly fuck up your hair.



“Stop it, right now!”

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This boy would enjoy it so fucking much he wouldn’t want you to stop. While watching anime when you had to go to the bathroom he stopped you.

“But I need to pee, Kookie.”

“Just go later.”

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harry shum jr appreciation meme: [1/3] favorite dancing videos ◆ if you are in a shell…
this is harry. as a boy, harry was very, very shy. some people might have even said that he was painfully shy, as if his shyness caused them pain and not the other way around.