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Comeback D-1..BTS, New Song Contains ‘Comfort + Hope’ 

The reveal of group BTS’ ‘WINGS Supplementary Story: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ has come a day closer.

‘WINGS Supplementary Story,’ an album that delivers messages of warm comfort and hope for this generation’s suffering youth, will have a total of 18 tracks including their four new songs, ‘Spring Day,’ ‘Not Today,’ ‘Outro: Wings,’ and ‘A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone.’

Their title song, ‘Spring Day,’ is a song that allows us to discover another side of BTS who has continued to keep up with worldwide trends and show their growth in music. It combines feelings of British Rock and electronic sound to create an alternative hip-hop song. Their leader, Rap Monster composed the song’s main melody. 

This BTS album is receiving a hot response (from the public) even before it’s release with pre-sales of over 700,000 copies. Through their 2nd full album ‘WINGS’ which was released last year, they set the highest record for a Korean artist at 26th on the U.S. ‘Billboard 200,’ were the first Korean artist to enter the UK album chart at 62nd place, and have received much love worldwide. Therefore, there is much interest in which records BTS will set through this album.  

Through the Naver V APP, BTS will have their BTS ‘YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ Preview SHOW tonight (12th) at 10:40PM.

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