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How legendary was Glitter? Also note the original version of Loverboy with the Firecracker sample

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Chronicles of Narnia coldwave

I could have sworn I had a draft of this…

1 - Mick’s known about Narnia for years before he meets Len. It’s an okay place to visit. Not like that world likes him creating fires any more than this one. He invites the Snart siblings along when they need a break from Lewis.

2 - Len is beyond mad that everything he steals in Narnia does not come back with him to Earth 1. He sulks for days. Lisa and Mick hate it and eventually do everything they can think of to get him to stop.

3 - Lisa absolutely adores Narnia as this fun magical place to vacation to. Like Disney world but Real.

4 - the three have totally used the multiple gateways they’ve found leading between Narnia and Earth-1 to escape the police.

5 - No one knows why Aslan keeps letting them come and go as they please. Everyone guesses it’s because he fond of their antics for whatever reasons.

What the Signs are Not Ready For
  • Aries: Sherlock season 4
  • Taurus: Sherlock season 4
  • Gemini: Sherlock season 4
  • Cancer: Sherlock season 4
  • Leo: Sherlock season 4
  • Virgo: Sherlock season 4
  • Libra: Sherlock season 4
  • Scorpio: Sherlock season 4
  • Sagittarius: Sherlock season 4
  • Capricorn: Sherlock season 4
  • Aquarius: Sherlock season 4
  • Pisces: Sherlock season 4

so i’ve been thinking a lot about lance and his siblings

  • lance would drive his lil sister to and from school when their mama had to work. he’d wait outside the gates for her and they’d hold hands or he’d give her a piggy back to the car as he asked about her day
      •  sometimes she even made drawings for him to look at as they walked
  • the two (lance and his younger sis) go to the beach together A LOT
      • lance was actually the one who taught her to surf
      • they spend time building sandcastles, surfing and looking for shells they can take home
  • lance and his older sister are actually the ones who bicker the most, all of it playful teasing until lance gets too big for his boots and things get… interesting.
      • it normally ends with his sister getting him in a headlock and him tapping out though
  • lance is the only one his lil sister likes to comb her hair. she’s got real big curls and lance is the only one soft enough to be able to battle them. he’ll braid back her hair before they go swimming and it’s a job trying to get her to sit still
      • lance always has to guide her back down and he’s laughing as he’s all “woah, hey, you’re gonna mess up all my hard work!”
      • to which she giggles and settles for at least a minute
  • their whole family has movie nights where they just all pile in the living room and watch a couple movies. lance’s older siblings are all spread across the couch with his parents, while he and his younger sister are piled on the floor with pillows and blankets
      • it’s not too long before his older siblings get into an argument about the movie choice, to which lance and his lil sister just both respond “SHUT UPPPPPP” because they’re both so invested in the movie
      • lance gets a pillow thrown at the back of his head for that
  • lance is always trying to prove himself to his older siblings and that often leads to him getting himself into very sticky situations
      • he once got his head stuck in a metal fence because his brother dared him
      • one time he needed to go to the emergency room because he bet his siblings he could chug a bottle of hot sauce (he could not)
      • he tried backflipping off the trampoline once and ended up fracturing his ankles
      • he once got way too cocky while trying to get rid of a spider in the house and just straight up grabbed it in his hand. as you can imagine, his face was instant regret and he fainted
  • he and his older brother wrestle a lot too
      • they both commentate the fight as it’s happening
      • “and firstborn mcclain lands a fatal blow!! baby mcclain is down!! i don’t think he’s gonna get back up!!”
      • yes. lance is baby mcclain.
  • his siblings all tease lance for being a mamas boy, but it’s funny because they all love their mama so damn much. 
      • lance welcomes this title honestly
      • he stands there with a wide smile as he replies all “yeah. and what?”
      • mama is smiling in the background while his siblings smirk and mumble something along the lines of “kissass”
how cursed the paladins are

I saw a post a while back about how much each paladin curses except I misread it as how cursed each paladin is and I can’t believe I haven’t seen that before so I took it upon myself to make it.

Hunk: least cursed, Hunk is wholesome and spreads sunshine where ever he goes. his smile literally saved my life?? opposite of cursed: blessed

Keith: lives in an abandoned shack, has a mystery knife, down to murder, probably a furry. a high amount of cursed energy emits from this boy

Lance: actually more cursed than Keith and definitely a furry but exfoliates so his skin adds +10 pureness. cursed mon-thurs

Shiro: literal cryptid, craves death, been to the astral plane and maybe lives there now(?). very cursed

Pidge: most cursed