is tumblr messing with your mind

“Ah, what a mess I’ve made…”

“Your house? It looks pretty spotless to me.”

“No, I was talking about my mind.”

—  What A Disaster…

the world is dying
i’m sitting here crying
you’re over there trying
and we’re both just a mess

my hands start to shake
your mind starts to race
we think about our hearts
but it’s all gone to waste

and the tear marks on my cheeks
the words we don’t speak
the fact that you’re facing me
is something i can’t handle

and as we sit on opposite sides
thinking about life
what’s the matter with crying
if the rest of us are dying


Sansa was the pretty one. He remembered a time when he had thought that Lord Eddard Stark might marry him to Sansa and claim him for a son, but that had only been a child’s fancy.

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Is the Omega Stiles due for an update? Love your blog by the way! xx

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Stitched Up by SophieTrancy (1/1 | 5,953 | NC17)

Stiles Stilinski was very happy, working for the C.A.O. He was damn good at his job and he loved every second of it. But, maybe it was just his luck, he got shot. He got shot was found himself under house arrest for a whole month. But hey, this is Stiles. After one of the strongest heats of his life and long 14 days with nothing to do, he decided to leave his apartment.

Derek Hale had been trying to put himself back together, after the fire. After years of not being able to shift back into his human form, Derek decided it was time to search for his mate. The mate he had to abbandon because of the loss of his pack. Derek still had a long way to go, to try and go back to being that same happy, joyful person he used to be and, maybe he never did go back to that, but at least he’d try. For Stiles. To be the Alpha he had never had the chance to be for his Omega.

But bumping into the boy in a restaurant in New York wasn’t how Derek had planned to break him the news. Stiles had never known they were mates, growing up and leaving Beacon Hills without ever finding one. But, suddenly, there Derek was. And Stiles had no fucking clue what was going on.

Survival of the Species by Lissadiane (1/1 | 19,370 | NC17)

“I think I’m dying.” Nothing makes sense – and now Derek has left him.

“No, Mr. Stilinski,” Deaton says grimly, rooting around in his special cupboard of herbs and remedies. “I’m afraid not. You’re merely suffering from a biological imperative to bear your alpha’s children and strengthen the pack.”

Stiles considers that for a moment, as best he can with his mind a hazy mess, and then he says quietly, “I think that might be worse.”

“So, so much worse,” Scott agrees.
In which Derek’s pack is apparently stable enough to begin planning for the future, and somehow, the universe has decided Stiles is the perfect candidate to bear his alpha’s children.

Confidence by DarkAlpha67 (1/1 | 3,855 | PG13)

“How are you still single?”

“My confidence scares weak men.”

“That’s— Alright, that makes sense.”


My first tumblr fic

Desperate Measures by SylvieW (8/8 | 25,196 | R)

Alone and away from his pack on an international business trip, Derek finds company in a local omega. He didn’t realize that Stiles’ desperation–and the outdated laws of his country–would turn their one night stand into so much more.

Salmagundi by inatshej (3/3 | 10,054 | NC17)

Stiles’ life is not just a mess anymore, it’s a fucking salmagundi. Derek flirting with Kate, Stiles’ heat, the confusing bite – none of it makes sense jumbled together.

Trained by Mittymitty (1/1 | 4,489 | R)

Polish omega, Stiles Stilinski, stays with Talia Hale and her pack while his father goes away on business.
During his stay, the Hales learn what life looks like through a traditional omega’s eyes.
While the others are uncomfortable with Stiles’ traditional mannerisms, Derek is all too comfortable to embrace and enable them, if that’s what Stiles needs.

And I hope that all your dreams come true. I hope they finally make a sequel to The Other Guys and that you make it to the Shire one day. I hope you land that dream job you’ve worked so hard for and that you find the perfect girl along the way, one that is every bit as good as you. A girl that adores your dimples and won’t mind you sleeping in until 1 every weekend. I hope she laughs when you mess up your words but always remembers to tell you how sweet it is too. And I hope that she appreciates you for everything you are and will be. Most of all, I hope that you are beyond happy and if you are sad I hope that you can pull yourself out of it. I hope this and so much more for you.
—  You deserve it all. You deserve the world.
1. Your mother is always right. Always.
2. Names shatter easily. I held on to some so tightly they were crushed in my hand. If it hurts to hold, let it go.
3. There are some people who won’t understand.
4. You probably won’t understand.
5. It’s okay to sit silently and drink coffee and simply exist for a little while. It’s okay. It’s okay.
6. Repeat the words I am okay until it feels like your tongue built the phrase itself
7. Repeat it until you are actually okay.
8. Pain can paint the most beautiful art you’ve ever spun from your fingertips -but this does not make the pain worth clinging to.
9. Highlighter can make you feel like a glowing queen. Use often.
10. Sometimes survival looks like giving up people and places and things you thought you’d carry with you til the day you died. But it doesn’t matter what anyone else sees.
11. Cut your hair off if you want to. It doesn’t matter who likes it.
12. Allow the future to be flexible.
13. The people who want to remain in your life will. Don’t blame them; see #12.
14. You’re gonna be okay.
15. Growth, by its nature, means you are not the same person you were before. Let that mess go when it’s time.
16. Growth requires grace.
17. Your space is sacred. Protect your heart and mind and body.
18. 19 will come. Just breathe.
—  Bethany Ann Warner, 18 Things 18 Taught Me
How to Stop Procrastinating: ENTP Style


1. Balance your work and fun time PROPERLY

It’s funny because in a schedule of work and fun time, it’s always the fun time bit people mess up. You see, when people actually sit down and work, it’s very high intensity work in which they get a lot done. But then they feel mentally exhausted and need a rest, and that is where they mess up.

What they indulge in is something called low density fun, in order to give their minds a break. These are things like surfing the net, randomly scrolling through Tumblr, watching pointless videos on Youtube, etc. Basically something that isn’t much fun at all. And because it only gives their brains a small amount of fun, they’ll continue doing it for the rest of the day to rewind from the hard work they were doing before. And bam, the entire day wasted with only a tiny bit of work completed.

So the way to stop this is simple, replace the low density fun with high density fun. High density fun includes going to the mall, hanging out with friends, reading a book, playing a video game you really like, going to the gym, park, movies, etc. You get the picture? High density fun is what you find REAL fun, not mindlessly passing hours on the internet.

So in order to stay productive throughout the day, after finishing a portion of your work for that day, do NOT log onto Tumblr and start scrolling aimlessly. Because you won’t get enough fun from just that and will have to continue for hours in order to feel somewhat fulfilled from such low density fun. Instead meet up with your friends, go out or read/watch something that you’ll really enjoy. You’ll find that after resting properly with something you really enjoy, you’ll feel way more recharged to tackle the other work you have to do.

But by all means, if you’ve finished your work for the day, low density fun is a great way to unravel. Just keep in mind that that once you start scrolling aimlessly or clicking random youtube videos, you’re probably not going to stop. However, if you’ve gotten all your work done for the day, that doesn’t matter!

Hopefully that made a little sense. If you want to learn more though, I recommend checking out this video:

2. Work in a public environment e.g. a library, coffee shop, park, etc

Basically, just try to avoid isolating yourself in your room the entire day studying. If you’re an extrovert, seriously, go to a library or coffee shop with other people in it and study. Trust me, even if you’re not talking to anybody, you’ll feel so much more energised just being around other people.

And if you’re an introvert, that’s no excuse for you not to get out of your bedroom. Isolation is great but hauling up in your bedroom cramming for hours is not. Go outside and get some fresh air for a change. Your garden or even a park has such a peaceful and relaxing environment to get work done.

Even study sessions with friends are great since it makes studying fun and interesting which is the aim here. You have a desk in your bedroom for a reason but it is okay to leave it when desired and study in more cheerful places.

3. Competition

For the first few weeks of this term, I barely did any studying. My tests are still quite a while away and so normally I would have procrastinated and started studying closer to the time. Yet since last week, I’ve managed about 1-4 hours of studying everyday.

Last week was also when I downloaded this app called Forest:

Now although Forest costs money to download, it was 100% worth it since it’s EXTREMELY helpful. 3 dollars is about the price of a hot chocolate, so don’t just disregard it because it costs a little money. I’m not saying this app will work for everyone but I’m saying there’s a chance it might work for you. Yet you’ll never know if you won’t try it.

So anyway, after downloading the app I did some studying but not much. What really motivated me was when my highly competitive friend downloaded the app too. Suddenly I was up until 12am, studying and studying. I would think I had beaten her before checking my phone to see that in reality she beaten me. The competition made us extremely motivated to work longer but also made things entertaining as well.

This made me realise how competition really does work miracles depending on the person and if the competition is done with the right people. Even if Forest doesn’t work well for you, that shouldn’t stop you from making studying competitive. Challenge the smartest person you know to get higher marks then you on a test. Challenge your friends to see who does the most hours of studying when they get home. Once again, it depends on your nature and the natures of the people you challenge but if done correctly, competition can make even studying tons of fun.

“I loved you. I might not have been very good at it, mind you, and I messed up a lot, but my heart was yours. I just pray that got through to you somewhere.”

–the only prayer left

Heart breaker

He’s charismatic. All the bad guys are. He makes every girl he ever meets feel special. He winks, he talks you up, he leans in real close. His smile can make you lose your breath. He tells you you’re perfect. He messes with your mind. Flirting comes as easy as breathing to him. God. I really loved him. Not like the other girls who blush and crush on him for a week. No. I loved him. I knew his ambitions, his flaws, his fears. I’d met his family and played basketball in his driveway with his sister. He took me to my first dance. I fell so hard for this boy. He proved to me that you’re never too young to fall in love. And then he broke my heart. Crumpled it up and left it at my feet. You didn’t love me, and I never should have expected you to. We’re just kids, and you’re just my heart break.

-“don’t fall in love with people like me”

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[so washington tried to write a letter the night he met laf]

“to you,

i am writing this with the coming of dawn. you are fast asleep on the bed besides me. that’s about all that’s keeping me grounded and sane.

i was fortunate to meet you in the prime of my time, my love.

i find myself desperate to relive this day. its entirety.

to see you again, in the midst of the drunken crowds, yellow flowers tucked in between the buttons of your shirt. i thought you were an angel, before realizing that i was the one coming from heaven. why you were equally feverish to come up to me, i still wonder to this very second.

to hold you again, behind the expand of these green woods, the lights of your town’s spring festival folding and unfolding behind us.

but time will cut through us like glass. they’ll come for me before the sky lightens up. somehow i am sure of that.

i do not know what they will do to me. throw me to hell, i suppose. rip my wings off. obliterate my soul. i see no reason why i am not shaking as i write.

but nothing aches me deeply than what you said after i explained everything to you.

‘then i’ll follow you.’ you said. ‘to heaven or to hell.’

it is engrained within me the look you had in your eyes. It’s the way a person who could not swim would look at the ocean.

listen to me.
i beg you.

do not come for me.
do not go through with whatever is spinning into solidarity in your head.
i am not enough for you to ruin yourself.

i have all these memories of us. i’ll remember. i promise you.

you are the last person i held this spring.

g. washington.”

[of course laf never had the chance to read this lmao i’m guessing the ppl coming for washington burnt it]


[so lafayette tried out journaling after he met washington as a mortal]

“june starts today.

i knew they took him before i opened my eyes.
before i heard the birds were croaking outside and before i could pick up my clothes from the floor.

i can still smell him on me. like pine trees and ink.


adrienne came to see me.

‘why do you look like you’re in mourning?’ she said, her hair braided with the those same yellow flowers from the fields.

‘i was too clumsy.’

‘I’m sorry?“

‘i lost something, adrienne.’

she takes a good look at me.

’…judging by how you are, this “thing” certainly must have had a piece of your soul embedded in it.’

she was joking, but i felt sick to my stomach.

it’s going to rain before it’s going to get hotter. there’s dragonflies circling outside my window, around and around. at night they’ll be replaced with fireflies. it’ll look beautiful, if i can bribe the children with enough candy so they won’t come hurrying with their glass jars. i’ll feel the most relief in their lights. it’s what i believe heaven will look like. so i’ll feel a step closer to him, i guess.


after everything, i just really hope fingerprints will last a long time. not on glass or paper. on skin. i don’t wish to know the exact numbers or dates, but all i know is that he held my hand so firmly, it probably left a mark on my bones.


they’ve arrested the beggars near the market.
i heard their children screaming their throats raw.

i gave them these lemon tarts that i made. they crawled into my lap, begging for hugs and affection.

adrienne stopped visiting. actually, all of the virtues stopped.

the stolen money is rotting in my drawers.


i try to sit down and reason with myself.

then i remember your eyes and your mouth and your voice saying my name like something’s trying to take you away and i just can’t i’m so so sorry god


blood has a smell that sticks.

it’s useless trying to scrub it off.

if i just close my eyes, i can imagine the stars. instead of the faces.


i love you.


they’ll execute me tomorrow, then.

it’s decided.

god, it feels so cold in this cell.
i think i better get used to it.

i’ve done awful things.
i beg the lord to forgive me.

i’ve followed my promise.
i beg of you to forgive me.

may we meet again.


tumblr veteran gothic
  • you have witnessed great catastrophes over the years, such as superwholock, dashcon, tumblr prom, and sonic for real justice. each one, you thought “oh, this has to be the worst of them.” you were always wrong. there will always be something worse
  • you used to be on countless networks pertaining to your interests. years passed, and you never contributed like you used to. wait, where did that link in my description go? was it even there in the first place?
  • you tended to your blog theme like an old woman tends to her garden. you had an about, an archive, and even links to your other social media. now, it is only optica. you can’t even remember why you changed from optica anyways. like they always say, “if it aint broke, dont fix it”
  • you had a tag for every single thing in your early days. a tag for your fandoms, photography, your personal posts, and even an entire tag dedicated to dogs. now, all of your posts jumble together in a writhing mess. as soon as you type something into your tag bar, a list that would take centuries to read flashes before your unfeeling eyes. they are all commenting on a specific post you can’t remember. you dont know if you want to remember.
  • you remember dashcon. with its spontaneous crowdfund and small crowd. you remember scrolling down your dashboard to see the fabled post “attention all dashcon attendees, someone has pissed in the ballpit and posted it in the tag. do not go in the ballpit”. you realize that your room is on fire. your house is on fire. everything is on fire because you are in hell.
  • you watch, your aging hands trembling on the keyboard, people fighting over a ridiculous topic. you chuckle dryly. no one here remembers sonic for real justice. you decide not to expose them to the truth. the truth is too ugly. everything you’ve ever known is obsolete.
  • years of april fools “pranks” fly through your mind. you remember the worst. you remember the mishapocalypse. you scream until your throat is hoarse, but god does not answer. he lives in heaven for he too, fears what a mess he has created.

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The Back Of Your Mind

The back of your mind,

is full of fairy lights,

and fantasies,.

There’s a coastline on every corner,

the right kind of rain,

so I bloom inside your brain,

and snake around your subconscious,

snuggled close to your gallant gasps.

The back of your mind,

is mine alone,

where I stay hidden 

from my life,

and your wife.

I’m the goddess,

of your guilty gaze, 

and the things you keep,

under stuffy shirts. 

The back of your mind,

is a maze of me,

your coquettish captive, 

tied down by my heart,

and tied up in our mess,

but bound and breathless,

is where I am free,

at the back of your mind,

and happy to call it home. 

Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty haunted, and maybe that’s why my thoughts have gone so quiet. I can’t think. My breathing comes slowly now, it’s almost entirely still. My mistakes have been replaying themselves over and over again in my mind. I just don’t know if I’ll forget them, and I wonder if I’ll ever forgive myself.
—  To me. 🖤

I wanted to know you, yes,
The girl behind that pretty stare,
I wanted to know how you deal with all the mess,
Your strength and valor I did admire,
From afar, albeit,
Afraid to get near,
And ruin it,
I had this fear.
I wanted to tell you what you were capable of,
There’s never a time when one’s ready,
But I guess all that I had was bluff,
And in wanting to making you realize your worth I became needy.
I didn’t lose my patience, I only lost my composure,
I shouldn’t have, I agree,
I was pushing you when you didn’t want, for exposure,
Ashamed of myself, I only had left to flee.
Even in the unknown you have that aura about you,
That let’s anyone who cares to realize, know what you’re worth.

- DG

Inspired from @sweet-poesy post ‘You escaped me’

I hope you trust me
even when it’ll seem
that I’m going insane,
even when it’ll seem
that I’m going astray,
even when it’ll seem
that I messed up my routes
I’m puzzling, I’m crazy,
I’m tricky and crystal clear
and I’m definitely out of mind,
out of any mind,
far from any conventional path,
totally and utterly crazy
and yet I’m a conformist.
You’ll never know
how many aces I’ve got to play.
But there’s a key to unlock
the doors I close.
The only key you can use.
I told you so many times.
The solution in your hands.