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ok so my lowkey theorizing self thought that this bit from schneeple’s second appearance back in december was interesting, in regards to the anti/schneeplestein theories. (although 99% of this is just jack being a silly lol, so these are just ideas rather than actual theory :P)

for starters, this is after halloween, so if the “anti’s been running the channel not jack” theory stands, then anti and schneeple are def separate from each other, at least “normally”

also, going along with the normal “anti’s coming back after jack/channel again” theory and “anti might have infected schneeple/working together” theory, schneeple seemed like a (mostly) good character that wouldn’t have a reason to go after jack. especially since jack thought he was “one of the greatest people he ever met”. 

So, what happened to schneeple to change him from “the good doctor” to “the bad doctor”? did anti happen? maybe anti’s using him and his doctor skills to get closer to jack, making it easier to get rid of him once and for all?

and finally, going with the whole “jack trusting schneeple” thought, AND jack’s tweet hinting at anti and schneep already being in a video together, i wanted to bring up a thing in scheeple’s bio inc vid. 

schneep says, “I have been enlisted to give my services to the great people of the internet. Oh that last guy. He was a sham. He was a travesty. He does not know how to operate.” maybe it was jack who got schneeple to “give his services”, cos again, schneep’s the greatest :D.

but ALSO, what if Anti also enlisted him? and better yet, what if anti’s the other guy schneeple’s referring to, thus confirming jack’s tweet and that anti was actually in the other bio vids? 

plus, since anti DID fail on killing jack on halloween, AND redundantly did two neck scars in the pax video for some odd reason, of course he’d be “a travesty” in the eyes of dr. schneeplestein haha…..

Attention TSR Blogs

@welcometothisby and I had so much fun watching Free Rein tonight, we want to do it again on the regular. And we were thinking, “The more the merrier!” So anyone who would like to join us is welcome!

Tech requirements:

  • A computer with Chrome installed + Netflix Showgoers extension
  • A Netflix account (you can get a 30 day free trial)
  • Free time between 9:30-10:00pm EST.

Netflix Showgoers is a cool browser extension that lets you share a stream through a link. It also has a built in chat feature that allows you to choose a nickname. We found it to be simple and easy to use.

If you’d like to join us, please send me a message or reply to this so I’ll know to send you the link when it’s time. We had tons of fun and we’re looking forward to the next time!

anonymous asked:

I'm a bi Christian and I just now believe in god truly and want to know more about his word but I'm really afraid to go to church and I don't know where to start to learn more about god can you help me on where to start

I’m so glad you’re starting to know God!! This is such an awesome thing and God is ultra pumped to grow closer to you!! This is gonna be an awesome journey and I encourage you to take it seriously but also have a ton of fun with it, bc God’s amazing and getting to know him is full of joy!!

Okay more onto the question, there are tons of ways to get to know God other than just a homophobic church, so not to worry.

Definitely start with reading the Bible, it’s God’s holy book and while Christians, especially us marginalized ones, have a complicated relationship with it, it’s ultimately our clearest way of getting to know God’s heart. If you can’t afford a physical one, you can download a free Bible app on pretty much any type of phone, and there’s free Bibles if you don’t have a smart phone but have access to a computer. You can start at Genesis and read all of humanity’s history with God start to finish, but personally for new siblings in Christ I recommend starting with the gospels, (Matthew being the first). This way you get a clear idea from the beginning of who Jesus is, his heart, and the love he has for us that extends to today. Admittedly, because of translation issues that stem from King James era and general homophobia, we have to be really careful about making sure English translations actually match the original text (most bits about homosexuality don’t) but we can read the gospels and get the heart of God, and it gives us tangible words to use to fight off the demons coming at us.

If you want more guidance through the scripture, I’d definitely 100% recommend getting a devotional. I should make a list eventually of good devotionals, but I’ll trust you to find the right one for you for now. If you wanna make sure it’s not homophobic, try searching things like “progressive devotionals” ect. and then check the background of the author. I’m about to start one by Barbara J. Essex, and she seems pretty cool.

Honestly though, the best way to build a real and personal relationship with God is to pray to him. It seems intimidating sometimes, but God loves to hear from you! He knows your heart better than anyone, there’s nothing you can tell him that would shock him, disgust him, or make him love you with a love less than perfect. I could go on about prayer forever, but this is gonna get too long for you to read, so let me just say that there is no wrong way to pray, and I’d always encourage you to be bold in that.

If you want kind of a simulation of church until you’re in a place where you feel safe attending a physical one, try setting aside time each week to listen to some worship music (I like ‘rend collective’ a lot) and a podcast of a sermon/Christian podcast. I personally love the “queer theology” podcast, and I’ve heard good things about “Lord have mercy” and I’m listening to an “exvangelical” right now with some really cool thoughts about God. I think sometime soon I’ll make a masterpost of queer affirming churches that post their sermons each week, so maybe keep an eye out for that.

In the previous paragraph, I described what I hope will be a temporary solution. I believe Christian community and physical accountability is what God intended for us and is ultimately an important piece of faith. It will definitely take you time, but God can do anything and he can help you deal with your fear of church. You can use to find a queer affirming church near you, and if it takes you years to become comfortable with attending it, that’s perfectly okay. (It’s also okay if you never reach that place, but as I’ve said before, I think you can and I think it’ll help you). If you need to ease into it try contacting a leader and see if you can join a bible study that meets outside of church first.

I’ll close by offering you a vision of what a church should look like:

“All the believers were together. They shared everything they had. They sold what they owned. They gave each other everything they needed. Every day they met together in the temple courtyard. In their homes they broke bread and ate together. Their hearts were glad and honest and true. They praised God. They were respected by all the people. Every day the Lord added to their group those who were being saved.” Acts 2:44‭-‬47 NIRV

This is what the original church looked like and what I believe our churches around us can look like again, and I hope that the one you find is reminiscent of it in a way that honors God, serves his children, and affirms you.

I’ll be praying for you and your walk with God!! God and I both love you so much and hope you have an awesome day!!!!

societ-slave  asked:

Gray!! I'm so happy you're back!! Andddd you're going to the next tour!! Omggg please have fun on my part❤️❤️❤️ I missed you

hey i missed you too! I won’t be on as much now, but I’ll try to post every so often. THANKS!!! I will have TONS of fun for you!


Back by popular demand, my friends and I take on trying our voices at even MORE of your drawings that you all submitted to us! We had a ton of fun with these awesome characters you all made, so we hope you have fun watching them!!

cause of death: just friends

so here, have a kinda starco-ish amv thing. this song was literally perfect and had to be used. after all, they’re just friends right now *cries*

i tried

quick draw of a fluffy russian ice pal

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!! Here’s my secret santa gift for @saintnightshade cuz I took part in the @pjosecretsanta2016 and it was heaps of fun!