is tumblrfamous

Hey Tumblr fam, I need some help

I created this anti-hangover popsicle, have tested the crap out of it, and yes it works amazing. My friends love it, but I’m struggling with sales. Just being honest here. 

Anyway, if you get a chance please check out our website I would love your feedback.

And for all my tumblr fam we are offering the popsicle that will literally end your hangovers with $5 off your order using the code “TUMBLRFAM” at checkout (This means you can try a sample for just $1!!!).  

The popsicle contains coconut water, electrolytes, and nutrients to protect your liver and help your body metabolize alcohol faster preventing a hangover. Also if you’re interested we are looking for some bomb affiliates. You will get your own code and % of every sale.

Here’s my tribute for Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary!  I’ve been teasing this for a few weeks now and I’m happy to share this piece with you all after 30+ hours of work!  

You can pick up my first ever print for sale over at my RedBubble store! :)

Lastly, you can watch how I created the piece at my YouTube channel in the form of a speed painting.  Take a look at it to watch this organized chaos come to life!

Train on, Tumblrfam!

-Pokefan Bonny