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Little Onion

This isn’t edited/beta-d yet, but thought I’d post it before I sleep, while episode 83 is still fresh in our minds ^_^

Despite the miraculous intervention of Whis, giving birth exhausted Bulma. It had just taken a while to take effect. When the initial excitement of Bra’s birth subsided and everyone had held her and given their congratulations, Bulma tried to stand. Gohan’s quick reflexes caught her when she fell.

“Bulma! Are you okay?” he asked, alarmed.

“Oh, yes. I’m just… light-headed.”

Vegeta instantly told everyone to get lost so that his wife and newborn daughter could rest. 

They all agreed. Even Beerus and Whis didn’t put up a fight. No one was going to begrudge Vegeta their family time before the battle royal tournament.

Bulma lay in their bed, pale and unnervingly thin; Vegeta had grown used to her ballooned belly. 

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Bulma asked tiredly, looking up at him and their daughter whom he held in his arms. Vegeta hadn’t let Bra go since Trunks had offered her up.

“Should I call the doctor?” Vegeta asked, tucking his wife in, trying to school his face into nonchalance to not give away his  concern. 

“I’m fine. Whis said I might feel tired. The shock of no longer being pregnant.”

“…I shouldn’t have told him to talk to you,” Vegeta grouched, the ugly black serpent of guilt roiling in his belly. What if Whis’ magic had harmed his wife or baby? It wasn’t natural what he had done, there could be side effects they weren’t aware of.

Bulma’s hand reached out and touched his forearm, squeezing. “Vegeta, please. That was the easiest birth imaginable. And Bra is healthy. That’s what matters. We should be thanking Whis. He is an angel, I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.”

Vegeta scowled harder and grunted, letting his wife’s words reassure him. He didn’t tell her that he was suspicious of Whis’ motivations. Whis, Beerus, Goku, Gohan…they were keeping something from him. They were too desperate for him to fight, desperate enough to accelerate Bulma’s pregnancy. Something serious was going down beyond a platonic concern for an overdue child. But he didn’t want to concern his wife just yet, not when she was recovering.

“I think I’ll take a nap,” Bulma said, already sounding half asleep. She gave Vegeta a weak smile. “You’ll take care of her, won’t you?”

Vegeta’s arms tightened about the precious bundle in his arms. “With my life,” he promised her.

Bulma smiled, and her eyes fell closed. Trusting him to take care of their new life.

Vegeta lingered, watching Bulma sleep. When he convinced himself that she was indeed just tired and nothing more, he left the room and made his way next door to the nursery.

Trunks and Goten were fussing with room arrangements.

“Out. Now,” Vegeta snapped at them. The two boys nearly tripped over their feet to comply, knowing Vegeta wasn’t to be argued with when he used that sharp tone. “And don’t disturb your mother, she’s sleeping!” he added as they curtailed it out the door.

Vegeta stepped over to the crib, intending to put Bra down to sleep, but hesitated. He looked down at the tiny thing wrapped in sea-foam green, sleeping as soundly as her mother was next door.

He couldn’t find it within himself to put her down. As a Saiyan, even half-Saiyan, he knew she was strong. But she looked so small, and the crib was so big and impersonal. It didn’t feel right.

Vegeta took stock of the room. A large armchair was by the window. He settled down in it and watched the tiny child breathe in and out against his chest.

“Bra,” he said, trying out the name again on his tongue. With her blue hair and eyes, and pale skin, so much like her mother already, Vegeta knew it to be an appropriate name. Still, he was a little saddened that he couldn’t bequeath her a name from her Saiyan ancestry. He had lost that privilege with Trunks, and now again with his daughter for not voicing his desires sooner.

“Echalotte,” he whispered to himself. He had been so proud of that name. Echalotte was a warrior princess of Saiyan legend, proud, strong, and unusually smart for a Saiyan, even by elite standards. Vegeta had no doubts that a daughter of his and Bulma’s could live up to such a name.

Bra’s tiny eyelids fluttered open at the sound of her father’s voice. Blue, blue eyes latched onto his face, as unsettling and piercing as her mother’s gaze. Vegeta steeled himself, ready for the tears that would come, just as they had when he had shown his face to baby Trunks.

But there were no tears. Bra only smiled.

Vegeta felt shot through the heart. He knew the sensation too well. 

Her smile was more radiant than the sun, and it broke right through him, melting away his reservations of his capability of being a good father. He would be damned if he didn’t do everything in his power to protect her. He had let Trunks and Bulma down in the past. He didn’t intend on repeating those mistakes.

“Do you like that name?” He asked her. “Echalotte?”

Bra made a happy, gurgling noise. Her little feet kicked restlessly inside her tight wrappings.

Vegeta shifted her and laid her in his lap. Gently, he untucked her blanket until she was free, and his heart skipped a beat when he saw what she had been hiding. A tiny tail.

A true Saiyan.

It was a silly sentimentality, one he thought he had given up long ago. He knew now that a Saiyan’s true power went beyond that of a tail and the great Oozaru transformation. And no doubt she would need to lose it before the next full moon. But the sight of the fifth appendage rocked him as much as her mere existence did, and brought about such feelings of nostalgia that Vegeta felt ill equipped to handle them. He reached out and tentatively touched her tail. On instinct, it curled about his hand.

In the privacy of the room, just the two of them, Vegeta smiled softly down at his daughter.

“Let me tell you about about Echalotte,” Vegeta told her as he counted her fingers and toes. “She was beautiful and fierce. A lot like your mother, actually…”

Bra listened and struggled to grab onto her father’s calloused fingers as he regaled her with stories of her heritage.

Vegeta decided then that, when it was just the two of them, he would call Bra by her Saiyan name. It would be their little secret.

Echalotte. His little onion.


Inspired by episode 83 of DBSuper.

Can we please make Echalotte a thing? Please? Like it’s her middle name? Or it’s her real name but everyone calls her Bulla/Bra as a nickname? Echalotte is so perfect for our little onion. I don’t want it to die away.

BTW if anyone’s wondering:::

this is Ofella’s wife, Akka. she was fighting with the rebellion against the Galran’s and couldn’t communicate to Ofella or get back home until a year after Lance first arrived.

When she get’s back Lance starts to feel like he’s invading on a family (even though he’s not everyone loves him lmao) and it’s one of the main reasons he goes off on his own to look for his own family.

AND RUEQ IS THEIR BIOLOGICAL KID bc aliens and i say so


Hey love your blog!! Could you please do a Kai imagine with him being all sweet and cute while trying to apologise to you (like he did to bonbon) you can choose why. And he gets all nervous and starts stuttering and tripping on his words. Thank you so much xxxx

The heat of the oven engulfed you as you bent over to retrieve the brownies. You nodded to the music that was currently playing in the background as you stuck a toothpick into the chocolaty goodness, checking it. They were perfect.

“Stress baking?” 

“Jesus!” You cursed, jumping in the air to see the one and only Kai Parker standing in your kitchen. His shoulders were somewhat tense, hands shoved into his pockets lazily. “What do you want Parker?” 

“I wanna say sorry.” You remained silent, stirring the mixture for the next batch of brownies. “I was an ass, okay?” Kai couldn’t take you not even looking at him. He had messed up and he knew it, he felt horrible. 

“You pushed me away.” You said, turning to face him. 

“I…I was scared. Okay, Y/N, I was scared? You… I don’t know. Dammit.” He fumbled, nervously rocking on the heels of his feet. “You mean so much to me and I was scared because I thought you would hurt me, so I hurt you before you could do that.”

“That makes no sense Kai, I love you. And I’m always there for you. I would never intentionally hurt you.”

Kai took two long strides towards you. “…I’m s-sorry, okay? I’m so sorry.” You grinned up at him, taking his hand. Kai gripped onto your hand, he wasn’t going to let you slip through his fingers again. “Will you forgive me? Please forgive me…” He rested his head on top of yours. 

“I forgive you.” You whispered as he began rocking the two of you side to side. 

Kai exhaled softly. “Feelings are hard.” You nodded in agreement. “Hey Y/N?”


“Can I have a brownie now?”

I’ll Be Here When You Wake - Auston Matthews Imagine

Hi could you please do an imagine where you’re Auston’s best friend and he helps you through a sleepless night?

Okay I loved this one because dang last night I didn’t sleep until 5 and I had to be up at 9 rip me. Anyway I hope you all like it as much as I do, thanks for reading!! -Accius

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 @nervousmemzie said: “Jughead promposal to homecoming?”

A/N: If Jughead doesn’t do cute things in a dorky way then I don’t know what to expect. Also sorry if this is short, I’m writing this at like 3am.

“Do I look okay Betty? Is it too much?” Jughead asks the blonde.

“Juggie, I think you look very handsome.” Betty confirms, trying to calm Jughead’s nerves.

“What if they say no? Or already have a date?” 

“I know for a fact they do not have a date and would be excited to have you ask them.” Betty smiles at him. 

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maps by the front bottoms and ronan lynch?? U x U

Adam is not sure when he first looked at Ronan and saw his softness.

Somewhere between broken down cars and baby ravens, between dead Welsh kings and dead best friends and dead dream selves.
Adam’s got a plan for his life, and nowhere in that map is there a road marked ‘Ronan Lynch’ or even ‘love’ but Ronan doesn’t seem to care, he bursts through all of Adam’s walls and burns down all of his expectations and then holds out a sleeping mouse for Adam to touch. Scarred knuckles are something Adam never trusted but on Ronan they feel like home.

Adam’s never had something feel like home before.

Sometimes he gets into a nasty place in his head, and he can’t help but think that Ronan Lynch would not have let himself get hit for so many years.

He knows that’s not fair, that he did what he had to do to survive and now he’s here, on the precipice of all of his dreams coming true, one foot out the door of this shit town, so he must have done something right. But that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t dream (have nightmares) where their roles are reversed, where he’s raised the middle of three boys, creating miracles in his hands (watching his father, his loving but distant father, bleed out in the driveway) and he thinks he wouldn’t be good in these shoes either.

Ronan looks at him and doesn’t ask him to stay, but he makes him want to, and isn’t that terrifying.

He pulls out that map, traces the line from Henrietta to his future, like a promise, like something they don’t have the words to say out loud yet, but that’s okay. The road goes both ways, and so does the promise, and so does this feeling, as new and soft as that sleeping mouse, as strong as scar tissue, as real as anything in their lives are.

Ronan hangs the map up by his bed in the Barns, next to the driving tickets and Opal’s drawings. It doesn’t make the distance between them feel any smaller, but it makes it feel doable, all the same.

My Reactions to Songs From Heathers


Candy Store- This is some sexy ass choreography I love it

Fight for Me- I have no clue who this kid is but I already love him

Freeze Your Brain- Calm down it’s just a 7-Eleven- WAIT WTF

Big Fun- This looks like fun, one might even call it… big fun *looks at the camera like in The Office*

Dead Girl Walking- Nice song but are we just gonna ignore the fact she broke into this guy’s house and demanded he have sex with her because that is not okay

The Me Inside of Me- Did they just
straight up murder this bitch and make her MORE popular?

Blue- Pardon me but what the fuck?

Our Love is God- Scratch that, what the FRICKETY FUCK? (Also is JD the best or worst boyfriend I can’t tell)

My Dead Gay Son- *screaming*

Seventeen- Okay. No more murder. Sure. Suuurrrrrreeee.

Shine a Light- Honey are you okay.

Lifeboat- Oh. My. GODDDDD.


Kindergarten Boyfriend- Oh.

Yo Girl- fuckfuckfuckfUCKFUCK

Meant To Be Yours- *More screaming*

Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)- This is #3intense5me

I Am Damaged- Why must you hurt me in this way.

Seventeen (Reprise)- Wow. No joke, just awe in how great this musical was. Also how the flying FUCK is Veronica mentally stable after all of that.

My personal favorite lyrics from each DEH song

Does anybody have a map: no specific line but Rachel Bay Jones is a Queen and kills it through out the entire show.

Waving through a window:

For Forever:
Basically all of it from when Evan climbs up and then falls out of the tree to the end of the song but mostly
-I’m on the ground
My arm goes numb
I look around
And I see him come to get me
He comes to get me
And everything’s okay

Sincerely me (aka the only song that doesn’t make me want to scream or sob):
-Smoking drugs
-The only man that I love is my dad

-I gave you the world and you threw it away
-Cause when the villains fall the kingdoms never weep
-that YOU WERE NOT THE MONSTER that I knew

If I could tell her:
-He thought you looked really pretty er-
You looked pretty cool when you put indigo streaks in your hair
-I love youu I LoVe YoUuuuuu I LOVE YOUUUUU

-Make me more that just an abandoned memory
-No one should flicker out
-All you need is for somebody to find you

You will be found:
-Let that lonely feeling wash away
-There’s a place where you don’t have to feel alone
And every time you call out you’re a little less unknown
-When you’re broken on the ground
You will be found

To break in a glove:
-Or you’re just trying to do what’s best for a kid who’s lost control
(This isn’t that emotional of a song but this single phrase breaks my heart every god damn time)

Only us:
-I don’t need you to sell me on reasons to want you
-Try to quiet the noises in your head
We can’t compete with all that
-If you like me for me and nothing else

Good for you
-well I’m sorry you had it rough and I’m sorry I’m not enough
-(JARED!!!!)and if somebody’s in your way crush them and leave them behind
-(EVANNNN) like a train coming off the track cause the rails and my bones all crack I’ve got to find a way to StOp iT sToP It JUST LET ME OOOOOFFF
(this is probably one of my top 5 moments in the show I love Ben platt so much how does he have so much talent)

Words fail: (I have a love hate relationship with this song because it is hands down my favorite song but it makes me sob uncontrollably 10/10 times. The way that Ben platt can be sobbing and still sing so flawlessly wows me to no end)
-I never had that perfect girl who somehow could see the good parts of me
-nothing can make sense of all these things I’ve done
-cause if I just believe then I don’t have to see what’s really there
-I’d rather pretend something other than these broken parts, pretend I’m something other than this mess that I am (THIS IS THE LINE THAT GETS ME AGGSGHHKK IM AN EMOTIONAL WRECK)
-how do I step into the sun

So big So small:
-I knew I’d come up short a million different ways
And I did
And I do
And I will
-your mom isn’t going anywhere your mom is staying right here

-today at least you’re you and thats
-we could be alright for forever this way

I live in Phoenix, Arizona and there is a
.0001% chance that I will ever get to see DEH in New York bc I can’t afford to travel across the country, but tbh I would probably drive everyone out of the theater with the amount of crying that would occur if I ever saw the musical on broadway. So I send my love and thanks from a distance. This musical has had such an impact on my life this year. I’ve never connected to something more in my life and sometimes I get so emotional while I’m listening to the sound track that have to take a break for like a week so I can take a rest from crying. Thank you Pasek and Paul. Thank you Steven Levenson. Thank you Ben Platt. Thank you to the rest of the cast for touching my heart so deeply. You have all made me feel so understood and you’re doing so much more for people than you’re probably ever going to be aware of. Thank you all so much.


REQUEST: “Can you do some reggie smut we’re the reader and him are studying but then reggie wants to take a break and it turns to smut” 

A/N: I’m soo soo sorry, you had to wait that long, let me tell you something: hospitals are unpredictable. 

“Okay… What the fuck even is this?” I murmured under my nose looking at my notes with crunched eyebrows.
My pattience is running out.

Sitting in my girlfriend house more precisely in her bedroom with our books sprawled on her bed with yellow notes laying everywhere sticking to everything including my body. 
“Babe just fucus” Her sweet angelic voice was heard from the other side of the room. She was sitting on the floor under the wall with her legs against her chest with cute little shorts on that leave nothing to the imagination and of course one of my shirts on.
  God. How can you say no to her? 

Her head was up, her eyes were watching me..

Jesus why I can’t focus?

Taking a big breath I knew nothing will help me

“You know what? I’m done”
Nothing more came up to my brain besides her body under mine.

She look up again, curiosity in her mind “Baby you’re not helping me” She murmured under her nose letting out a little whine under all her notes. 

“I give up” I said throwing away everything from the bed making it clean again.
“You heard me, I’m done, Now come here” 
“But… we just… we just today.. “ 
“ I still want you” She bit her lip. 
“Oh I…” God she was so fucking sweet and innocent. And I just wanted to-

When I looked back at Y/N her eyes were shinning with humor and emberrasment. 
“Do you want to…” I began. My heart was ricing”
Why did I suddenly feel nervous?

Only her. 

“Do you want to touch me?” i breathed. “Y/N?” 

Her eyes were half closed, and staring at my lips, but she didnt say anything. 

“I’m sorry. I don’t want you to think that you have to… I just… I just. Right now. 
I want to feel… “ I let out a breath, scrubbing my face with my hand.
“Fuck. You tie me to knots. I don’t even know what the hell I’m saying.” 

I don’t even know where I was going with this. 

“I do” She lifted her eyes to mine and my breath caught. She was so beautiful. “Let me” 

“I need you to” 

I wathed the rapid rise and fall of her chest and wanted…

I held my breath as her hands slowly reatched for her bottom of my shirt. Tugged it up then off. She let it fall to the floor. 

When she placed her palms on my naked skin. I hissed. 

Her eyes quickly shifted up and looked at me. Those eyes- they were dark,vulnerable and full of questions.

“Did I do something wrong?” 
“No love. It feels so damn good.”

I closed my eyes, breathing through my mouth.. I didn’t want to come early but 


She made me feel 

“Tell me what you like, Reggie. I want to… please you” 

‘This” I placed her palm on my stomach “You can’t possibly know how good your touch feels. Everything you do to me please me. Just do whatever you want with me. Y/N whatever you want.” 


Her touch was hesitant and I realized she hadn’t done this before. And I felt so damn proud, felt so damn good, that no one else knew her this way. And no one else ever would but me. 

She was mine. 
“Here” I dragged her palm back where my heart was beating fast “Feel that? You do this to me. Make my heart race and you only have just started. You have the power over me to make me feel whatever it is you want me to feel. Touch me.” 

Her eyes filed with understanding and gleamed with a womanly knowledge that excited me. 

Her hands were soft, smooth and curious as they traveled down my body. When she removed my belt and tugged my pants down. I swallowed hard. 

Slowly, leisurely, she placed h as ips on my neck, and kissed licked her way down, down, down until…


Her mouth was hot,soft and wet. 

Another second and I would push
Another second and I would beg 
Another second and I would explode. 

I pulled her up and kissed her mouth savagely as I dragged her on the bed. Climbed on top of her. Filled my hands and my mouth with her taste, her scent. 

Out hands shook as we frantically pulled at her clothes. I was blind with the need to take her. To possess her. To mark her. She was mine. 


“Here. I’m here. I got you baby.” 

Through the haze o craving, pure male satisfaction penetrated when I heard her stunned gasp as I ripped off her panties. 

Blood pounded in my head , heart drummed madly against my chest. I gripped her leg, hooked it behind my hip, without warning, plunged into her. 

Her breath stuttered out , dark eyes clouded with lust and love and the need for release. 

I was captivaded. Every move she made, every hitch on her breathing. I was so tuned in. The world could burn and I wouldn’t notice it. She was everything there was everything. 

“Reggie” She whispered my name with a wonder in her voice that seized my heart. 

Her nails dug into my back and the pain and pleasure urged me to go faster, harder and deeper. 

I claimed her mouth as I drove into her, muffing her choked cries. The need was vicious and painful as the need to claim her took every instinct. When her body went taut with release her eyes clouded with ecstasy, I pounded myself into her. 

I love you was my last thought before I let myself fall. 


Tell me if you like it xx 

So its three days till my 19th birthday so I have requested smut for my babies!

I hope you had an amazing day x 
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OKAY this ain't canon but Candace totally gets an internship w/ OWCA and on her first day she sees Perry in the hall and at that point neither of them know 'cause OWCA never explains anything and Perry has a mini heart attack and Candace just screams 'cause "he knows I called him a meatbrick and holy f*ck THAT'S where he goes all the time" and then Vanessa walks by and is like "oh, so it's YOUR platypus that beat my dad up on a regular basis" and Candace is just DONE.

OKAY I LOVE THIS!! There’s so many great things that could come out of Candace interning at OWCA and I’m just. Yes. Even though it’s not canon, it’s great.

First off, she’d strike up a friendship with Perry after recognizing him. She’d probably end up talking to him (and looking through that pamphlet from the 2nd Dimension episode) and realizing that he’s actually pretty cool. And of course she’s friends with Vanessa already, but while interning there together I feel like they’d grow a lot closer. And maybe she’d even be friends with Carl!

Plus, OWCA is a perfect job for Candace. Their whole goal is to bust people! Even if she isn’t the one doing the busting, she’d get to see people busted by the agents every day. Maybe she and Perry could bond over their shared goal of busting people who do thing they aren’t supposed to.

Okay I could go on but my point is this is a rEALLY GOOD headcanon omg

I WANT TO WRITE YOU A SONG (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Can I have an imagine where the reader writes Bellamy a song? With his reaction to it and everything

A/N: sure, i’m going to use this song as the song the reader writes for him xox 


The words run in circles over your head and you make sure to memorise their steps. Your determination to write Bell a good song was evident. You’ve been locked away in the highest level of the drop ship, only stopping your strumming to yell at people trying to come in. You were finally done. And now, as Bellamy sits in front of you, you wonder if what you’ve written is even good enough. 

“Okay. Don’t hate me if it’s terrible.” You warn him, looking down at the guitar in your hands. It seems to feel alot heavier than it did five seconds ago when you were alone.

“I’m sure it’s great.” He smiles, “And I could never hate you.” 

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NJ: Jjangu got turned into a mug?? Oh lord- Okay- Okay. Where was the last place you remember him to be? In your room? Were you holding him, did you take him anywhere- Oh god- A MUG?? How did Kookie even manage to- 

*breathes out*

NJ: Okay. I have an idea on where to look.



*hits the ground with a loud T H U D*

NJ: Oof! …Ugh… J-Jin..Is it me, or is the room spinning just a bit?

// …Yeah I think it’s best not to let Joonie try and find Jjangu, he might cause him to break if he’s still a mug omg-

not everyone distributes fat the same way

i look fat but my ribcage is visible in some areas where ot shouldn’t be because my body doesn’t distribute fat there

if you aren’t perfectly thin even if you work out and try to lose just that little bit that’s left, look at the rest of you

sometimes more of something somewhere means less of something elseewhere

and sometimes that imbalance is okay

BTS reactions to their crush looking cold but is actually a nice person

For @chimngi 🌸 Hope this is okay ☺️💓

He liked the fact that the girl he was after looked cold and mysterious yet found her giggling at his jokes if they ever chatted in the studio. He felt as if he was the only person who had seen her real side even though he knew that wasn’t true.

He always went for a girl who looked cold, that’s what he liked about her as he knows he looks cold himself from an outsider perspective. Finding out that her side she didn’t let people see what cheerful was strange to him, but it was something else he loved about her.

As he’s quite a loud person he was surprised to find himself attracted to someone who seemed cold, but after finding out his crush is a big softy that would make him even more attracted to her.

He finds both personalities enticing, the way his crush can walk down the hall like a queen, not letting anybody get in her way, and the way that she can also be cute and shy around him.

Finding out that his crush has such a personality switch would be the best news for him. He’d always try to impress her by being extra nice to her after he found out she was secretly a really really kind person. He loved the soft side of her more.

He personally preferred the side of her which didn’t let anyone get in her way, like a real boss, yet cold and uninviting. He found her so enticing, he never wanted to stop looking at her when she was like that. He would love the kinder side of her too of course, but he prefers her cold side.

Finding out his crush has a super sweet side would be like a miracle for him. He’s usually attracted to girls and guys who are cute and kind around him, treating him well and looking after him like he was theirs and only theirs.

Originally posted by jeonsshi


“Okay Clementine. What’s on your mind?” Colby asked, handing her a drink.

“I… I’m engaged. And not to the guy I spent the evening with at the club the other week…” Clementine stopped, waiting for a look of disgust or disapproval to appear on Colby’s face. But it didn’t.

Oh. Okay, no judgement. Carry on.”

“That… that’s my ex. We broke up because he slept with one of my best friends… I mean, okay I hadn’t talked to him for like two weeks, but still. That’s when I met my now fiance. And Peter… he’s great. Honestly, he’s amazing. He treats me so well, he encourages me, he’s so smart and mature and I love him but–”

“Hon, if there’s a but.. then you don’t love him..”

Clementine thought this over for a second, then took another long swig of her drink.

“But I do love him… I mean, I care about him… And I feel so awful because I… well, I cheated on him with my ex that night. Every time I look at him, I feel like a monster. Shouldn’t I know better? I mean I was cheated on myself. And now I’m the one doing it to him?”

I know I keep saying this and at some point it begins to lose meaning, but I am so exhausted. So mentally, physically and spiritually exhausted. I need help. I need a break. I need someone to rub my feet and tell me I’m pretty and make me a meal that I can eat without having to fight off feral baby fingers from grabbing at it. 

I wouldn’t trade a moment of being with Ava for anything and when I feel the weakest and saddest and tiredest, I hug her or kiss her or blow on her belly and make her shriek with laughter and it’s all worth it. And if it’s after she’s asleep, I look at 18 months worth of pictures and videos of her even though she’s not 10 feet away from me. She is literally everything and worth all of this sadness and exhaustion. 

But fuck. I just wish I had a partner right now. Someone to tell me it’ll all be okay. Someone to be here on Monday to help me keep her occupied so she doesn’t pull her EEG wires off her head. Someone to take point for a few hours on Tuesday so I can still work while making sure she doesn’t rip EEG wires off her head. Someone to soothe her when she gets frustrated that she doesn’t have all the words for things she wants and I don’t have the patience to keep asking her “what do you want?!” 

I just want someone. I need a person. I don’t even care if it’s romantic at this point. I just need someone to be here, by my side for this shit. 

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Hey!! I love your writing <3 for the short fic requests, could you do jinkook for 24. "I will if you will"?

Awww thank you! For the record, in this fic Jungkook and Seokjin are in New Zealand doing the big swing in Queenstown yaaay.

Jinkook - “I will if you will.”

Send me a ship and a prompt.

* * *

* * *

Wow, when Seokjin was actually up on the platform overlooking the gorge everything seemed so much higher and scarier. He gripped the metal railing and stared down at the river far below them. The harness around his torso felt like a stupid strip of cloth, ready to snap and have him falling to his death. He was too young to die.

“Hyung? You okay?”

Seokjin looked over his shoulder at Jungkook. “It’s very high.”

“It’ll be okay. It’s not even a drop, it’s a big swing across the gorge.”

Seokjin grimaced. “I guess…”

“Come on,” Jungkook said, stepping forward to hug Seokjin. “I’ll go if you go.”

“You’re already going.” Seokjin shook his head and laughed. Then paused. “Kookie… Would you be okay going with me? Together?”

Jungkook grinned. “Sure, hyung. Uh… You’re going to have to tell them, though.”

Usually on this big trip they relied on Namjoon to translate, but he and the others were off getting lunch. Only he and Jungkook had come to the huge bungee-jump-cross-swing-above-the-gorge-of-death, and Seokjin’s English would do in a pinch.

With a little effort, Seokjin got across they’d like to go down together and he and Jungkook were both strapped up to the swing and lead over to a little platform ready to jump. The wind rustled Seokjin’s hair and he clutched Jungkook. Jungkook held him back.

“It’s okay, hyung, I’m here,” Jungkook laughed.

Seokjin closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Kookie? I’ve got something to tell you.”


“I think I’m falling for you.”

And he jumped off the platform, taking Jungkook with him. Seokjin screamed and clutched Jungkook as the fell, but the screams turned to laugh when the rope went taut and they swung across the gorge instead. A huge swing high above the river, his heart beating in his  chest and the wind whipping around him. Jungkook held him tight and secure.

When they’d stopped swinging and started getting lifted back up to the platform, Jungkook taped Seokjin on the shoulder. “Hyung? W- Were you serious just now? About falling for me?”

Seokjin’s cheeks turned pink. “Uh… Maybe?”

“You just confessed to me to make a pun.”

“Did it work?”

Jungkook laughed and rested his head in the crook of Seokjin’s shoulder. “Yes. I fell for you, too.”