is toner needed

Beauty Tipz

-shave with almond oil my god my legs have never looked and felt so good

-apply coconut oil to you hair at the ends seriously it will moisture tf out of your dry ass hair

-put Aloe Vera all over your face just trust me it’s amazing you’ll feel amazing

-if you have red areas on your skin apply tea tree oil

-if you need to exfoliate make your own scrub with brown sugar, coconut oil, and honey

-scars? Apply lemon juice and plain yogurt all up on those targeted areas twice a week

-Want shiny hair? Eggs. Beat them eggs and apply it all over your hair

-drink some damn water let’s be real you could drink way more than you already have rn

-need a toner for your face? Mix apple vinegar cider with water and apply it all over the face

-if you have sweaty feet put it in a bowl of warm water and tea. I have no clue why, but it works to stop the sweat being so extra

-if you dyed your hair black and it’s too dark for you wash your hair with dawn dish soap it’ll lighten it

-If you paint your nails, but need them to dry quick place your fingers in a cold as f cup of water for a minute and they will be dry

(All of these ingredients should be organic af btw besides the dawn and nail polish duh)

anonymous asked:

I actually liked the bleached hair for a while, at least until around the BMI awards (she really needed some toner her hair was YELLOW), but I did genuinely like it and thought it looked good on her. Fight me.

i liked it on approximately 2 occasions with approximately 2 outfits 

the rest?