is u really his father

Assumption #5

Okay so there is definitely that pairing story, (and i’m sure Jin will be linked to everyone)

Then the girl in I need U ain’t his mother, it’s actually her sister, he helped his sister that’s why “I’m sorry sister”

Once again there’s several hints that make us think of Namjoon, the graffiti scene and the arrest in the beginning, and the phone cabin from Run Japanese vers.

When we see him getting all beaten up, I believe that he took the place of his sister in I need U.

He ends up in prison but not really for killing his father, I think it waas just because of the graffiti thingy ? Since it wasn’t the first time (the first times must have been with Namjoon) But then when he is in prison he kind of loses his mind and see his sister (and his father in the back ?)

Also I believe the little dog in the end represents happiness, but then the cage goes down on him, remembering him that he is in prison, then the dog leaves, remembering him that in prison there’s no happiness 

Okay this is messy but yeah I watched it only once lol

Also I’m sad to not understand korean because it must be so important

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