is to make people look bad

We our in affiliation with Miraculousdaily and we feel there is a big issue going on there and we’re using our platform to help this blog solve the issue. 

Recently Miraculousdaily was hacked. The same day one of their members left the blog. The person in question left the blog on bad terms with one other person on the blog because of harassment. She then created a kind of expose on this person and wanted everyone to stop following Miraculousdaily and block them. Another one of the admins used this post to start a war against the other admin of Miraculousdaily. She posted things from the admins past in another fandom to try to make him look just as if not more bad. 

Immediately after this expose Miraculousdaily started losing posts. Edits that people worked hard on just disappeared of the blog. Particularly those of the admin that they had an issue with and one of his other admins that he was close to whom was not at all connected with the issue. She just got targeted because she was close to him. It seemed like a direct attack against them. 

They then proceeded to start blocking people that are following Miraculousdaily and then unblock them. Which would mean that their crimes would be hidden, and Miraculousdaily would continue to lose followers. 

When the hacker first arrived on the scene the admins were puzzled. They started panicking as anyone would how this person could come into the blog, uninvited, and then just start destroying everything. Only one of the admins was not panicking. In fact the admin was brushing it off as if it was a bug and not a serious thing.

That is a very suspicious reaction to the alarming thing that a whole blog was losing posts, followers at an alarming rate, getting their header destroyed, and losing edits. It’s just a bug. Safe to say it is not just a bug as it’s still there. Yes this is indeed the same admin that posted on to the first post at the very top.

That is how many followers the blog lost in two days that is not possible, especially if the blog is active.

The admin that caused all these issues left the blog, but the hacker did not leave still. Instead they then proceeded to continue to delete posts of other members. They play around with the settings of the blog. 

For those that are unaware marking a blog as explicit is a very serious thing, they also toyed with the time zone settings, they made the blog unsearchable on tumblr, they even tried to password protect the blog. 

This is wrong, and this game needs to stop.You should do the right thing and leave as well. There’s a lot of innocent people on that blog that don’t deserve this game your playing. One of Miraculous Ladybugs main themes is how love is stronger then anything else, you sure are not showcasing the message of the show you claim to love well.

Miraculousladybuggifs is the only admin that has the motive, that has the access to do something like this and even if she herself is not the hacker that created a fake account she is an accomplice as she added the hacker that started racking destruction on Miraculousdaily. 

To note that an admin from this list and one of the members helped us with gathering this info and the other admins on this list have no motive to do something like this, only one admin does. Do the right thing and leave Miraculousdaily. Enough with these games. The members are scared to post because you or the person you put on the blog will delete their stuff. Like this post from yesterday.

Stop being a bully, you’re painting yourself just as bad as the admin that left.

We have a very professional relationship with this blog, but this issue needed to be brought up so we worked together with 2 of the members that were able to contact the people involved to get these screencaps. Something needed to be done and nothing could be done on Miraculousdaily cause miraculousladybuggifs or the hacker she added to the blog which was either herself or someone else would delete the post or try to incriminate someone else. The people at miraculousdaily wanted the person to leave voluntarily but they didn’t so then they seeked help from their affiliates. 

We have your back Miraculousdaily, keep doing a good job. I only hope this can solve your issue once and for all. What the admin whom started all this did is wrong and that’s why they left the blog, what this person is doing is just as nasty and vindictive. 

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so, what's exactly the story of people-pleaser ?

so the singer can physically eat people’s thoughts, standards, what they look for in other people, and absorb them as personality traits (you are what you eat). if their friends wanted someone who’s sensitive and loyal, they could eat their friends’ thoughts and become just that. however the singer doesn’t just eat the thoughts of the people who care about them and they care for back, they eat EVERYONE’S thoughts - even strangers who will never know them personally, and haters who want nothing more but to make them feel bad. 

of course, you wouldn’t want to eat cake consisting of every single flavor that’s out there, right? the same goes for the singer’s personality - they take in so many contradicting ideas (”you should be more considerate” and “you’re too sensitive, toughen up”, “you’re annoying” and “you’re too dull, express yourself more”, the list goes on) that they not only make themselves physically sick, but begin to drive other people away for being too contradictory. plus, no matter what they are, SOMEONE’S not going to like it. it doesn’t matter how many people showed overwhelming support for them, even a few examples of disapproval would send them crashing again. 

because that wasn’t working out for them, they figured being nothing would be perfect. there’d be no personality traits to piss people off, there’d be nothing to contradict about their past words/actions. so they purged the thoughts they had taken in and refused to eat any more. no one wants to eat flavorless cake, though, and once again, people were left unsatisfied with them. 

instead of making attempts to improve their problem with people-pleasing and accept that they can’t make every single person happy, they collapsed under the pressure of their own self-enforced standards and started lashing out at people (hence the shaking, scribbly lines “what else do you need?” “why aren’t you happy?” “aren’t i more than everything?”). the cake had gone bad, expired, and it was thrown away and regarded as garbage. 

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50.Everyone gets little books of what people think about their soulmate (but never said out loud) w/Shinsou if you will

Soulmate AU Prompt #50 - Everyone gets little books of what people think about their soulmate (but never said out loud)

Shinsou Hitoshi:

  • Every book is small, a bit bigger then pocket sized, but not the size of a huge novel either
  • Shinsou’s book is a light purple and his soulmate carries it everywhere with them. 
  • Each book only has quotes thought about their soulmate
    • No names of their soulmate is mentioned however
    • Nor are the names of who was the one thinking those things
  • Some of the quotes about their soulmate contradict others, making Shinsou’s S/O wonder what kind of person he is
    • Is he a good guy with a bad rap?
    • Or a bad guy who not many people realize is bad?
  • Some of the various quotes include:
    • “He’s pretty cool. Gives off that intellectual genius vibe sometimes”
    • “He’s fucking creepy… I mean look at his face! It screams villain.”
    • “I wouldn’t talk to him… cause of that scary quirk.”
    • “He’s the type that deserves to be a hero. I hope you’ll accomplish your dream one day.”
  • You finally decide that if his quirk is ‘scary’ then these quotes might not be 100% accurate. Therefore you won’t judge your soulmate until you have met and had a conversation with him yourself
  • Meanwhile Shinsou greatly enjoys reading the quotes about his soulmate
  • Their quotes tend to be about their passion and drive to become a hero as well
    • “They’re getting really excited again huh? How do they have that much energy?”
    • “I’d feel bad for they’re soulmate.. having to put up with such a firecracker…”
    • “Look at that, they are being excited over the smallest thing again. Typical…”
  • Shinsou already finds this behavior rather cute, as his calm demeanor really gets along with the happy-go-lucky types and the hopeful ones as well
  • He can’t wait for the day to meet them and start working together towards their shared goal, but this time with each other supporting their goals and movement towards them.

I just saw the trailer for a CGI-cartoon adaptation of Peter Rabbit, and aside from the fact that it looks really, really bad (really? “Making it rain” jokes with lettuce? Raging house parties with woodland creatures?), I’m also concerned that it’ll cause a boom in people buying pet rabbits for children who are too young to take care of/appropriately interact with them. Please let this movie quietly fail.

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Little mix's stylist LITERALLY has the easiest job in the world..pick out clothes that flatter the most beautiful girls on the do u fuck it up??? How do you fuck it up this bad???

They have 2 stylists, which makes it worst. They had 2 people decide they looked good enough. And they are trying to crack America and had to go out in that, which makes it worst.

Anon 2 : The girls get a say in what they wear. If they didn’t like what the stylists picked out they wouldn’t have worn it I agree they have a say, but I don’t think they have big say . I don’t think their stylists brought numerous outfits for them to choose from if they didn’t like the one they have. I mean they used their BGT outfits for One Love Manchester because they didn’t have many options.

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i hate how much a joke the word "triggered" is. my therapist said that the death of my grandma retriggered my self harm and honestly it made me feel horrible? being triggered is a bad thing for people with Real mental illnesses to have and it really kinda makes me feel like i'm faking my mental illness because some things "trigger" it. not really related to anything, but i'd like to hear your thoughts on triggered/triggering

Triggering is a very real word in the mental health community. It’s made into a bit of a joke here because people use it so poorly but it is a very real thing. If you’re therapist thinks something triggered your self harm, listen to them and look deep inside yourself to see if its true.

My husband leaving me triggered my self harm thoughts to come back and my general depression.
Lots of things trigger my anxiety.
Looking in the pro ana tag (to try and help people) can sometimes trigger my past ED because of the pictures…

Having something trigger your mental illness (es) is very valid and important.

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I stopped watching MLP a while ago, and the recent influx of criticisms got me curious so I decided to catch up. Starlight is the thing that surprised me the most. I honestly can't remember the last time I saw a character with this much blatant writer nepotism: Starlight's crimes are easily the worst of any villain's yet she gets off the easiest out of them, other characters are constantly painted in a bad light to make her look better, and overall she's portrayed as being perfect in every way.

yeah it’s pretty ridiculous the lengths they have to go to get people to like her

About those funeral pics...

Guys, I don’t want to be that guy, but maybe re-posting those funeral pics and saying how hot you think Alfie Allen looks when he’s sad is in bad taste? I know he makes sad look good and he’s photogenic and we all love him as an actor but…This was a real funeral, for a real person in Alfie Allen’s real life.

Not a vanity photo-op. Not a show. Not a movie.

I don’t know if he cares, or if he would find all this re-posting going on disrespectful…But I kind of feel like that’s not the point…

I can’t stop you guys from posing things like this. And I’m not going to go around scolding people like children, whether you are actually children or not. I’m no one’s Tumblr Dad…Do what you will.

But maybe, just maybe remember that even though he’s an actor, and a good one that he’s also a person who deserves his private life. Just as we all do. 

This is the only time I’m going to comment on this. Like I said, do what you will just…Try to do it while knowing what you’re doing. And own up to that…Or don’t. Again, I’m no one’s Tumblr Dad. 

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Since toys are often discussed here what are your thoughts on toys r us going bankrupt? People have said it's cause kids want tablets/phones

it makes me sad that toys r us is going bankrupt, but i don’t think the reason for it is bad. for the past few decades, each generation had their own cool new technology that kept them indoors. TV, home gaming consoles (Sega, NES, etc.), handheld consoles, PC/internet games, etc. mobile games are still as interactive as any other piece of technology, and while it’s not something i grew up with and can appreciate as much, this generation of kids will look back in the 2020’s-2030’s and feel the same warmth over ABCMouse and Mario Run (is that still popular with kids?) that we do over the original Pokemon games and all the educational PC games we used to play!

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Why do people get so offended when other people say Touka's role is to be Kaneki’s love interest? Because that's much pretty much the truth. It's not a bad thing. It's pretty much how Lois Lane is Clark Kent's love interest or how Katara is Aang's love interest. They're just given something important to do as not to make them look pointless to the plot.

Mod K:

I am annoyed when peope claim that is her only role or her sole role now. Not denying she is a love interest. I am saying she is one and that doesn’t diminish her worth or anything else about her in the plot.

Also being a love interest is not the only thing keeping her from being pointless?

Do some of you just ignore the things she does or relate it all back to Ken? That is wild. Also I am surprised that you would say that Katara’s main role in ATLA was just as Aang’s love interest as she is one of the best and more dynamically developed female characters in fiction. Ever.

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Poland is a fucking hellhole. Someone on PL Wattpad made a list of 'most idiotic laws' and one of them is 'homosexuality is punishable by death in Singapore'. I looked up the comments. I expected something like 'oh no! i hope the law is repealed quick' or 'but can bisexual people live here?'... but, as I mentioned, it's a hellhole. 90% of comments were 'my heart goes out to fujoishis!/oh worm, all the poor yaoi fangirls!' please delete poland k thx. also I got really upset and need to scream

oh fuck that’s really horrible, and the comments make it even shittier 

we’re being murdered and all they feel bad about is the fact that their fetish objects are gonna be taken away, god they’re such shit people.

i dont know much about poland but god shit like this really gets me, i really am lucky to live somewhere where at least i wouldnt be put to capital punishment. i really hope the law is at least repelled due to being unethical cruel and unusual punishment. 

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Iceberg is infamous for being a conniving annoyance, but does his efficiency balance that out at all and make it easier to tolerate him as a coworker? I'm guessing nah but I'm still curious. Do you have to deal with him particularly often or just when you drop paperwork on his desk and leave?

His efficiency is incredible, if I’m honest. Yeah, he’s a complete dick, but he powers through paperwork like nothing I’ve ever seen. I don’t tend to drop too much paperwork on him anymore, considering he jumps around sites a lot and also I strongly suspect he was beginning to throw my paperwork in the incinerator in an attempt to make me look bad and maybe move in on my job, but I see him around every so often and personally I can tolerate him. I don’t tend to care when people are just straightforward dicks, you know? It means we don’t have to waste all that time pretending to like one another. 

He’s a bit unhinged, though. Might be a bit rich coming from me, but what can you do. I don’t trust him, either. Wouldn’t turn my back on him for a second. 

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Why is everyone subjecting my Cake Kiddo to such disgraceful fantasies? Why can't we think about giving them cake and tea, with little knitted doilies as they bashfully smile and tell us about their problems? Or telling a bad joke and making them laugh so hard they spray tea out of thier nose?

Because people are disgusting and need to stop making fetish jokes about cake kiddo who looks about 16

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Kazuki, why are you friends with Natsumi?

“You know, sometimes I ask myself that very question. Natsumi can be rather rude and disrespectful. She angers easily, and is very emotional in general. Her swearing can be like nails on a chalkboard. She can be seemingly selfish, and her pride in herself could make her a narcissist.”

“And, god, I can’t STAND when she flirts with me. She only does it to laugh at me. You know if she didn’t do it in the first place, maybe I wouldn’t be so bad with talking to girls! She’s always lying to make herself look better to other people. Do you know how frustrating it is when someone just can’t be themselves? Don’t make me think of the numerous times she made me her seeing-eye-dog because her contact lenses dried out and she refused to wear her glasses in public!”


“I know she’s a good person. I met her when we were toddlers. I don’t remember much except she was full of energy, and she was afraid of being alone…She still feels that way. It could be why she works so hard on her appearance, and tries to make herself likable. She may seem selfish, but she does think of others. She’s really a hard-worker. She’s always going to singing auditions, and refuses to cheat her way up the latter, no matter how slow the process.”

“I always try to see the good in every person. You know, I’m still friends with her because I see her good side. Sometimes when nobody is around, her genuine side comes out, which is a more likable Natsumi.”

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Someone mentioned this earlier in a post so I thought about asking you. They said "tert Fe is different when you're So-dom, when you're so-second and when you're so-blind". So what's the difference in tert Fe in each of these? Can it make it look higher maybe?

SO-dom = appears “nicer,” tert Fe is often used to be funny and goofy, keeps the witty aspect but it’s often sanitized to appeal to the crowd. typical Nice Guy ExTP using Fe to hide the fact that they’re actually an asshole at heart.

SO-second = differs if SP/so or SX/so. SP/so is kind of heartless, uses Fe to get what it wants, rather than appealing to people in order to make interesting and fun friends like SX/so would. SP/so tert Fe is Not To Be Trusted. very bad, very shady. probably most likely to be an asshole to kids or people they consider irrelevant or useless, less likely to be an asshole to people they want to impress. both are image-conscious, but for vastly different reasons because the dominant instinct is so different.

SO-blind = very typical low Fe, kind of an asshole in an undisguised way. basically pure tert Fe that sees no need to pretend to be anything other than what it is. I’m Mean To Everyone But My Friends Or [SX/sp voice] People Who Might Be Friend-Shaped. may use tert Fe as a weapon if they or their friends are threatened and become extremely biting or vindictive. most likely to be a bit of a sadist at heart, best not to cross them or to be somewhere in their SX zone so you’re at least somewhat safe if you do fuck up.

Great, now I made someone grumpy when I tried to help them.

Look, my offline life is already bad enough for me and the people around me, so I took the Internet as a chance to make people feel happier than I normally do. But now I guess that I fucked that chance too and I’m sorry if you guys find me annoying. @yikesb3rg , @spanimator , @secretlyatriangle , I’m sorry if I seem like I’m bothering you, I just want to cheer you guys up even for a minute and it looks like even that got fucked up. If you want me to stop what I’m doing, go ahead and I gladly will go back to keeping my ideas to myself anyways. My ideas are rubbish anyways.

Types of people you deserve in your life:

- kind friends who care deeply about you, love to spend time with you, keep your secrets and don’t talk badly of you behind your back. they make you loved and worthy of love.

- compassionate people who understand your secret problems and flaws. they support you without judgement, don’t abandon you and help you get better. they stay with you until the storm is over.

- patient people who don’t get angry or frustrated easily. they teach you things, whether it’s life lessons or math problems. they aren’t tired of explaining things over and over until you understand. you aren’t afraid of making mistakes anymore.

- fun spontaneous people who are always up for an adventure, whether it’s going to a coffee shop or their house to binge watch movies. there’s less time to lock yourself in bad thoughts, and they give you days to look forward to.

- people that inspire you. you admire their qualities, whether it’s intelligence, dedication, kindness or strength. they make you want to change your life and be a better person.

- people that feel like home. you could be doing nothing and it would still be comfortable. there’s something about them that makes you feel ok again. as long as they’re there, life doesn’t seem so hard anymore.

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can u do a haikyuu teachers au??

Oikawa Tooru

  • the Spanish teacher
  • talks with a Spanish accent 24/7 even if he’s not actually Spanish
  • flirts with every single male teacher
  • prides himself to be the school fashion icon
  • winks all the time
  • knows all the school gossips
  • “Is he gay or European?“

Iwaizumi Hajime

  • the history teacher
  • thinks he’s friend with all his students
  • gives his lessons while sitting on the desk
  • he takes a student failing his subject as a personal defeat
  • “Those who do not know history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them”
  • every male student’s icon
  • very emotional

Tsukishima Kei

  • the math teacher
  • “Now remember, if you multiply a number by zero, the result will always be zero which is, unironically, the number of fucks I give about you”
  • never bothered to learn his students’ names
  • gets offended when corrected
  • gives a lot of homework 
  • enjoys giving bad grades
  • “ahahahahah right, as if”

Sugawara Koushi

  • the art teacher
  • looks like an angel
  • is actually the devil personified
  • gives surprise quizzes on last year’s program
  • tired™
  • loves his students very much but he doesn’t show
  • “You don’t have to worry about the test, it’s easy for people who actually studied :)”

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • the science teacher
  • wears the lab coat with rolled up sleeves
  • “No, I’m not teaching you how to make crystal meth. The chemistry course is next year.”
  • gets drunk with his students during school trips
  • gives free condoms
  • everyone thinks he’s the coolest
  • he’s not

Akashi Keiji

  • the English teacher
  • so fluent everyone wonders if he’s a native speaker
  • he purposefully adds fuel to the mystery every day
  • points out during class if a student has a love bite
  • weirdly into Oscar Wilde
  • “It’s fine if you don’t pay attention to me, as long as you don’t disturb the class”
  • “I’m getting my revenge when I’ll grade your test anyway"

Bokuto Koutarou

  • the physical ed teacher
  • calls his students “monkeys”
  • “there’s no such thing as bad weather"
  • his warm up consists of 100 laps around the school building
  • personally challenges every single student in every single sport
  • sulks when someone beats him
  • gives surprisingly deep life lessons