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  • Anonymous said: Are you planning to do a part two to the A Right To Be Wrong? Maybe something where Fred tells Molly the whole story and she basically takes the reader in as one of her own children? I think that would be awesome! 
  • Anonymous said: Ok, I know requests are closed, but can you have this ask till they are open again? Please your writings are the best ones I’ve ever read, can you do something like the one you’ve write (Draco’s Girl) but with Fred? But a little bit different, idk, my heart, soul and body needs this, you can change what you want, but pleeeeease I need this

so, I tried my best and here it is! kind of a sequel to Right to Be Wrong but can also stand on its own :D a quick thanks to @rachel-lizzie-dare and @gold-moonlight for their help! you guys are amazing! :D 

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“But what if they hate me?”

“Love, trust me, they wouldn’t hate you” Fred said bringing his girlfriend closer to him and kissing her forehead.

“I’m a Malfoy, Fred” she said worriedly. It had been almost two months since the Malfoy family had disowned (Y/N) for dating Fred Weasley and standing up for herself. She was going to spend the Christmas break at Hogwarts but of course, there was not a chance that her boyfriend was going to let her spend Christmas alone. So she was going to spend it at the famous Burrow. “And even my own family hates me.”

“First of all, you’re nothing like the rest of your family and that’s why they don’t like you” George assured her. “And besides, Ron, Ginny and I already think you’re great so basically you have half of the family covered” he said shrugging his shoulders.

“That’s not true! There are five left” she pointed out. “And Percy already doesn’t like me!”

“Percy doesn’t count” the twins said at the same time. “He’s not even coming home for Christmas. And I’ve already told Bill and Charlie everything about you. I’m sure they’re going to love you” Fred added.

“Yeah, and dad likes pretty much everyone” George assured her. “So that only leaves mum” he said with a smile making the girl even more nervous.

“Great” she said trying to smile.

She knew all about Molly Weasley and she had always wanted to meet her. She sounded like the perfect mother and she knew how much all of her children, and Harry and Hermione, loved her. So it was only natural that she would be terrified to meet the woman.

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cock-speed  asked:

could we get sum #31 /w your baby stanchezes?

(I had waaay too much fun with this one as is apparent by the illustration included at the end. Cute brotp kids growing up together. Also, this AU has a dimension and is included in my index now.)

Summer vacation always started off feeling like it was going to last an eternity, but then it would pass by with a blink and Stanley would suddenly find himself yet again dragging his feet through the corner shop aisle behind his mother’s shopping cart as they picked up new school supplies. Ford was at his side, excitedly babbling on about the textbooks that they’d purchased at the used book store across the street from the family pawn shop, as if that dusty old nerd stuff was the best present he’d ever gotten. Stuffing his hands in his jean pockets and shrugging as his mother asked which colour of pencils he wanted, Stan resigned himself to the fact that he only had a week left of freedom before he’d be chained to a school desk again.

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Lighthearted Recs

Another official blog rec list. The first for friendship fics can be found here. In keeping with the lighthearted trend (says the queen of fic angst), dixiedolittle and I present some of our favorite fluffy and humorous Wintershock and OT3 fics for you to read and enjoy! Please leave the authors some love if you have not before and enjoy what you read. It really does make their day!

+ Apple Pie Morning by carter

The first time they met. Apple Pie, insomnia, and The Lion King = early morning fun times. Just some fluffy fluffiness between the Winter Soldier and our favorite Sassmaster.

+ arma virumque by surgicalstainless

“Jane,” Darcy called over from her desk, “I need a word that rhymes with sculpted. Three syllables.”

Objectification of male hotness has a long and glorious artistic tradition, okay?

+ Classics by becisvolatile

Bucky, unlike Steve, knows exactly what that bike does to the girls…

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