is tumblr messing with your mind

“Ah, what a mess I’ve made…”

“Your house? It looks pretty spotless to me.”

“No, I was talking about my mind.”

—  What A Disaster…

the world is dying
i’m sitting here crying
you’re over there trying
and we’re both just a mess

my hands start to shake
your mind starts to race
we think about our hearts
but it’s all gone to waste

and the tear marks on my cheeks
the words we don’t speak
the fact that you’re facing me
is something i can’t handle

and as we sit on opposite sides
thinking about life
what’s the matter with crying
if the rest of us are dying

1. Your mother is always right. Always.
2. Names shatter easily. I held on to some so tightly they were crushed in my hand. If it hurts to hold, let it go.
3. There are some people who won’t understand.
4. You probably won’t understand.
5. It’s okay to sit silently and drink coffee and simply exist for a little while. It’s okay. It’s okay.
6. Repeat the words I am okay until it feels like your tongue built the phrase itself
7. Repeat it until you are actually okay.
8. Pain can paint the most beautiful art you’ve ever spun from your fingertips -but this does not make the pain worth clinging to.
9. Highlighter can make you feel like a glowing queen. Use often.
10. Sometimes survival looks like giving up people and places and things you thought you’d carry with you til the day you died. But it doesn’t matter what anyone else sees.
11. Cut your hair off if you want to. It doesn’t matter who likes it.
12. Allow the future to be flexible.
13. The people who want to remain in your life will. Don’t blame them; see #12.
14. You’re gonna be okay.
15. Growth, by its nature, means you are not the same person you were before. Let that mess go when it’s time.
16. Growth requires grace.
17. Your space is sacred. Protect your heart and mind and body.
18. 19 will come. Just breathe.
—  Bethany Ann Warner, 18 Things 18 Taught Me

Sansa was the pretty one. He remembered a time when he had thought that Lord Eddard Stark might marry him to Sansa and claim him for a son, but that had only been a child’s fancy.

(Requested by Anonymous)

You love her.

By which I mean;
You have a space in your heart for her.
Amidst all the mess and noise you make space for her.
A space in your mind, and make time for that consideration of her.

I mean that you think of her,
the way you think of your heartbeat, the blood in your veins or your breath.

By which I mean it is constant but not intrusive.

You are aware of your love for her as a line drawn under all else, running through all other things.
As the base line for you to find yourself by.

This is how you love her.

—  By which I mean. You love her like you would die from not doing so. // h.p.
a little washette thing for the 7sins au


- they are the mind behind the 7sins au
- mari ur a blessing please keep drawing
- sorry if i messed up your otp i used part of your Laf’s route
- I think you’ll be spared if Tumblr doesn’t tag u in this lolol since I have like -23 followers on this blog

[so washington tried to write a letter the night he met laf]

“to you,

i am writing this with the coming of dawn. you are fast asleep on the bed besides me. that’s about all that’s keeping me grounded and sane.

i was fortunate to meet you in the prime of my time, my love.

i find myself desperate to relive this day. its entirety.

to see you again, in the midst of the drunken crowds, yellow flowers tucked in between the buttons of your shirt. i thought you were an angel, before realizing that i was the one coming from heaven. why you were equally feverish to come up to me, i still wonder to this very second.

to hold you again, behind the expand of these green woods, the lights of your town’s spring festival folding and unfolding behind us.

but time will cut through us like glass. they’ll come for me before the sky lightens up. somehow i am sure of that.

i do not know what they will do to me. throw me to hell, i suppose. rip my wings off. obliterate my soul. i see no reason why i am not shaking as i write.

but nothing aches me deeply than what you said after i explained everything to you.

‘then i’ll follow you.’ you said. ‘to heaven or to hell.’

it is engrained within me the look you had in your eyes. It’s the way a person who could not swim would look at the ocean.

listen to me.
i beg you.

do not come for me.
do not go through with whatever is spinning into solidarity in your head.
i am not enough for you to ruin yourself.

i have all these memories of us. i’ll remember. i promise you.

you are the last person i held this spring.

g. washington.”

[of course laf never had the chance to read this lmao i’m guessing the ppl coming for washington burnt it]


[so lafayette tried out journaling after he met washington as a mortal]

“june starts today.

i knew they took him before i opened my eyes.
before i heard the birds were croaking outside and before i could pick up my clothes from the floor.

i can still smell him on me. like pine trees and ink.


adrienne came to see me.

‘why do you look like you’re in mourning?’ she said, her hair braided with the those same yellow flowers from the fields.

‘i was too clumsy.’

‘I’m sorry?“

‘i lost something, adrienne.’

she takes a good look at me.

’…judging by how you are, this “thing” certainly must have had a piece of your soul embedded in it.’

she was joking, but i felt sick to my stomach.

it’s going to rain before it’s going to get hotter. there’s dragonflies circling outside my window, around and around. at night they’ll be replaced with fireflies. it’ll look beautiful, if i can bribe the children with enough candy so they won’t come hurrying with their glass jars. i’ll feel the most relief in their lights. it’s what i believe heaven will look like. so i’ll feel a step closer to him, i guess.


after everything, i just really hope fingerprints will last a long time. not on glass or paper. on skin. i don’t wish to know the exact numbers or dates, but all i know is that he held my hand so firmly, it probably left a mark on my bones.


they’ve arrested the beggars near the market.
i heard their children screaming their throats raw.

i gave them these lemon tarts that i made. they crawled into my lap, begging for hugs and affection.

adrienne stopped visiting. actually, all of the virtues stopped.

the stolen money is rotting in my drawers.


i try to sit down and reason with myself.

then i remember your eyes and your mouth and your voice saying my name like something’s trying to take you away and i just can’t i’m so so sorry god


blood has a smell that sticks.

it’s useless trying to scrub it off.

if i just close my eyes, i can imagine the stars. instead of the faces.


i love you.


they’ll execute me tomorrow, then.

it’s decided.

god, it feels so cold in this cell.
i think i better get used to it.

i’ve done awful things.
i beg the lord to forgive me.

i’ve followed my promise.
i beg of you to forgive me.

may we meet again.


This is the third time I’ve tried posting this today 😔 I was tagged by the adorable @qushqween !💞 I’ve been such a mess lately, I’m so thankful for being able to smoke ugh. I don’t really have anybody in mind to tag so, if you see this take a hit and tag me in your vids or whatever 😄

I hope you trust me
even when it’ll seem
that I’m going insane,
even when it’ll seem
that I’m going astray,
even when it’ll seem
that I messed up my routes
I’m puzzling, I’m crazy,
I’m tricky and crystal clear
and I’m definitely out of mind,
out of any mind,
far from any conventional path,
totally and utterly crazy
and yet I’m a conformist.
You’ll never know
how many aces I’ve got to play.
But there’s a key to unlock
the doors I close.
The only key you can use.
I told you so many times.
The solution in your hands.

tumblr veteran gothic
  • you have witnessed great catastrophes over the years, such as superwholock, dashcon, tumblr prom, and sonic for real justice. each one, you thought “oh, this has to be the worst of them.” you were always wrong. there will always be something worse
  • you used to be on countless networks pertaining to your interests. years passed, and you never contributed like you used to. wait, where did that link in my description go? was it even there in the first place?
  • you tended to your blog theme like an old woman tends to her garden. you had an about, an archive, and even links to your other social media. now, it is only optica. you can’t even remember why you changed from optica anyways. like they always say, “if it aint broke, dont fix it”
  • you had a tag for every single thing in your early days. a tag for your fandoms, photography, your personal posts, and even an entire tag dedicated to dogs. now, all of your posts jumble together in a writhing mess. as soon as you type something into your tag bar, a list that would take centuries to read flashes before your unfeeling eyes. they are all commenting on a specific post you can’t remember. you dont know if you want to remember.
  • you remember dashcon. with its spontaneous crowdfund and small crowd. you remember scrolling down your dashboard to see the fabled post “attention all dashcon attendees, someone has pissed in the ballpit and posted it in the tag. do not go in the ballpit”. you realize that your room is on fire. your house is on fire. everything is on fire because you are in hell.
  • you watch, your aging hands trembling on the keyboard, people fighting over a ridiculous topic. you chuckle dryly. no one here remembers sonic for real justice. you decide not to expose them to the truth. the truth is too ugly. everything you’ve ever known is obsolete.
  • years of april fools “pranks” fly through your mind. you remember the worst. you remember the mishapocalypse. you scream until your throat is hoarse, but god does not answer. he lives in heaven for he too, fears what a mess he has created.

@lifeofapottedplant says:

I hope you don’t mind if I keep using your buffy dudes as reference til I learn to draw them right xD

are you kidding me, not only do i not mind… i encourage it hehehehe

also, dont worry Xadar, i got your back ;D

in other news….. is there any easy way to reply to replies on this site??? i feel like every time i figure out a way to do it… tumblr goes and messes it up again……

SasuSaku Festival 2017
Day 03- Her Intimates
: Her Uchiha Butt
Summary: It’s date night for the Uchiha couple,  and he’s surprised to see her dressed in nothing but his shirt and panties when he arrives at their cottage. She looks incredibly good like that, but there’s a problem hovering over her lower cheeks. What is that symbol doing there?
A/N: Okay, this idea came up after I saw a fan art on tumblr, and I just couldn’t stop thinking about that! It’s supposed to be a funny, cute one, and I’m quite happy with the way it turned out! I hope you like it as much as I did! Enjoy the story, and please, tell me your opinion!
The moment he enters their rented cottage, Uchiha Sasuke already knows she hasn’t forgotten his promise.

All the lights are on, save for the ones from the kitchen. The sight of an empty table, ridden of that mess of medical scrolls and empty cups of coffee, tells him that his wife’s mind is anywhere but stuck in work on this warm, summer night. The atmosphere inside the cottage is light, as the soothing air of the Hidden Mist fills his lungs and moistens his dark hair. It is, indeed, the perfect night for a romantic date. And thanks to such perfect conditions, he knows there is no way he will be able to escape Uchiha Sakura’s plans.

For as much as he hates to admit, the original idea of going out tonight came from his own, grumpy lips. Lately, she has been exhausting herself more than she usually does, and for he has also been busy with his own meetings, Sasuke didn’t have the chance to press her stop button at least once or twice a week. They are both busy with their own personal missions, and it has been long since the last time they have spent some quality couple time alone.

And if he were to be honest with himself, he misses that time as much as she does.

He also wants to spend some time with his pink haired Uchiha, but he doesn’t want to leave the cottage for that. Not after spending 4 hours inside an office with the Mizukage, listening to her harsh words and insecurities regarding her future.

Sasuke just wants to lay down and sleep, as every worn out adult should want after arriving home.

But he can’t cancel his plans with his wife. Not when she seems to be so excited about it.

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hello! i know the randl tumblr fandom is a quaint environment and doesn’t really delve into many issues, but i’ve something on my mind for a while now and i’d really love to share it w yall and get your opinions on it.

that being said, let’s talk about myth*nt and the lack of diversity within it!

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anonymous asked:

tumblr mobile is messing up and I can't go through your tags so can I ask what your favorite yoonmin fics are? (Kinda like the ones every jikook shipper should read but for yoonmin?)

yea sure !! it’s actually weird that i havent done a yoonmin must-reads list after all this time..
- the 100-day love challenge | ringa linga by jeosheo
- the sweetest lie by aborescent
- out of your arms (i’m out of my mind) by loveisnotover
trying to behave (but you know that we never learned how) by christmasyoongi
- experto crede by error401
- if you wanna get the job (you better know who’s the boss) by sungmin
어둠 속을 밝혀줘 by jeonggukkie
give me the rundown by gangbang
ten things i love about you by jonghyunslisterine
- out of my system by xxdevilishxx
where the heart is by 10cm
up all night (to get my luck) by cyphers
you wish i was yours (and i hope that you’re mine) by awsuga
when you’re in love all the lines get blurred by jflawless
give me more by staygame
- two bowls of jajangmyeon | side dishes by elemir
- i’ll give you the sun by inkingbrushes
- tattooed heart by miniimin
- i’m glad you’re my first (first for everything) by heukhaneul
- i don’t even know you by k506rl
- speed it up so we can slow it down by kingenjolras
- do you like your drafts rough? by melecs
- cocoa puffs by madigraye
didn’t sign up for this by reinvents

kittenteeths  asked:

The boys reaction to their s/o suddenly bringing in puppies or kittens into the house pls

Edd: Edd’s fine with it, as long as the other animals get along with Ringo he doesn’t really mind. New additions to the family, he’s excited to learn their personalities and incorporate them into his everyday life/comics/animations/art/tumblr post ect. He loves to feel close to his friends and animals, keeping them in his mind at all times

Matt: Matt’s nervous about it at first, because of his allergies, the fur that gets everywhere, the messes they could make and the possibility of them ruining his many little treasures, but if they happen to be allergy free and you promise cross your heart that’d you make sure to clean after them and not let them destroy his things he’s joyed to have some little cute minions running around! He’d love to help with naming and keeping them groomed and lookin’ good

Tom: Tom simply shrugs it off, having a little comment about how he doesn’t care as long as they don’t bother him, but secretly he’s overjoyed with the cute little buddies you brought in. He’d act as if he doesn’t care about them and pushes them off to the side around your presents but as soon as he thinks he’s alone with them he’s all over them, playing with them and cooing at them. He’d also love to help name them, his names consist of; little shit, asshole, harpoon, vodka, cake, checkers, and others along the lines of those.

Tord: Hm, Tord really doesn’t care about them. Sure they are cute he suppose, but eh just little mess makers and distractions. As long as their fully you’re responsibility and not more important to you over him, he’s fine with them. If they do happen to make a mess of some of his things or say he stepped in a mess they’ve made on the floor he’ll be very up set at you. Maybe once in a while you’ll find him giving them a little pet, feeding them if you’ve forgotten too or lazily playing with them, such as tossing a toy for them.

Tell her how much she means to you. Tell her everything that comes to mind when you see her.
Tell her all the little things you notice about her that she doesn’t even notice herself.
Tell her that when you’re with her, everything is clear but your mind has never been a crazier mess.
Tell her that you’re grateful that she pushes you to be the person you never thought you would be.
If you’re trying to keep her, tell her that.

[Text: (on the journal it says fried instead of friend. I made a mistake. Lol)
Hello old friend it’s me. You know who I am. I like to fill your mind with doubt and mess with your head. You can try and block me out but I always come back to play. No matter what you do a part of me stays.]

An excerpt from my art/poetry journal.

Wait For It

Once you try,
You’ll probably
Need twice as
Much next time
To catch the same
High, in love and
Drugs; even the
Legal kind.

He loved you
Once. You can
Make him love
You again. Or
Try to at least
And probably
Break yourself
Into a million
Pieces in the
Process of
Making a bigger
Mess than you
Started with.

Your morning
Coffee no longer
Holds your tired
Eyelids open?
Make it stronger
Then; Caffeine
Helps the adult
Mind function
When it is abused
And exhausted.

A shot of liquor
No longer eases
Your mind? Have
The bartender
Double it next
Time. After all,
You’re hurting
Now and will pay
The price when
Your head hurts
In the morning’s
Bright light.

We are drawn to
The quick solutions
For the problems
We created, even
If they destroy us
Like moths to a
Flame because
We can’t stand
To wait for what
We need.

anonymous asked:

I'm scared to go to pride - I went for the first time last year and it was by myself. Everyone that was there was with someone else and I just felt really lonely and i don't really know anyone that I could go with. Everyone always talks about pride like this great unifying experience but I just didn't get that and I feel so nervous thinking about going again

I totally understand where you are coming from!! I went to Tokyo Pride last weekend by myself and it was my first time! I felt weird and uncomfortable at first and eventually I just approached a large group of people that looked like they were having fun and told them it was my first pride and I was alone and asked if they would mind if I just tagged along and they were totally cool with it! So I got to enjoy pride even if it was with people I didn’t know!

I know that may seem really hard or awkward, but people are usually a lot nicer than you expect! It took me about 30 minutes to actually approach them because I’m an anxious mess but it really worked out! Maybe you can try something like that or trying to find people in your area through apps/tumblr that are going that may want to hook up and hang out with you for awhile!

I almost didn’t go because I didn’t want to be by myself but I ended up having such a unexpectedly good time with people I didn’t know so I think you should give it a try!!

-Mom Em