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Wait - you're from MN? Can you give any recommendations for a lfs? D; I don't care how far I have to drive but I could really use help finding a good one!

I’ve heard great things about Twin Cities Reptile, but their fish selection is not exactly extensive, and they stock/breed spider balls if that’s a dealbreaker for you.

According to their site, their aquatic section is “Fire belly toads, xeno underwater clawed frogs,dwarf underwater frogs, paddletail newts, firebelly newts, and axolotls.We also do carry hermit crabs, vampire, fiddler, thai red, and patriot crabs.” But I know they have also stocked domestic bettas, someone on here bought a domestic from them.

Betta World is the store of the transshipper for Minnesota, so they always have tons of import bettas. They have some other fish too afaik.

As far as chains go, the Minnetonka Petco seems to consistently have the best husbandry of the ones I’ve been to, but it’s still a chain store and a lot of people, including myself, are uncomfortable with purchasing livestock from chains.

As a side note, I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with buying domestic bettas, specifically, from chains, though. They’re all kept in pretty much the same conditions as breeder domestics, the only real differences is a) some have deformities that make them poor choices for breeding and b) they do not meet the breeder’s standards or wouldn’t sell for much at auction. Or, it could even just be c) the fish are good quality and lack deformities, but they didn’t sell and now they’re taking up space in the fish room that is needed for incoming spawns. Not that I particularly think domestics should really continue to be bred anyways but

I’ve heard of some other ones but none I remember the names of. I would NOT recommend Sea Level in Hopkins, their husbandry is atrocious and worse than a chain. A wide selection of fish, but tanks are filthy and frequently have dead fish and their supply selection is basically nothing. Most of the tanks are completely empty, less decor/enrichment than a Petco. They may have a ton of good reviews, but I’ve heard they pay people to leave fake good reviews and I certainly disagree heavily with them.

Anyone in MN have suggestions?

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What are your five most popular works? (starting with the most kudos)

1. Never Turn Your Back to the Sea: Sherlock, M, S/J, 40k.
Baker Street is very much the same. Only different. And Sherlock is just trying not to drown.
Post-S4 fix-it fic written for @thetimemoves as part of the Fandom Trumps Hate charity auction. Sherlock comes to terms with all that has happened, and John finally comes home.

2. Inscrutable to the Last: Sherlock, M, S/J, 49k.
He wasn’t Sherlock, he couldn’t work miracles. All he’d ever been able to do was write about them.
An alternate Reichenbach-reunion that turns the canon events of S3 into a novel that John has been writing to cope with Sherlock’s death. Mary finds it and isn’t terribly pleased with the way she’s been characterized.

3. Incidents with Dogs, Curious and Otherwise: Sherlock, T, S/J, 6.8k
Rosie, it seems, is quite taken with dogs. So is Sherlock. John cannot help but notice.
Post-S4 fic written for @khorazir as part of the Holmestice exchange. John comes to some realizations about Sherlock, and finally does something about it.

4. Prince with a Thousand Enemies: Sherlock, M, S/J, 21k.
There’s a rabbit in the nursery. John isn’t getting any texts.
John finds a rabbit in a hutch on his front steps. This surprising gift triggers a series of realizations about Mary, Sherlock, and his own feelings.

5. Out There: Sherlock, T, S/J, 131k.
FBI Special Agent John Watson, medical doctor and army veteran, is assigned to assist eccentric genius Sherlock Holmes with paranormal investigations on the X-Files project.
A fusion with the X-Files that tries to maintain the feel of episodic television– the chapters are set up like individual cases with an overarching story line. By far the longest thing I’ve ever written!

What are your five least popular works?

My five least popular are all X-Files fics. I’m not terribly surprised– prior to joining the Sherlock fandom a few years back my most widely read story was The Tourists, which was posted in a few different places and which I think is hovering around 100 kudos or slightly more on AO3. To say I’ve been blown away by the reaction to my Sherlock fics would be an understatement. :)

1. Cataplexy: X-Files, G, Gen, 1.7k.
“You almost looked yourself sometimes, there in the woods.”
There’s not much of an audience for a gen post-episode vignette following a minor character from the XF pilot. But I’m really fond of this one.

2. Rabbit: X-Files, G, Gen, 155.
155 words. Scully reflects on her childhood pet.

3. Nothing Wicked: X-Files, G, Gen, 1.5k.
“Somehow I doubt that the late, great Hepcat Helm would put his stamp of approval on such an establishment.”
Another little post-episode vignette, this one set after the S3 episode “Humbug.”

4. Somewhere North of Fiji: X-Files, T, Gen, 2.6K.
“We’ve seen it! What? Why that Mermaid! The mischief you have! Where? What is it? It’s twin sister to the deucedest looking thing imaginable–half fish, half flesh; and ‘taken by and large,’ the most odd of all oddities earth or sea has ever produced.” - The New York Sun, August 5, 1842
Mulder and Scully investigate and come up against a feejee mermaid.

5. Perfect Day for a Ballgame: X-Files, M, Gen, 1.6k. Post-Apocalypse/Post-Colonization.
“In a year that has been so improbable, the impossible has happened.” - Vin Scully, October 15, 1988
Oh, I love this one. It’s short and angsty, with implied major character death (it’s ambiguous–nothing is shown for sure.) Mulder, presumably one of the few survivors of an alien invasion, listens to a solitary voice on the radio, a woman calling the plays to an imaginary baseball game.


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Hawke is scared of worms?

When she was on one of her outings with the twins they went fishing and Carver being shit at most things got a fish hook /with/ a worm on it.. stuck in hawke & she had to chill with that worm for like 2 hours while Carver ran for dad & shes pretty sure it was trying to eat her TLDR.. she hates worms & carver