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can someone tell me where this fanon trend of making ladybug hate chat’s puns, hate chat’s humor, hate chat’s flirting, and be all around irritated with him in general comes from? seriously. 


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loves chat

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so much?????

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like just?????

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i don’t know?????

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where you guys are getting this from??????

my father wasn’t around (my father wasn’t around)
i swear that i’ll be around for you

happy late father’s day!

On Adrien discovering LB has a crush on him...

Instead of him being upset that LB doesn’t like Chat, his “real self”, which even then I don’t quite see. Seems to me Chat is more Adrien allowing himself to have fun and be at eased with those that he’s comfortable with and doesn’t really separate the two sides. So! How about:

  • Adrien being super DELIGHTED that LB has a crush on him. 
  • on him, Adrien Agreste. 
  • she notices him, and likes him and he is delighted and giddy he can barely stay still. 
  • she likes him.
  • his lady really does has a crush on him!
  • and he gets so damn smug when LB teases that she could resist him when he’s untransformed and he knows the truth.
  • “Yes, sure Bugaboo, whatever you say.”
  • And he has that dumb smug smile that he knows something that she doesn’t and she’s just all, what? 
  • but there’s a job to do so she won’t think about it too much. 
  • and Adrien, flirting with LB as a civilian, watching her get flustered and shy and so damn cute around him. 
  • it’s too much for this lovestruck fool; he’s just falling more and more in love. 
  • and since he flirts through puns, LB kind of mentally crying
  • Adrien is punner
  • she still loves him but he puns too
  • she can never escape puns it seems 
  • and Chat noticing LB fondly staring at a poster of Adrien
  • and he’s blushing
  • so delighted, but also so sheepish cause that him she’s admiring and adores and loves
  • And Adrien, being unable to resist, constantly reaches out to touch LB
  • touches her shoulders
  • leans into her space, just to watch her blush cutely, and to be close.
  • and once, while gazing at Adrien’s poster, she asked Chat, “Have you ever seen anyone so amazing?”
  • LB you’re killing this boy.
  • just, Adrien being super happy that LB has a crush on, that she does love him and he so wants to reveal himself so they could be together but he resists because there’s solid logic in keeping identities secret and he does agree with it. 
  • but he’s also so wishful
  • and knowing his lady does like him is just so torturous. 
  • but she loves him, she really does
  • and it just sets his heart aglow
  • and like the romantic that he is, he believes with all his heart that they’re meant to be and will be together
  • this romantic nerd
  • this lovesick fool 

When legendary magician and escape artist Harry Houdini performed, many of his performances incorporated the use of a trap door to appear or disappear. Experts say it was one of his most recognized trademarks but I say it was just a stage he was going through.

Seventh set of ten Sterek fic recs…I know I’m behind! I’ll do another one soon. 

drunk, stoned, or stupid | allhalethekings ( @hales-republic ) | 3,666 | Gen | 2017-09-19

Derek doesn’t even know when Stiles went from someone he once considered an ally to someone he goes to lunch with on a regular basis to someone who was able to look at Derek and just know him. Somewhere between all the supernatural threats and complicated relationship drama in the pack, Stiles figured out a way to tear down the brick walls Derek had put up after Kate. And Derek didn’t stop him – hadn’t even wanted to.

Somehow, Stiles had graduated from a casual friend to his best friend to the-boy-Derek-shall-forever-pine-after-because-he’s-a-chicken-shit.

The Boy Who Drew Wolves | dr_girlfriend ( @drgrlfriend ) | 5,863 | Teen | 2017-09-19

“Once upon a time,” Stiles began, and Thomas sighed happily, resting his cheek in the hollow of Stiles’ shoulder. “There was a gangly, clumsy, freckle-faced young boy, and a beautiful, majestic wolf —”

“You mean, there was a beautiful, brilliant, amber-eyed boy, and a half-starved, mangy-looking wolf,” a voice interrupted. “It looks like I made it just in time, huh?” Derek said with a conspiratorial smirk at Thomas. “Gotta make sure you tell it right.”

“Yeah, Daddy!” Thomas parroted. “Tell it right!”

“Okay, okay,” Stiles sighed, settling his arm across Thomas with his hand resting on his husband’s waist, thumb drawing an absent-minded little circle. “Once upon a time, there was a probably-going-to-grow-into-his-looks-just-fine young boy, and a very lonely wolf…”

Take Another Little Pizza My Heart | distortedreality ( @triskelesandpixels ) | 3,224 | Teen | 2017-09-18

Stiles decides the best way to woo his Dream Guy, aka Manager ‘resting bitch face’ Derek, is through insubordination and food puns. It goes as well as could be expected.

That Infamous Middle Ground | @LadyDrace | 6,872 | Teen | 2017-09-18

Stiles is the spark that can get shit done when others can’t. Talia is President of the United States.

And Derek? Gets kidnapped.

It’s a lot more complicated than that, however.

Survival of the Species | @Lissadiane | 19,370 | Explicit | 2017-09-06

“I think I’m dying.” Nothing makes sense – and now Derek has left him.

“No, Mr. Stilinski,” Deaton says grimly, rooting around in his special cupboard of herbs and remedies. “I’m afraid not. You’re merely suffering from a biological imperative to bear your alpha’s children and strengthen the pack.”

Stiles considers that for a moment, as best he can with his mind a hazy mess, and then he says quietly, “I think that might be worse.”

“So, so much worse,” Scott agrees.
In which Derek’s pack is apparently stable enough to begin planning for the future, and somehow, the universe has decided Stiles is the perfect candidate to bear his alpha’s children.

Even Werewolves Get the Blues… and Yellows | @Cobrilee | 1,379 | Gen | 2017-09-12

Derek gets an impromptu makeover, Stiles gets some mileage out of it, and they both get a happy ending. (Not that kind. Get your minds out of the gutter.)

Awkward | dragon_temeraire ( @dragon-temeraire ) | 1,261 | Teen | 2017-09-07

What happens when two dudes have a crush on each other, but they’re both super awkward?

Overslept | mikkimouse ( @mad-madam-m ) | 707 | Teen | 2017-09-09

“You okay, kid?” his dad’s voice said.

Stiles wiped a hand over his heavy eyes. “Yeah, fine, why?”

“Because your shift started an hour ago and you didn’t call in.”

loyalty. courage. integrity. | @redhoodedwolf | 707 | Gen | 2017-07-31

“Derek what the fuck!”

“Hard first day?” Derek guessed. He pushed himself forward and extended a hand towards Stiles. “You can vent, I have time to listen.”

Single Parent, Multiple Problems | @hoosierbitch | 4,701 | Teen | 2014-01-3

Derek tries really hard to do the right thing, Stiles thinks Derek’s idea of the right thing is the wrong thing, and John does his best to help.

"Is, uh–is Stiles home?” Hale is staring at the ground and his shoulders are so tense that John’s tempted to say ‘Boo!’ just to see what’ll happen.

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In my story, I want one of my characters to be quite emotionless (like captain Holt from Brooklyn 99) but still loveable. How can I write it so he doesn't sound like a stone cold bitch?

Hi, darling!  Thanks for your question and your patience <3

My god, do I love Captain Holt (and all of the B99 characters really)!  I think the show and the actor have done this character very well, balancing his stoic nature with a sense of understood genuineness.  This can be a challenge, of course – especially when you don’t have an actor and their nuances to work with.  But I have some tips for you!

Writing “Emotionless” Characters

  • No one is truly emotionless.  People who appear “cold” or unfeeling are simply not outwardly expressive.  Either they’re very much in control of their emotions (due to social pressures, strict parenting, career/status demands, self-defense), or they naturally process emotions internally, preferring not to share with others.  Inexpressive people aren’t necessarily stifling anything – they just don’t feel as strong of a compulsion to cry, grimace, laugh, etc.  This can actually be a neurodivergent trait!
  • Being inexpressive is NOT being indifferent.  Too often, quiet/stoic characters are given a passive role in fiction, but the two traits aren’t linked at all.  Inexpressive people still care about issues and people; they can take leadership roles and direct action/conversation.  They can be as direct or indirect as anyone else.  Being stoic  ≠ being shy, blunt, or mean.
  • Inexpressive characters must have strong dialogue.  The less body language/emotion at your disposal as a writer, the more important your dialogue choices are.  Show their personality through their words – what they notice, what they find amusing, what they care about, and how they share themselves with others.  Even if they don’t talk much, use their instances of dialogue to your advantage.
  • Inexpressive characters must express themselves somehow.  Whether it’s through a personal activity, through their humor, or through certain communities/environments, they have to get their emotions and their personality out somehow.  Some people come alive online; some people open up more while they’re playing, working, or discussing their interests.  Some people just need a quiet or private environment to feel comfortable.  But no one is 100% stone-cold all the time.
  • Inexpressive characters can be a great comedic tool.  Having a normally-straightforward character make a well-timed remark can catch the reader off-guard in a very good way.  Inexpressive people can play a good “straight man” (in the comedic sense – not the sexual sense), or deliver the deadpan-Jim-Halpert-jokes we all know and love.  I’ve seen deadpan characters make simple sarcasm or awful puns hilarious through the element of surprise.  Stoic characters do not have to be boring or serious!

That’s all I’ve got for you right now, but if this doesn’t answer your question, the inbox should be open soon!  Thanks again, and good luck :)

– Mod Joanna ♥️

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

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Since you headcanon Red 'accidentally' walking around shirtless when his crush is around, imagine this. His crush just staaares at him before grinning and snapping their fingers, saying "Wait right there, I'll be back!" before running off. Are they wanting to get into the bonezone? Nope! They come back with a sketch pad or blank canvas and say that he just gave them the perfect idea for their next art class project and could you please pose for an hour or so? Pretty please?

(*The HC referenced in the prompt comes from the Confession: Start! imagine.)

UF!Sans: Artistic Nudity

The way that his crush is staring at his ribs makes Red smirk, assuming that they’re at least intrigued by his skeletal body.  He saunters closer, stopping just out of their reach, and casually leans an arm against the doorframe.  "like what ya see, doll~?“ he queries, manifesting a bright red tongue to run across his fangs suggestively, his bony brows wagging.  When they grin and tell him to wait right there, Red’s smile stretches all the way across his features, and he stares after them wide-eyed.  Did he just hit the jackpot?  Were they going to run back, sans-clothes, and jump his bones?  The possibilities ran rampant through his mind vividly enough to incite the build-up of saliva between his fangs, and a little bit of drool dribbled down his chin.  

When his crush returns, he’s posing as seductively against the doorframe as he can, his basketball shorts sagged low on his hips to expose half of his pelvic wings.  Grinning, he hooks his thumb in the elastic waistband, tugging it away from his hip.  "ya rea…dy..?”  His voice trails as his eyelights settle upon the sketchpad, and he blinks.  "uh.. what'cha got there, sweetheart?“

Oh.  They just want him to pose while they sketch him.  Disappointment makes him stand up straight and sigh.  He should’ve known better than to think a human would be turned on by the sight of ribs, but hey.. at least they find his body artistic.  

"yeah, sure, whatever,” he mutters, moving into his room and waving them inside.  Then, he suddenly grins again and lies down on his bed perfectly straight, while folding his arms across his chest and closing his eyes.  "welp, go on,“ he urges, opening an eye to make sure they start sketching.  

"who says art is dead?”