is u really his father

When a show has so much Gay Potential its even possible to ship the Dads.

This was not a prompt but I somehow got dragged into lowkey shipping Fp and Fred so I needed to doodle some young Fredsythe. Fredhead. What’s their shipname?????

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"Letting someone see you that vulnerable, it's a scary thing."

                                  DEEP ASS STARTERS.

        —- ❁  ;;    the petite girl was sitting on the corner of her bed, dark blue eyes filled with tears, as her gaze travelled everywhere but to him.   It  was  past  midnight,  and he had considered her  to  be asleep but when he heard the quite sobbing coming from the room, he knew it was something that he couldnt leave unnoticed. It was another nightmare, one of those that haunted the young girl all those nights and didnt seem to let her go. It didnt matter that she was  freed  by the horrors of the war, it didnt matter that she was   s a f e   now. She still wasnt safe from the memories of her expierences, wasnt safe from the moment of adris death that her mind liked to replay so very often when she was unable to distract herself.

                          And now she was sitting there, crying and sobbing in front of somebody. Something that she could have  never  imagined  just a few months ago.  After all, every  little glimpse  of  emotion shining through was something that could have ended deadly.   The petite body was  turned  away from his slender figure, her fingers clenching together into a tight fist, while she tried to   c o n t r o l   h e r s e l f.

                           When his soft voice broke through the silence, she could feel herself twitch slightly. Not because she didnt want to hear what he said, but because it was so unsual to hear somebody talk so caring to somebody who was crying. The dark haired head was turned slowly, and she allowed her tear filled eyes to travel up his appearance until their eyes met each other.       For a while, she would stay quite, trying to swallow down the tears- without success of course. Instead they would only roll down her full cheeks, causing the tanned skin to redden itself slightly. She knew it was scary, it was FRIGHTENING, and yet she felt incredible secure that it was him seeing her in this vunerable state.    All those therapists she was supposed to go to before never have gotten this much of her- in fact, nobody has ever got this much of her. She was a maverick and she didnt have a problem with that, after all she never associated herself belonging somewhere. Being alone was a curse she had burdened up on herself, something that made her strong during the days of war, but made her miserable afterwards.

                            Oh Mita !     Her deep voice finally called out, toned arms wrapping themselves around him, as her sobs became more uncontrolled and heavier than before. Her face was burried in his chest, and her slender fingers couldnt grip his back any tighter.  L i f e   was horrible, she hated  it. She didnt understand  why  she kept clenching onto it so badly all those years. Maybe it would have been easier, if  death had freed her  before she turned out to be such a broken individual. But here she was now, face burried into the chest of the other and  tears not ebbing.  Even though there was nothing that gave her a reason to stay alive,  even though she had lost that  one person  that was important to her…


what’s wrong with a little chaos?